The Thaw Of Winter Is Finally Over!

container pots

By Snickers

The thaw of winter is finally over!  However, the past few weeks reminded us that old man winter can sneak back for a few extra days in spring. When the temps finally reached to the 70s, people dashed out of their homes and were excited to start planning their flower beds and putting gardens in. I was busy cleaning up pots, tubs, and containers and then suddenly we had more snow/rain/slush and even a bit of hail to remind us all that God is in control of the weather. Brrr, back to turning on the heat and waiting for the temps to go back up. We were left to daydreaming about working out in the fresh air and raking flowers beds. The wait was on also for fields to dry out so that the planters could roll and oats could be drilled.container pots

In the middle of March, I was asked to do a program that would be given at the end of April featuring container pots using fresh annuals and whatever I wanted to add to them. Scrambling for a warm place to plant and hold flowers until this past weekend was something I had never had to deal with before. Local garden centers were planting plugs and getting products shipped in. Of course, they used their huge heaters to save their precious stock of plants for the spring plantings.

container pots After a couple of visits to the garden center, my cry for help was heard and two garden centers stepped up to the plate. They generously offered space so that I could plant my containers in their buildings until this past weekend. I was so very thankful for their offer!

In mid March I loaded all my things up and headed out on a Sunday afternoon to plant away. Fortunately all of their flowers were blooming or about to bloom so it made my choices of annuals easy to pick out. It was awe-inspiring walking up and down the rows looking for things that I thought would be great together. Just think about a huge center with so many colors, shapes sizes, etc. right at your finger tips! I was a very happy gal and planted away for the next few hours, knowing my plants would be warm and watered until the day they would be displayed for all to enjoy.container pots

Last Thursday, I loaded up all my containers and moved them to the local gym to set up for Saturday’s gardening program. Over 70 women signed up for the luncheon and an afternoon of gardening fun. I shared some tips that I have learned over the years on gardening including some of my failures.  More importantly, I shared my joy of planting and just the overall enjoyment I receive working with nature and dirt and beauty that it produces.

I put together a total of over 50 containers. From the pictures you can see that I used about everything I had drug from my potting shed.  Items that were old, new, beat up and even some fake things inserted among the plants.

Sending my warmest wishes (no more cold temps) for a spring /summer of gardening!

Container pots 5container pots

About the Author:
Snickers is a country gal at heart who loves holidays, quilting, antiques and has a passion for gardening. In her spare time she keeps herself busy as an estate cleaner and volunteers for many organizations. Her bucket list overflows.

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  1. says

    Oh, wow. Really beautiful. I wish you lived in PA.

    Snickers, what is in the container with pussy willows? Do you just poke the pussy willows in? I have had a lifelong love of pussy willow.

    Also, same picture, the container in the back that has a grassy plant and little daisies? What is in that container?

  2. Jen says

    I love what you did with the pots. I wish I was creative like that. I kill everything I try to plant. haha

  3. JennieIW says

    These are beautiful! I’ve gotten more into container planting; it’s convenient to be able to move plants around according to their needs for sun, shade, etc.

  4. Maria Iemma says

    By me too — the snow has finally melted and the crocus are starting to bloom. I love this time of the year.

  5. snickers says

    Thanks for all your nice comments, it’s so nice to finally see spring. I finally got tators, onions, and a row of carrots in the garden today. Forecasting cool temps and rain the rest of the week, so will hold off with the rest of my garden for a week or so.


    Look in your garden center for a fountain grass. If you use this in a pot it becomes large so you need to keep it trimmed if you plant in a small pot like for a patio area. I will be taking this container apart and planting the grass in a bare spot in my yard. I also have used lemom grass for containers as it seems to grow well, but lost mine over the cold season in my outdoor garden area, so it now becomes a throw away in the fall for me.

    If you double click on the pics, you will see the containers at a closer look. Happy Spring to All!

  6. Pam@IW says

    This must have been a great day and a lot of work for you, snickers!

    I love the little red wagon with plants in it. That is adorable.

    What did you do with all of these at the end of the day? Did you take them all home or hold a raffle?

  7. snickers says


    I gave away two planters that I made in front of the ladies that day, and the committee that put on the luncheon had mini painted pots full of goodies at each table for the gals. I have had several gals bring their containers to me with boxes of plants and I have put them together for them. It was a fun day, and for a couple of hours the stresses of life was gone, everyone enjoyed visiting, salad bar, and learning a few new tips for planting containers. You can pick up containers like the wagon at flea markets, auctions, or use anything you have.

  8. Lynn says

    It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!!!!So much for Spring around here. I am glad I didn’t get too carried away. The mantis broke so we were waiting on parts otherwise I would be covering half my garden instead of 12 strawberry plants. This year is sucking.
    The baskets look beautiful. I wish I had the flower touch.

  9. snickers says


    So glad to see you! We are having some rain/snow mix again also, but back in the 60’s for the weekend. I was wondering if you are putting in your huge garden again? I moved all my containers back into the garage, just because of the temps outside, and ran out of floor room, so in the truck bed they went. :)

  10. Lynn says

    It is going to be even bigger this year. Trying a few new veggies. I am growing out of my greenhouses so I had some plants outside too. I put them in the garage tonight. My peppers and tomatoes are getting huge. I think we might get an actual outside greenhouse next year. I can’t believe it is May and it is snowing like crazy and going to be deep freeze warning tonight and tomorrow.

  11. snickers says


    Glad you are still growing things, it’s great when the weather is nice. I don’t have a greenhouse, how fun! What are you trying new? I have bedding plants also, but brrr says no way for a few days yet. Hope your little one is well and helping Mommy this year. :) No freeze here, but too cold and wet for anything to grow anyway.

  12. Lynn says

    I just have 2 thrown together greenhouses in my house right now and they are great for starting plants. I want an outdoor greenhouse for when the plants get too tall. I have trays all over the house at the moment and I don’t think they are getting enough light. The weather was good today so we got half the garden ready to be planted. We are so far behind this year. I already got my onions and carrots in. I think I am going to plant peas tomorrow.
    I am going to try some heat tolerant broccoli and cauliflower. Also brussel sprouts, celery, romaine and head lettuce. I tried them all before but that was before we had a drip system. We added 4 new drips outside the fenced in area for the corn. It is time to rotate the veggies a bit.
    HAHAHA at the little one helping me. She stares at me like I am some crazy lunatic. Silly girl.

  13. snickers says


    How fun your little one at least looks at you busy at work. HA! It’s too cold here to set plants out, but 70’s next week so I will be planting the rest of my garden. We don’t have the growing season for head lettuce, so I just plant the leaf kind, garden salad blend, which is very good. I tried broccoli last year, it was so hot, they failed also, so sticking to basics here works for me. I am so ready for fresh cukes, tomatoe’s and green beans. My sweet corn will be planted late in the country, as we have had some very nice needed rain and seems that are growing season will be back on track this year once the fields are planted in the area. Keep us updated on how things are going and happy spring to you.

  14. Tara Gauthier says

    Starting to get warm here too, few more weeks and we can start planting outside without risk of frost. Looking forward to summer!

  15. Lynn says

    I was sorting plants today and little did I know I have flowers on some of my tomatoes.
    I need to get this stuff in the ground ASAP.
    I am sore. I can’t imagine how hubby feels. He is doing most of the Mantising and rock picking up.
    Happy 40th birthday to me tomorrow btw. Oh forget it I am trying to.

  16. snickers says

    Happy Birthday Lynn!!

    I am planting today, lunch on the patio, it is so nice to have great weather!

  17. snickers says

    Thanks everyone for your nice comments! Spring is finally here and I have been planting garden today. The flowers have all perked up, they love the sunshine.

  18. Lynn says

    Thanks snickers and Pam.
    29 rows planted. Only 8 more to go. In case you are wondering those 8 rows involve 20 feet of seeds and 129 plants. I am tired just thinking about it. I think we are going to take a few days off. It is suppose to t-storm and hubs sick. This weekend I hope to have it all in.

  19. snickers says


    Got my garden all in, they are talking rain here also for the next couple of days. I’m tired, but a good feeling to have it done. Take a break, plenty of time for things to be put in yet. Are you selling extra stuff, that is a lot of plants.

  20. Lily@IW says

    How pretty!! Those are wonderful Snickers.
    I am looking forward to hearing about the progression of your garden. I am not sure about the one I keep at my mom’s. It is finally safe to plant here. I was just saying, it’s time to do it, if it’s going to be done. I’d like to get my hands on my uncle’s rototiller, but not sure if he sold it. It has gotten a little depressing. The last two Summer’s have been so hot, the tomatoes are the only thing that turned out well. Last years was the smallest garden ever. Really looking forward to being able to do the majority of my food shopping at the farmer’s market though.

  21. snickers says


    I do the same with extra stuff, my neighbors eat well. :) I also donate to our local food bank.


    We are having some nice rain today, glad I have everything planted.

  22. SOR says

    Snickers, I love container gardening. I like to move the plants around like I move my furniture.LOL Great job.

  23. snickers says


    We are warm, in the 80’s and received some nice rain. All my spring flowers are in full bloom, high school graduation this weekend, and my garden is all up and reaching for the sun. :) Please no hail, the sweet corn is up out in the country and you can just row it. :)

  24. snickers says

    Please say a prayer for everyone involved with the tornados down south today. My sister and her family lost their entire home and belongings, but we are thankful they are all safe.

  25. snickers says

    Thank you Pam. She lives in Moore, she did get a message out by text to my sister in Chicago from Tinker Air Force Base where she works. We will now wait as a family to see what we all will do in the next few weeks, and what needs to be done.

    Several in our area are already gathering supplys to truck to all of them. I know after being in a tornado a couple of years ago, my heart breaks for them.

  26. Pam@IW says

    Wow, it is just horrible down there. I imagine many people will need plenty of help in the months to come. I am planning on donating and just waiting to see what is the best way.

  27. Pattypie says

    Snickers I am so sorry. At least they are safe. Things can be replaced.

    Prayers and love to your whole family.

  28. Lily@IW says

    Snickers, my thoughts are with you and all those being affected.

    I can’t hardly stand to watch the coverage this morning. It’s devestating to see. Those poor people.
    Bless the rescuers and those working to recover today. It’s going to take a lot of strength to get through this.

  29. snickers says

    Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.. After watching on TV last night, our tears flowed for all of them. It’s a very helpless feeeling to know so many have lost their lives and homes. Please continue to pray, their weather forecast today is not good.

  30. snickers says

    I finally connected with my sister this am, they need bottled water, towels, gloves, cleaning supplies, diapers, formula, baby food. They do not want clothes. The Salvation Army or America Cares are great places to donate $ too. Every dollar goes to the victims, no CEO’s to take salaries.

    She sends her thanks to everyone who is willing to donate to the community, she is fine, she does not have small children, but so many with young children need the help.

  31. Lynn says

    I am so glad your family is safe. What a horrible thing to happen to anyone. My thoughts and prayers to everyone.

  32. Lynn says

    After all that has been going on I hate to say this but I finally got all my plants in.
    And I miss my husband.

  33. Lily@IW says

    Bingo! We do have a garden this year thanks to my BIL who broke the ground. Hopefully, it won’t get pounded down as hard for next year. he mixed in some sand and new topsoil to help with that. It’s in a little late, but it’s in.

  34. Marcella H. says

    Impressive! I love doing flower arrangements – I try new colour/plant combinations in my window boxes every year. This time it’s orange, yellow and purple!

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