The Salt Lick BBQ – Best in Texas!

Salt Lick BBQBrisket and sausage plate with beans, coleslaw and potato salad

By Jen

The search is over. I am waving my white flag! I have found the best BBQ spot in Texas and it’s THE SALT LICK BBQ!  I’m 1000% serious when I tell you that this place will knock your freaking socks off. Their BBQ is so dang good it made me do a little dance, jump up and down, then stuff my face again.

Not only is their BBQ delish, but their side dishes are out of this world. I can admit it – I’m a side dish snob. I am picky about my coleslaw and potato salad. The potato salad is unlike any I’ve ever had. It’s made with a Vinaigrette salad dressing and dill pickle juice, among other things. I find myself craving it and comparing it to any others I try. It’s not fair to the other potato salads of the world because The Salt Lick’s wins every single time.

I have always thought KFC had the best coleslaw. Not anymore, The Salt Lick’s kicks KFC’s booty in the slaw department, hands down. It has sesame seeds in it which, at first, I thought was odd, but it totally works.Firepit at the Salt Lick BBQ,Texas

Let’s get down to business – the meat. When you first walk into the restaurant you get to see the fire pit. The actual fire pit where they are smoking the brisket, sausage, turkey and pork ribs. The smell will instantly make your stomach growl! Holy amazeballs is the brisket delicious. It was so moist I didn’t need a knife to cut it up. The sausage was perfectly cooked. It was juicy and the casing was the perfect amount of crispy. I’ve also tried their turkey. Best. Turkey. Ever. Moist, smoky, and delicious! I am seriously considering ordering my turkey from The Salt Lick for Thanksgiving next year.

Not only does The Salt Lick have the best food, but the atmosphere is outstanding! It’s BYOB but you can also purchase beer from The Salt Lick Cellars, which is right next to The Salt Lick. They will even give you a bucket with ice to take back with you so your beer stays cold while you stuff your face. When you sit inside, the tables are huge, almost like picnic benches. It’s great for a family gathering. You also can sit outside among the trees. It’s so relaxing. There is plenty enough room for the kids to play without disturbing anyone. There was even a spot outside for live music!

If you are in Austin, Texas anytime soon you need to make the drive out to The Salt Lick! They are located in Driftwood, Texas, which is just a few minutes away from Austin. Bring lots of cash because they don’t take credit cards. They do have an ATM on the premises. If you aren’t going to be in Texas anytime soon, you can order from their website – The Salt Lick BBQ. They even have a cookbook you can purchase that has the recipes for the potato salad and the coleslaw I just raved about.

Salt Lick BBQ Turkey and SausageTurkey and Sausage plate with potato salad, coleslaw and beans

*Jen did not receive any compensation for this review, and she purchased her own lunch however if you would like to buy her lunch I am sure she is free! Her opinions of The Salt Lick are her own.


About the Author:

Jen MJen loves to read. She can’t stop herself. It’s become an obsession. She is in love with her husband, kids, iced coffee and books. Jen lives in beautiful Colorado but is originally from the West Coast.


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  1. Pam@IW says

    This looks delicious and actually makes me want to visit Texas just to “eat it up.”

    Great review!

    By the way, I make a cabbage salad that has sesame seeds in it also and it is delicious.

  2. Jen says

    Something I didn’t mention was the load of bread you get with your meal. It’s Hawaiian bread. DELICIOUS!!

  3. says

    I went to The Salt Lick for the first time while pregnant with my first. My husband and I had an all-you-can-eat meal where the waitress brings a little of everything and then you tell her your favorites and she brings you more of those :) My husband certainly did enjoy it but I was at that point in pregnancy where I ate very small amounts often because there was no room in there for a full meal :p I was a bit sad that the all-you-can-eat format meant no leftovers to take with me but I did enjoy the little I had. Our waitress noticed how little I ate and was worried I hadn’t liked it–when she found out I was just too pregnant to really eat, she packed me up a giant take out box despite the no take home rule because she said they just couldn’t tease a pregnant lady with a Salt Lick snack and not send her home with some :) It’s been over 8 years now and that waitress still makes me smile–she was awesome and my pregnant self enjoyed her box of “snacks” for the next two days lol

  4. Jen says

    That is an awesome story!! That doesn’t surprise me at all. We’ve always had fantastic service when we’ve been there.

  5. Jen says

    By the way… Did anyone see David Letterman last night? During his interview with the super funny Jim Parsons, they were talking about Texas BBQ and Dave mentioned The Salt Lick as being a favorite. Very cool!

  6. Shauna says

    We went last year as a big family get together and it was awesome, kinda like a back yard BBQ, but bigger and better, LOL… awesome post

  7. Jen says

    GeeWiz, No, I didn’t try the lemonade… I will when we go back in July!!

    Shauna, you are so right… it is like a big backyard BBQ! I wish I could live there. hahaha

  8. says

    Hawaiian bread – I’m so there! I know, it’s kind of sad to obsess over bread when there is all this great meat, but I’m a carbs girl!
    I’d love to visit Austin. If I make it out there, I’ll be sure to visit The Salt Like. Thanks for the recommendation.
    By the way, I love seasame seeds in everything! I’d love to see Pam’s recipe for cabbage salad.

  9. snickers says


    Thanks for the tip, I am way behind in reading and catching up. Did see you made the “Foodie”. Way to go! :)

  10. JennieIW says

    This all sounds fabulous; I am particularly intrigued by the sesame seeds in the coleslaw. I would love to go to Austin someday and try this place!

    Thanks for the rec.

  11. says

    I’ve heard how good Salt Lick is on so many food shows. I’ve always wanted to try their bbqs and hopefully, i get to eat there in the future.

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