It’s A Boy for Jenny and Levi McClendon!

Jenny Masche McClendon family

Jenny McClendon (you know her better as Jenny Masche, from WE tv’s “Raising Sextuplets”), an occasional blogger for Imperfect Women, gave birth yesterday to a beautiful baby boy. They named the little guy Cash Allen and he was 8 lbs, 20.75 inches long. Jenny and her former husband Bryan were stars of WETV’s “Raising Sextuplets” along with their charming and adorable children … [Read more...]

Jenny McClendon – Thoughts About Having Another Baby…Just One

Jenny Masche McClendon family

Chances are you know Jenny McClendon better as Jenny Masche, one of the stars of WETV’s “Raising Sextuplets” along with her adorable sextuplets and ex-husband Bryan Masche. Jenny and Bryan have since divorced and as reported earlier this year Jenny married Levi McClendon in March and shared all the heartwarming details with Imperfect Women. Imperfect Women is excited and happy … [Read more...]

Sextuplet Dad Bryan Masche: Looking Back, Moving Forward

Masche_pic - Copy

Recently I had the opportunity to speak with Bryan Masche, father of Arizona's Masche sextuplets and former star of the WETV reality show "Raising Sextuplets." Bryan had recently read Samantha@IW interview with Jenny Masche and there were some things he wanted to get off his chest. We appreciate Bryan opening up to IW. During our time together it was clear that his number one … [Read more...]

Jenny Masche: A New Season


In an Imperfect Women exclusive interview, Jenny Masche dishes on - sextuplets, love and moving forward. By Samantha This past week, I had the chance to speak with Jenny Masche of Raising Sextuplets. Below are her candid thoughts on everything from divorce to the possibility of filming again.. Her family has gone through a lot of change in the past year but life is … [Read more...]

Jenny Masche Files for Divorce


According to reports circulating today on the internet, Jenny Masche, star of WETV's "Raising Sextuplets" has filed for divorce from her husband Bryan. A review of court records reveals a petition was filed on September 17, 2010. … [Read more...]

The New Jon & Kate?!?

By Anya "Wow - such a trainwreck. Watched hours of this marathon yesterday and, even after sleeping on it, I can't decide which parent is the biggest loser." - Poster on Television without Pity Believe it or not, this comment is not taken from TWoP circa spring 2008 before the "Jon & Kate Plus 8" forum was (finally) permanently shut down.  This observation comes from … [Read more...]