What Reality TV Are You Watching?

By Lily

What reality TV are you watching?  Tonight, on TLC, we have Sarah Palin’s Alaska and Sister Wives.  Do we have any Real Housewives fans out there?  I’ve never seen any of those and I’m curious as to what they are about and what draws the audience.  The same thing goes for Jersey Shore.  What is that show about?  I have been watching MTV’s 16 and Pregnant and their Teen Mom series.  I think It’s like Scared Straight for teen pregnancy.  It strips away any idealization of becoming a mother at such a young age. What shows are you tuning in to for your reality fix?

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  1. Sage says

    I watch the Duggars. I didn’t watch them for a long time and just started back again. I am curious about their beliefs and if they are as happy as they appear to be on TV. I feel sorry for the older girls as they seem to not have any goals or purpose other than raising their siblings.

    I also watch the Little Couple. I find that they are admirable in that they have successful careers and a successful marriage. They are now in the beginning process of using a surrogate for having a child. It will be interesting to see if this will be successful or if they go the adoption route.

  2. Sage says

    I also want to add that I will not be watching Sarah Palin’s show. I watched the premiere out of curiosity and that has been satisfied. I will be watching Boardwalk Empire, I love that show! And most definitly Sister Wives.

  3. snickers says

    I watched Sister Wives tonight, and I can say Cody is not the person I would want to marry. The women really talked about him being on a honeymoon for 11 days with the new wife. They seem insecure, misplaced, and no real future ahead besides having children. One of the wives lost her job over this TV show, and he was spending 11 days on a honeymoon. I would say that was very selfish on his part, as the others did not have the same time away from the home when they married him. They also seem to just move around like robots, what are we to do without our leader. A little scary and confusing for me.

    I wish they would address the Lost Boys Situation in this series as he has sons.I think in future programs, there will be some riffs between him and the wives.

  4. jane says

    :( I missed Sister Wives last night. I like that show. Yes, I know they will show it again, but still :(

    I watch it and 19 Kids and Counting, Teen Mom, 16 and Pregnant, The Little Couple, Little People Big World (it’s their last season :(), the show about Pit Bulls and Convicts sometimes. I like all these people in their own, sometimes odd, way.

    I’ve noticed if I truly don’t like someone or the premise of a reality show, I just don’t watch again. I watched Housewives of whatever city a few times and wasn’t interested. Millionaire Matchmaker once, not my cup of tea.

    I always liked Jon and Kate + Eight, but have been unable to get interested in any of the other multiple shows. I used to watch Tori and Dean but I don’t get that channel anymore.

    I’m not into the shows with teens or twenty-somethings acting out and the shows where they try to cutthroat each other. I guess what it boils down to is, I don’t like a lot of unneeded or what appears to be staged drama.

    I also watch Intervention, The Hoarder shows, The First 48. I’m going to give American Idol a whirl again this year and I have somewhat been watching Dancing with the Stars this season. I don’t know if they’re classified as reality TV?.

    I rarely watch regular TV and when I do, it’s 20/20, Dateline or 48 Hours. Ninety-five percent of the books I’ve read are non-fiction, so it stands to reason I would like non-fiction or reality TV programs.

    Oh dear, I’m rambling. What was the question again? lol! Don’t ask questions when I’ve had too much coffee. haha! 😀

  5. Pam@IW says

    Ramble away. That is what this site is all about, LOL.

    I love Hoarders. I think it is because I am the exact opposite. My husband wants them to do a show about me and call it the Unhoarder. I am thinking that it would not make a very good show.

  6. BlogHawg says

    LOL @ the unhoarder.
    The Palins lost my interest last night. I love to travel so I love to watch real people travel anywhere. They do showcase life in Alaska, and their lives but they are losing me.
    Sister Wives and polygamy just opposes my sense of decency. Polygamy seems very one sided ! Ever hear of brother husbands? I find the premous demeaning. It did make me research the subject because I wondered what kind of woman could happily live that way. I found Rick Ross who writes about cults. His information on the subject disturbed me to the point I’m sure its one show I’ll never watch. I’m not saying I think everything he says applies to The Sister Wives , I’m just saying, I’m not interested.
    If you’re curious …http://www.cultnews.com/?cat=170

  7. stxmom says

    I haven’t had much time to watch anything lately but my DVR is full of Teen Mom, 16 and Pregnant, Cake Boss, Undercover Boss, Apprentice and Sister Wives, several of the Real Housewives shows and a few others. I haven’t watched Sarah Palin, I like her but I’m not interested in her family life.

  8. Lily@IW says

    I watched Sister Wives. I found it interesting. I’m not sure what they see in Kody. I like seeing the relationship between the first three wives. They are all so close and open w/each other. I find Kody annoying and more than a little dopey. I am bothered when Kody and the new wife talk about how how short the courtships normally are, 30-60 days. That’s just too fast. The 11 day honeymoon bothered me too, since the other wives had not had that. Why throw that difference into the mix? I would have liked to tried the zipline they did, that looked fun.

    I was hooked on Hoarders for awhile. I still like and try to catch it when it’s on.

    Bloghawg, The Palins are losing me. I will still watch another one, but I was bored w/last night’s show. Lol, I found myself wondering how the haters would rip into Kate if she was doing the normal mom stuff that Sarah was doing and saying.

    Ahh, some 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom watchers. I am hooked.

  9. BlogHawg says

    I don’t know anything about Todd Palin other than whats been presented on the show but it seems so far that he’d be a great candidate to give Lame Fish man lessons. He seems strong quiet confident and supportive. He might get me to watch one more week.

  10. Ann@IW says

    Jane, too funny! I have watched my share of reality shows but my interest wanes after a season or two. I loved The Amazing Race and American Idol for awhile. I liked So You Think You Can Dance. I only ever watched DWTS for Kate. I would have been “done” with the Gosselins if it hadn’t been for the blogging. I was already “done” with them when I had my interest re-kindled by Pennmommy and Gwop, lol. Way to keep interest up, haters! I found I really like the combination of watching the show and then reading reactions (and OVERreactions.)

    I certainly have changed my view about Kate. I saw her as whiney and a bit needy at first- I really admire how she has handled the hate, then the divorce, now the hate due to the divorce. Go Kate!

  11. Paige says

    I love The Amazing Race and am really hoping a two female team wins as it would be the first time in 17 seasons. I tend to really like the competition shows – Project Runway and Top Chef in particular. I have watched Sister Wives but I find it rather boring. I like watching The Little Couple but mostly because I like watching Jen in her work environment. My neices have gotten me into watching Pregnant at 16 and Tean Mom.

  12. Anya@IW says

    Paige, I am watching “The Amazing Race” too. I would love it if the doctors or the home shopping hosts take it. (I don’t want to mess up any names, so I will refer to them that way). Both teams are great — 98% of the time they are positive, which can’t be easy in that stressful enviroment. They are likable and very capable. Girl power!
    I basically agree with you on “Sister Wives”, Lily. I don’t dislike Kody, but I don’t see him as a big catch. LOL. He probably is well suited to his role, however. He is affable and I think he does try and do the right thing for each wife. I am not sure how it is going to work with Robyn. Everyone seems to be trying and I give them credit.
    Ann, “Boardwalk Empire” is from the producers of “The Sopranos” and it is on HBO. It is set in Atlantic City in 1920. It’s not “Sopranos” good yet, but it is certainly holding my attention. Note: yes I am watching something that isn’t a reality show, LOL.
    My very favorite show of the moment (and guilty pleasure) is “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” So entertaining. Two of the aunts of Paris Hilton are on it – don’t hold that against them, they are much more likable than she is. Kelsey Grammar’s insane and conceited soon-to-be ex-wife is also on it. She is a piece of work. Sue – where are you?!?

  13. Jennie@IW says

    OMG, I watch way too much reality tv. Currently? Hmmm: The Amazing Race, Sister Wives, Sarah Palin’s Alaska, Dancing with the Stars, 19 Kids and Counting, 16 and Pregnant, America’s Next Top Model, Survivor, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, The Apprentice. That’s kind of a lot, huh?

    I’ve never understood the snobbery over reality TV. I like watching real people, even understanding that they are sometimes in set-up situations. I don’t watch shows that I consider excessively silly or trashy, like The Bachelor or The Bad Girls Club (though no judgment on anyone who does). I finally gave up on The Real World and the RW/RR Challenge because I could not relate to the people they cast and they seemed less interested in “real” people and more in the most outrageous behavior they could show.
    Right at this moment I’m trying to watch Skating with the Stars but I don’t think I’ll be able to hack it. Vince Neil on ice is making me a bit nauseated.

  14. Pam@IW says

    Apparently the Sarah Palin show dropped to 3 million viewers this week. I think I taped it but I haven’t had a chance to watch anything the last couple of days.

  15. Pam@IW says

    I just finished watching Sarah Palin’s Alaska and I enjoyed this show also. I like this family. I think I might have a crush on Todd. I will watch again next week.

  16. Jennie says

    I think I’ve mentioned before that I watched Hoarders a couple of times but couldn’t handle it. Even though the people on the show are clearly ill, the compulsiveness and irrationality of their behavior just bugs me so much. Plus which, I always seemed to find myself eating while watching it, and a show about people hoarding used adult diapers is not good for one’s appetite.

  17. BMBMGoblue says

    I watch DWTS, but on reveal night only watched it at the end to find out who went home. American Idol, but not sure I will watch w/o Simon. Little People Big World, did watch all the Real Housewives but found out the more mean and bit**y you are the more fame so don’t watch anymore. The D.C. one was awful and uncomfortable to watch. The Real Housewives need to go away. I also love to watch Dirty Jobs (love Mike Rowe), Ghost Hunters. Those two shows do not ruin lives as TLC and Bravo reality shows seem to do.

  18. Sue says

    Anya my class just ended only to my computer blow up onme! Fortunately it made it through finals but I just wish it made it through Christmas. Oh well. I am getting a new computer on Tuesday and I will be back to talk RHBHs! Oh my gosh I love that show and agree with you about Camille! I am totally team Kyle. If I have to listen to Camille talk about how hard she has it I’m going to throw something at my tv. Lol

  19. Holly says

    I watched a show last night on Bravo called Pregnant in Heels that was so offensive, I was actually yelling at the TV! It is about a woman, Rosie Pope, who helps weathly women with maternity issues. Things like designing the nursery, picking a baby name etc. I have never seen a more obnoxious, narcissistic group of self absorbed people in my life! These women(and their husbands) make the Real Housewives look like Social Workers! I honestly believe these people should not have children. By the time their children are 3, they will be headed for therapy! Absolutely disgusting people!

  20. Paula H says

    I always watch “The Little Couple” has to be my favorite show on TLC,Jen and Bill look like the couple who could live next door,they both have great jobs,enjoy meeting their family,I am so glad Jens parents are moving closer so they can open their new shop together,they also have the cutest dogs,plus I love how Jens mother dotes on her daughter,hopefully soon they will get a new member in the family,I love to see how Bill loves Jen.

  21. Paula H says

    Will also be watching “Expediton Impossible” this coming Thursday night, 23 June 2011..like Amazing Race only tougher and better,on at 9pm

  22. JennieIW says

    I don’t watch “The Little Couple” – for some reason they’ve never interested me. I just finished watching part 2 of the RHOOC reunion – quite a meow-fest. Sometimes I wonder why I watch the RH franchise, because the women can be so universally unlikable that it’s depressing to watch. Other times I can just enjoy how ridiculous they all are – the reunion was definitely an example of the latter.

  23. Lori Behr says

    I look forward to Big Brother every summer, although I’m beginning to wonder why, I find myself commenting out loud about the house guests like they can hear me ,lol Don’t worry I’m not crazy I know they can’t ! I like to see who I would like to win the money each year.

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