Wake up Conservatives, Rush Limbaugh is Hurting Your Cause

By Anya

“Slut.” It’s just one of those words that make women flinch when they hear it. It sits aside “fat”, “ugly”, “bad mother” and a few other vicious words and phrases that are routinely hurled at woman in an attempt to shut them up and shut them down. Sadly, it often does.

Rush Limbaugh, the 61-year-old immensely popular conservative radio talk show host had this to say about Georgtown student, Sandra Fluke, a women young enough to be his daughter, whom he had never met or talked to:

“It makes her a slut, right? It makes her a prostitute. She wants to be paid to have sex. She’s having so much sex she can’t afford the contraception.”

It’s not entirely clear to me whether Limbaugh thinks all women who are on birth control are sluts or just those who testify in front of Congress about its importance to women are. Fluke testified at a Congressional hearing regarding Georgetown’s policy of not covering contraceptive devices under its group health plans and the impact that has had on her. (Georgetown is a Jesuit school).

First of all, isn’t testifying in front of Congress (if one is afforded the opportunity) right up  there with voting and jury duty and other acts that most of us believe constitute the behavior of a virtious citizen? I understand there are good people that (respectfully) disagree with Ms. Fluke’s point of view that religious institutions should be mandated to cover contraceptives and other practices which their faith dictates as immoral. What I don’t understand is the hostility exhibited by the likes of Limbaugh and some of his breathen when a women stands up and lets her voice be heard.

Yeah, I get that Limbaugh is Limbaugh. He somehow gets away with saying incredibly racist and sexist things on a regular basis with no fall out. It seems no Republican or conservative wants to go on record speaking out against him. Why? I can’t believe that your average conservative mother – perhaps a mother of a daughter about Fluke’s age – condones his attitude or language. Do they? Do you?

Here is another question – do you believe Rush Limbaugh is good for the conservative cause? Do you believe he will inspire more folks on the fence to come out and vote the Republican ticket come this November? Because I still want to believe in decency, I have to believe Rush is out of step with the majority of the electorate, and that includes conservatives. Am I right…or wrong?

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