The New Jon & Kate?!?

By Anya

“Wow – such a trainwreck. Watched hours of this marathon yesterday and, even after sleeping on it, I can’t decide which parent is the biggest loser.” – Poster on Television without Pity

Believe it or not, this comment is not taken from TWoP circa spring 2008 before the “Jon & Kate Plus 8″ forum was (finally) permanently shut down.  This observation comes from from a recent post about the WETV network show “Raising Sextuplets.”   

You may not have heard of the series. It is not to be confused with the other TLC show that follows a family with sextuplets – “Table for Twelve.” Raising Sextuplets follows the Masche family formerly of Arizona, now of Florida.

Why the comparison to Jon & Kate? Well, let’s just say Season 2 of the show has ratcheted up the drama a bit. Father Bryan Masche is not afraid to make a comparison between the two couples:

Bryan compares Jenny to Kate

The only problem is most viewers appear to think that Bryan – not wife Jenny – is the one who needs a lesson in how to treat one’s spouse respectfully. Of course, there are others (like the poster above) who want to slam both parents. Not surprising to those of us who have watched the criticism the entire Gosselin family has endured by hate blogs, not even the Masche sextuplets (adorable 3-year-olds) are spared by some acid-tongued viewers.

Confession time: I have seen many of season one’s episodes and most of season two. I cannot say I am enthralled with Bryan. Yes, I understand that much of the filming took place during stressful periods (such as the family’s move to Florida) and I fully acknowledge that the show’s producers are editing their footage to highlight some of Bryan’s less desirable qualities. That said, he has been difficult to like this season.

That is as far as my opinion extends, however. I am not willing to call Bryan a monster or to publically state that Jenny is an abused wife. I do not think they are “fame whores” for participating in a small reality show that might help them realize their dream of Jenny staying home full-time with the kids. I have no opinion on Jenny’s hair color or her breasts. I see no evidence that either parent favors one particular child.

If I were to begin to have such negative emotions, I think I would start a hate blog to advocate for the Masche children and spew my vitriol at the parents. Or maybe not. Maybe I would pick up a book or call a friend. That’s just me, however.

What about you? Have you seen the show? What do you think of the family? Do you think there are serious issues or is this just manufactured reality show drama?

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