The Thaw Of Winter Is Finally Over!

container pots

By Snickers

The thaw of winter is finally over!  However, the past few weeks reminded us that old man winter can sneak back for a few extra days in spring. When the temps finally reached to the 70s, people dashed out of their homes and were excited to start planning their flower beds and putting gardens in. I was busy cleaning up pots, tubs, and containers and then suddenly we had more snow/rain/slush and even a bit of hail to remind us all that God is in control of the weather. Brrr, back to turning on the heat and waiting for the temps to go back up. We were left to daydreaming about working out in the fresh air and raking flowers beds. The wait was on also for fields to dry out so that the planters could roll and oats could be drilled. container pots

In the middle of March, I was asked to do a program that would be given at the end of April featuring container pots using fresh annuals and whatever I wanted to add to them. Scrambling for a warm place to plant and hold flowers until this past weekend was something I had never had to deal with before. Local garden centers were planting plugs and getting products shipped in. Of course, they used their huge heaters to save their precious stock of plants for the spring plantings.

container pots After a couple of visits to the garden center, my cry for help was heard and two garden centers stepped up to the plate. They generously offered space so that I could plant my containers in their buildings until this past weekend. I was so very thankful for their offer!

In mid March I loaded all my things up and headed out on a Sunday afternoon to plant away. Fortunately all of their flowers were blooming or about to bloom so it made my choices of annuals easy to pick out. It was awe-inspiring walking up and down the rows looking for things that I thought would be great together. Just think about a huge center with so many colors, shapes sizes, etc. right at your finger tips! I was a very happy gal and planted away for the next few hours, knowing my plants would be warm and watered until the day they would be displayed for all to enjoy. container pots

Last Thursday, I loaded up all my containers and moved them to the local gym to set up for Saturday’s gardening program. Over 70 women signed up for the luncheon and an afternoon of gardening fun. I shared some tips that I have learned over the years on gardening including some of my failures.  More importantly, I shared my joy of planting and just the overall enjoyment I receive working with nature and dirt and beauty that it produces.

I put together a total of over 50 containers. From the pictures you can see that I used about everything I had drug from my potting shed.  Items that were old, new, beat up and even some fake things inserted among the plants.

Sending my warmest wishes (no more cold temps) for a spring /summer of gardening!

Container pots 5 container pots

About the Author:
Snickers is a country gal at heart who loves holidays, quilting, antiques and has a passion for gardening. In her spare time she keeps herself busy as an estate cleaner and volunteers for many organizations. Her bucket list overflows.

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