Traveling and Potty Training

Travel and Potty training

During the summer months many families like to go on a vacation. However, for some parents the thought of going on vacation while potty training seems scary. Actually scary enough for them to put it off until potty training is complete. Here are several tips that will help you to cope with traveling and potty training at the same time.

Do a Test Run– Practice having your toddler in the car while potty training and take him/her for a short drive and then lengthen the drive over time. Have someone else accompany you for the ride. They will be able to assist you when you need to stop for a washroom break.

Offer Rewards– Offer rewards for a job well done. By some dollar store toys or stickers and give them to your toddler when they have steadily used the big potty. They will like the idea of gifts and want to strive towards going on the potty all of the time.

Be Prepared for Accidents– Do not lose your cool if your child happens to have an accident. Take along one or two pull ups if you plan on being in the car for a long time. Make sure you explain to your child the need to wear the training pants so they will not be discouraged.

Take Along a Potty Chair– Take along a foldable potty chair. This way they can feel comfortable with something that they are familiar with. It will aid in removing their fears.

Sit Sideways- Show them how to sit sideways on the toilet. Many small children feel that they will fall into the toilet. If you have purchased a toilet seat cover made of plastic, make sure that you also take this on your travels.

Have you ever traveled with a toddler while potty training? Did it wreck your holiday?

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    I don’t think I would have traveled far with my boys if they were actively training. It would have been a set back for them, but I did bring their potty chair when we were out and about on errands.

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    Those are great tips, we never traveled when our boys were potty training but we did do errands and trips to the park. While it would be easy to revolve your life around staying home during this time, it is not always possible or fun. Being able to help them train while on the go is a must these days.

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    we took son to the beach when potty trainer and we got tickled cause every time he had to pee he would run and tell us because he didn’t want to pee on the fish.

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    My mom would make us be in such fear of an ‘accident’ that there was no way we would pee/poop on ourselves without notice and getting out of the car. We knew we’d be in so much trouble and get screamed at… It worked though!

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    my 7 year old hated the fold-able potty chair it would snap back when she got up and pinched her butt one time and that was the end of the fold-able potty for us. She preferred to sit side ways with a TON of toilet paper around the seat. My 7 year old wet’s every night and she still is in Goodnight’s. The day time potty traing was way easier and I wish I had started to night time potty train her first.

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    I only actually trained for a few days because I always waited until my kids were dying to be trained. That said, I kept a portable potty in the back of my minivan for quite a long time, so that they could always go somewhere they were comfortable.

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    Those are some really good tips! When I took my son to Florida a back in 2012 he was not fully potty trained. After 2 days of not having the potty around he completed stopped using it and going to the bathroom like a big boy. When we got back to Montreal and asked his dad to throw away his little pot to avoid him trying to use it again. Not sure if that would work with every kids though!

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