The Penn Mommy Story: a Retrospective

By Jennie

The question “who was this Penn Mommy I keep hearing about?” is one that arises every so often in the Gosselin blogging world. While the original posts detailing the story remain on the Gosselins Do Not Need Our Pity blog (here and here), we thought that just past the two-year anniversary of her unmasking, it would be helpful to recap this circumstances of the saga here at Imperfect Women.

Penn Mommy was a blogger who popped up in September 2008 with a blog detailing her interactions with the Gosselin family. She quickly developed an avid following  among those who disliked the Gosselins and were eager for “inside” dirt. She also attracted detractors (I was one of them) who questioned some of the things she wrote and were suspicious of some of her claims. In the midst of her Gosselin blogging, Penn Mommy’s 18-year-old son fell ill and eventually died, an event that played out over the course of weeks on her blogs (and the blogs of those who supported her). Shortly after his demise, we at GDNNOP were able to uncover conclusive evidence that the entire thing was a hoax. Again, the whole byzantine tale is detailed in the links above, but that’s the short version.

In reading over our blog posts from two (!) years ago, it occurred to me that the posts do assume a certain level of knowledge on what were then more or less current events. So if anyone has any questions or anything is unclear, feel free to post them below!

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  1. Paige says

    I wasn’t a party of the Gosselin Internet world at that point so I am unclear as to what her claims about the Gosselins were. I did read some reference to Kate not letting a nanny eat a yogurt from the refrigerator or something like that. What other accusations did this false insider make? And what was Jodi’s involvement with her?

  2. says

    Pennmommy’s claims were the foundation of GWOP’s claims about Kate Gosselin. She said Kate is unloving toward the kids, demanded gifts, insisted on only brand-new matching clothes, difficult to satisfy, rude to everyone she meets, ungrateful toward her helpers. She alternately claimed that there was no abuse, nothing to report, and then that she knew that Kate WAS reported to CPS. She dribbled her stories out in little bits without many specifics.

    After Pennmommy claimed one of her imaginary sons became ill, another imaginary son started adding to the Gosselin lore by confirming all the good his mom did for the Gosselins and how her treatment was even worse than his imaginary mom even claimed. He implied that she gave over $10,000 in charitable donations to the Gosselins.

    Her “yoghurt” story and other web posts are still available to read online, but bear in mind- it’s all fake, fake, fake. Also, lost to all except those who snagged the screencaps, are the stories told by Pennmommy and “Aunt Jodi’s” sister, Julie, in the comments. Comments weren’t google-cached, but they were full of more tales. Julie was adding to her own blog simultaneously, and it was about the injustice of Jodi not getting a contract with the show. There was no “child advocacy” back then.

    One more thing- the woman who invented Pennmommy also invented other screen names associated with the Gosselins. GWOP purged all of Pennmommy’s comments and blog posts from their blog after Jennie, Anya, Pam, Nancy, and Erin exposed the fraud. But they have still retained some of the early “insider” comments from pennmommy under the screen name bethanna, mrsbethannabanana, and other variations. I think I am forgetting some of her other screen names.

    It really has been 2 years?

  3. Pam@IW says

    If I recall correctly, Penn Mommy claimed that she was a volunteer in the house and that Kate went ballistic when she found the “yoghurt” missing and the volunteers were all called to see who ate the “youghurt.” I remember that Penn Mommy said that her husband was furious about it and told her she had to stop volunteering.

    That particular story is still repeated to this day around the Gosselin blogging net.

  4. Debbie says

    IIRC PM also claimed to receive a cease and desist letter from the Gosselin’s attorney. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    That whole saga speaks volumes about Kate taking the high road. She could have stopped it but stayed out of the blogging world.

    I can’t believe it’s been 2 years!

  5. says

    And what was Jodi’s involvement with her?– Paige

    This is what I saw:
    Pennmommy’s blog was called “In Support of the Real Truth” or something equally dramatic. Jodi’s sister Julie commented on the blog. Julie had her own blog, “Truth Breeds Hatred,” still does, but she had up posts about Jodi’s resentment at not getting a contract. Julie posted on her blog a video of Jodi saying that the blog did, indeed, belong to her sister, and that everything Julie was writing was true. On Pennmommy’s blog, Julie stated that she didn’t know Pennmommy personally, but that she knew Pennmommy was telling the truth because she “knew things” that only a true insider could know. Jodi’s involvement publicly was vouching for her sister’s honesty while her sister was telling everyone that Pennmommy was a real insider. Privately? Who knows?

    How did Pennmommy fool Julie? I watched, read, asked, commented through the immediate Pennmommy aftermath. It was clear that friendships had formed, as have here, and that these women spoke privately either through email, private chat, message boards, or on the phone. Some have said so; there’s nothing wrong with it. I think it played a part in how Julie was fooled. This is my own theory:
    Julie shared things with gwop mods. They repeated the inside stuff (typical sisters-in-law/frenemy stories) to each other and blogger friends who shared their perspective. Pennmommy started emailing with some of them. Some inside story got shared with Pennmommy. She “shared” that story with Julie, who thought there was only one way to “know” the “truth”- by actually having been there.

    I was one who was fooled. What is obvious fakery to the IW mods, is not so obvious to gullible me. So I have a bit of a soft spot for the gwoppers who swallowed Pennmommy’s story hook, line, and sinker. What I can’t defend, and really don’t understand, is why they didn’t just admit it was a sham? Why did Julie try to sweep it under the rug by never discussing it again? Is it really that hard to say, “Wow, was I fooled!” FWIW, lots of bloggers did that- just none of the blog owners who supported Pennmommy.

  6. Pam@IW says

    One thing I remember vividly was being accused of doing horrible things by Penn Mommy and all of the hate blogs believing it, repeating it and posting stories about it. We (GDNNOP) were accused of calling the hospital and trying to get information about her “dying son”, for one thing.

    Now, I understand that many people in the Gosselin blogging world do not believe that Kate’s mom is posting here. I understand that. We have said, believe or don’t believe. That is up to you and frankly we know the truth and that is all that matters to me.

    The important thing to remember is that because another person or another blog does not believe us and has publicly stated it on their blog or in comments….has not give us reason or motivation to attack them or falsely accused them of doing things they have not. That is one thing that happened back in the “Penn Mommy” debacle. Anyone who was skeptical was attacked. I remember being told that there was a “special place in hell” for us.

  7. says

    You mean “eating crow?” Lol.
    They sure do. Funny, isn’t it, that it was the people inspired to blog “THE TRUTH” who wanted that particular truth hushed up?

  8. says

    You know, Pam, I think that was the thing that bothered me most about the whole thing. I was a Pennmommy reader/supporter. The only Internet “blogging” I had done was to lurk on a religion board and a board dedicated to people with rhuematoid arthritis. It never occurred to me that someone would create an elaborate scam like PM did. What amazed me was how vicious the GDNNOP ladies were treated for exposing her. And not necessarily by her (though she did her share of that too,) but by people she fooled.

    I think a lot of people believed that the GDNNOP mods were “calling the hospital” to harrass a mother with a dying son. Once it was known that she was a fake, why weren’t there any retraction regarding things that were said about the GDNNOP mods? How about retractions of stories about the Gosselins? It’s as if “the TRUTH” didn’t matter at all. It really bothered my over-developed sense of justice!

    My interest in “Gosselin blogging” really came about because I hadn’t seen her livejournal account with the imaginary son’s picture, I didn’t understand IP addresses, and I really wondered what was true? I didn’t mind if the GDNNOP mods were right. I hadn’t condemned you to hell, started a spite blog against you, or accused you of trying to make anyone eat humble pie. In fact, I thought you were all a little too quick to “move on” when I still had questions! I thought you were rather nice to us, The Bamboozled Ones.

    You know, when I was posting at PM’s atheist defender’s blog, I didn’t even realize that GDNNOP mods were following it. At first, I thought you lived in your little corner in Gosselin World, posting your little Gosselin posts. I still read at GDNNOP, and even commented there, but I got the sense you all just didn’t want to deal with PM again.

    I’m still wondering who “Intrigued” and “None So Blind” were.

  9. kimmie says

    so what ever happened to pennmommy? i mean i guess the blog was shut down but did dhe just fade away? did she get in any trouble?

    seems like you should get in trouble for slandering a person’s name that way..especially when there is evidence of having done it maliciously.

  10. Craftymomof3 says

    The Penn Mommy story is why I was a lurker for so long. It was like a train wreck to me. I didn’t want to comment but I kept reading. It was an interesting snippet of human behavior. I was fascinated by the way the women turned on each other and other women they didn’t know. It wasn’t until I was sure my skin would be thick enough that I commented. I never commented I don’t think at GDDNOP but when y’all moved over to Imperfect Women I think I did. Baby Mama had her blog going for at least 6 or 7 months before I commented I think and even then it was real benign commenting for a while. I was beyond proud when you girls unearthed the truth. (even though back then you didn’t know me and I was still a lurker going under the name tgomom) I was also appalled that GWOP kept going like nothing happened.

  11. Pam@IW says


    I am not sure Penn Mommy faded away. How would you know? People just keep reinventing themselves with different screen names.

    However, I do know that the person who called herself Penn Mommy had some personal issues to deal with. Some of them brought on by her behavior on the internet.

  12. MamaP says

    Mom of KT – my Father-in law still spells my name wrong sometimes (It’s spelled Patty, but he often writes Patti or Pattie – UGH!). Sometimes mistakes just happen!

  13. HB says

    I was tempted to respond earlier today, but my head was spinning w. your retrospective. Egads, what a twisted tale to try to understand. Especially since I’d heard a Penn Mommy mentioned, but thought this was some code among bloggers that spewed hatred – that I still don’t get!

    Wondering if I really belong here, as I’ve never been tempted to look at any of those ‘hate blogs’. How anyone could be tempted to spew hatred like that & not suffer consequences…??? I’d assumed that was why Steve Nield was an important choice for TLC to make. Surely following someone like a Penn Mommy would not be outside his scope of ‘security’! WOW, IW, you are the original Nancy Drews of my youthful reading days! ;0)

    Not a whole lot to say after hearing you, Mom of…! Unfortunately the rift that exists w. your family…is not unlike so many others. Sadly your tale has become a virus at the mercy of the public domain. How wonderful that you have found your voice w. ladies who respect the forum they’ve built w. dignity! Thank you IW!

  14. Lily@IW says

    Those links were a real flashback. It was fascinating to watch unfold. The doubters and the defenders of PM’s sick son, the revelation, and to watching her try to squirm her way out of it. Wow, did she twist, spin and throw out possibilities using socks.

    Lots of drama. I was new and was so stunned by the idea of trolls and socking. Grown up people were acting this way. It was a strange new world. The GDNNOP mods had a lot of very mean things written about them. I couldn’t believe that either. I was and am still impressed at how they handled it all.

    It was an interesting snippet of human behavior. I was fascinated by the way the women turned on each other and other women they didn’t know. It wasn’t until I was sure my skin would be thick enough that I commented.~Craftymomof3

    I feel the same way. It was such a strange thing to watch. I was commenting by that time. But, the experience was new and I was nervous just writing on a wall that anyone could read.

  15. snickers says

    Wow, this makes me think way back before I ever thought of posting on a blog. I had read about the GWOPS, and when I tried to make a nice commment about Kate and her children, I was torn to shreds. That was the only time I ever left a comment on that blog. How they continue to say they are Christians and child avocates make me so glad that i don’t have their so called beliefs in life. I did go back and read PM’s crap, that lady had a few screws loose. Thankfully I think that blog was closed down for good.

    MomofKT, how Kate has handled the pressure of her family backstabbing her amazes me. She wins by really not saying much. Jodi has to live with herself, and really if the truth was really known, her life must be miserable. Who would ever trust her as a friend or relative?? When her children grow up and learn to read the net, she will have to answer many questions why she told untruths about Kate and her chilren.

  16. snickers says

    Wow, 2 years ago, seems like a lifetime. My first experience with the blogging world was when I went to the GWOP site and they were all discussing PM and her blog. I made one comment defending Kate and her children and that was the last time I ever posted there. It was new territory in the blogging world for me. How hatred could be spread on the net was like a wildfire out of control.

    How Kate has handled the selling out of her family by Jodi has amazed me. She only made one brief comment. Kate wins hands down in keeping the family business squabble in check. I don’t think I could have done that. Who could ever trust Jodi as a friend or relative today!! I know families have problems, but they are not ususally broadcast over nationwide TV.

    Thankfully PM was shut down!! How someone could take a person’s life and make believe she was a part of it. Now that is scary. Her story was just too over the top, and I always wondered why Kate let it go on, but at the time Kate was new to TV and had her hands full with 8 babies.

  17. snickers says

    PM was my first walk into the blogging world, and I always had a feeling that things were not right in her world. How she put herself into another person’s life without knowing her made me cringe. I made one positive comment about Kate at GWOPS and they tore me to pieces. That was the last post they ever saw from me.

    Kate has handled her family situation without giving into Jodi and her snarks. Who would ever trust someone who sold you out for a buck. Any person who trusts her, needs to know she can turn on you to. Jodi split Kates family, knowing hurting Kate for her 15 minutes has to be the biggest mistake she has ever done in her life. Her life has to miserable, and MomofKt, we know Kate loves her children and is working hard to support and take care of them.

  18. Craftymomof3 says

    Exactly Lily. I was worried for some reason about writing on a wall where I essentially could not take back what I said. I posted on many forums, but I think for some reason I felt safer because in a forum usually you had to sign in and be a member and forums usually have a mod to bounce people. What a dummy I was. LOL :)

  19. snickers says

    Who could trust Jodi as a friend or relative. PM is way before my blogging days but I remember reading the things she said. She had no right to takes Kates life and make it her personal journey. Scary!!

    Kate is working hard to support her children. That I admire!!

  20. Lily@IW says

    Kimmie, socking/sockpuppets is using different names to support yourself. Possum had many. I even remember a fake blog she threw up in support of herself.

  21. Anya@IW says

    Lily@IW….I was and am still impressed at how they handled it all.

    Well, I am impressed with folks like you, Samantha and Ann, among many others. People who didn’t have the information we did, but did the research to verify the information we provided and admitted they fell for the hoax. If only the mods at Gwop and other hate blogs had such integrity.

    At this point, I have to give a shout-out to Pam@IW’s beloved Millie. As some of may be aware, the only reason Pam was even up at such bizarre hours (she was working a full-time job and certainly didn’t stay up to monitor the site meter) was because she was nursing her dog Millie through the last months of her life. If it weren’t for Millie, there is no telling when or if Penn Mommy would have been exposed as she was.

    Mom of KT…If people like Pennmommy would use all that energy for a GOOD cause, just think how much better our world would be!!! Just sayin’…..

    I totally agree with you. Of course, Penn Mommy and her ilk will claim they do all sorts of wonderful things outside of blogging. Maybe or maybe not. There is no doubt, however, that most of us struggle with finding enough hours in the day to accomplish everything we want to. The idea that someone would spend even one minute out of 24 hours writing hateful things about a stranger, just boggles my mind. The fact that some of them spend much more time than that, is really really sad.

  22. Pam@IW says


    I just saw all of your posts in the Spam Blocker. I have no idea why. Weird. That has happened before.

    Sorry that happened but I will have to try and figure out why.

    Thanks for your patience.

  23. Nancy@IW says

    It was quite an interesting time back then. I, too, posted something on GWOP that never saw the light of day. Out of frustration, I had searched to find another blogging community where I could voice my opinion and found GDNNOP. Thank goodness! :-)

    I remember late nights chatting online about PM and carefully unfolding everything that we found or that was sent our way. One blogger in particular had found a handle of PM’s that really helped verify what we had been suspecting. We had to be careful just in case there was any truth at all to this woman’s personal circumstances with an ill child, etc.

    The backlash from the hater sites was really unreal. GWOP silently took down their “In Memoriam” for “Jason.” No sooner than that post being taken down, a new hate blog specific to GDNNOP was created. Julie removed any and all reference to Penn Mommy — she “vouched” for her and all. And, a third hate site went ballistic making crazy claims about the mods at GDNNOP because they had “befriended” Penn Mommy along the way.

    It was one crazy time — no doubt about it.

    I remember “meeting” Ann and Samantha through PM’s blog. So, in the end, alot of good came out of something that really was yucky at the time. It brought us all closer together! :-)

  24. Mariposa says

    WOW!! I always wondered where all that nasty stuff started……I’ve heard people mention this Pennmommy but never knew the story. What a sick person. What’s even worse is her legacy lives on……many of the crap that’s out there today apparently originated with this woman…..and yet there are people out there who continue to spout the lies. Unbelievable.

    Thanks all for clearing this up for me. I’m very new to this blogging stuff……I’ve simply been a fan of the Gosselin kids and their Mom from the beginning…..I must admit I was always uneasy about Jon, but still never missed an episode. I never even looked online for further info until not that long ago, actually. I still don’t go to the hate sites I’ve heard of…..I don’t really care to spend the effort reading nasty lies…it just upsets me and I want to answer back but yet know it does no good. I ran into that on the DWTS board. That was enough for me.

  25. snickers says

    Ya JW, could you just get over it. Kates Mom does post here. You need to worry about yourself, your so called Christians values is the biggest joke I have seen.

  26. Samantha@IW says

    I found the Penn Mommy blog through a Kate search and I was one of the idiots who believed her initially. I felt so let down by her made up events. I got into bloggin skirmishes there with other posters bc of their hateful/outlandish comments. I stumbled upon GDNNOP mooments afer they outed PM as a hoax. I felt like such a fool. The information was all there and it was obvious she was a fake.

    I can thank PM for one thing- I have friendships with the rest of the IW ladies that can’t be beat. They are wonderful women and loyal friends.

  27. Nancy@IW says

    I mean in all seriousness to those who like to troll and pose questions regarding Mom of KT, etc. — what type of proof does one really need? Ann@IW has met Mom of KT a few months back in Hershey. What does it really take for the naysayers? Copy of a birth record or social security card? Several of us from IW have developed friendships with them, hence the meeting in Hershey, etc. If you don’t believe us that is your prerogative. We aren’t “forcing” the issue – it’s your choice.

  28. Nancy@IW says

    Oh Samantha – how I remember those days! LOL! 😉 Yes, alot of great friendships were formed thanks to PM – I’ll give her that!

  29. Craftymomof3 says

    Mom of KT don’t mind Just Wondering. She’s a known C.R.A.Z.Y and acknowledging her usually just fuels her. She loves the attention.

  30. Nicole says

    Mom of KT, I know this is a personal question so I understand if you prefer not to answer it, and I apologize in advance for even asking it, but have you ever talked to your son about what he and Jodi have done and are doing? Has he ever tried to defend his actions to the rest of the family, explain himself, etc? I’ve always gotten the sense that it was Jodi’s “hard feelings” or resentment for not getting paid that started this whole terrible ball rolling, and that Kevin is going along because that’s his wife – but somehow I feel that deep down he knows he’s wrong. Am I misreading things when it comes to Kevin.

  31. says

    I can thank PM for leading me to my Internet friends!

    Yes, I met Kate’s mom, and not surprisingly, she loves her children and grandchildren. I didn’t take blood samples to provide upon request, so take my word for it or don’t. I understand skepticism, but I also know the truth, so I can’t deny that Kate’s mom loves and supports her, and comments at IW.

  32. Sue says

    I still have great admiration for how you ladies figured everything out! And the fact that you didn’t jump in and make accusations without having solid proof that was verified in several ways. After Pennmommy’s blog, I became much more skeptical of what I see on the web. I can’t believe it’s only been 2 years – it seems so long ago!

  33. Nottamomma says

    I was never around during the Pennmommy days, but I just read through and I could never imagine doing anything like that to someone.

    To make up such outlandish accusations about someone that you’ve never even met, with the only intention of destroying them is pretty despicable.

    I cannot even imagine what that must have been like for Kate and her family. Then top it off with Aunt Jodi (who I think is just as bad). Gosh.

    Mom of KT, many many thoughts and prayers to your family. I can’t even imagine what it must have been like (and continues to be like) for you and your family! I guess the one saving grace is that you can boast about having the most adorable grandkids in the world.

  34. snickers says

    Mom of KT. Wow, you stting you are afraid of Jodi speaks volumes. I think if my family did to me what she did,I would be in fear of them also. Always having to watch my back and my children closely. I feel very sad for Kevin and Kate, I think they had a special bond growing up. :(

  35. Nicole says

    Thank you for your response, Mom of KT. The whole situation sounds very difficult to deal with, and I too send many kind thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

  36. HB says

    Those ‘imperfect ladies’ who run this terrifically diverse & well written blog…IT IS INTERESTING TO HEAR HOW YOU ALL HAVE MANAGED TO CREATE THIS – FROM LEFT TO RIGHT COAST! Penn Mommy’s blog must have been something else to have brought you together…is there more to your story, or do we to stay tuned? (I read thru’ your ‘contributors’…all very gifted writers.)

  37. snickers says

    HB, I agree with the writers that post on this blog.I feel like such an an imperfect writer, but have had nothing but a warm welcome here. I have learned and shared my views without feeling the club coming at me. PM story was my first reading of Kate and her family, although I never posted on the blog, computer blogging was all new to me, but is was amazing how it began to come undone, one piece at a time. It was like “Bring down this Blog”.

    Sending prayers to Mom of KT for having Jodi cause many problems for your children.

  38. Wendy says

    I was totally where you were on the Penn Mommy thing. I couldn’t believe someone would make up something like their son being gravely ill. Of course, in retrospect, I would have to wonder about my naivete that I thought someone would leave their son’s death bed to post about Kate being a control freak. I liked Jodi better on the show, so I assumed she was telling the truth. Although, I would defer to Mom of KT, since I never met anyone involved. I still hold to the opinion that their are two sides to every story/relationship. I don’t think the way Kevin and Jodi handled things was right. Money does strange things to people. I hope that the whole family can mend their relationships one day. No amount of money or fame is worth that.

  39. Wendy says

    Also, in retrospect, why would you feel such a need to get “your side” out when it my destroy your family relationship. So Kate implied Jodi is a ding-a-ling for letting the kids have gum. Most people watching that episode thought Kate overreacted. That should have been enough. Why start your own personal vendetta via the internet.

  40. snickers says

    I agree Wendy about the family healing, but fame and money was what Jodi wanted from Kates family, IMO. J/K had a family to feed, clothe and have a roof over their heads. If I had beeb in Kates shoes, I would have taken the offer from TLC.

    Did TLC fix up Jodi’s house for the show??? Maybe Mom of KT could tell us.

  41. Donna says

    Also, in retrospect, why would you feel such a need to get “your side” out when it my destroy your family relationship.

    I think you could say the same thing to Kate’s Mom when she makes negative comments about Jodi and Kevin and John for that matter. How is it any different?

  42. says

    Wendy, I agree with your assessment of that gum episode. I think most people thought Kate was harsh about the gum and snarky about Jodi. I can understand why Jodi, and her sister on her behalf, were offended, but their “responses” were out-of-proportion- very damaging and hurtful. Associating with Gwop, Pennmommy, and giving that ROL interview were awful decisions. Still, I hold out hope that everything can be forgiven and reconciled. I’ve seen it happen. :)

    Add my prayers and good wishes for our friend, Mom of KT, and all of her family.

  43. snickers says

    Donna, maybe Kates Mom needs to clear up a few things. She truely wishes she had Kevin in their lives and his children also. Not being able to trust a family member is sometimes the most hurtful thing in life.

    Kates children are beautiful and so are Kevin’s. Maybe Jodi’s pride will not let her tell Kate and her family that she is sorry. A few words go a long ways these days.

  44. Pam@IW says


    Your comment as well as a few others was held up in Spam so I am just really seeing it. I don’t think we ever found out who the boy was in the picture that Penn Mommy posted.

    One thing that was never talked about much by us was the fact that family members of Penn Mommy ( not going to say who) contacted us several months after the scam was revealed. They did not know who that picture was either. Maybe she just pulled it off the internet. It is a good thing that the young man in that picture never found out how seriously ill he was. 😉

  45. I'd rather poke my eye out... says

    Wow! My head is spinning about the Penn hoopla! Who has so much available time on their hands to foster up such hatred towards someone? Let alone the bogus son/death. Serious mental health problems I’m guessing!

  46. Anya@IW says

    Ann, I agree with everything said in your #52.

    I do have to speak up for Mom of KT. My opinion is she has shown a lot of restraint in what she has chosen to share. A lot. When one considers what Julie Brown shared with the blogosphere – a mixture of fabrication and personal opinion always slanted to put Kate (and Jon too) in the *worst possible light, I am amazed at her resilience. (I think we know where Kate gets her strength!)

    How much of this Julie did on her own, I don’t know, but it wouldn’t have gotten started without Jodi’s help.

    If I had one wish, it would be to get ahold of those Penn Mommy blog comments where our own Jennie@IW (formerly known by her old English name Guinevere) told Julie off!

    *One example – who can forget the snarky comments she made about potties being in the Gosselin garage after she (Julie) was an invited guest in Jon and Kate’s home!?! Classless!

  47. Tanny says

    I can’t imagine not talking to my son or seeing my grandkids for any reason in the world. I can’t imagine not speaking to either of my parents for any reason in the world. I can’t imagine posting anything negative on the internet for the world to see about my family for any reason in the world. I personally could never allow that to happen. I’m so sorry that this show, fame, and money tore this family apart this way. The children are the real losers in this whole thing. I hope and pray that someday for the sake of them that bygones are made and the whole family is reconciled. I hope and pray that these children will someday know their grandparents again.

  48. Lily@IW says

    I do have to speak up for Mom of KT. My opinion is she has shown a lot of restraint in what she has chosen to share. A lot.~Anya

    I ditto that. Also, Mom of KT has as much right to blog about her family as anyone else.

    MomofKT, I’m glad you feel comfortable posting here. Add in my good wishes to all of your family. I’m also impressed with how you’ve taken to to commenting. As I mentioned above, it took me awhile to get up my courage. (I’ve been over that for a long time).

    Anya, I would like to see those PM comments too. She was so gossipy as a supposed helper, I didn’t care for her. I feel for those taken in by PM, that’s how I felt about Julie. She had an obvious slant, but I didn’t think someone close to the situation would so blatantly lie. Lol, I was hung up on that personal chef for a few months. After the reveal, there was the letter from Julie still supporting PM that wasn’t posted on her blog but went up on “Kate is a Shrew”. It wasn’t up for long. Julie made no retractions and acted like PM never happened.

  49. Mariposa says

    Well, I fully believe you Mom of KT……and I want you to know that I think your daughter Kate is one terrific lady!! She’s doing a great job raising those children and is showing magnificent strength in dealing with all she has to deal with daily. She’s not my daughter, but I would be proud to call her mine. Congratulations to you and your husband on raising such a strong, resilient, funny young woman. Blessings to you all!! (((hugs))))

  50. snickers says

    Anya, I agree. Kates Mom has been nothing but very polite here to all of us, and I feel the posters here feel she has every right to say what she wants. I see where Kate gets her strengh now, strong women supporting each other. I hope she continues to visit here, a safe place for all of us. I love to share and read everyones opinions.

  51. Jennie@IW says

    If I had one wish, it would be to get ahold of those Penn Mommy blog comments where our own Jennie@IW (formerly known by her old English name Guinevere) told Julie off!

    I know! If there is a lesson in this, it’s when in doubt, take screenshots! I wish so much we had the comments sections from the old Penn Mommy blog.

  52. Paige says

    There seems to be another questionable “insider” at GWOP. Lesleigh says she was a Labor and Delivery nurse with Kate and it would be very DIFFICULT for Kate to get a nursing job in Reading. When asked for more information she goes on about all the “horrible” stuff Kate did as a nurse – refusing women epidurals, not cleaning the room after a delivery, being ungrateful at a baby shower for the twins, etc.

    Someone else questioned her claim that Kate worked in Labor and Delivery after the sextuplets were born (every other weekend). Sharla passes the buck by saying that they do not fact check every comment and the reader needs to judge for themselves.

  53. Pam@IW says

    Ok Paige,

    I have not been to GWoP for a very long time and you caused me to go read there. LOL

    I am a nurse and one thing I remember reading or hearing is that Kate worked in a dialysis unit after the six were born. This lady is saying she worked in L&D.

    Doesn’t matter, the info she is posting or the “inside scoop” is just the same old, same old.

  54. Paige says

    Sorry, Pam. Most of the stuff did sound like the same old complaints. One thing that sounded fishy to me was the cleaning the room part. I don’t know anything about PA hospitals or the particular one in which Kate worked but here in NY State we do not use RN’s to clean rooms.

    I am an hospital administrator. Our Labor and Delivery nurses do not have the luxury of only working with one patient at a time so rather than spending time cleaning after a delivery, they move on to their other patients likely to be in different stages of labor. We can not afford to have so many nurses on duty that one can spend time cleaning a room while others take care of her patients. Therefore, we require RN’s to notify housekeeping when a room needs to be cleaned. There is nothing sinister about Kate calling housekeeping to clean a room. In fact, to me, it sounds like a good nurse doing her job correctly.

  55. Pam@IW says

    I never worked in L&D other than having to float there rarely. I worked Adult ICU and Open Heart most of my hospital career but I did some floating when needed. In ICU we were required to do a general pick up of equipment but we also did not “clean” the room. We called housekeeping also when a patient transferred.

  56. Lily@IW says

    Sharla passes the buck by saying that they do not fact check every comment and the reader needs to judge for themselves.~Paige

    GWOP put up a disclaimer shortly after the PM fiasco. Before that, I remember wondering why they were so concerned w/taking down the PM stuff since they were letting supposed insiders continue to comment.

    Since then, there have been several hit and run insiders and their stories float around the net too. There was a lady who said she was not allowed to take pictures of Kate and kids at a museum while they were filming. Her story had several holes. There was another insider who “knew” that the opening segment of J&K+8 was filmed in the snow and faked that it was warm weather. The claim was the kids had to wear light clothing while freezing. That one was kind of funny but they still believe it. The haters hang onto these stories without any proof. It’s just ridiculous.

  57. MamaP says

    Well, of COURSE it would be impossible for Kate to get a nursing job!! She is TOO famous! Can you imagine the GWOPpers calling and hounding the hospital to pick on her, and calling her supervisors to tell them how “horrible” she is?!?! Not to mention the constant Papparazzi presence… if I was a hospital administrator, I wouldn’t hire her either. It would be too risky with HIPPA.

    I vaguely remember the PennMommy drama, as it was just when I started reading the J+K stuff. What a mess. I’m sorry for MOKT that Jodi has caused such a rift in the family, but unfortunately, that’s just what happens sometimes in families. Sometimes your children make choices you don’t agree with, and you just have to be patient and wait for them to remember that you are their mom. It is very sad for the children.

    I just don’t understand why people want to spread all of those nasty stories all over the internet. *sigh*

  58. snickers says

    I think if Kate went back to nursing, her TV days would be over and she would just continue to see a need to feed her children. Of course, the Khaters would really like to see her broke, struggling on welfare to take care of her children, but my guess is, they still wouldn’t be happy.

  59. emily says

    Mom of KT, I very respectfully ask you why you would say negative things about ‘Jodie’ (with an e) pin a public forum. Sure, you can think what you want to think, but posting your negative personal feelings about your son’s wife, your grandchildren’s mother can’t benefit your family in any way. Maybe there is a reason that you are not a part of their lives. It’s so sad that you have a limited to nonexistent relationship with two of your kids. Maybe if you extended the olive branch instead of venting on a blog a relationship would be possible with one or both of your estranged children. As it stands, you put Kevin in the uncomfortable position of standing by his wife/mother of his kids in the face of your comments.

  60. GeeWhiz says

    Emily – I think your comment should be addressed to Jodi & Julie since they are the ones that fueled the Kate bashing in 2008. Also did you forget that Jodi and Kevin were paid to bash Kate on ROL in May 2009?

    Leave Mom of KT alone. She has every right to let the world know the true Jodi after what she did to HER daughter.

  61. Anya@IW says

    Emily, you said your piece – including the unneccessary little swipe at the initial mispelling of Jodi’s name that reveals your less than respectful true intentions.

    Mom of KT is NOT here to be grilled or lectured to. Further posts that do that are very likely to be deleted.

  62. Sue says

    For me, finding out that Jodi was a fraud was even more disappointing than the whole Penn Mommy fiasco. I was a huge Jodi supporter (and did fall for Penn Mommy), and I liked the scenes with Jodi and the kids on the show because it showed the kids having fun with their cousins in a more relaxed environment. It appeared that Jodi really seemed to care about the kids and their welfare.

    However, no one who truly cared about the kids would have done the ROL interviews. MOM of KT, I’m glad that you and your daughter have spoken out about being apart of Kate and the kids lives, because it just appears to me that they seem to be so isolated from normal things. (As an outsider looking in), I don’t often agree with the choices Kate makes, however I do think Kate loves her family and is doing her best for them.

  63. Kiki says

    Kevin chose his wife, and her sister, over the rest of his family a long time ago. I remember thinking that he and Jodi surely didn’t know all that was being said about his sister and her children on GWoP, that they couldn’t approve of that. Boy, was I wrong.

    I think that Gwopper who “worked with Kate” must have read the PennMommy stuff and thought she’d try her hand at some fiction.

  64. HB says

    Oh Sue, I do understand what might have been apparent thru’ the lens of a camera crew w. film that met the cuttingroom floor, yet I came from most shows thinking…how great is it that a t.v. program gave this unique family the opportunity to DO things that a ‘normal family’ wouldn’t have to think twice about doing! Then again, I happily remained one of the very few who was totally unaware of Jodi, Judy & the rest of the naysayers.

    Now I learn from a post today that Jon was part of GWoP’s target too? From the photos of Jon w. Jodi & Kevin’s family visiting the house while Kate was away, & Jon & Kevin’s nite out drinking…plus the Murt meetings…? My year long assumption was Jon was feeding this anti-Kate frenzy? Quite frankly it is still difficult putting all of this history into perspective! I’d believed (prayed) that all Jon had to do was put out a simple cease & desist w. this despicable attempt to vilify the mother of OUR children!

  65. snickers says

    The real problem I always had with the Gwops, was that they portray themselves as a Christian group of people. Do Christians really have time to sit and blog hate on another human being. Not that I am any better, by saying this, but my qustion would be why do they do this???

    All their posts seem to just snark on Kate about her hair, clothes, shoes, and the other parts they ALWAYS talk about. I don’t think God really care about any of this, so their attemps of being Christians really fails in my book. Being fed lies by Jodi, Julie, and who ever else, just shows the world that they are just jelous and bitter. I’m glad that I don’t have to sit in the pew next to them, IMO.

  66. Lily@IW says

    For me, finding out that Jodi was a fraud was even more disappointing than the whole Penn Mommy fiasco.~Sue

    That was a disappointment to me too. I had a very different of opinion of Jodi until the ROL interviews and the other one they did on a morning show. Her persona was very different than the Jodi I had seen on J&K. I remember thinking she was half cat and was shocked that she repeated Jon’s rumor about Kate having an affair.

  67. pattypie says

    I think Mom of KT has been hurting a long time. :-( I can certainly understand her speaking out at this point this this safe place. I have thought for a long time that it didn’t seem to bother Jodi much for the role she played in harming relationships in her husband’s family. All of Jodi/Julie’s old posts are in the GWOP archives – they weren’t child advocates back then- just sayin’ 😉

    Mom of KT love,hugs and prayers to you and your family. It’s a good thing you have a strong faith to carry you through this mess.

  68. says

    Sure, you can think what you want to think, but posting your negative personal feelings about your son’s wife, your grandchildren’s mother can’t benefit your family in any way.- Emily

    Of course, this applies to Jodi, kevin, and Julie as well, right?

    Publicly defending your family against malicious gossip is a noble thing to do, if you aren’t lying about it. Mom of KT is defending her daughter. That she has to criticize her son and daughter-in-law to do so is shameful to them, not to her. I supported Julie on this same principle, until I realized she’s a liar. I continued to assume the best about Jodi until she proved she is willing to accuse her sister-in-law and a married man of adultery for money.

    I am sure those women have some wonderful and redeeming qualities, including being good mothers. I have seen Jodi’s good qualities myself on the show. But, they owe the Gosselins, and other family members hurt in the process, a HUGE apology.

  69. pattypie says

    I stumbled on GWOP just over a year ago. I was shocked and couldn’t believe my eyes. The more I read, the more shocked I became. Several months ago I spent a bunch of hours reading up on the old PennMommy business which lead me to read Jodi/Julie’s old posts on GWOP. All I can say is YIKES!

    Oh and as for KT’s Mom not confronting Jodi all I can say I wouldn’t confront her either! It’s the ones who pretend to be something they are not that scare me too! I would take a straight forward Kate – who tells it like it is – over a wolf in sheeps clothing kind of person – any day of the week! just sayin’ 😉

  70. BlogHawg says

    WOW, you girls should send up flares when you do a post like this.
    I wish the Imperfect Women and Kates Mom would write a book! I think I’m at a loss for words and that’s unusual for me. This story is truly unbelievable to me. It has all the intrigue of a best selling novel and yet the tragic part is, is that Kate deals with this everyday. I HATE injustice. Kate handles this very well. But stress takes its toll and I must saying causing any person this kind of stress is beyond cruel.
    I’m telling you women, write the book before someone else does. Write it and then sell the movie rights and make Kate, her mom and yourselves some retirement funds all while telling a story that deserves to be told. JUST DESSERTS!

  71. pattypie says

    Ann said

    I supported Julie on this same principle, until I realized she’s a liar. I continued to assume the best about Jodi until she proved she is willing to accuse her sister-in-law and a married man of adultery for money.

    Call me a conspiracy theorist if you will… :-) but after I saw Jodi and Kevin’s ROL interview and Jodi saying how Jon had told them he thought Kate was having an affair back in November of 2008 (if memory serves me) – I couldn’t help think that Jon was very calculating in planting that rumor of an affair on Kate’s part. In the old GWOP archives the moderators maintain that Jon was very aware of GWOP. They even said he emailed them and made posts to the site under an assumed name. Also in the old GWOP archives Julie states that Jon was aware of Jodi’s participation in GWOP. So Jon, well knowing of Jodi’s association with GWOP goes to her and Kevin and says he thinks Kate is having an affair? Since Jodi had been spilling “secrets” on GWOP for sometime at that point, and Jon knew full well of Jodi’s association with GWOP, something tells me Jon knew exactly where the rumor would end up if he told Jodi. And he was successful in that, it spread like wild fire. That doesn’t seem like a guy who was looking to save the marriage to me. He might as well made the post on GWOP himself. If Jon had simply just needed someone to talk to, I think Jodi would have been the last person he would have told a secret to.

  72. says

    I would take a straight forward Kate – who tells it like it is – over a wolf in sheeps clothing kind of person – any day of the week! just sayin’

    Me, too. I prefer a bit abrasive/abrupt and honest to cloyingly sweet and untrustworthy.

    As for Jon, he told Samantha in her interview with him that he was aware of the Gosselin blogs. He read GDNNOP!

    I wanted to add that Mom of KT commented that people tell her that she and Kate sound alike. I can confirm that! I noticed it, so did one of the other persons with me.

  73. PeggyP says

    TO Emily-Jon, Jodi, Julie, & Kevin put MOKT in a position where her attempts to stay out of the public mess were taken by many to mean that she endorsed the attacks on her daughter. As a general principle, I agree family arguments should be kept private, but, when a family member or members launch a public vendetta against another, then, IMHO, public defenses of the attacked person by other family members is very much in order. MOKT has every right to make it clear where she stands not only on supporting her daughter but on her credibility v. those of her attackers.

    TO Pattypie-I think Jon wanted out but did not want to look like the bad guy. He’s clearly very manipulative and vindictive. The lies he spread were bad enough but to use Kate’s brother and estrange them was particularly cruel and vindictive.

  74. snickers says

    To Emily: Kates Mother owes you no explanation of what is happening in her family, as all families at times have ups and downs. If you read GWOPS at all, you would have thought Kate was raised in the woods, with no running water or clothes on her back. I mean I read some really stupid stuff on that blog.

    You defend Jodi, but you said nothing about what she is doing these days, why she is not out in the public advocating on a daily bases for her so called cause. I think Jodi is in hiding, being the coward she is for what she has done to Kevin’s family. Just remember, Jodi’s children will also grow up and read the rag magazines on-line and see what their Mother did also.

  75. snickers says

    Mom of KT, thank you for sharing some of your feeling with us. You have opened up many people’s hearts here to what has been a very difficult journey for you. We do hold all of you in our prayers, but you put your troubles in the God’s hand and he always has the right answers for all of us.

  76. craftymomof3 says

    I agree with snickers. It’s nice to hear a truthful “insider’ view and not just some one’s version that is out to make money out of it.

  77. pattypie says

    Mom of KT said…

    …but the Lord knows my heart

    Amen! I have wondered if that knowledge that the Lord knows her heart, is what gives Kate strength when all this internet venom is spewed in her direction? The Lord knows her heart and the bloggin’ gossip makes no difference.

    KT’s Mom …has rocked the “haters” world. For so long the “haters” have used Kate’s family as a weapon in their bloggin’ crusade against Kate now, whether the haters will admit it or not, KT’s Mom has put an end to the use of that weapon and it’s driving them crazy.

  78. Judy says

    Thanks, Mom of KT… You’ve had my support since the beginning. It’s easy to see where Kate gets her strength!

  79. PeggyP says

    Thanks Mom of KT-I can’t even begin to imagine how painful all of this is for you. I got jumped on by a commenter on another site for saying that I could understand why you came forward to make your position clear since you had been put in a position where your efforts to remain private were used by haters as corroboration of their attacks on your daughter. It’s because you deprived them of a favored weapon against Kate that they have reacted with such rage and denial.

    It must mean the world to Kate to have your public as well as your private support. All I can do is hope that, at some point, your family eventually can find peace.

  80. Lindsay says

    So much drama… over a little television show about a cute family.

    Marriages end.. careers change! People need to get over it!!!

    Mom of KT.. keep on loving your family and God will take care of the rest. When we are up in heaven, God won’t care what TV show we were on, only how we treated others in our life

  81. dawn says

    I just want to second the person who said that you ladies need to write a book about this NOW. I was fascinated to watch this unfold back then, and absolutely floored when the truth came out. The Penn Mommy scandal was like nothing I had ever seen. Reading about the Gosselins was my first trip into blog land, and boy was it an education! Thanks for continuing to be an interesting and worthwhile place to read, and also continuing to have integrity.

  82. Ann@IW says

    Thanks, dawn. I know I’d buy the book if someone wrote it. I was hoping someone would write it two years ago, but they’d really have to interview Pam, Jennie, Anya, Erin, and Nancy to get the whole story.

    There was a health article online and the pennmommy story came up in the comments. That comment thread was positively absurd at times, but there was more information on it about pennmommy and another message board she pulled this stuff on. She actually did get people to send her money, sunblocking window treatments, gift cards, food baskets, presents for her children and more, under other names, but not as pennmommy. GDNNOP shut her down before Gwop and the Musings posters were scammed out of any donations (we think.)

  83. Ann@IW says

    Mom of KT, thank you for the response, I am just reading it now!

    FIRST hand info, NOT gossip!!– Mom of KT

    THANK YOU for the first hand info. It certainly helped me look at the whole Gosselin saga, on TV and on the Internet, through different eyes. One thing I can say is that there are many families that deal with this pain, and all things are possible for God.

  84. Anya@IW says

    Ann@IW…GDNNOP shut her down before Gwop and the Musings posters were scammed out of any donations (we think.)

    Hmm, I can’t imagine where our Thank You card went….???

    As for writing a book, it would be fun. We have nearly all the material saved. All that is holding us back are those pesky jobs and family obligations. Maybe one of us will win the lottery and make it happen!

  85. snickers says

    If you gals write a book, we could all add a little papragragh to contribte for your best seller. Just saying~~~~~:)

  86. Theresa says

    I think I started reading after PM was exposed because I don’t remember it as it happened, just reading about it on GDNNOP. It’s one of the reasons I love this site and the prior GDNNOP site…fair, smart women who exposed her. No lying, no sockpuppeting on this site or the former GDNNOP.

    I totally agree with Lindsay and her post #89.

  87. Diana says

    It disgusts me that you can not look at a paper or the tv without some reference to Kate G. Look how the values of the G family has changed during the broadcasting. Going from a wholesome family to money-grubbing prima-donna’s. I will admit to watching the first couple of years but after a while the constant criticism from Kate to Jon, it became uncomfortable to watch. I vote we quit feeding into Kate G.’s ego and let her fade into the sunset. Trust me, with reality TV being what it is, there will be another family to see fall apart.

  88. JennieIW says

    Diana, why don’t you do what you want to do and let others do what they want to do? I applaud you for realizing that the right thing for you to do was to quit watching the show, since you don’t enjoy it. There would be less vitriol on the internet if many others would learn to do the same.

  89. Paige says

    Diana, go ahead and let Kate fade into your sunset. But frankly, I like hearing about Kate and the Gosselin kids and will continue to read and blog about them when I feel like it. Your vote and your opinion on what I should do regarding Kate Gosselin has no impact on me.

    I don’t think Kate is perfect nor do I see her as a role model. My interest in her has mostly to do with the fact that she is disproportionately hated for her alleged behavior. She is more vilified than women who have murdered their kids; she is torn apart far more than any woman raising several children on welfare. It is a fascinating social phenomenon that so many get so angry about what how she dresses, what she does with her hair, where she lives, how she raises her kids, etc.

    The things that I do like about her include:

    – she lives her life and her own terms and does not cave into the pressure of all the on-line gossips who write about their disgust;

    – she places a value on keeping her kids in an excellent, nurturing school and works to make that happen; and

    – she values giving her kids life experiences that she did not have as child and most kids with 7 siblings would not get.

  90. JennieIW says

    Since this appears to be eliciting comment elsewhere:

    Comments were removed yesterday at the poster’s request. We don’t get requests to remove a poster’s comments often, but it has happened before, and we always honor such requests.

    So, there is no big conspiracy/mystery/drama going on, just a poster who had second thoughts about sharing some of the things she wrote and asked to have them removed. See: Occam’s Razor.

  91. Diana says

    Jennie, by all means, everyone has a choice. Thank you for recognizing that.

    Paige…first of all…LOLOLOLOL. Seriously? Oh, yes, Kate has it so bad. Let me shed a tear. Ok, all better now.
    I’m certainly glad that my thoughts don’t impact you but perhaps I hit a nerve in the fact that you took considerable time to compose a response to promote what a good mother Kate is. You’re certainly entitled to your opinion, as am I.
    Do you forget that she makes the choice to put herself in the line of fire? Quite frankly, I don’t give a rat’s patoot (yep, I said “patoot”).
    What values exactly do you think she imparts to her children? To be self-serving, domineering and just a bit narcissistic?
    The one thing that that struck me while watching the show was that whenever the children were mentioned by Jon they were “our children”. Whenever Kate mentioned them they were “my children”. I’m not condoning Jon’s behavior in any shape or form. This is an open forum and these are just my opinions. Everyone is entitled, yes?
    Have a wonderful Thursday!

  92. Anya@IW says

    Diana says…Quite frankly, I don’t give a rat’s patoot


    Says the person who took the time to compose two snotty posts on a board she has never posted on before just to drum the same ‘ol drum that we all been hearing for two plus years.

    Yeah, I can tell you are really above it all, Diana.

  93. susiesmom says

    Oh my goodness, I don’t usually post here but I couldn’t let this slide! Diana claims that Jon has always said “our children” and Kate – “my children”. This is NOT TRUE. I don’t know about the early shows, but what struck me most about Jon during the last couple of seasons at least was how possessive he was with everything. (MY dogs, MY house, MY property, MY kids etc.) I even remember him saying “my sofa” when one of the kids sat down and thinking that was strange. My husband wouldn’t refer to any of our household items as “mine”. Jon has constantly called the kids “my kids” as long as I can remember! One of the oddest comments he made was “my country place” after the divorce. I challenge Diana to find one single time, at least in the last 2-3 season of the show or since then – when Jon has said “our children”.

    Thanks for letting me vent!

  94. Joy says

    Diana for whatever reason some of those fervent haters of Kate use the multiple LOL thing so I suspect you are a long time critic of Kate. My question is this. If you do not like her or her show or her family the remote is such an easy device to use so if I may suggest, just change the channel. I don’t care for Sister’s Wives but am I going to go on and on for years spouting about how much I hate the show or the people in it? No I just use that easy little device and watch something more enjoyable and one that doesn’t offend me. Don’t like hearing about her the remote works there and as far as her name being mentioned on the INTERNET another very simple tool is that little “mouse” you have next to your keyboard and it’s so very easy to click on to another site where the name that offends you doesn’t appear. It’s such a simple thing and you have a right to your opinion but when the multiple LOL’s are put into the long time negative comments along with the muhaaaa stuff it’s pretty clear it’s become far too much of a passion to live in hatred and just maybe you need to use those simple little tools, the remote and the mouse and just change the subject.

    There are those that aren’t in love as you think with Kate but we are supporters of mothers, whether they are SAHM or working moms and their right to live their lives without the interference from outsiders.

  95. Joy says

    Anya I don’t mean you. I see you posted about the same time I did and your multiple LOL’s were you just a “giving it back” or sarcastic response in the same manner as Diana posted.

  96. Nicole says

    I hope Mom of KT is okay today. We all can have regrets about comments we write/choose to share, and ask them to be removed (or remove them ourselves, if possible) but very few of us have those comments used as part of an article on an online gossip site.

  97. momsby says

    I’ve yet to meet a perfect family ANYWHERE! Although, Dr.Phil would probably like us to believe his is? I’m sure on occasion they may have issues like the rest of us.I know if he was my husband..I would:)

    Some families have fewer ups & downs..or maybe they are just better at hiding it.

    IW & MOKT you all know who your are & what you is in your hearts! Who gives a flying fig what a few nasty naysayers have to say about it.

    I still find the whole PM thing almost unbelievable..not that I don’t believe you’s just incredible it actually happened.

  98. Coco says

    OMG people!! I just came across this page on accident. I must say that there are alot of interesting opinions here. I just wanted to throw something out there….why is everyone investing so much energy into reality TV? The majority of this show is staged….meaning it is a front. This is how these people earn their money. There are wars being fought and people are dying defending these very rights; for individuals to have the freedom to act, talk, and voice their opinions. Kate is doing what she needs to do for her children. Who faults her for that? If someone offered you millions of dollars, are you going to turn that down? I sure as heck wouldn’t! What goes on behind the scenes is far different that what people see on TV. Everyone knows that, Kate is a good mom who cares if you don’t agree. Jon? who cares what Jon does or thinks? Its all staged, and if you have the energy to invest into arguing and debating Kate G., then Americas priorities are completly misplaced! I am serving in Afghanistan right now, and let me tell you I have seen more death and true tormoil then you can imagine. Let people live their lives, and stop fighting on whether or not Kate is a good mom!! If you have excess energy to devote to crap like this, why don’t you spend that energy supporting our men and women fighting the war!! Just saying….

  99. Samantha@IW says

    Trust me, with reality TV being what it is, there will be another family to see fall apart

    Funny you should mention that Diana, while so many were watching/hoping/waiting with bated breath for the family to fall apart and for Kate to get what she “deserved”- most here were not. We haven’t reveled in their pain, or enjoyed watching a family be divided. I’m sure you didn’t take any pleasure in it. I hate to point out the obvious but this website didn’t come looking for you, you found it- if you sincerely want her to fade into the sunset, why not take your own advice and stop searching/reading/posting about her?

  100. Molly says

    Does this mean Kate’s Mom won’t be posting here anymore? She does know that all the blogs have copies of her posts? So what is the point of asking them to be removed? The posts are forever now. Anyone want to attempt an explanation?

  101. Nancy@IW says

    Molly – seriously, what does it really matter what other blogs have? A person, including yourself, has the right to ask for their comment to be removed. The end.

  102. Samantha says


    We don’t get requests to remove a poster’s comments often, but it has happened before, and we always honor such requests.

    I believe this explained it.

  103. Anya@IW says

    Momsby said…Some families have fewer ups & downs..or maybe they are just better at hiding it.

    IW & MOKT you all know who your are & what you is in your hearts! Who gives a flying fig what a few nasty naysayers have to say about it.

    Momsby, you always have such a nice way of putting things in perspective.

    I totally agree that there are many passing judgment that have their own family issues.

    MOKT has made it abundently clear on numerous occasions that she loves ALL her children and grandchildren.

    She shared what she did because she felt supported in this “safe” (her words) environment.

    I truly think she is a wonderful, loving and gracious woman. I hope we can all say a prayer (or whatever works for you) for her today.

  104. Lily@IW says

    I truly think she is a wonderful, loving and gracious woman. I hope we can all say a prayer (or whatever works for you) for her today.

    Anya, that’s a nice thought and I hope others follow suit.

    Pattiepie, Sad to say, you’re absolutely right. Very sad. Only bullies get joy out of hating as they do.

  105. Mom of KT says

    I am posting these comments to apologize to my family (specifically Kevin and Jodi) for the comments I made about them. It was wrong to say those things in a public forum (or anywhere actually). I went against my own motto: If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.
    I am sorry, and it won’t happen again.

  106. pattypie says


    Let me throw some of Mom’s words back at her…but only in a good way. 😉

    God knows what is in her heart. :-) So it’s all ok.

  107. Sue says

    It’s not often I that give Kate credit, but I have to say she is very smart in not addressing several of the topics that have come up through the years on the various Gosselin boards. I admit, I would have like to hear her viewpoint on several issues, but I think after what has happened to MOKT’s, it has shown that some people can’t keep it in context or deal with it like rational adults.

    I hope MOKT’s continues to post the positive things that happen in her grandkids lives.

  108. pattypie says

    I hope MOKT’s continues to post the positive things that happen in her grandkids lives.

    Me too.

    People need to realise this is a real family. Not just faces on TV, or in a tabloid or blog or whatever. It’s a real family, worts and all, that just doesn’t need to be under constant attack from malicious people.

    When I logged on today and saw what was going on my stomach was in serious knots over a family I don’t know. I can’t even begins to imagine what Kate or her family has been through in these last couple of years.

  109. Diana says

    For those to vilify me for merely stating my opinion, you are no better than those you condemn.
    As for my multiple “LOLOLOL”, they were in response to how seriously people take this. Do I take it seriously? of course not. Am I above it all? of course not, afterall, I took the time to post here. We are all human, subject to our likes and dislikes. I am no different. I’m not perfect and will never be, nor shall each and everyone of you.
    If the person who asked that I quote when Jon said “our”, as you so accurately identified, this was in the earlier shows as I had already admitted, I quit watching when their family started to fall apart. I was an avid viewer and liked the entire family but I have no interest in watching a family self-destruct.
    I’m simply tired of turning on the tv or standing in line at the grocery and seeing anything to do with the G family. As I said earlier, there will always be some reality show that exposes every aspect of a family. The choice that they make (particularly in light of how it has been shown to affect the family) is their own. They accept it with the good AND the bad.
    Do I disagree with some of your comments, of course. But, I support your right to believe what you will and will defend your right to do so.
    This is an open forum and if I’ve never posted here what? You were all first time posters at one time, yourselves, right?
    If we (and I’m including myself in this statement, too) spent half as much time and effort trying making a stand for things that really matter think of the progress that could be made?
    We perpetuate this craziness by commenting on it. I, for one, am done. I stated my opinion and reasons for it.
    again, Have a WONDERFUL Thursday!

  110. Diana says

    Amen, Coco!!!
    and thanks for your service. It is greatly appreciated. Our lives are pretty petty compared to what you experience daily.
    thanks, again!
    come home soon & safely!

  111. Nottamomma says


    Praying for you and your family today. May God’s ever loving and merciful arms wrap around you today. Keep your head up and your faith strong!

  112. momsby says

    I’m sending positive thoughts out to MOKT & ALL of her family today! PP is so right..your only human like the rest of us.

    Thanks one of these days I’ll remember to proof read :)

    PP..I’ve got a bit of a grumbly tummy myself this afternoon! Families in turmoil & emotional pain caused by mean spiritedness from others makes me sad:(.

    No, Diana I don’t enjoy seeing families struggle or fall apart..on Reality Television,or in Real Life.

  113. Joy says

    Mom of Kate nothing but love and prayers to you but don’t beat yourself about it either. You were acting out of love and nobody can fault you for that. As a mother myself I completely understand your frustration so please forgive yourself but understand that in the end you did nothing wrong except to tell people that you love and support your daughter and there is nothing wrong with that. A mother any mother can only take so much watching their child beaten down before the emotion come spilling out so believe me those that understand a mother’s love are not criticizing you for your expressing your frustration and love for your child. Remember always that the Lord has guided and continues to guide you through your life and maybe this is something that HE wanted you to do.

  114. Ann@IW says

    Mom of KT,
    I think you are a great mom and a lovely woman. I am proud of how you defended your innocent daughter, and I would do the same.

    I just got home to read your apology. What an amazing example you are to all of us, and to your family. I hope everyone out there reading who might have said something regretful or who desires family peace follows your brave example and apologizes. Everyone.

  115. PeggyP says


    I agree totally with what you said to Mom of KT. I doubt if a single one of the people trashing her ever uttered one single word of criticism against Jodi and/or Kevin or Julie or Jon for turning their vendetta against Kate into a for-profit road show with blatant contempt for accuracy. In fact, many of them lionized Jodi and Julie, in particular, for doing so. It’s sick and twisted that they will praise anyone who trashes Kate, no matter how much of a personal betrayal it is, but Lord help anyone who calls the trashers to account. Mom of KT said nothing that many of us hadn’t already concluded solely from Jon, Julie, Jodi, & Kevin’s public words and deeds.

    Having said that, I respect that Mom of KT feels she was more publicly candid than, on reflection, she feels comfortable in being. I hope she continues to feel that she is able to post here on whatever basis she feels comfortable in doing. She has all of our sympathy and support.

  116. melissa says

    Did anyone stop to think about this…Kate has said for years that her parents are not involved and ‘don’t know how to help us’….Now we all have sympathy for this mother?…and we’re defending the obvious dysfunction going on here in this family? A mother that backstabs her son on a blog…? Something doesn’t seem right here…..
    Just doesn’t add up somehow…..

  117. cjane says

    Just read the radar piece about confirming Kate’s mom posts defending Kate. I just want to say congrats Sageway and IW sisters for keeping it classy, cordial and respectful. Good always wins. You all deserve the crown!

  118. Paige says

    Mom of KT, I am sorry your posting spiraled out of control and was picked up by a gossip rag. I respect you ability to apologize. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  119. Sue says

    Melissa – Someone who spreads malicious lies about about another, especially for profit, would definitely fit the definition of a backstabber (as well as having questionable moral values.)

    A mom expressing her opinion about a family situation? That’s just her POV, which is no different than you or I relating a negative personal experience. Should she have done it on a public blog? No, and unfortunately, she has seen how her comment can get blown out of proportion. She apologized for it, seems sincerely sorry that the slip occurred, and learned the painful mistake of putting personal information out on a public blog.

    Did she do it with the intent to slander Jodi? I have to say no, as there are plenty more proKate sites that would have loved to take her information and probably bashed Jodi much in the way Kate haters bash Kate. She probably could have granted ROL an interview and even made some money off it.

    If you were a regular visitor to this site, you would see that the posters here are defending someone they have gotten to know, not the “obvious dysfunction”.

  120. Ann@IW says

    Thanks, cjane. I just read the ROL piece myself, and noticed that they confirmed that Mom of KT is Kate’s mom as she said, but then we already knew that, lol!

  121. xx says

    I wonder what Kate thinks about all this, i.e. her mother posting comments on a public blog? Do you think that “Mom of KT” discussed this or gave Kate a heads up prior to making the decision to post, or got the nod from Kate before she hit the submit button?

  122. Paige says

    I’m certainly glad that my thoughts don’t impact you but perhaps I hit a nerve in the fact that you took considerable time to compose a response to promote what a good mother Kate is.

    Diana, did you read my response? I posted that Kate was imperfect and not a role model. I also posted 3 things I like about her parenting. And yes, I do think she is giving her kids an excellent educational opportunity (the school they attend is top notch) and respect her willingness to keep doing what she needs to keep the Gosselin kids in their home and their school. If you don’t respect that, it is your business.

    I vote we quit feeding into Kate G.’s ego and let her fade into the sunset.

    This is an open forum and these are just my opinions. Everyone is entitled, yes?

    I did not say you weren’t entitled to your opinions. But you didn’t say “I am going to” quit feeding Kate G.’s ego .. you suggested “we” do so. That is trying to improse your opinion on others. You quit feeding Kate’s ego and the rest of us will form our own opinions and act accordingly.

  123. Anya@IW says

    XX, I believe the answers are no and no. That said, in my opinion, MOKT had a right to post what she did. She also had a right to reflect on it and ask her friends (and yes, that is what we consider her to be – a friend) to remove it.

  124. Willowtree says

    Thanks, cjane. I just read the ROL piece myself, and noticed that they confirmed that Mom of KT is Kate’s mom as she said, but then we already knew that, lol!


    No they didn’t. The direct quote was “Many people on the site questioned if the person posting the comments was indeed Kate’s mom, but has confirmed that it is. A person extremely close to Charlene told “Yes, it’s her. She posted the material and couldn’t stand to see Kate attacked any more.”

    They took the word of “a person extremely close to Charlene”. Who is that person?

  125. Joy says

    Melissa you must realize that all families have falling outs and all families make up. What makes you think especially since Kate has said in an interview in the past year that her mom and her text each other several times a day that they haven’t made up and that all is well between them? Why would you not think it’s entirely possible, no it is a fact that Kate and her mom have repaired their relationship? Well obviously they have since they have both spoken about each other in the past year and they both obviously have contact with each other. Kate has also been with her sister and they also communicate as a matter of fact Kate’s sister took care of the kids while she was on DWTS. We don’t know & it’s none of our business but just maybe Kate has communications with all her family members. There is no drama here except what you wish to make.

    A mother backstabbing her son? No maybe just expressing her honest feelings and I wouldn’t honestly call it backstabbing. We are all human after all. We have had the same almost identical break in our family and unless you’ve walked a mile in my shoes you haven’t got a clue as to the emotions and feelings that one feels and yes even a mother whose own child has betrayed her family.

    So please you are entitled to your opinion but unless you’ve been there and actually experience a similar situation you can’t judge that person based on the limited information you have. Thankfully our Good Lord understands what a mother, daughter, son, husband or any person feels and forgives them if they need to be forgiven for anything. I can tell you though from personal experience that there is nothing worse than the betrayal of a family member for the sake of money. Been there too. It hurts more than words can express but do you forgive? Yes you do because it is family after all. Am I related to the Gosselin’s? No but my family has and is going through a very similar situation.

    I’ll leave you with my favorite quote from the bible that does to this day still hold value in our modern society and always will.

    So unless you’ve been there please do not judge because you don’t know what and how it feels unless it’s happened in your own family. What’s that old bible phrase? Oh I know and I love it.
    “Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged!
    and Let He Who is Without Sin Cast the First Stone”

  126. Joy says

    Tanny please just read my comment and remember that the bible quote is just as good today as it was when it was written. Maybe you can’t imagine it but since it has not happened to you doesn’t mean you know exactly how you would react under the same circumstances. Believe me it does happen and it happens in many families. Just because you haven’t experienced it doesn’t mean that you won’t and if you just sit back for a minute you might realize that you might react the same way as those you judge. You don’t know until and God forbid I hope it doesn’t happen but unless it does you don’t know exactly how you would react. You think you do but you don’t actually know until it does. We are all humans and we all have failures and successes. Does that make you a bad person if you fail? No it doesn’t. It just makes you human.

  127. HB says

    There is absolutely nothing I can add to what has already been well said…but the women at IW, your may be IMPERFECT, but you’ve been as close to perfection in your friendship w. this latest onslaught.

    The learning curve re. Penn Mommy was starting from ground zero for this poster, but I was waiting for the backlash…that it came from Radar? Oh, no doubt they have their sources – ‘nuf said.

  128. Craftymomof3 says

    I just wanted to pop on and agree with y’all that momsby rocks and always post great things!

    I feel so bad that Mom of KT’s words were taken out of context like that and used against her. I hope she continues to post and chat with us, but I understand fully why she would choose not to. Cyberbully has reach catastrophic proportions I think. It fascinates me the type of behavior that people have when they can hide behind a keyboard. I think it’s horrifying. Tabloids have gotten out of control and so has reality tv. It’s not even fun to watch Entertainment Tonight any more or any other “entertainment” show because it’s all about snark. Remember when you would watch ET to see what people wore to awards shows or who is at what premiere? Now it’s all about who got a better shot of Lindsey Lohan coming out of jail. But like other posters have said before…that’s what I have a remote for, right? I just turn the channel to my favorite kind of snark….HOUSE!

  129. Joy says

    Craftymomof3 said…”I just turn the channel to my favorite kind of snark….HOUSE!”

    I’m in total agreement. Now that’s the kind of snark I like and makes me laugh. I just realized you put the finger on why I like it so much. It’s funny snarking not hurtful.

  130. Craftymomof3 says

    Exactly. :) I am by nature a very sarcastic kinda snarky person, but it’s usually in a self deprecating way. LOL And I am a bit of a complainer as Anya can attest because she reads my facebook updates. 😉 Can you see why I was drawn to a site called Imperfect Women?? As long as snark is in jest it amuses me. When you start attacking other women’s parenting styles, choices(as long as they are not harmful) or kids…that’s when you loose me.

  131. cjane says

    Mom of KT, those who matter can read the character in your posts and in your daughter’s actions. People looking for fault will most assuredly find it, even if none is there. Sad for them. God bless you and your family.

  132. Debbie says

    MOKT~I feel your pain because I unwittingly did almost the exact same thing a few years ago. I have a verse to share with you, Romans 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” I pray that the good that comes of this will be restoration for your entire family. Nothing is impossible for God. God Bless you as you turn to Him for healing.

  133. says

    Craftymom- ITA with, ” When you start attacking other women’s parenting styles, choices(as long as they are not harmful) or kids…that’s when you loose me.”
    Me too.

  134. Joy says

    Craftymom it looks like you have some of us with the same feelings. Snarking can be fun as long as it’s in jest and funny but when you go to attacking other people with it then that’s not the kind of snarking I can tolerate.

  135. pattypie says

    I think many of us got into the Gosselin bloggin’ world because we couldn’t believe the out of control attacks on Kate. I believe people say horrible things on the net just because they can, and they don’t have to attach their real name or idenity to the post.
    Kate’s mom said what she said under her own idenity. She could have posted as an “insider” or “someone who knows” like we have all seen on so many blogs but she owned her post. I can imagine today she is sorry for what she said but I think it shows her strength of character by posting using her real identity.

    but I am just sayin’ 😉

  136. Tanny says

    Joy, with all due respect how do you know it hasn’t happened to me? My family has had more than it’s share of drama and hard times over the years. I wasn’t judging anyone. All I said was I couldn’t imagine and I still can’t. I can tell you with 100% certainty there is no reason in this world that would keep me from my parents, children, or grandchildren. I know it happens in other families, I’ve seen it but I think after being in this world for 52 years I know myself and my family pretty well. I genuinely feel bad for MOKT. Money and greed do terrible things to people. I am still hoping and praying this family will all be able to reconcile their differences someday and come together again. I’m hoping that someday Jon and Kate Plus 8 will be nothing more to them than a bad memory.

  137. Mariposa says

    I think it’s probably safe to say that MOKT got an angry phone call from Jodi. It’s really too bad that woman (referring to Jodi) can’t just accept that SHE is the one in the wrong and it is SHE who should be doing the apologizing. As I recall mokt did say she is afraid of Jodi, and sadly now we have seen the effects of that fear……as well as the effects of Jodi’s venom. So very sad, in so many ways.

    God’s blessings to you, MOKT.

  138. Joy says

    I don’t know if it hasn’t happened to you Tanny but seriously if it had I doubt you would have said that nothing would keep you away. I realize you are trying to defend your comment and that’s your right but to be honest I again say unless you’ve been there you don’t know how you would react.

    I think most people would agree with you though that we hope that one day this family will mend itself but sadly there are some wounds so deep that no matter how much time passes something things don’t heal. You can hope and still pray they will but the reality is that sometimes that just doesn’t happen to one has to be prepared for either outcome.

  139. Joy says

    Sadly Mariposa in families that I have seen and experienced the tearing apart of the family for some reason the “in-laws” are the ones that causes the rift. I don’t know why, maybe because of different upbringings, lifestyles, different moral backgrounds but time and again when you get down to the nitty gritty of it the under lying cause tends to be the in-laws that caused the rift. Now before I get attacked for that, I’m not saying that happens in all families, it’s just seems to be the common thread of the majority that I’ve seen and heard of.

    Hopefully one day Jodi and Kevin will realize and regret what they’ve done and they will try to mend the family relations. One can always hope.

  140. snickers says

    Imperfect Women: I turned to your blog and saw what happened. Mom of KT will be strong and now maybe Jodi and Kevin will know she wants all her family together. My heart is hurting for her, but it’s in Gods hand and he will guide them all.

    I do hope Mom of KT knows we really enjoyed her posting here, and maybe she will come back.

  141. Garnet says

    I think the person who met Mom of KT should contact Radar, and verify her credibility.

    Maybe Kate can weigh in and help vindicate her mom from this internet debate?

  142. Tanny says

    Joy, I’m not going to go into detail with you but if you knew what has happened in my life you would know that “nothing” will keep me away from my family or cause me not to speak to them. Nothing.

    I am not judging others for this. I am only saying what I know to be true in my own life. Everyone handles things differently and I respect that.

  143. Pam@IW says

    “I think the person who met Mom of KT should contact Radar, and verify her credibility.”

    I am not sure what you mean by this. ROL already verified Mom of KT and it was not with IW. We had no contact with ROL over this matter.

  144. Ann@IW says

    I think the person who met Mom of KT should contact Radar, and verify her credibility.- Garnet

    I met Mom of KT. Radar reported they already verified her credibility yesterday and talked to someone close to her, closer than I am. When I verified it was her, some believed, some didn’t. That probably wouldn’t change.

    We at IW did not verify anything as Radar did not contact us. They took words from this site for their article and called it an “exclusive” lol.

  145. Garnet says

    I know you didn’t give Radar this story, but it’s a hot topic and someone needs to step forward and end all the questions as to the whether or not this is really Kate’s mom. Radar (IMO) is using your site as the source. They aren’t terribly reputable when it comes to innuendo.

    If the person here has some sort of documented proof, it would stop the questions.

    If Mom of KT would be willing to prove this that would be even better.

    It seems that many people are skeptical and it would be nice to give Kate’s mom the support she deserves, if she’s who she says she is.

    I haven’t believed her in the past and would love to eat crow on this!

  146. Garnet says

    I thought I was fairly clear in my post that you had not contacted Radar.

    With so many shams going on it just seems that if this really is Kate’s mom she would step up to the plate and prove she is for real.

    As I said, I would be happy to eat humble pie and apologize, repeatedly, if I’m wrong.

    Thanks for allowing my comments to be posted.

  147. Pam@IW says

    Yes you are fairly clear in what you are saying. You said “Radar (IMO) is using your site as the source”

    I said: “Radar is not using our site as their info. Why don’t you email and ask them.”

    I thought I was fairly clear also. Clear that issue up. Email them and ask them if they had a direct source other than our site info.

  148. pattypie says

    What would be proof enough for you? Frankly I wouldn’t post at a site where I thought the moderators would try and fool the posters. I believe KtMom and I believe IW. TLC did not pay me to post this either. But if they were willing to pay me, I would take a good look at the contract!

    just sayin’

  149. Ann@IW says

    If the person here has some sort of documented proof, it would stop the questions.– Garnet

    Do you mean me, Garnet? I know there is a debate about whether people believe if it is Kate’s mom. Apparently, Radar Online had questions, so they confirmed it by asking someone close to Kate’s mom. They didn’t ask me. If people won’t believe Radar, and I understand why they might not, what makes you think anything I say would convince anyone?

    We’ve repeatedly said you do not have to believe it to post here. (You just have to be polite, etc.)

    By the way, I knew it was Kate’s mom before I met her…or I would not have met her, lol! My visit with her was not to document anything. I didn’t really expect to ever talk about it online since there was no interview.

  150. Garnet says

    Why is Kate’s mom so unwilling to prove she is who she claims to be?

    If it were me, I would be upset to have all of my facts questioned and scrutinized.

    Heck, she could call Barbara Walters if she wanted to put and end to this speculation.

    Again, thank you for allowing someone who questions the validity of this story to post.

  151. Pam@IW says


    Why won’t you email ROL? You would rather insinuate that they are just using our site as their verification because it fits your purpose. Maybe you would gather more insight if you emailed them. Does it hurt to give it a shot?

  152. MamaP says

    Oh, for heaven’s sake, just give it up! She doesn’t HAVE to prove who she is, and neither do you? For all we know, you could be a 12 year old teenage boy.

    I understand why people want proof, especially considering the article to which these comments are attached, but ROL verified, and Ann met her, so it’s really enough for me. It was enough before ROL caught wind of her postings.

  153. Kiki says

    Well, if MOKT isn’t really Kate’s mom, wouldn’t her “real” mom come forward to dispute her? I sure would, if someone were impersonating me and saying things about my family.

    I don’t think she cares about proving who she is, she is just looking for some support.

  154. Mariposa says

    I have a suggestion for you, Garnet….if you think you are being lied to, go somewhere else. Seems simple to me. Personally, if I felt I was being lied to I would go elsewhere. Period, end of story.

  155. snickers says

    Looks like a few posters wanted to stir the pot instead of doing their own leg work. I know it was Kates Mom who was here, good enough for me!!! Doubters can go back to their little hate groups now, and continue to snark on~~~~~~~~.

    To the blogs owners here, you handle stressful situations with class. I toast all of you tonight!! :)

  156. pattypie says

    How would you prove to be someone’s Mother anyway? DNA? Should Ann have requested DNA from Kate and her Mom before lunch?

    We need some bloggin’ DNA experts!


    Isn’t an IP address, sort of a bloggin’ DNA? I guess it would be more like a bloggin’ blood test – it would certainly narrow it down.

    Seems to me if it wasn’t Kate’s Mom – Kate, not to mention Jodi and Kevin would be screaming that’s not my Momma!

    but what do I know cuz I’m just sayin’


  157. Garnet says

    I’m sorry if I came on too strong. I’m used to having my comments deleted here, and often the mods are correct. I tend to phrase things off the cuff and don’t realize how harsh my posts come across.

    If Kate would simply acknowledge this, the story would go away, and we would know the truth. I’d be eating my hat while you all laughed, and that would be fine.

    Or Kate’s mom could just once give a short interview to any news station that is reputable. I’m NOT saying that this is not a reputable site, YOU ladies were the one’s who uncovered the PM hoax. But there is nothing solid and there are many hoaxes on the internet.

    I’m trying to be respectful. I’m sure that the person who met KT’s Mom truly believes what she is saying. I have never questioned that you guys were not telling the truth. As you know it.

    I hope this will continue to be a site for fans as well as skeptics. I appreciate your willingness to accept my posts, especially at this time.

    I’ll use my manners and try to phrase things properly in the future.


  158. momsby says

    Holy Old Crow..Garnet what do you want from these women a DNA swab & blood sample??

    Here is the thing there were MANY, MANY, MANY of us in the G-blogging community who even before we knew Ann had met her…believed MOKT.

    We know the ladies at IW do their homework & really care about the integrity of this blog!

    I find it interesting that people had NO problem believing Jon & Ellen gave IW interviews, but will not except that Kates family actually does support her.

    Some of these same people are now twitting & blogging away with the above mentioned.

    I’ll be honest I find it strange that Ellen would interact with some of those people after the disgusting things they’ve said..but it would be rude of me to go over to those sites & accuse their mods of being liars wouldn’t it? It would also be pretty rude to go onto a site I don’t normally post at and start telling the mods how to run their blog.

  159. momsby says

    I see that you are very passionate about this subject.
    But, the thing is MOKT has “proven” herself to I think the people who really matter to her in the blogs.
    Also, I think after the day she has had..can you agree she’d just not be up to being interagated (the IW ladies either, I’m guessing)

  160. Joy says

    Momsby and pattypie Thank you so much for lightening the mood on this debate. Your witty posts and light hearted answers are truly a mood changer. Stay who you are and keep posting your truly brilliant answers so that just maybe the mood will change back to the more cordial atmosphere that is typically present on this blog. DNA Now that’s funny.

  161. pattypie says

    Garnet I am not so sure you get it. I for one don’t care if you feel you have to eat or words or if you don’t eat your words. There is no score card. No one needs to win or lose, folks just need to act like they have a little compassion. I can’t imagine anyone here would rub their hands in glee to see you with egg on your face.

    Even if Kate went to the top of the Empire State Building tomorrow and shouted “mom of KT on IW is my Mom” People still wouldn’t be satisfied. They would say TLC paid her to say that or some other tinfoil hat conspiracy theory the detractors always come up with.

    I don’t know why you think fans and skeptics are mutually exclusive. Fans probably question things more than the non-fans do. The non-fans only seem to question things that are postive (like Kate’s Mom actually likes her daughter) while they seem to swallow the negative stuff hook, line and sinker!

    Again I will say there is no score card. Hopefully no matter what any of us says the Kate and her children and her family will continue to live life as they see fit and hopefully that life is happy and full of joy.


  162. Joy says

    With a tears in my eyes my heart goes out to Mom of Kate for the suffering she is feeling right now. It is not I repeat not this blog’s fault that her words went viral, and her stating her feelings and emotions wasn’t wrong either in my honest opinion but what breaks my heart for her is what the haters will do with her words for now and forever. I know how it feels to feel safe enough to express your true feelings or sorrow or pain someplace you truly feel safe and I also know what it feels like to have your words mocked and your emotions made fun of and made into kind of a sick game of hatred and these same haters poking fun at your pain. I know that right now Mom of Kate is hurt more than anyone get possibly understand, shocked and also maybe regretting that she opened her heart up and it’s going to take time and God’s guidance to get her through this.

    To suffer pain to begin with and then to have a certain element of people take that knife in the heart and keep twisting it deeper and deeper is so very hard to bear. As I saw someone else mention this, but unfortunately Kate’s mom had the misfortune to experience just a little of what Kate goes through on an every day basis and not just for a day but for years now. Would I wish this on anyone? Heck no way but out of the bad hopefully something good will come out of it too.

    It’s another one of life’s lesson that we learn from and we don’t ever stop learning those lessons no matter how old we get. The truth is we keep learning till the day we pass on. It’s just a darn shame that learning can sometimes be so painful. Just keep Our Lord in your heart Kate’s mom and you will get through this. Just know you have support here on this blog.

  163. snickers says

    How many bags of popcorn will we have to pass around before this issue is put to rest. I figure if I ate 500 bags this year, people will still be questioning, “Is that really Kate’s Mom posting here”. So, I know it’s Kate’s Mom, so I will save the calories and only eat a few, that Orvilles butter popcorn has a few calories in it.:)

  164. Sue says

    If Kate would simply acknowledge this, the story would go away, and we would know the truth. I’d be eating my hat while you all laughed, and that would be fine.

    Garnet – I used to think the same way too, but as I said in my earlier post, Kate was really smart not to get involved or acknowledge the gossip being said about her. I think having been away from the Gosselin world allowed me to see this more clearly. Unfortunately, anything Kate says or tries to confirm will get twisted and then it gets into well she answered this question so why can’t she answer this?

    I’ve been around GDNNOP for a while, and I think the people Ann and Pam are comes through in their post. I’ve never seen them be anything but fair. If they say she’s Kate’s mom then that’s good enough for me, because I know based partly on Pennmommy, they would not just let her say she’s Kate mom without out having checked it out.

    Ann, I’m curious now though – have you ever told the story how you met Kate’s mom? I would like to know how you knew it was her before you met her! But if this something you don’t wish to share I respect that.

  165. Jennie@IW says

    If Kate would simply acknowledge this, the story would go away, and we would know the truth. I’d be eating my hat while you all laughed, and that would be fine.

    What would be the point, though? Already some people who were *sure* Mom of KT wasn’t Kate’s mom started to hedge their bets here and elsewhere by saying, “well, if she IS, then it just goes to show what a horrible person/mother she is for defending such a horrible person as Kate.” Or variations on the same.

    Can we acknowledge that the vast majority of posters on “the other side” are pretty much conversion-proof? If one nasty rumor gets shot down, it’s simply replaced with another one. Mom of KT is either going to be a fake or she’s despicable (in their eyes). It’s not like if she is verified to everyone’s satisfaction the opinions she has expressed will be respected.

    I understand skepticism, I really do. I’m like the most suspicious person in the world myself. But this isn’t skepticism. If anything it’s the opposite: people who have cleaved to an opinion and won’t be budged from it no matter what.

  166. Holly says

    One thing that I don’t think is talked about enough (or widely known) is that the original mods at GWOP were neighbors of Jon and Kate. When I read that on their site, I realized how creepy their site was. It had gone beyond supporting Jodi and had turned pathetic.

    I had sent the quote to a friend in an email and I still have a copy. GWOP no longer has the Q&A up (at least I think), but the quote from their site is below. They didn’t realize so much info was on their site and at first tried to deny personally knowing K&J. Then they adapted their answer to the question on the web site, before completely removing it.

    I wonder if anyone knows who they are. Who would spend so much time and energy being so mean to one family? It really is adult cyber-bullying.

    Serena said…
    QUESTION: Do any of the staff contributors for GWoP personally know the Gosselins or live nearby?
    ANSWER: Yes.
    8/06/2008 8:50 PM

    Here’s how they modified their answer before completely removing the question. I think Jodi or Julie is directly behind the site, as in one of the original mods. Just let me say that is my guess and I do not personally know anyone involved. I just find it shocking that people would spend hundreds of hours devoted to vilifying a family without a personal agenda. Being a mod, at times, had to feel like a full-time job. It certainly showed commitment to the cause!

    Quote from the GWOP web site, Questions and Answers section:
    8/26/2008 3:04 PM
    Sharla said…
    QUESTION: Do any of the staff contributors for GWoP personally know the Gosselins or live nearby?
    ANSWER: Yes.
    Clarification: One of our moderators lives not too far away.

    I love the “not too far away”. Ha! As in right across the street? Or I spy on them everyday through my living room window? So silly!

  167. Paige says

    The LAST thing Kate should do is get involved in this situation and speak publicly on it. And I do not see how it is in Charlene’s interest to speak publicly on it either.

    For Kate and her mother, there are only negatives to confirming this. Kate would be vilified on the hate sites for supporting her mother and not defending Jodi and Kevin who helped her out so much. Charlene would be condemned for speaking out against her daughter-in-law. She would also be accused of lying about Kate.

    The only people that might be positively affected by a public confirmation are the IW moderators. People elsewhere would stop accusing them of a hoax. But they don’t care what anyone else thinks.

    Garnet, none of us care if you eat crow or not.

  168. Ann@IW says

    Thank you to the posters who are weighing in with support for IW. That means a lot to me.

    Sue, I haven’t shared anything about meeting Charlene online that she hasn’t shared first (except that she is an attractive woman.) There’s really no big secret to the meeting, but I still try to be careful out of respect for her privacy. The meeting was in friendship and not an interveiw. I will say again that she is a proud grandma and loves her children and granchildren.

    Paige, I think you are right that Kate would not benefit at all from verifying anything. Charlene has already tried to, and we see that didn’t change anyone’s thinking. An independent gossip site verified it. That’s not the New York Times, but it’s more than I expected.

    Holly, Gwop hasn’t been on my radar for awhile, but I do remmebr this accusation about the moderators. Those postings were being clarified or denied by the time I started looking into all that, long after the fact. I think you raise an interesting point.

  169. Ann@IW says

    Garnet, thank you for keeping your questioning polite. You didn’t insult me by asking at all. We really are at a point where posters have to decide to believe, not believe, wait and see, or not care. :)

  170. Lindsey "Puff" says

    Who suffers the most when siblings quarrel? Their mother. Who suffers even more when the quarrel become viral with an enemy in the camp spreading the virus? Their mother of course. Put yourself in MOKT’s place and try to imagine how you would handle this situation when all resolutions, solutions, compromise, cooperation, and flexibility have been completely severed due to the enemy in the camp who brought in reinforcements (Julie).

    MOKT listened,she gave it time, and she asked for help from a higher power. She did nothing more than anyone of us would do when our children are involved. She saw a grave injustice being perpetrated on her child with no end in sight so she defended her child. I applaud her and admire her as a woman, a mother, and a grandmother, an I hope and pray that her strong spirit continues to fight the good fight against the injustices toward Kate.

    MOKT you rock! And so does your Kate.

  171. BH says

    Lindsey “Puff” says:
    Who suffers the most when siblings quarrel? Their mother.

    I know that look of hurt in my moms eyes always straightened me right up .

    This situation reminds me of a saying that I am probably not quoting exactly right:

    Pain shoots to the heart at lightning speed, healing moves like a glacier.

    Its a shame that peace was taken away from this family . Sometimes the only peace you find is in acceptance of the situation until they see the need to right their wrongs. Cold lifeless glaciers sometimes melt.
    Who can watch their children live under constant attack and never utter a word?
    I’m glad Kates mom found kind words and support here.

  172. Erin@IW says

    I find the mental hoops people jump through to be quite amusing, especially when they are trying to keep their point of view despite the facts.

    If Charlene was not Kate’s mom, a lot of sites would have egg on their faces. Why in the world would anyone trying to run a website risk for 2 seconds having their credibility destroyed?

    Makes no sense…at all.

  173. Lindsay says

    I do hope Mom of KT knows we really enjoyed her posting here, and maybe she will come back ~snickers

    I second this!

  174. Lily@IW says

    I truly think she is a wonderful, loving and gracious woman. I hope we can all say a prayer (or whatever works for you) for her today.~Anya

    I would like to reiterate Anya’s comment for today also.

    It’s really sad how those who attack Kate jump on every negative rumor as solid truth but vehemently deny that her mother would support her. MOKT has made it clear that she loves of all of children. As a mother, she certainly has a right to discuss her family in love which she did.

    I’m also tired of the statements that IW scrubbed all MOKT’s comments as GWOP did w/PM. As Jennie stated our policy up-thread, we remove comments when asked. MOKT asked that some of her comments be removed. We did not remove all traces of her.

  175. Holly says

    I personally think that it is Kate’s mom. I think if it was not, someone would come out and deny it. But, I must say that I was disappointed to see her apologize to Jodi & Kevin. (I think that was her comment, correct?) When one child (adult child in this case) does what Kevin did to Kate, I saw interviews where they said that child’s services should be called, a mom should step in and defend her child if she thinks they are being unfairly attacked. What Kevin & Jodi did was unforgivable, far worse than not paying someone to be on a TV show.

    I am sure that Kate’s mom was surprised and shocked at the attention she got and that’s why she took down her posts. I might not agree, but I can certainly understand her thinking. Her family is in a horrible stop and it is all in public. God bless them, they don’t deserve it.

    And I don’t think that it is crazy for an estranged or not close family member to come forward and publicly support another family member. What happens inside a family doesn’t mean there is no love anymore. I’m sure Kate & her mom love each other very much. Sometimes time gets away from us or people let too much go unsaid, I hope this is a new beginning for them.

    Kevin & Jodi need a timeout and a public reprimand I think was certainly OK. If we don’t step out against injustices, where do we draw the line? I’m sure Kevin’s mom expected more from him. He went too far in attacking Kate.

    Does anyone know why Kate’s mom picked now to post or this site? Maybe she had just had enough. She must have the patience of a saint, I could not have held my tongue for so long!:)

  176. Samantha@IW says

    I’m also tired of the statements that IW scrubbed all MOKT’s comments as GWOP did w/PM. As Jennie stated our policy up-thread, we remove comments when asked. MOKT asked that some of her comments be removed. We did not remove all traces of her.

    I couldn’t agree more Lily. People looking for a consipiracy will usually find(create)one.

  177. momsby says

    When Ellen felt her words were hasty & being misinterpreted she was shown the same courtesy and she was deleted.

    Yet, that was not viewed as “scrubbing”, the IW mods were very gracious & encouraged all of us to move on.(although, some camps still claim she was viciously attacked & intentionally tripped up, that’s their problem. We know the truth:)

    Thru-out they remained respectful of Ellen & really tried to focus on the positives in the interview.

    Why is this situation any different? Especially, if people take into consideration MOKT has been posting here for some time. She was comfortable here, among friends & allies!

    IW, has done an awsome job keeping the more disrespectful & annoying few on their own side of the fence. Even those who may have had doubts did so respectfully & were treated accordingly(those that are frequent posters here & did not jump on the hater-ville bus & swoop in.. of course)

    Imperfect Women is a class A++ site, with excellent,gracious mods & empathetic intelligent posters…it’s all that & a bag of chips!

    I am very proud to be an occasional dip for your chips:)

  178. Samantha@IW says

    IW, has done an awsome job keeping the more disrespectful & annoying few on their own side of the fence. Even those who may have had doubts did so respectfully & were treated accordingly(those that are frequent posters here & did not jump on the hater-ville bus & swoop in.. of course)

    Thanks Momsby! Thanks for aknowledging that, from one side we hear “bleh, you won’t post my horrid/untruthful/vulgar comments!”, and from the other we hear “For shame! Never a word against Kate should be posted, thus sayeth the fans.”

  179. Nottamomma says

    Did anyone happen to catch Jon’s latest publicity stunt? His open letter on his twitter page?

    As you may or may not be aware, I have been working for some time to remove my children from television. I do not believe being on TV is beneficial to any of them. They are no longer toddlers that are oblivious to what is going on around them. They are now six and ten, in school and desperately in need of a normal life.

    Each of them has experienced negative effects of having their lives so public. Some are struggling with emotional and/or behavioral issues. My goal for my children is for them to have a normal childhood, and gain back their much deserved privacy. This is not about money, this is about my children. No amount of money is worth the price my children are paying. You cannot put a price on childhood. Money comes and goes, but you only have one childhood.

    For those questions about money and support, I can say I am supporting my children to the best of my ability. All parties involved know the truth about this. I am and have been actively seeking employment. I have been barred from accepting entertainment deals that would generate income for my family due to contractual obligations. I am also actively looking for a job outside of the entertainment industry and so far, have not secured a position. In the mean time, I have been focusing on spending time with my children and providing a safe, stable, normal and private environment for them!

    On October 13, 2010, I went to court to act in the best interest of my children- to remove them from television. The judge respectfully denied my plea, and granted filming rights to their mother. I honor the judge’s decision, but I do not support it. I will not stop fighting to remove my children from television. It is not a child’s job to support themselves, or a lifestyle, they need to be kids. I would like to apologize to my friends, family, and especially my children for not taking a stand earlier in my life and not questioning my decisions to have our lives documented and displayed. I will have to answer to my children for the rest of my life. I will have to live with this guilt the rest of my life. I am truly sorry!

  180. Anya@IW says

    Hi Nottamomma – thank you! :-)

    We have moved this to a separate post as I’m sure it will generate a lot of interest on its own.

  181. Ann@IW says

    Does anyone know why Kate’s mom picked now to post or this site? – Holly

    Pam joined the Facebook fan page Kate’s sister and mom started for her. Kate’s mom contacted her through Facebook to say she was thankful for IW’s support for her daughter. Eventually she asked Pam and Anya to thank the posters and fans who called in to keep Kate on DWTS. You can read that in a post at IW:

  182. Garnet says

    Ziggy wrote a very good post about the importance of Kate’s mom stepping forward.

    I think it could be done in a low key way, as she suggested.

  183. pattypie says

    It wouldnt do a thing for the haters.

    No matter how she stepped forward she would still be stepping in it. Please take a read of all the above posts. You know they are speaking the truth.

  184. Jennie@IW says

    I agree – I still don’t see the point. Or why people feel that she owes it to them to step forward. But, I never understood why people felt so entitled to answers to their questions to Kate, either.

    It would be one thing if MoKT were insisting that people must believe her; to the contrary, she has said she doesn’t care if people do or not (and we have all said that as well here at IW). So if the evidence isn’t enough for you, it isn’t. That’s fine. But that’s all you’re going to get, unless she changes her mind.

  185. says

    We don’t mind if there is a debate elsewhere about whether Mom of KT is Kate’s mom or not.

    I just can’t pretend to debate or speculate when I already know the truth.

  186. Theresa says

    I came aboard a bit late, but I agree with Pattypie, Jenny, Sue, Ann, and all the others who know that Mom of KT is just who she says she is and who believe nobody needs to come forward and explain.

    Garnet, Kate doesn’t have to come foward on anything and neither does her mom. Perhaps Kate doesn’t even read these blogs. Just because you and I and her mom do, doesn’t mean she does. Nor, does it mean she would want to get involved. As Sue said in her post #185, “Kate was really smart not to get involved or acknowledge the gossip being said about her”.

    Let it rest. Whatever “proof” you want was explained upthread my the IW women. Let Kate and her mom enjoy their lives.

  187. Lindsey "Puff" says

    I recently read that Eileen ____?? the head of TLC stated that aunt Jodi was never offered a contract or $$$’s and that it was never even a consideration. Does anyone know if this is true? Or has anyone else read this statement from TLC? Was this a lie perpetrated by Jodi and Julie that went viral? Was this the beginning of the smear campaign? Was this a prelude to the Pennmommy saga?

    I honestly think that MOKT hit the nail on the head with her straight from her heart post and I am truly sorry that the cyber bullies think she is fair game. I saw a t-shirt at the Christian Book Store that was screen printed with “If God is in your heart then God is in your life.” I think this applies to MOKT.

    On a lighter note I once saw a bumper sticker that said, “Do not interfere in the affairs of Dragons for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.” Also another that really made me chuckle was “What if the hokey pokey is really what it’s all about?”

  188. Holly says

    If they came “forward” on anything it would never be enough. And anything they said would be taken out of context. That said, I do think that confirmation from this site and other media outlets means it is true that this is her mom. I also think that someone would have sent a message somehow if it was not her mom.

    What I don’t get is why it ticks people off that it is Kate’s mom. So what? Are they angry that she has maternal support? Are they mad that their vision of everyone in Kate’s family hating on her is wrong? What’s the problem people? She has a Mom. Her Mom loves her and is upset she is hurt. Sounds normal to me. Even family’s that bickering support each other during difficult times.

    And let’s face it, Jodi and Kevin went completely off the rails, I mean psycho. All that Julie & GWOP stuff, saying they didn’t want to “bother” Jodi with too many questions because she has a family and a life. Ha! You just knew she was at her computer 24/7 talking about Kate.

    Does anyone know anything about Kate’s co-author and best friend, Beth. What happened there? I think when they lost most of the “supporting cast”:) it confused a lot of viewers. I have seen Kate look like she was going to cry when she has talked about Beth after she was no longer on the show. What happened?

    Also has GWOP made any money off this? I know Kevin and Jodi have sold many interviews and gossip to tabloids, but I have always wondered about the GWOPers. Always follow the money.

  189. Holly says

    Should be “families” not “family’s”, see above. It is late, don’t judge, I’m tired. Up with sick child.

  190. Ann@IW says

    It is late, don’t judge, I’m tired. Up with sick child.- Holly

    No problem, Holly. You are at imperfectwomen and we never sweat the typos. No need to correct or apologize- we all do it. :)

  191. Ann@IW says

    I have no idea about Beth. She has never contacted IW and we have never tried to contact her.

    Holly I agree with your assessment of Jodi “going off the rails.” I find their (Kevin’s and Jodi’s) presence in Harrisburg ridiculously hypocritical, but I don’t get the sense she is fueling Gwop anymore, and hasn’t for awhile. At least I hope not.

    Gwop used to maintain that they did not monetize the site as a matter of principal. I doubt they were paid for the Philadelphia magazine ‘dirt’ since it was nothing new and gwop gives it away for free daily. The only possible way I can think they were paid anything is if people sent “support” to the St. Louis PO Box that they set up. I believe that people would send them money if they asked. I just don’t know if anyone did. Posters hit the tip jar at Musings from the Moon. I don’t think it was much, but I believed them when they said they contributed. I think the BKIA is in this for money and not for her stated purposes.

  192. Jennie@IW says

    I think the BKIA is in this for money and not for her stated purposes.

    Well, she does have about a zillion dollars in student loan debt, right? Of course, some might argue that it would be a better use of her time to put her law degree to work and make money that way, rather than trying to squeeze what she can out of the Gosselin story.

  193. Just curious says

    Lurker, first time poster. I’ve heard that Kate’s mom was posting here and had requested her posts be retracted. I have a question or two.
    Why, after all this time that there’s never been anything heard from Kate’s parents, is she choosing to express how she feels, on a blog? Why not a FB page? Also, I understood that her husband is a pastor, so as a pastor’s wife, why would she come on a blog and ‘put down’ one of her other children (Kevin) and his wife, to make Kate look good? Why would a supposed Christian woman do that? Why would a loving/caring mother do that? Does her husband, Kate’s dad, have anything to say? I’m not disputing that it is or isn’t MOKT, but I just find it ‘curious’. BTW, I’m also curious what is a “drop in grandmom”?

  194. snickers says

    Just curious, Kates Mom did post here. She was very kind to everybody. She is a Christian and she only wanted to have her feelings out about a few issues, which only mattered to her, not the world. Jodi proclaims to be a good Christian and a child advocate too, doesn’t she. For someone who sold her story to the rags magazines, needs to check herself first. Kates Mother has never sold her story. She loves all her children and granchildren, enough said.

  195. Lily@IW says

    Also, I understood that her husband is a pastor, so as a pastor’s wife, why would she come on a blog and ‘put down’ one of her other children (Kevin) and his wife, to make Kate look good?

    First of all, many of us discuss our families on this site. MOKT made it clear that she loves of all of her children. The tabloids picked up the comments they could sensationalize.

    Also, I have read accusations about how a “pastor’s wife” should behave. I went to the library the other day and couldn’t find the manual. It’s such a stereotypical statement to classify Charlene as being unlike a pastor’s wife because she wrote about her children.

  196. Jennie@IW says

    Why, after all this time that there’s never been anything heard from Kate’s parents, is she choosing to express how she feels, on a blog? Why not a FB page?

    You’d have to ask her. But I don’t know why an FB page is inherently a more appropriate forum than a blog.

    Look, people are going to criticize no matter what. They are going to find behavior suspicious or wrong no matter what. Kate’s family doesn’t talk in public, the story is that she’s utterly estranged from them all. Mom of KT posts that she supports Kate, she’s either a fraud or a bad mother or didn’t come out at the right time using the right form of social media. It’s really a no-win situation for these people.

    Also, I understood that her husband is a pastor, so as a pastor’s wife, why would she come on a blog and ‘put down’ one of her other children (Kevin) and his wife, to make Kate look good? Why would a supposed Christian woman do that? Why would a loving/caring mother do that?

    Being Christian, even being a pastor’s wife, does not mean being perfect. Being human means being imperfect. I’m not saying Mom of KT was wrong in anything she said here, necessarily, but I get so annoyed with the rules about what a “true Christian” would do.

    My guess is that even as a loving/caring mother, Mom of KT has her feelings about things that have happened between her children. It was her choice to share those feelings, and it was her choice to ask that those posts be removed. None of this makes her less of a Christian or less of a loving mother. It just makes her someone who is imperfect and who changed her mind about what she wanted to say in a public forum.

    Does her husband, Kate’s dad, have anything to say? I’m not disputing that it is or isn’t MOKT, but I just find it ‘curious’. BTW, I’m also curious what is a “drop in grandmom”?

    I’ve not heard that Kate’s father has said anything publicly about all of this. I’m “curious” – why are you curious about his opinion?

    I don’t really know what a drop in grandmom is, though I would guess it has something to do with being a grandmother who sees her grandkids occasionally, and doesn’t necessarily help take care of them, etc.?

  197. Anya@IW says


    Apparently the “Grandma Manual” is right next to the “Pastor’s Wife Manual” in the Judgmental Women who Like to Tell Others How to Live Their Lives Because They Themselves Are Already Perfect library catalog.

  198. Joy says

    Anya I just was curious if there were any new posts on this one and I’m so glad I did. You gave me the greatest bit of humor today with your
    ““Grandma Manual” is right next to the “Pastor’s Wife Manual” in the Judgmental Women who Like to Tell Others How to Live Their Lives Because They Themselves Are Already Perfect library catalog.”

    In the end isn’t that what all this is about? People feeling they have the right to dictate to another person what they should do and how they should raise their children or how a mother should react when he child has been beaten on without cause for years on end? It most certainly is. What happened to Freedom of Choice? I say kudos to strong women that don’t let others tell them what to do or say and have the heart to express their love and support.

  199. Just curious says

    I’m sorry, I was under the impression this was an open friendly blog, where one could ask questions, express a bit of ‘head scratching and confusion’ as to the why’s and wherefore’s….guess not. I have 3 dtrs., never would I trash one, most especially in a public blog, to make the other one ‘look’ good. If her real goal was to make Kate look good, could she not have done it on Kate’s own merits? I just found it peculiar that a mother, who has not been heard from in 3+ yrs., Christian or not, would choose a blog for her first “statement” about her dtr.

    “Apparently the “Grandma Manual” is right next to the “Pastor’s Wife Manual” in the Judgmental Women who Like to Tell Others How to Live Their Lives Because They Themselves Are Already Perfect library catalog.”

    One could convincingly argue that some of the ladies of IW, are being judgmental as it pertains to Kevin and Jodi. I assumed everyone here was over 21, and would be mature enough to respond as an adult. Again, I was wrong.

  200. Pam@IW says

    Just Curious,

    You asked questions and they were answered. Quite friendly I might add. Maybe one had a little snark thrown in there but surely you have experienced snark before in this Gosselin blogging world. 😉

  201. snickers says

    Just curious——-I don’t find it odd at all that Kates Mom would love to share her feelings here with others. Not strange at all, that her father has never said anything. I have rarely seen a man post on a blog concerning Kate. Kates other sister’s and brother have not been in the news except for Jodi and Kevin doing their tell all on National TV.

    I would like to have an answer why Jodi has never been seen out or interviewd again concerning her child advocacy ploy. If you strongly believe in something, you would be out in the public every day working your issue for the whole world to see. Now, that I find strange, just saying.

  202. Holly says

    I would like to take exception with something that was said. I’m new here so I’ll tread lightly. I don’t think commenting on Kevin and Jodi’s conduct is being “judgmental”. They and through their mouthpiece Julie basically accused the Gosselins of child abuse, publicly lamented about Maddie’s problems, and supported a site that had vile and hateful things on it about the Gosselins. To me, judgmental is criticizing someone’s appearance or something trivial or making a snap judgment without knowing all the facts.

    Who was more judgmental than Kevin and Jodi? And as far as Kate’s mom attacking them, I bet she was stunned to her core when her own child publicly and with such bitterness and vengeance attacked another, even getting paid for it. I mean who broke the story of the Gosselisns’ marriage breaking down? Jodi and Kevin. Talk about mean.

    It really irks me when people complain about passing judgment. You certainly should hold your tongue, give people the benefit of the doubt, etc., etc…. But somethings need to be said or we would allow evil to multiply. And yes, I think what Kevin and Jodi did (and Julie) was evil. Hate the sin, love the sinner.

    That’s my complaining for the night.:)

  203. PeggyP says

    Holly-ITA. I think Kevin & Jodi put Kevin and Kate’s mom in an untenable position. Her attempts to stay out of it and not publicly take sides was used by haters to support JoKe, Julie & Jon’s claims, using the argument that her silence meant that she didn’t dispute the claims. Arguing that Mrs. Kreider was wrong to publicly state that her son and his wife and sister-in-law were NOT telling the truth in their claims and/or their motivations in their highly public vendetta against Kate reminds me of the classic definition of the Yiddish word chutzpah: A man who murders his father and mother and then pleads for mercy on the grounds that he is an orphan.

  204. Jennie@IW says

    One could convincingly argue that some of the ladies of IW, are being judgmental as it pertains to Kevin and Jodi. I assumed everyone here was over 21, and would be mature enough to respond as an adult. Again, I was wrong.

    Just to clarify, the sarcasm in response to your comments was not entirely directed at you but in response to some of the prevailing attitudes of anti-Gosselin bloggers. I’d ask that you not take it too personally.

    My short PSA on Being Judgmental (I believe it’s been a while since I broke this out): I think being judgmental is part of the human condition. I have no problem with it most of the time. I do think most of us would do better to worry about our ownselves, but I think it falls within the continuum of normal human behavior to judge other people for their behavior. My issue with the judgment towards the Gosselins is the incredible breadth and depth of it, which is IMO way, way out of proportion and inappropriate.

    Are some Kate fans too judgy of Kevin and Jodi? Yeah, probably. I don’t think either of them are horrible people. I think they are flawed, like most of us, and have done some frankly shitty things to Kate in the past couple of years, for which they should repent. That’s as far as it goes for me. I wouldn’t go out of my way to interfere with their lives and livelihood the way people try to do with Kate. I don’t approve of that kind of behavior, really under any circumstances.

  205. Paige says

    One could convincingly argue that some of the ladies of IW, are being judgmental as it pertains to Kevin and Jodi.

    What’s to argue? It is true. Some of the ladies of IW are judgemental about Jon, Ellen, Kate, etc. Judgment, in and of itself, is not bad. It is what people find worthy of judgment that is the issue. What you do find the ladies at IW doing is judging Jodi’s clothes, appearance, hair, personality, decisions for her kids, etc. That is a huge difference from the Hate Kate sites.

  206. Holly says

    Excellent point, Peggy P., regarding Kate’s Mom. By not speaking out, Kate haters assumed she supported Kevin and Jodi. I never thought of it that way, but completely true.

    BTW, what is ITA? I really don’t blog that much & I’m behind on the lingo. Yes, sad, I know.

  207. Annie says

    I am new here saw a link on Twitter . I really like this blog. It is sensible, not extreme and is subjective. Too many of the blogs whether pro or con Kate Gosselin get a bit wacky. The Pennmommy debacle is amazing. Reminds me of a story I saw on TV about a woman who claimed to have cancer and didn’t she sucked in a lot of people and didn’t have cancer.

  208. Admin@IW says

    Hi and welcome. Glad you found our little corner of the net. Interested in PennMommy are you? It’s a wild story and not even the surface is scratched here! One of these days I will have to dump all the PennMommy evidence off my hard drive but her ghost keeps coming back to haunt us!

    Please check out our other great articles. We have some great recipes!

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