The New Jon & Kate?!?

By Anya

“Wow – such a trainwreck. Watched hours of this marathon yesterday and, even after sleeping on it, I can’t decide which parent is the biggest loser.” – Poster on Television without Pity

Believe it or not, this comment is not taken from TWoP circa spring 2008 before the “Jon & Kate Plus 8″ forum was (finally) permanently shut down.  This observation comes from from a recent post about the WETV network show “Raising Sextuplets.”   

You may not have heard of the series. It is not to be confused with the other TLC show that follows a family with sextuplets – “Table for Twelve.” Raising Sextuplets follows the Masche family formerly of Arizona, now of Florida.

Why the comparison to Jon & Kate? Well, let’s just say Season 2 of the show has ratcheted up the drama a bit. Father Bryan Masche is not afraid to make a comparison between the two couples:

Bryan compares Jenny to Kate

The only problem is most viewers appear to think that Bryan — not wife Jenny — is the one who needs a lesson in how to treat one’s spouse respectfully. Of course, there are others (like the poster above) who want to slam both parents. Not surprising to those of us who have watched the criticism the entire Gosselin family has endured by hate blogs, not even the Masche sextuplets (adorable 3-year-olds) are spared by some acid-tongued viewers.

Confession time: I have seen many of season one’s episodes and most of season two. I cannot say I am enthralled with Bryan. Yes, I understand that much of the filming took place during stressful periods (such as the family’s move to Florida) and I fully acknowledge that the show’s producers are editing their footage to highlight some of Bryan’s less desirable qualities. That said, he has been difficult to like this season.

That is as far as my opinion extends, however. I am not willing to call Bryan a monster or to publically state that Jenny is an abused wife. I do not think they are “fame whores” for participating in a small reality show that might help them realize their dream of Jenny staying home full-time with the kids. I have no opinion on Jenny’s hair color or her breasts. I see no evidence that either parent favors one particular child.

If I were to begin to have such negative emotions, I think I would start a hate blog to advocate for the Masche children and spew my vitriol at the parents. Or maybe not. Maybe I would pick up a book or call a friend. That’s just me, however.

What about you? Have you seen the show? What do you think of the family? Do you think there are serious issues or is this just manufactured reality show drama?

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  1. PeggyP says

    All I’ve seen are some clips plus reports from people I trust who have seen the show and that’s enough. Bryan doesn’t seem like a very pleasant person.  I don’t know how much are real issues (let’s face it, the divorce rate is higher than average among the parents of multiples)  but, it seems to me that it’s like someone told him that people thought that Jon came across as a hen-pecked wimp and he has to establish himself as the anti-Jon, the king of his castle. Unfortunately, as I once told a guy who informed me that he did not believe women could be litigators (which I was prior to my retirement) because they weren’t tough, agressive enough, etc. due to their gender, if I came across a mastodon that needed killed, I’d call him; otherwise I thought I  could manage fine on my own. (even his wife smiled). However, like you, I don’t feel any need to go on the warpath against him or Jenny.  I just don’t watch the show.

  2. Ann@IW says

    Well, they certainly have a beautiful family.  There’s nothing like a beautiful family and attention on another mother’s successes and children that bring out the worst in some women.  As evidence, I give you GWoP.

    I am assuming most of these Gwop-like comments are coming from women.  Has the chld advocacy started?  Are the Masche’s blessed with “concerned” family-of-family busybodies like the Gosselins were?  DO THEY HAVE AN ORGANIC CHEF????

  3. Rhonda says

    There has got to be better ways to earn money than to put yourself out there on tv for the world to see and scrutinize.  What is this obsession of showing every detail, good and bad of a family’s life.  I would like to see reality shows just stop – no more bachelor/bacheorette, Jersey Shore (I am from Jersey and no we are not really like that) Real Life, Celebrity Rehab, Celebrity Fit Club, the list goes on and on.  I did see part of this show with the pool and I agree with the wife, not a good idea at this point in time.  It is hard enough to keep one child safe, I can’t imagine keeping 6 safe at one time.  Rhonda

  4. justpoor says

    I watched the shows, the move from AZ to Florida.  Bryan moved the family to Florida without having a job (he stated he was starting his own business) without having 1 client. She will be working 4 days a week at a hospital which is a 5 minute drive from their home. He was rude to her, said some really nasty things, and I for once have to say TLC shows the worst days any family could have.  Jenny has had a free tummy tuck , (OMG where are the gwops) and none of the children talk well at all.  He was offered a health plan, but I can see he is getting heavy just like Jon did when Kate tried to keep him on a good eating plan.  I see him sitting at home, doing nothing and letting the TLC support him, while she works. Sound like anyone else you know??? Just saying————-.

  5. Lindsey says


    The Masche family airs on th WE network so TLC is not involved! Are they? I’m fairly sure that the WE network is not affiliated with Discovery.

  6. craftymomof3 says

    Will refrain from judgment until I actually watch a few episodes.   And even then…I’m not the type to rant and rave.  I’ll just turn the channel.
    Seriously some people just have too much time on their hands.

  7. rhonda says

    With the exception of Golden Girl re-runs, WE tv is just as bad as TLC has become.  An example would be Bridezillas which is dysfunction at it’s best.  I know that most of it is scripted and/or exaggerated but they show some really screwed up people.   After watching the televised demise of the Gosselin family, I would be very very wary
     of letting cameras into my home.  Being married, having children and having 6-8 children is very stressful, so why add to that stress for some quick cash?  Rhonda

  8. Ann@IW says

    I think you make a very good point Rhonda.  It’s always been something I think I wouldn’t do.  There are some shows I can say I would NEVER participate in:  The Bachelor, Bridezillas, Toddlers and Tiaras.  Others, I think I definitely would for the right price:  The cooking/baking/cake competitions (if I had that talent!) or Say Yes to the Dress.  I see nothing wrong with those shows.  I like Ace of Cakes.  It sort of reminds me of  the OC Choppers show, which I  think is now a family with problems?  I will say Ilike Kate + 8 much better than Jon & Kate + 8.  I prefer it when they are showcasing a fun destination or activity instead of their everyday lives.  I like it when the kids get opportunities they wouldn’t have if they didn’t film (Florida, Hawaii.)  I think a few specials a year is fine.  I am glad the marital tension is gone.

  9. justpoor says

    Jon has said he was going to get the dogs back when he got a new home to live in. I thought they were already adopted out to good homes. Does anyone know???  I saw with the new family on We, that they had a dog also.  Was that theirs or another family members. Never saw anyone ever feed or water it.

  10. Anya@IW says

    craftymomof3 says Will refrain from judgment until I actually watch a few episodes.   And even then…I’m not the type to rant and rave.  I’ll just turn the channel.

    What a concept. Seems some have never thought of that before! :-)

    Justpoor – I have no idea what is going on with the Gosselin dogs. I believe Jenny and Bryan do have a dog, however, I am not sure if it made the trek with them to FL or not.

  11. rhonda says

    The previews for the new choppers show makes me very sad.  The family is divided and yet can come together so the father can watch his son fail at business.  Very very sad.  I can say there is no amount of money to make me put my family business out for mass consumption.  What is it about our culture that keeps demanding more and more of this.  It’s almost like a freak show, who can have the most kids, whose kids have the strangest conditions that make them old, small, etc. morbidely obese, deformed, the list goes on and people tune in.  I will go out on a limb and say that maybe in the beginning J&K did not know what they were getting themselves into then decided they liked the perks, attention and money.  We all saw how that ended up.  So why do all these other families decide to go forward with the same idea?  It is a sad commentary on our society as a whole.      Rhonda

  12. Jennie@IW says

    Has the chld advocacy started?  Are the Masche’s blessed with “concerned” family-of-family busybodies like the Gosselins were?  DO THEY HAVE AN ORGANIC CHEF????

    The comments I’ve read seem to mostly ignore the kids, though besides the inevitable “developmentally delayed” diagnoses based on…nothing, as far as  I can see.

    No relatives have run to the tabloids that I can see – these ones bitch on camera about their kids leaving them and moving to Florida.

    About the most hysterical “what about the children?!” nonsense I saw was some hand-wringing over the (2-year-old!) sextuplets running around in only diapers, which was pronounced “sick.” I guess the Masches should get baby burquas for their little girls, since the posters I saw were okay with the boys being topless, but not the girls. The 2-year-old girls. (BTW,  a possible reason for all of the rampant toddler semi-nudity: the climate in Lake Havasu, AZ, where the Masches were living before they moved. I just checked the current temperature online – as of 10:00 p.m., it was 100 degrees. High tomorrow, 11o, low 91. But the important thing is to cover up that provocative baby skin!)

  13. Ann@IW says

    Jennie, that’s crazy, if they truly worry about diapered 2 year olds of either sex. I don’t believe they actually believe what they are writing.

    You can’t be diagnosed “developmentally delayed” by someone watching you  on a TV show.  There is no shame in being diagnosed with mental or learning disability, or needing speech and language, occupational, or physical therapy, etc.  It’s not the mom’s “fault” or the result of appearing on TLC or WE.  These posters are just fascinating. 

    I’ll never forget reading Gwop for the first few times.  I was opposed to J&K+8, but so many posters there were agreed with me  were over-the-top.  The one running theme that made me shake my head was that the kids would rather be with Jodi than Kate.  It’s such a ridiculous assumption, as if they had no contact with kids in real life.  Of course the children prefer their mom, dad, and home.  Newsflash: noone loves them like their parents.  No one. 

  14. HB says

    Justpoor…FYI – I snooped into Jon’s Twitter page a few days ago.   He said (sic) ‘the dogs were still w. the breeder & once he has a house he will get them.’  If his life continues to be predictable…I wonder how 2 German Shepherds will get along w. 3 Chiwawas?

  15. MarieS says

    Well, I’ve got my theory on the dogs.  They were never trained.  They jump up on people.  Jon didn’t care.  The week after Jon’s mother had an ‘accident’ in the driveway that sent her to the ER – dogs gone.

  16. Pam@IW says

    I see where Kate and her family landed in Los Angeles today.  I am wondering what they have planned?

  17. Livinthelife says

    I’ve heard about this site but haven’t posted before but I did notice that several people wanted to know what happened to the Gosselin dogs.  Well apparently Jon hasn’t checked with the breeder but both of the dogs were adopted out by a woman last May.  She specifically told the breeder she wanted the dogs that belonged to the Gosselins and wanted to see if they could be adopted.  Well apparently the Gosselins never mentioned about coming back to get the dogs so the breeder did adopt both of them out to this lady.  The article that was written said she was a very nice lady that just wanted to give the dogs a good loving home.  Apparently neither Kate or Jon realized that when they took the dogs back they must not have made it clear they might want the dogs back so the breeder let the lady adopt them.  Who could blame the breeder if there wasn’t an understanding that the dogs had to stay there?  Nobody knows how long it will take Jon to actually have a home at least not until he gets a job so I for one don’t blame the breeder for adopting the dogs out if someone wanted to give them a good home.  So that’s what happened to the dogs.

    I just have watched several episodes of the We channel’s Raising Sextuplets and honestly there wasn’t anything else on or I would have changed the channel but from what I saw, 3 episodes, both parents were disrespectful to each other.  Oh the husband was worse but he wife was just as disrespectful to her husband.  And some have called this the Anti-Gosselin show?  Well I didn’t see last season but this season’s episodes sure didn’t leave me with a good impression of either parent.  Will I watch again?  Probably not since I’m not going to go on and on complaining about this family but instead I just won’t watch it.  It’s so simple isn’t it?  I do prefer Kate plus 8 far more than this show on WE.

  18. HB says

    Don’t tell us that Jon is unaware or bending the truth about those German Shepherds.  He has not once, but twice stated on Twitter that the breeder has the dogs, & once he has a house, he will pick them up????  Assuming that Ellen is part of this future…I can’t imagine 2 German Shepherds & 3 chiwawas living in harmony.

  19. Rhonda says

    German Shepherds and Chihuahuas can live together.  My brother has 2 german shepards (narcotics dogs) a black lab, a chihuahua, 2 turtles, a rat, a cat and some birds and all live fine together.  I do think it’s sort of wrong to leave those two dogs with the breeder when they could be living as someone’s pets.  It’s not fair to the dogs to sit in limbo until Jon gets his act together.    Rhonda

  20. Lily@IW says

    Rhonda, I agree it would be nice if they shepherds had a family of their own.  The breeder seemed like a nice guy and had a great layout for the dogs.  He seemed to have a real appreciation for shepherds.  I remember he was a state trooper, but can’t remember if he worked K-9.  They could definitely be doing worse.  I think Kate’s changed her mind on bringing them back since they’re not there.    Or, it’s because Jon is saying he will take them when he gets a house.   I remember the breeder saying he would keep them if the Gs didn’t take them back.
    Welcome Livinthelife (love that name).
    I’ve watched a few of the Masche’s during the marathons.  I wouldn’t want to be married to Bryan.  But, I do think it’s sweet how he sometimes looks at Jenny and/or the kids w/such love in his eyes.  He seems completely overwhelmed at times.  I did see him poke a drill at a kid which pissed me off.  What a stupid thing to do.   I kind of like her, she seems to have a lot of common sense.  I hope they make it for the long-haul.

  21. Livinthelife says

    I wish I could remember where I saw the article that the Gosselin dogs were adopted out but this has been discussed on ROL also and several other people also saw the article.  It wasn’t like it was major news, it was just a small article saying a lady called the breeder and specifically asked if she could adopt the Gosselin dogs and the breeder felt that this lady would give them a good forever home so he did let the lady adopt them.  Apparently neither Jon or Kate has contacted the breeder since taking the dogs back so when this lady came along about last May if I remember they were both adopted to this lady.   Of course it’s another internet article so we honestly don’t know if it’s true or not because so much false information is given out there.  I just told you about the article and several regulars on ROL said they too had seen the article. 
    Thank you for the welcome. 

  22. says

    I’ll have to google that article later.  I trust the breeder would give the dogs to a good home.  I would think he’d have to notify the ‘owners” unless they Oked the possibility of his finding another home if they weren’t interested after a few months?  I’d love to get it confirmed.

    Thanks, livingthelife.

  23. says

    Started at Gwop?  That could mean anything.  They got some “insider info” right (the house) and some wrong (list too long to create at this time.)

  24. Samantha@IW says

    I havent seen the show but I’m familiar bc of The Soup- where the father is shown as an irresponsible idiot weekly.

  25. Ziggy says

    Yes, I’ve watched the show and keep up with it.  The father does bother me, but I’m trying to keep an open mind after seeing how J&K was spun. 
    There’s really not much need for any of the family to go underground blogging, that I see.  They all freely come on camera and express their views, negative and positive.  Takes the heat out of that potential ‘scandal’ , huh?

    I thought the father’s remark re Jon & Kate was in bad tasted and uncalled for.  Evidently there was talk of divorce as the counselor asked them was the ‘d’ word laid to rest and they said yes.

    Also, last week Jenny told one of the children if they didn’t behave, their father was going to get the wooden spoon out. LOL

    Right now, although I’m bothered by the father, I will continue to watch and support until, unless there come a time I find him too offensive.  Checking the WETV site on the show right after episodes, he’s getting pretty roundly chastised.

  26. Ziggy says

    The dogs – Jon didn’t care of the dogs before, why think he would now?  It’ s just antoher attempt to backhand slam Kate. I hope the dogs have been given to a good home.
     Growing up,my neighbos always had these types of dogs. Those were not the right dogs to bring into a famil full of little kids.  Those were not the right dogs to bring into a famil full of little kids  unless one is a major dog lover.  Which Kate isn’t and said so flat out. 

  27. Ann@IW says

    Pam, I am not sure why they were in LA, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the best flight they could get before coming home.  I just assumed that for whatever scheduling reason, they flew through LA, maybe rested from the travelling/filming, then flew home.  I think Kate is seen in the same outfit in LA and PA.  She couldn’t have been there long.

  28. HB says

    Ann,  Sage Way has the LA & PA pics of the entourage at the airports…looks to me like they just may have had a day of rest before the flight across country.  Except for the same skirt…everyone has changed.  ;0)

    Are you ever correct about Gwop…I may be the only one who has NEVER been on any ‘hate’ sites – there are plenty who quote them…!  Had it not been for a tennis injury & hitting the wrong remote buttons that landed on a Marathon of J&K+8…I’d have never seen that program.  Hooked & obviously still am.  I’m a sucker for happy endings & see little closure in Jon’s quest for being a stand-up Dad.  (Galpal Morgan Christi did him the biggest favor kicking him to the curb.  He had no place to go but PA, on his brother’s couch.)

    I’m sure you’ve heard that ‘men think they are the head of the household, but if that is so – women are the neck’!      

  29. Diane says

    I have caught a few episodes, for some reason it is boring to me. Sitting here typing I realize why TLC continues to employ Kate, she has such a unique personality that shines on the screen and why Jon & Kate plus 8 was a success.

  30. Ziggy says

    HB – I agree Morgan did the best thing for Jon.  I doubt that he would’ve ever have returned to PA to live had he no other option.

  31. GeeWhiz says

    From Ellen Ross twitter:
    @aptsongs duuuude i just watched the Kate song. OMFG u are hilarioussssssssss why didnt i see that sooner? about 11 hours ago via web
    This is a rap song that calls Kate a b*tch and ho. 
    So do you think Ellen is still keeping a low profile?  Does she still appear to be very stable and down-to-earth?  I just hope she was not at the apartment with the kids when she viewed the video. 

  32. HB says

    GeeWhiz…good digging!  Ellen has also added ‘aptsongs’ as well as ‘Nutrisystem’ to her sidebar of those she is following.  I have no earthly idea how Twitter works, but both Jon & Ellen are making a mockery of themselves in trying to bring in $$$ in a most PUBLIC way!

    I noticed Jon spent a few days saying he was not going to discuss if he had the 8 or not…then asks the question:  What do you do w. 8 kids when it’s raining?   Any ladies of IW know how to Tweet these lowlifes?  (Sorry…as much as I personally wanted life to be different for Jon, this new phase of his has me wondering  just WHY I bothered!)

  33. PeggyP says

    GeeWhiz-Don’t forget Jon’s response:

    >>jongosselin1: @SummerBabeOh10 Oh man!! That video is HILARIOUS!!!! Thank you so much for sharing! lol!!!!!

    about 1 hour ago via web SummerBabeOh10: @jongosselin1 Check this video out — DWTS Kate Gosselin is a Bitch (A.P.T. Song) Dancing With The Stars<<

    I forced myself to watch the video because I didn’t want to attack Jon over his response & later find out it was an innocuous video given a deliberately provocative title just to get hits.  It isn’t. The video is sort of GWOP put into an extremely misogynistic form of rap.

    BTW, I hope I am wrong about what the F in OMFG stands for; if it is, that goes beyond profanity into blasphemy. Nice example for the kids.

    I think Ellen’s tweet is worse than Jon’s, though. Jon’s responding to the space cadet who sent him the link. Look at the name at the beginning of Ellen’s tweet & how it’s phrased; anyone who still thinks Ellen is a sweet misunderstood girl who maybe overreacted a bit to comments after her interview here: not only is she now a Twitter follower of the jerk who repeatedly called the mother of these children (whom she claims to love so much) a b^&*h and a “ho”, she sent a fan tweet to him!!   The 6 are still a little young, but does anyone think it’s beyond the realm of possibility that either the twins follow their dad’s twitter and/or classmates of theirs follow them. 

    I normally oppose divorced parents’ attempts to control their former spouse’s dating life, but, after this, I wouldn’t blame Kate if she went to the judge for an order barring Ellen from being present when Jon has visitation and/or, if the kids were in the room when Jon listened to this and found it so funny, to insist on court-supervised visitation only. 

    All I can hope for at this point is that some lowlife hacked into their twitter accounts and posted it without their knowledge.

  34. PeggyP says

    >>Jennie@IW said:>>Has the chld advocacy started?  Are the Masche’s blessed with “concerned” family-of-family busybodies like the Gosselins were?  DO THEY HAVE AN ORGANIC CHEF????<<
    The comments I’ve read seem to mostly ignore the kids, though besides the inevitable “developmentally delayed” diagnoses based on…nothing, as far as  I can see.<<<<

    Jennie=I agree totally with you.  I’m no expert on this,but I’ve read that it’s not unusual for multiples to be developmentally delayed on speech for reasons unrelated to intelligence. This is what has to say about it:

    >>Language development in twins or multiples is often delayed or different from singleton peers. Some research shows that twins, particularly boys, may lag months behind in their ability to express themselves verbally. There are many factors that contribute to speech delays. Babies learn language from their caregivers, especially parents. Parents of multiples, who are often more exhausted and stressed by the challenges of caring for two or more babies, may be less verbally involved with their children. Young twins are together nearly all the time, and like any two people who spend most of their time together, they learn to rely on nonverbal or shorthand forms of communication. They’re able to act intuitively, understanding each other’s gestures, grunts or vocalizations. They also mimic each other’s attempts at expressive language, often reinforcing incorrect pronunciation. Twins tend to talk faster and may abbreviate their words or leave out consonants as they pronounce words, perhaps in a competitive attempt to talk over their co-twin and grab their parent’s attention first. Finally, some delays may result from cognitive or physical consequences of a premature birth.
    In most cases, multiples will catch up to their singleton peers by the time they start school. But for some, speech problems can create difficulties for some children in later years, particularly in reading or spelling. In some cases, early intervention or speech therapy can help address special needs. For more information on speech delays, please refer to this article on identifying and resolving speech issues. <<
    In addition, milestones in preemies, especially extreme preemies, must be measured in terms of their gestational age (the age they would be if their full term date had been their birth date) instead of their actual birth age.  Basically, the NICU replicates to the greatest extent humanly possible the environment in utero  so the infant can complete the development that a full term baby already has accomplished by the time the full-term baby is born.

    As for babies and toddlers, regardless of gender, running around in only diapers, anyone who finds that
    even remotely erotic or sexualizing is in serious need of psychiatric help. Most babies I’ve known would happily be total nudists (which can be verified by anyone who has ever tried dressing a baby or, even worse, a very uncooperative toddler <g>) & the fewest clothes, the best from their perspective. Diapers are more for general hygiene & the workload of the adults than for the baby. I am sure with 6 little ones to tend to, letting them run around in diapers frees up a lot of time.

  35. Ziggy says

    Well said on both topics,  Peggy.
    Ellen’s behavior doesn’t match with her responses to the interview questions given to her here.

    I feel like off the cuff responses are more telling of who the actual person is than responses to prepared questions & time given to formulate written replies.  This is not slam against IW in any way.  Ellen requested the questions in advance and time to formulate a ressponse, which IW gave to her.  Calling Ellen out on her behavior isn’t disrespecting the ladies at IW.

  36. PeggyP says

    I wish she’d seen the IW as not only a fair and respectful opportunity to give people some idea of who she was (instead of however the tabloids labeled her) but, as an indication, that there was a lot of good will out there towards her. I don’t think anyone believes Jon & Kate will ever get back together; the best case scenario, I think, is the hope that they can work out an amicable and civil way to co-parent their children.  Jon doesn’t seem to like to be alone, so there’s going to be a woman in his life.  Ellen isn’t a rich girl or a jet setter (do they still use that term?), she has a steady job, and she lives in the same geographic area as the kids so being with her has Jon in physical proximity to the children.  She seems as determined to blow that reservoir of good will as Jon was when he and Kate split. There’s a lot of separated and divorced parents, and a former spouse’s new romantic interest who seems determined to badmouth and ridicule the other parent hits a very sensitive nerve with those separated and divorced parents who have experienced or fear the same thing.

  37. Ann@IW says

    Regarding the tweets-

    I was once a Jon fan because of how he was edited:  fun, calm, kid-oriented, a decent spouse.  I struggled to give him the benefit of the doubt during his still-married-dating-Hailey-Ed-Hardy-wearing meltdown.  After looking at the video and checking the tweets myself, I have to say my opinion of him has sunk as low as it’s ever gone. 

    I did tweet and ask if he seriously meant to compliment the video and asked for a comment about whether Kate tricked him into having sextuplets.  That would be new info from Jon, that’s for sure.  He certainly hasn’t said that before.  To me, it’s the most offensive part of the video, since it implies regret for their lives.  I can’t imagine that line not infuriating a good father.  But that’s just me.  I don’t “get” Jon Gosselin.

  38. Anya@IW says

    Ann, that is an excellent point about the most offensive part being that he was “tricked” into having sextuplets.

    I was disappointed that Jon and Ellen responded as they did to that tweet. Perhaps they weren’t really thinking through how it would appear, but that is disappointing too. Depressing.

    Back on the Masche’s for a minute – I was just reading on another board where Jenny was accused of the same thing — basically “tricking” Bryan into the sextuplet pregnancy. I am just astounded that people would make such a claim based on zero factual evidence.

  39. Lily@IW says

    I had said I would give Ellen the benefit of the doubt until she twittered as Hailey did about Katezilla.  This is just as bad.  A girlfriend who wants to be apart of her boyfriend’s children’s life shouldn’t be saying such things about their mother.   I had already given up on Jon.  I think the most Kate can hope for is that he sees the children some and keeps them safe when they are with him.   It’s a real shame.

  40. PeggyP says

    I too find the idea of that any woman “tricked” a man into becoming a father of multiples conceived through some method of assisted reproduction.  I think one has to have been living as a hermit for decades NOT to know that using fertility drugs to conceive

    In the first book, Kate said that they knew that multiple egg follicles had ripened, but it was no more than four were identified; that, although there was no certainty that all would be fertilized, that was a risk, and that she AND John discussed all of this & decided to proceed with IUI (which is how the twins and the 6 were conceived; no going home and having sex without Jon knowing how many follicles had ripened)) and not to selectively reduce if what they thought was the worst case scenario occurred.

    As for him being happy with two & she being the one who wanted more. From what I understand from my friends with children, how many & when to have is a very common discussion, sometimes a VERY intense discussion, among couples even after they agree that they want children.  It almost has to work out with one person’s preference coming to prevail. The old saying about there being no such thing as a little bit pregnant is even truer once the child or children are there.  

    Both IUI and IVF are about as unromantic a way to get pregnant as is possible. It’s not a matter of getting him a little drunk and “forgetting” to take the pill.  It takes months, or even years. It’s expensive and grueling, placing enormous demands on the woman’s body even before conception.

    There is a growing segment in the medical community that argues that insurance plans should subsidize IVF to make it more affordable.  My understanding is that the initial expense for IVF is a LOT higher than with IUI.  However, the benefit of IVF is that the doctor controls the number of embryos inserted into the woman’s uterus. The reason that Nadya Suleiman’s doctor got into trouble is that it is totally contrary to sound medical practice to insert that many embryos, particularly in a woman who has had identical twins in an earlier pregnancy.  The argument in favor of insurance companies helping to make IVF more affordable is that controlling the number of embryos that can implant reduces the medical risks to the woman and the embryos/fetuses in cases of higher order multiple pregnancies including extreme prematurity and/or miscarriage.   The argument is that IVF is in the best economic interests of the insurance companies because it is less likely that the woman has to spend time in the hospital pre-delivery, fewer potential medical complications for her, cutting down the risk of prematurity and extended NICU stays, and cutting down or eliminating long-term medical issues due to extreme prematurity.

    Another charge that bugs me (but wasn’t in the rap) is that she didn’t wait a year or so and try conventionally before seeking fertility treatment.  My understanding is that is that is the time period that is recommended to let nature take its course before investigating whether the course has roadblocks on it.  However, there are women who have been diagnosed, long before they find someone with whom they want to have children, with medical conditions that, as they have been informed,  will make it difficult if not impossible to conceive without medical intervention.  There is no reason to wait and see although although I loved what a reproductive endocrinologist told me when it became clear that I suffer from PCD/KS [ “Primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD), also known as immotile ciliary syndrome or Kartagener Syndrome (KS) is a rare, ciliopathic, autosomal recessive genetic disorder that causes a defect in the action of the cilia lining the respiratory tract (lower and upper, sinuses, Eustachian tube, middle ear) and fallopian tube.  Read more:'S%20Syndrome-s?lid=goog-ads-sb-8536643334#ixzz0vTbl8Drl‘. ] It’s a common complication of situs inversus totalis, which I have  The doctor explained this but also cautioned me not to rely on this as birth control because as he bluntly put it “It only takes one egg to make it through for fertilization and pregnancy to occur.”

  41. Lily@IW says

    PeggyP, thanks for all that info.  I always thought that Kate purposefully conceiving multiples was one of the most stupidest accusations.  I saw the first special w/the Masche’s.  Jenny almost died (I believe it was a bloodcot).  The stress of carrying of all those babies has huge health risks to both mother and babies.  A tough decision for anyone, but someone would have to be suicidal or crazy to attempt to conceive that many at once on purpose.

  42. CraftyMomof3 says

    That was horrible.  I have no words other than that.  I was starting to gain more respect for Jon lately, but no more.

  43. HB says

    Ann, you ‘ don’t get Jon Gosselin’…I fear Jon Gosselin hasn’t taken the time necessary to understand who he is either.   I’m beating to death an oft used quote from Kate…’Jon becomes who is sitting next to at the moment.’   In my own life experiences, this is a classic by-product of being the child of an alcoholic.  I saw his interview w. Chris Cuomo, & when he mentioned this fear of his penchant towards drinking like his father & his grandfather…it was a NEON sign.  The last thing this man needs is one young girlfriend after another, or a highbrow life coach…he needs very specific help, emotionally.  Even a simple Al anon program in nightly meetings would give him some of the needed grounding. 

    I apologize if I sound like a know-it-all nanny, but my children are older than Jon & Kate…I don’t view him outside the realm of my children’s own peers.  If there is one thing Jon has said that was spot on…he missed his 20’s.  Unfortunately he never got beyond the age of consent.      

  44. PeggyP says

    Lily@IW–  It’s also as nuts as the accusation that Kate intentionally had them in order to make money. For starters, they weren’t the first sextuplets (I don’t know of any set of sextuplets that did not involve fertility drugs; quintuplets is the highest I’ve heard happening spontaneously) and the Dilleys were certainly not getting rich (they did get a TV movie on lifetime and an annual Dianne Sawyer special).  The McCaughey septuptlets are 6 1/2 years older than the Gosselins and their family wasn’t getting rich.  It’s not even, apparently, the first juxtaposition of a set of twins followed by a set of very high order multiples thought that’s what caught TLC’s attention) .  Furthermore, the really tragic story was that of the Kienast quintuplets, the first U.S. set of quintuplets conceived on fertility drugs in which all five survived (they were only the second surviving complete set of quintuplets born in the US period). They did commercials and had a four article a year deal with Good Housekeeping but the father, Bill, had businesses reverses. The year after the family was saved by a benefactor from losing their dream home,  Bill Kienast committed suicide.  Unless Kate is psychic, she’d have no way of knowing that they’d be successful at all much less the extent to which they have been. 

  45. Ziggy says

    Jon didn’t miss his 20’s, he lived though them.  He lived through them in a life he choose to live.  He choose to marry, he choose, with his wife, to try for kids through fertality treatments, being amply informed of the risk.  No one held a gun to his to head at any point.  He wants to blame his shortcomings on ‘missing his twenties’.

    There are many, many people who get married in their early twenties & have children. Not every twenty year old lives their 20’s partying.  There are few of us who, if it were possible, would not want to go back and make some different choices.   But that isn’t possible for anyone.  Most of our lives are what we make them from the choices we’ve made ourselves.  The good and the bad, myself included.  One stands up and deals.  One doesn’t cry foul & blame everyone else.  Most of us grew up with some pretty significant dysfunction in our family.  In this day and time, there isn’t any excuse for not finding the proper help.  Jon doesn’t seek help, all Jon’s about is trying to work the angles.

  46. justpoor says

    I feel so bad for Kate and the children by Jon’s continued Jr High actions.  What is wrong with his family, Mother. brothers, cousins, anybody that is suppose to care about him. He has really gone over the edge with his tweets concerning Kate.  They need to step in and have him committed for some kind of treatment. Ellen is also resposible for her own actins, and she works for the State of PA, they should be so proud of someone like her that represents the state office where she works. I don’t want to keep hearing how young she is, she’s old enough to know better or maybe this is how SHE was raised by her PARENTS.  She makes it sound like it’s ok to mock someone for the fun of it, and has no idea how hurting her words are.

  47. CraftyMomof3 says

    There are many, many people who get married in their early twenties & have children. Not every twenty year old lives their 20’s partying.  There are few of us who, if it were possible, would not want to go back and make some different choices.

    That would be me! I had my first kid at 20 and not a day has ever gone by that I wished I didn’t. My husband was 23 when my son was born and he never pulled crap like Jon. It’s such a cop out and it will crush his kids when they are older when they read what he said about how they “took away his 20’s”. It makes me cringe every time I hear it quoted.

  48. Lindsey says

    Someone ?? said that the measure of a person’s character is found in what they would do if they knew they would never be found out. Sooooooo Jon & Ellen have been found out and their character and integrity is sorely lacking. What do you think they will do? I think they will both take that passive/aggresive stance, “Oh yes I said it but you mistook my meaning”, BS.

    Peggy P, I always enjoy your postings. In reference to your twins post, both sets of mine were maternal, full term, and identical. I was so impatient  waiting for them to talk and then when they started they spoke in short sentences that that turned into paragraphs and they haven’t stopped talking yet. Careful what you wish for. My 5’s are avid readers and my 3’s are getting there with the 5’s help. We have just one word that no matter how many times we get them to enunciate they still pronounce like as yike. I come from a long lineage of overachievers (I am not one..blacksheep) and it appears that my girls have that gene. From birth we have been told by the “experts” to expect this or that and none of this or that ever occurred so there is always an expection to what the “experts” say. I need an expert to tell me how to cope.

  49. Ann@IW says

    Lidsey, I love it when kids say, “Yike.”  So cute.

    For the Kate critics:  I work with children who have speech difficulties.  On behalf of those children and their parents, I would like to remind the women who use this as a slight to the Gosselins that there is no shame in having speech and language difficulties.  There is shame in mocking children and their mother for it, though. 

  50. GeeWhiz says

    In your interview Ellen stated ” I don’t get caught up with what the magazines and internet say.”  Guess she was not being truthful as she twittered to hollywoodlife:

    @CMHollywoodLife quick question – i was told by someone who asked you, that you said ur boyfriend is in his 30s and u are in your early 20s about 9 hours ago via web

    CMHollywoodLife so i was just wondering why in all the articles you write about jon you would criticize the 9 year age difference betwen us about 9 hours ago via web  

    Looks like she is getting caught up in Jon’s perceived celebrity. 

  51. Lily@IW says

    It’s also as nuts as the accusation that Kate intentionally had them in order to make money.~PeggyP

    Ita, it is nuts.   Her master plan took long enough too as the first special wasn’t filmed until the sextuplets were almost two.  :)  Then another special a year later before it even became a series.  I had never heard of the Kienast quintuplets until I got interested in the J&K blogging world.  I prob saw their pic when I was growing up though.  I was familiar w/the show the Loud family did that was on PBS.  I compared that to J&K.  That was so shocking for it’s time and now reality shows are everywhere.  It’s such a different world than what I grew up in.
    There is shame in mocking children and their mother for it, though. ~Ann
    It is a shame.  Ntm, that these children are still young enough to be outgrowing any problems they might have.  Sigh, I was just noticing the other day that my little one has outgrown using her Ws for Rs.  I will miss that sound.

  52. PeggyP says

    Lindsey-When my older nephew was a baby, his mother, my oldest sister (who, BTW, has her master’s degree in early childhood education),  anxiously reported to our mother that he wasn’t doing something the baby books insisted that he should be doing by his age. Our mother, who had borne (within 7 years of each other) and raised, with our father, 4 children of her own calmly asked her slightly hysterical daughter if it had occurred to her that the baby had not READ the books so he didn’t know he was supposed to be doing this right then.<g>  That baby is now a  successful,  36 year old  university graduate and a married father of two and whose favorite recreational activity is doing triathlons.

    Ann@IW– Also, as you, of course, know people who use the presence of language and/ or speech difficulties as proof that the child is intellectually challenged do not know what they are talking about.  One of the most famous stutterers was King George VI, the father of the current Queen.  It was a huge issue for him, even when he was Duke of York, for royals were, of course, expected to give speeches.  He was a reserved & shy man to begin with and  his inability to speak without stammering was a huge burden on him. It was only after his marriage to Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (who we grew up knowing as the Queen Mother) & with her love & support, that he found a speech therapist who developed a program that enabled him to speak in public without stammering.  As King, he led his country through the aftermath of his brother’s abdication and he led his country through World War II.

  53. justpoor says

    Thanks PeggyP, for all you info today. Interesting reading, and hope all Mother’s just love their children just the way God gave them to us.

  54. says

    Thanks, PeggyP.  I didn’t know that.  I like hearing about other successful and gifted persons who had some form of disability.  I’ll add this King, who was giften in courage, to my list.

  55. PeggyP says

    He was a remarkable man and very fortunate to have found the wife he did; theirs was the great rarity in royal marriages, a true love match.  Even his notoriously difficult father who tended to treat his children like recalcitrant naval cadets absolutely adored Elizabeth.  George VI is worth reading up on; he had his quirks and flaws to be sure, but , despite growing up in the shadow of an superstar older brother, he was quite happy and content to be with his wife, their two daughters, and the charities and activies he sponsored only to be thrown into being King in such a turbulent time & rise to the occasion admirably. When he died, his country deeply and sincerely mourned him. The story of his overcoming his stuttering is very moving and quite remarkable. 

  56. Sheri says

    Most educated people know that a lisp or any other speech impediment have nothing to do with IQ.  It is so obvious to me that none of your commentors here are aware of the fact that Kate Gosselins own mother stated that Kate was always intrigued with multiples since she was very young. She said that Kate would read bios of families with multiples. Now do you really think all these children came about by accident when Kate was a nurse and knew what she was doing? If you don’t think that Kate Gosselin planned multiples you’re not accepting the truth.

  57. Sheri says

    I also believe Jenny Masche pulled the same stunt as Kate Gosselin and has followed every step that Kate did, even to the limit of almost dying to do so. How come nobody talks about Nadia anymore? Nadia is no different for Kate and Jenny, except shes not married.

  58. Ann@IW says

    Did you talk to Kate’s mom yourself or do you have another source for your comment about her?  I read one quote from years ago, but not what you wrote here.  Did I miss something recent?

    It is obvious Kate “planned” to get pregnant.  She said she wanted “just one more.”  She has said that she knew the risk of multiples was greater using the infertility procedures she used, and decided to take that risk, knowing she would welcome every child she carried.  She did not expect to have higher order multiples as they are extremely rare.  I have no idea about Jenny since I haven’t followed her story, but it is still true sextuplets are rare.

    Nadia used a different fertility treatment.   She had six children when she had her octuplets.  Those are other differences.

  59. justpoor says


    Kate always said she wanted one more. Telling a Mother who wants children is pulling a stunt is a very hurtful thing to say. I had a friend who had 3 children and they wanted one more.  She conceived the natural way and she ended up with triplets.  This was not planned, they were scared how they were going to handle the expense of adding 3 more to the family all at once. They have grown into beautiful young adults with good jobs and families of their own.  I hope the best for Kates children when they become young adults.

  60. Mom of KT says

    Sheri:  This IS Kate’s mom and I NEVER said that Kate was intrigued with multiples!! I said she always LOVED BABIES!!  And i never said she read bios of families with multiples!! If you read that, then you are believing something that someone wrote who ISN’T kate’s mom!!  Anya will vouch for me–I AM Kate’s mom!!  The IW women know it’s me.  And I have met Ann in person!! 

  61. jennie says

    Actually, Kiki, the email address, location and user name do match those Kate’s mom has used here in the past. Further, Kate’s mom did meet Ann in person (not a fact generally known, I don’t think), so this is a legitimate.

    It’s nice to have Sheri’s misapprehensions corrected directly from the source!

  62. PeggyP says

    Kiki says: >>Um, I don’t think Kate’s mom calls herself  “Mom of KT”.<<

    Well, what does Ann have to say since “Mom of KT” mentioned her? BTW, even though the khaterz have distorted things by the sneering way they call Kate “Katie Irene”, it is the name she was given at birth (she wouldn’t be the first person or the last to prefer some variation of their legal name to the original).

    Sheri= Even if all you said were true, SO WHAT?!?!?!?!?! I think the ratings for the Gosselin shows, the Diane Sawyer specials involving the Dilleys, the Ann Curry specials with the McCaugheys, the whole Dionne thing, the Kienasts, etc. show that millions of people are fascinated by multiples.  Kate Gosselin was diagnosed early on with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) which, according to is the single largest cause of infertility among women.  As to why fertility drugs are essential for many women with PCOS to conceive, the site says:

    >>The ovaries, where a woman’s eggs are produced, have tiny fluid-filled sacs called follicles or cysts. As the egg grows, the follicle builds up fluid. When the egg matures, the follicle breaks open, the egg is released, and the egg travels through the fallopian tube to the uterus (womb) for fertilization. This is called ovulation.
    In women with PCOS, the ovary doesn’t make all of the hormones it needs for an egg to fully mature. The follicles may start to grow and build up fluid but ovulation does not occur. Instead, some follicles may remain as cysts. For these reasons, ovulation does not occur and the hormone progesterone is not made. Without progesterone, a woman’s menstrual cycle is irregular or absent. Plus, the ovaries make male hormones, which also prevent ovulation.<<

    Women can and are diagnosed with infertility producing conditions even when they are not trying to get pregnant.  A lot of medical experts advocate for insurance companies to subsidize the cost for IVF because it is more controllable as to the maximum number of embryos (absent spontaneous twinning, etc) than IUI, which Kate had.  The fact is that IVF is way too expensive for many couples who must then resort to IUI.

    As I’ve explained before, Kate would have had to have been psychic to see the amount of money the family has made; there really isn’t a precedent for it (the Dionnes were an extraordinarily rare occasion naturally occurring during a time when people were desperate to fix on something other than the economy.)  The Gosselins weren’t even the first set of sextuplets and the McCaughey’s were already born when the Gosselins were born.

     High order multiples are a known risk of IUI, although the risk of extremely high order multiples are still rare.  In the case of the Kienasts (the first surviving full set of quintuplets conceived via fertility drugs_ and the McCaugheys, fertility drugs had given them singleton pregnancies (two in the Kienast’s case) prior to the high order multiple. Jon & Kate discussed the risk & also rejected selective reduction on religious grounds.  Let’s be blunt. Selective reduction is abortion. I’ll be upfront. I’m pro-choice but choice means the right to choose to continue a pregnancy as well as to end it.  Selective reduction is the cruelest dilemma because these are desperately wanted pregnancies; the couple faces the risks that if they don’t reduce, the mother’s health and life could be jeopardized, they could lose the entire pregnancy, or that the babies could be born so premature that one, more or evan all of them could have life-long problems.  Two of the McCaughey’s have serious neurological/orthopaedic issues.

    Suleiman was very differnt. Aside from the fact that she already had a large family, including children with special needs, she did go the IVF route where the number of embryos inserted  is chosen in advance (in addition, she had a history of embryos spontaneously twinning). Inserting that many embryos is totally against professional standards because of the risks of the high-order multiple pregnancy to mother & embryos & that’s why her fertility specialist got in hot water with his peers.

    The couples who go this route are very committed to having children. I’m sure that if a more affordable than IVF method existed that would eliminate all risk of multiples except for spontaneous twinning, etc. that is the route most couples would choose.  Some might want twins because it would enable them to ensure their first born wouldn’t be an only child without going throught the whole assisted reproduction route again. However, they aren’t prepared to give up the hope of a child that is their’s genetically just because there is a risk of multiple births & you don’t approve.

  63. Ziggy says

    I hope this is Kate’s mom. Pam can you verify?  If it is, then that’s sets the record straight on this one.

  64. Lily@IW says

    Kiki, I bet you’re referring to this thread, where Mom of KT signed “Mom”.   I know you have a good memory.    She is the same person as Jennie said.
    Thanks Mom of KT.

  65. Ziggy says

    I just realized Jennie was an official IW woman. I’m sorry, Jeannie!  Usually an official IW woman has the @IW after their name and I didn’t see that. My total mistake with foot solidly and fully in mouth.

  66. Anya@IW says

    Ziggy, Pam is on vacation right now. She may weigh in later, as I am sure Ann will too.

    Thank you, “Mom of KT.” I know you value your privacy, so I appreciate you clearing up one of the many falsehoods about Kate that are spread around the blogs unchallenged and with zero back-up. 

    (By the way, I think Kate’s mom is only one who should be calling Kate anything other than “Kate” or “Ms. Gosselin.” Moms can call you by your birth name, by anyone else who does so just to be snarky showcases their immaturity.)

    P.S. Happy to vouch for Mom of KT

  67. Anya@IW says

    Ziggy, you are SMART to question everything and anything you read on any Gosselin blog, LOL! I wish more people would do so  – a lot of the more ridiculous lies and rumors would be put to bed quickly!

  68. HB says

    Wow, interesting, & I’d LOVE to think Kate’s Mom would speak up.  If this isn’t Kate’s Mom…then I’d expect that whoever wrote under the sn…took the words straight out of Kate’s mother’s head! 

    Sheri, it saddens me to think you, among others, would deem it necessary – much less w. a clear conscience – could write such drivel about someone YOU DO NOT KNOW.   To claim Kate planned this multiple pregnancy, risking her life…not to mention her babies lives!  I can’t fanthom there are sober females out there that could make such a vile assertion!   Only on IW would you find decent women who take the time to refute your posts.

  69. Ann@IW says

    Yes, that is Kate’s mom.  We did meet in person.  Kate’s mother is very nice.  I hope we can meet again sometime. 
    Our meeting was in friendship, not an interview.  It was a face-to-face confirmation of our previous thread regarding Mrs. Kreider and Kate’s sister and their love and support for their family.   :)

  70. HB says

    I see I slog along way too slowly.  Indeed how delightful to hear that verification has been made & yet again, w. dignity – always.  Hats off to the ladies of IW!   How special that the most important person in Kate’s life can find a pleasant place to have a few words.  ;0))  

  71. jennie says

    I just realized Jennie was an official IW woman.

    Yes, I am. Fear my awesome official powers.

    I just noticed that I don’t have the @IW – I think it’s because I’m logged in at the moment and my official login doesn’t have the IW after it.

  72. Mom of KT says

    Thanks, Ladies of IW!  I appreciate so much, that Clairissa and I have a safe place where we can support our daughter/sister .  We love you all and sure hope we can meet you someday!  God Bless!

  73. Ziggy says

    Mrs. Kreider,
    Thank you so much for stepping out & clearing this up.  I’ve read this stated so many places but never read where you actually said it.  I know you value your privacy.   You have raised a daughter to be very proud of.
    With respect,

  74. Anya@IW says

    If anyone is interested, here is a clip from a few months ago when Kate appeared on Jay Leno’s show. Towards the end, she discusses the part she misses about nursing — the babies! Seems she hasn’t changed….(Sorry, for the long link. It is on Hulu if this link doesn’t work).

  75. Lily@IW says

    Oops, I got the the threads confused and thanked Mom of KT on the wrong one.  Thanks for the kind words.
    I watched a couple of more of the Masche’s today.  Brian doesn’t seem as nice as in the first ones I watched.  He’s very snappish and normal questions from Jenny are met w/anger.  They show their therapy sessions too.  Much more of their lives are shown than we saw on J&K because their show is a hour long and they don’t use all the scatter shots of film like TLC does.   The show def focuses more on Jenny and Brian than the children.   I will prob watch some more because I find it all so interesting.

  76. Ziggy says

    Yes, Lily, I agree re Brian. He’s pretty snappish with Jenny & criticial of her.   I don’t see the passive aggressiveness in her which I saw in Jon. Nor do I see her trying to play the victim I saw Jon do right from the beginning.  I do see a whinnyness in him which is hard to take, but as yourself, I will keep watching because I do find them interesting.  Table for 12 or whatever it was called, I just didn’t find them the least interesting.

    The first time it showed them with the therapist, she asked them if the “D” word was off the table and they both said yes.  So evidently they had considered divorce at some point.

  77. Ziggy says

    What is it with these men whinning about their male ego being hurt?  Neither Jon nor Brian behave like a man.  Maybe if they behaved as a man, their male ego wouldn’t be so fragile and so easily wounded.   They are looking for outside forces to define them as men when they need to define that from within themselves.

  78. Kat says

    I have not seen the show but did catch them on the Today show.  I kept thinking to myself how unruly the kids were.  One boy was pushing the interviewers (Natalie) hair around as he bounced on the chair she was sitting on.  Mom sat there holding one child, not paying attention to the interaction, Dad just said from his seat “don’t hit her”.  I was thinking their house must be crazy!!  I think it was the another boy who kept trying to get the calculator from the girl sitting in Mom’s lap and Natalie asked if anyone else had a calculator then said the kids could take turn.  Natalie seemed very uncomfortable with the kids behavior.  I started thinking they could use some manners training from Kate.  I made no real judgments on the parents but found the mother quite and unattached and the father the family spokesperson and unable to control his children. Their lack of attention to their  actions during the interview could have been nerves, lack of sleep, overwhelmed, who knows, but it made me anxious just watching that little snippet.  I knew just from that interview I had no desire to watch the show or learn anymore about the family to see if my initial observations were correct.  I wonder if they will get the flack that Jon and Kate got for allowing their children to be filmed.  Is this a new form of income in American – multiple births and TV?  I think I’ll discourage that career to my children.

  79. Kat says

    I couldn’t figure out how to edit my post, if there is a way.  I was skimming up and read some of the posts (I didn’t read them before I posted).  Seriously does anyone plan for multiple births?  Does anyone really think they can control that?  Of course having fertility treatments increase the chances but a credible doctor will not perform fertility treatments just to allow a person to have multiple children.  It’s just crazy to think people are doing this just for attention – as some have suggested.  Women who are not able to conceive without fertility treatments are often challenged to make the decision to have the multiple embryos or practice selective reduction.  It’s a personal choice but not one I can see anyone doing to make money.   It cracks me up that people say they have multiple just for fame or money – you really can’t plan that.  Having multiples and deciding to make a TV show – there is the choice.  Would Kate and Jon have made a different choice if they knew how much was in store for them?  I understood what Kate was saying when she said they cant’ go back.  Their lives were already a media circus.
    Call me silly but, Jon and Kate didn’t plan their multiples nor do I think anyone else does.  Jon and Kate weren’t the first and obviously won’t be the last to have multiples.  I enjoyed watching J&K plus 8 but after all the back drama and the public eye it should make one question taking their family on TV again.  At least you can say Jon and Kate didn’t know what they were getting into, but this new family – they are walking in behind the firestorm of what was once a big loving family with adorable children on  TV.  The new family should clean their closets because we’ve seen how invasive reality TV can be.

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