The Season For Quilting


By Snickers

As the first day of fall appeared on the calendar, right on cue the cool weather temps did too! Cool temperatures have hit the Midwest with frost nipping at our heels. The leaves are showing their beautiful colors of orange, yellows, and reds and have started to fall. In a couple of months or less, snow will put a blanket on us letting us know that we need to let everything rest for the winter and to slow down ourselves.

My garden season has come to an end and the harvest will soon follow. Now that I won’t be so busy outdoors, I can tend to a special wicker basket that has patiently waited in a closet since last May. It’s my quilting and handwork basket, something that has moved with me many times through the years.  I will now able to translate the vibrant colors that I have seen throughout the summer in my garden to my fabric and thread. Quilting

The thrill of quilting for me started many years ago at my Grandma’s house. It was so much fun to see her pull the needle and thread on a piece of material set upon a quilting frame. She let me thread her needles and stick them on a piece of thin cardboard so she would never have to stop. She would just take the next one in line. My Mom continued on the tradition of teaching us how to quilt and we forever became known as the “scrappy quilters.”

Never was a piece of material wasted. It was cut to fit and sewn in to the top somewhere. I still love that look today although many do beautiful work only using patterns. I am a plain girl. Nothing fancy for me and I still love the warmth and true meaning of the quilt.

Quilting Many of my family store Grandma’s quilts for future generations, but I use mine all year long. From beds, tabletops, to just thrown on a couch or a bench, they enhance the country feel in my home. I want Grandma and my Mom to know that when I display and use them, I will always remember the warm memories of when we all sat around the frame.

So as we await the first snowfall, my quilts are ready for me to grab a cup of coffee and a magazine and snuggle down for the winter. That basket that has been patiently waiting for me with a quilt that I have started from last year will be right by my side.

Do you have a favorite quilt or do you quilt? Please share your story with the IW gals and guys, and let us know!

About the Author:
Snickers is a country gal at heart who loves holidays, quilting, antiques and has a passion for gardening. In her spare time she keeps herself busy as an estate cleaner and volunteers for many organizations. Her bucket list overflows.

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