The Penn Mommy Story: a Retrospective

By Jennie

The question “who was this Penn Mommy I keep hearing about?” is one that arises every so often in the Gosselin blogging world. While the original posts detailing the story remain on the Gosselins Do Not Need Our Pity blog (here and here), we thought that just past the two-year anniversary of her unmasking, it would be helpful to recap this circumstances of the saga here at Imperfect Women.

Penn Mommy was a blogger who popped up in September 2008 with a blog detailing her interactions with the Gosselin family. She quickly developed an avid following  among those who disliked the Gosselins and were eager for “inside” dirt. She also attracted detractors (I was one of them) who questioned some of the things she wrote and were suspicious of some of her claims. In the midst of her Gosselin blogging, Penn Mommy’s 18-year-old son fell ill and eventually died, an event that played out over the course of weeks on her blogs (and the blogs of those who supported her). Shortly after his demise, we at GDNNOP were able to uncover conclusive evidence that the entire thing was a hoax. Again, the whole byzantine tale is detailed in the links above, but that’s the short version.

In reading over our blog posts from two (!) years ago, it occurred to me that the posts do assume a certain level of knowledge on what were then more or less current events. So if anyone has any questions or anything is unclear, feel free to post them below!

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