Sextuplet Dad Bryan Masche: Looking Back, Moving Forward

Recently I had the opportunity to speak with Bryan Masche, father of Arizona’s Masche sextuplets and former star of the WETV reality show “Raising Sextuplets.” Bryan had recently read Samantha@IW interview with Jenny Masche and there were some things he wanted to get off his chest. We appreciate Bryan opening up to IW. During our time together it was clear that his number one focus is his children whom he adores and is doing everything he can to be the best single parent he can be. We hope you will enjoy the interview. Please remember our IW motto and keep your comments respectful and kind. – Anya@IW

Anya: Can you give us an update on your life and where things are now? You tweeted back in September that you had a new position with a medical device company?

Bryan: I got hired by a company called Arthrex selling orthopedic medical implants — replacement knees, hips, shoulders. I go into the operating room and actually teach the surgeons the technique as well as advise them on the implant itself and answer any questions they have. It’s pretty technical. It’s a jump to the big leagues; it’s sort of like pharmaceutical sales is the JV team and this is the Varsity level. There’s a lot of studying involved; I’m constantly studying medical techniques and watching videos. It’s keeping me busy. But it’s really exciting and it pays really well. One of Jenny’s biggest complaints over the years was that she wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. Isn’t it funny – I now have a position where I’ll be making as much as Jenny and I were making as a married couple — all by myself. So, you run off, blow up a family, blow up another person’s family, and all the things you want end up coming to your spouse.

Anya: I’m very happy for you – that sounds like an excellent opportunity. Is it a Monday through Friday thing?

Bryan: Yeah, it’s a Monday through Friday gig – and it’s kind of my own small business in a way; it’s great because I don’t have to punch a clock. I can set my own hours. Obviously when there are surgeries going on I have to be available for the surgeries. But it’s really great because it affords me a lot of flexibility with the kids.

Anya: What’s it like witnessing surgery? That’s not something that you’re squeamish about?

Bryan: It’s gross, definitely. When I’m in there I just listen to the cash register in my head and that helps dealing with the blood and guts aspect (laughs).

Anya:  Have you and Jenny established a set custody schedule?

Bryan: Yeah, we have 50/50 custody legal-wise. I’m supposed to have the kids 16 days a month but Jenny’s not being very cooperative at all, just fighting about things. So basically, I’m getting them Thursday to Monday, every other week. I was supposed to initially have them 16 days a month; that’s what she signed in the parenting plan. I’m kind of disappointed about that. We’re going to have to go back to court.

Anya:  So Jenny doesn’t like the current schedule?

Bryan: Yeah, she acts like it’s a big deal, like “oh, it’s so hard; the kids have to go away to their father’s every other weekend.”

Anya: You have been quite vocal that adultery broke up your marriage. Do you want to discuss that?

Bryan:  Jenny brought me to Christ eight years ago. Brought me to church and I became a born-again Christian through her. Now she has committed bold-faced adultery with no repentance whatsoever. And then for her to lie and say things like “We were never supposed to get married in the first place; I knew it was wrong from the start.” Really, Jenny?! We were married for three and half years before we had kids. You had a lot of time to get out before then.

Anya: Let me ask you this, on your show, in your second season, they showed you trying to work through issues. It seemed very genuine, and it looked like some progress was being made. Was that how you felt? Or was it different behind the scenes?

Bryan: The funny thing is, that counselor that we saw on the television show – we saw that counselor twice, for 45 minutes each time. That was all done up for the show — the idea that we were going to counseling on a regular basis. There was never, in the seven and a half years of our marriage, ever been any ongoing counseling, per se. I went to a counselor here in Lake Havasu myself, just trying to motivate her, like, “are you kidding me, what are you doing? We have six four-year-olds. We’ve been married for seven years, like, seven-year-itch. How could you possibly not want to work on this?

Anya: So what was Jenny’s reason for not wanting to go to counseling?

Bryan: She just didn’t care. She just didn’t want to do it. Most normal people don’t just give up on marriage out of the blue. Heaven forbid you have kids in the picture.

Anya: It seems like at one point you wanted to try and reconcile and work things through?

Bryan: I would say for probably the first four or five months I was willing to do whatever it took for my family. Anything. I read every marriage book that I could. I lost a lot of weight and got in better shape. My friends said, “Bryan what are doing? You didn’t do this. Yeah, you got arrested, but you never touched anyone.” This was a verbal argument. She had been having an affair for a month and a half. She had no guilt. I was totally willing to forgive her. She has never said she was sorry. I don’t understand how people (bloggers, viewers) can think to themselves: “she’s this great Godly woman.” What!? She tore her house down with her own hands. People who know us in Lake Havasu are disgusted with her.

Anya: You mentioned you were writing a book. Can you tell us a bit more about this?

Bryan: It’s called: “Still Standing, True Confessions of a Sextuplet Father.” I’m about a third of the way through writing it now. It talks about the break-up and the infidelity, obviously. But for the most part it is really a positive book that talks about how Jenny I met, how we fell in love, how we were blessed as a couple and a family. Our good times together. Our struggle with infertility. It starts with me in jail crying my eyeballs out. So it begins in the end, goes back to the beginning and finishes up in the present with me being a single dad.

Anya: How are your kids coping?

Bryan: The kids ask questions now, and the other night Molli was crying her eyes out. I kept asking “what’s wrong?” and she didn’t answer me. Savannah answered and said “Molli’s upset because daddy doesn’t live with mommy in the new house.” I don’t know, man – I don’t know how people do this. I’ve made mistakes and I’m not perfect. There was a time when I was a party boy, but during the seven years of our marriage, I didn’t drink, do drugs, I always worked really hard at two jobs, took care of the kids, took care of her. I never went hunting or fishing, I didn’t have things that I did for myself. Went to college, went to graduate school. I don’t know how that couldn’t be enough for another person, unless that person was already broken to begin with, before I ever met them. I feel bad for her, because I don’t think she’s ever truly going to be happy. She thinks she and Levi (Jenny’s boyfriend) will live happily forever; they’re not going to. All relationships are wonderful for the first two years. It takes two years to really get to know a person, get to find out who they are inside. They have a lot harder row to hoe than I would should I meet somebody in the future. A relationship based in lies and adultery and the destruction of these families. The maintenance of such a family would be harder. When she interviewed with Samantha@IW and said, “I didn’t know it was going to happen” – that was a total lie. She knew exactly what she was doing. The relationship started while we were still in Florida. It started eight weeks before I ever got arrested. I was catching her every night at 3:00 a.m. in the back yard or the front yard on the phone and ask her what was going on. It was in August when she fessed up and told me the truth. We didn’t come home until the 10th or 11th (of September); it had already been going on for a month before I knew, and then once I knew it was going on it was another month before we came home and I got arrested.

Anya: So what about the move to Florida; how do you look back on that? Was it a mistake?

Bryan: I loved it there; I thought it was awesome. I had a blast. I thought it was good and bad. It was really hard at the beginning. Then we kind of worked it out and were really good at relying on each other. There was a 2 ½ month window that was really good. It was the first time since the kids were born that I felt relaxed, I felt like we were home and that this was where we were supposed be, this was where we were supposed to raise the kids and it felt like the right spot. Then Jenny started that multi-level marketing company and we were running around trying to get more involved with the company, and that was why she contacted Levi again. She wanted to recruit him for the company because she thought he was a good businessman. He was in Phoenix and we figured, we were in Florida and he could talk to people in Arizona about it. Well, they started talking a little more and a little more and before you know it, he started talking about his marriage what was going on with his family and his wife and then Jenny started talking about what was going on with us. They have a history together, and before you know it we have two people who are talking and bad-mouthing each other’s spouses and just like that our Florida dream ended.

Anya: Have you had the support of your family during this time? On the show you were close to your parents but you sometimes butted heads with your dad.

Bryan: I think a lot of dads and sons butt heads on different issues; throughout this entire ordeal through the last year, my family has stepped up to the plate so amazingly. They’ve been wonderful about trying to help me and support me. It’s amazing that they haven’t done anything nasty to Jenny. They haven’t said anything nasty to her…her family has totally ripped me up and down. They blame me for everything; I drove her to this. They have been really vicious and nasty to me, even though she’s the one who’s breaking the family up. My family has done nothing of the sort to her; they’ve been there for me and the kids and have helped me get life going again and get things back on track. So this ordeal has made my relationship with them even stronger.

Anya: You talked a little bit about not having time to yourself when the kids were younger, you were working really hard. Is there anything that you’re doing now besides getting your career going? Any hobbies?

Bryan: Right now I think I’m just really engrossed in getting this career going; I haven’t had a lot of time to spend on myself. I have reconnected with a lot of friends from college since all this happened. It’s been good to reconnect. I’ve been exercising a lot. I’ve been on a few dates. I haven’t had that connection with anyone yet. I’m just trying to see what it’s like as a single parent dating. I don’t know what the future holds – we’ll see what happens.

Anya: I want to make sure that we touch a little bit on the show. How do you feel about the show and how you were edited?

Bryan: There will be absolutely no more television, whatsoever. We actually put it into the parenting plan that there would be no more television, no more media, any of that and then Jenny went behind my back and contacted a producer about doing another reality show about a blended family. That was unbelievable.

Anya:  You just feel strongly that the kids don’t need that, that it’s not good for them?

Bryan: No everything that they’ve gone through is traumatic enough. Besides the fact of us getting divorced, of the affair, there’s the fact that they are sextuplets. That alone is going to lead to enough questions and concerns about being different. Put a divorce and a television program on top of that and it’s too much. Jenny has Jenny’s best interests at heart. She doesn’t have the best interests of the children at heart. People can look at the show and go she’s so sweet, but it’s all about Jenny. They are her six little prizes.

Anya: They call them the “moneymakers” — that’s what they call the Gosselins.

Bryan: It’s funny – Jenny despised Kate. She hated Kate.

Anya: They’re very different.

Bryan: Not only does she become like Kate, she becomes worse than Kate. Kate wasn’t even a cheater. By the way, I didn’t say anything, I kept my mouth shut for four months before I went on Inside Edition (note: to discuss the break-up of the marriage).   I was trying to fix it, to do whatever it takes to rebuild this family and the last thing that I wanted to do was say, this is what’s really going on. I had an agent at the time that said that if we had gone public in the very beginning after my arrest with what was going on we could have fetched $100,000. I had In Touch, US Weekly, People, wanting to know what was really going on, and I was like, I’m not going to say anything, because if I do it’ll make it harder for us to get back together again. Stupid me, trying to be the good guy, thinking that was the right thing to do, when in actuality, she never even cared.

Anya: When you look back over those two seasons, how do you feel about the impact on your family? Do you see it overall a positive or a negative thing?

Bryan: I think that there were some positive things about being on television. We got to do some really cool things that other families don’t get to do and we got to have some really neat experiences. But overall I think there was more harm than there was good. Even though it’s reality TV there’s still a fictional aspect to it, where they develop a plotline, they develop characters, they try to plot people against each other. Look at all the couples that have been split up through reality television: Nick and Jessica, Jon and Kate, the Blink 182 guy, it’s almost like reality TV has some sort of a curse to it. It’s like they want drama going on, because more drama leads to better ratings. I don’t know…though there were good points, I think the bad far outweighed the good. I resent doing it. I think that if we weren’t on television that we would still be married today. Absolutely.

Anya: I wanted to touch a little bit on your faith; you’ve been very vocal about that. How has it helped you through these difficult times?

Bryan: I go to a good church now; it’s kind of too hard to go to the same church that we used to go to as a family. Going through this has shown me that God doesn’t forget about you and you know why He allows certain things to happen and other things not happen…I don’t know. I don’t have the answers to that. Maybe I’m not meant to have the answers now. Maybe I’ll meet somebody a couple of years down the road that will be everything to me that Jenny wasn’t. Not that God likes this or that God likes divorce; obviously, scripturally he’s against divorce and against adultery and infidelity. But maybe He allows things to happen in our lives because He knows that what’s in store for us is so much better than what we have now. Why He allows you to have children in the picture, I don’t know. They are the innocent victims of divorce. Building this business it’s like I have this freedom in my schedule. I really think maybe the job I had before really had a lot to do with the frustrations we had in our marriage; I really didn’t have the flexibility that I think Jenny wanted me to have. Getting this new job is amazing because like I said, one of her biggest complaints was about wanting to be a stay-at-home mom, and with this job, I am making more than the two of us were making together, on my own. To me it’s like, God kind of made it up to me double, in that respect. People say that all things happen for a reason. You go through something like this and you understand….(Bryan is interrupted by a sextuplet and replies, “ok, just give me another second, honey”). Then you go through something this traumatic and you begin to question and waver, and then you tell yourself, there’s got to be some sort of a reason, God has to have a master plan somehow. Because if something like this happens just because there’s two selfish people involved, then it’s terrible; then there is no hope. At least believing that God – not that He orchestrates things, but that He allows things to happen, because there’s something better for you, gives me hope. There’s a bigger picture that we can’t quite see yet.

Anya: I hear you have some little ones there, so we can try to wrap this up. Do you want to talk about your interest in politics?

Bryan: Yeah, I’ve always had an interest in that; that was my undergraduate degree at ASU. I almost ran for city council about a year and a half before we moved to Florida, but Jenny didn’t want me to do it. She said that she didn’t want to be in the spotlight, and that in politics we’d be in the spotlight and under scrutiny, I looked at her like are you crazy? We’re on a television show. We’re under scrutiny already. How are we not under the spotlight already? It’s another perfect example of, as long as I did what Jenny wanted, our marriage was fine. The minute that I wanted to anything for me, or when I disagreed with her, bad things would happen. So I’d like to definitely like to run at some point.  There are a lot of things happening in this country that concern me and that I’d like to speak the truth about.

Anya: Do you have a candidate for president that you like yet?

Bryan: Yeah, I do actually. I’m a big Ron Paul supporter actually. I was a registered Republican before but I’m now a registered Libertarian; my idea is that you can do what you want to do over there, and I can do what I want, and as long as I’m not bothering you and you’re not bothering me, then we’re good. To each his own. We should each be left alone to do our own thing. So that’s my guy.

Anya: Lastly, this interview wouldn’t be complete without this question – what is your greatest imperfection?

Bryan: I think that my greatest imperfection is that I can just be too passionate, and just care too much. In our marriage, there are certain things that if I had just learned or not cared so much, or paid attention to myself…(another sextuplet interruption). I think just caring too much; I was definitely too passionate about things – passion can be misconstrued as anger or frustration or whatever.

Thank you, Bryan for opening up to and sharing your thoughts. We wish you the very best and hope to stay in touch.

 About the Author:
Anya@IW has written for since 2009. She dutifully follow current events and pop culture and loves having a platform to share her imperfect opinions. She can be reached at

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  1. SOR says

    He sounds very bitter. He needs to get over that, so he can heal.
    I watched how he acted on the show and thought, how could she have stayed with this guy and then have six kids. It is not scripted if it comes out of your mouth, and he said things and acted awful.

  2. Kmom2 says

    It bothers me that he takes no responsibility for his behavior in the marriage. It also bothers me that the kids were obviously around to hear him bash Jenny. I’m sorry, he doesn’t sound much different to me than what I saw on the show.

  3. GeeWhiz says

    SOR and Kmom2 I agree with both your comments. Although I do not condone adultery, I was not surprised she fell into the arms of another man with the way he treated her on the show.

  4. snickers says

    Bryan has a lot of healing to do inside of himself. This whole interviewed screamed poor ME ME ME. I watched the show, he was a slug sitting on a couch all the time. If that was scripted, he could have spoken up, but he had no ambition to get things done. Another Dad that is selling a story to bash the Mother of his children. No thanks Bryan, those stories are a dime a dozen these days and I don’t think your so called book will be a best seller. You need to focus on the postive of your marriage of what was there, or your own bitterness will reflect in your children. Jeeny is no angel, but you need to let it go or you will never be able to have peace or a lasting relationshop again. Second wives don’t want to hear the drag of the first marriage for years and years. If you have divorced friends who have remarried, they will tell you that hearing the complaints of the first wife over and over will put you right back into divorce court.

  5. Paige says

    Wow, I find it incredibly sad for his children that he is writing a book that will trash their mother. What is the point of that?

  6. SOR says

    I won’t buy his book. I had enough of him on TV. He needs to watch his shows again, and see how to not treat a woman. Women with six kids don’t usually run off unless there is a good reason.

  7. Jennie@IW says

    I did like Jenny on the show more, but I feel for Bryan. He is bitter, but it may be that he has some cause to be. I would like to hear him take more responsibility for the things that went wrong in his marriage, but maybe he’s not there yet. He has six beautiful children and I hope he can find some peace for himself (and some peace with Jenny, for the kids’ sake) soon.

  8. HB says

    Anya, BRAVO! Fair, balanced & professional!

    Only saw the show a couple of times…but quite honestly I am so tired of these fathers moaning. (I use the plural – Jon included.) $$$$ & me, me, ME! What father would take the time to write a book but for a cheap gotcha? Blech!

  9. says

    Thank you, HB! I think we need to acknowledge that none of us have walked in Bryan’s shoes. It’s very easy to say “just get over it” when we are not in the situation. All of us heal and come to acceptance at different rates.
    I’m not sure the children overhead anything. It was pretty quiet until that interuption. Nevertheless, let’s be realistic — divorced parents do sometimes say not nice things about the other parent to their children. They just do. In the case of an ugly divorce like Jon & Kate or Bryan & Jenny, it’s bound to happen. I have experienced this first hand with the divorces I have directly or indirectly witnessed. You just *hope* that the divorced parents do their best to avoid this behavior.
    I want to make it clear that I am not taking sides in this, because I don’t have enough information to do so. I’m would guess there is blame on both sides. I just think it is interesting to look at how we judge others – particularly those that are on edited reality shows and “think” we know everything about them.

  10. Lily@IW says

    What a good read. I am a little too tired to think straight tonight. But, I just had to say what a great interview this is.

  11. carol says

    I think that he does sound very hurt and bitter and that is somewhat understandable. I never really watched the show,but I do not agree with cheating if that is indeed what happened.That just seems to make an already bad situation much more complicated.

  12. Ann@IW says

    That’s how I feel, carol. I never watched the show either. That may influence how I view the situation. But cheating does make a bad situation just so complicated. Why don’t people just get divorced first?

  13. Ann@IW says

    Anya, I really liked the interview, great questions. I’m interested in his take on how the show affected his marriage. He disagrees with Jenny about the show affecting the marriage. Jon and Kate both said they thought their marriage would have failed under other stress if they had no show. All interesting perspectives.
    I’m not going to accept ,”Jenny hates Kate,” without Jenny saying so. That wouldn’t be fair.

  14. carol says

    Ann, I agree,because than the divorce is blamed on the cheating instead of the issues that lead up to the breakdown of the marriage in the first place. Anya, it was a very good article.

  15. SOR says

    Anya, maybe you could get Jennie to do an interview in response to Brian’s. I will also say that you did a good interview and he clearly has no problem in stating his opinions. As a child of a bitter divorced mother, I wish he would get help for his childrens sake.

  16. Deborah says

    Great interview!
    I’m really glad for Bryan’s professional breakthrough. I think it came at a really good time for him.
    I agree with many here about him not taking responsibility for his part in the breakdown of the marriage. I think that is a human condition.
    Yes, he sounds bitter.
    I don’t think reality Tv portrayed Bryan well and its very hard to accept when your partner closes the door and they want someone else.
    I didn’t care for him on the show but I wish him well.

  17. Pam@IW says

    I never watched this show so I don’t have much background. I have compassion for Bryan for the difficult time he went through but also realize there are two sides to every story. The important thing is that they both move on and try to get past all of this.
    Great interview, Anya!

  18. Teresa E. says

    I think both of these parents have made mistakes. Jenny seemed nice on the show but after the affair (which she pretty much admitted to in Samantha’s interview), I was disappointed in her and it made me question her integrity. Just because someone might feel mistreated doesn’t justify having an affair.
    I agree that Bryan sounds bitter and angry and I don’t blame him. Also, I can imagine how frustrating it must be to want to get one’s side of the story out there. But I don’t think it is right to publicize personal matters and speak so negatively about the mother of his kids. I really do hope his book will be more positive.
    I remember one episode where they were getting family pictures taken and Jenny wanted everyone to wear matching outfits. Bryan, if you are reading, you were right, those outfits were ugly. LOL!
    Wish this family luck.

  19. Deborah says

    I agree, in my opinion Jenny should have ended her marriage before getting involved with someone else and lived for awhile single even if she knew she wanted someone else.
    I do feel for Bryan, it doesn’t make me like his Tv personality any more than I did but I wish him well.

  20. SOR says

    Man, when would Jennie have time for an affair. Six kids the same age, working, cleaning, opening businesses? She must have alot of stamina. LOL

  21. Serp. says

    He came off as being a little bitter, but it’s understandable. He’s a work in progress just like the rest of us. Hopefully, he’ll move beyond his heartbreak, rather sooner than later.

  22. Brandy says

    If I take this interview completely at face value, I feel so bad for him, but having watched enough episodes, I know to take it with a grain of salt. He did tend to be selfish and passively aggressive and I have to wonder for instance if there is more to the story of why Jenny doesn’t give him as much custody as was originally agreed on. I think he has good intentions and means to be a good Dad, but agree that he needs to take responsibility for his share of marital problems. I do think he was totally unprepared for the stress of having sextuplets. For their sake, I hope they improve their communication. One advantage they have is that they both seem to have a lot of extended family support.

  23. Ann@IW says

    Man, when would Jennie have time for an affair. Six kids the same age, working, cleaning, opening businesses? She must have alot of stamina. LOL
    Kind of funny…she sis run a marathon! She must be high-energy. I did not see the show, but she does seem very likeable from what I have seen of her outside the show.
    I agree with everyone here who said that cheating justifies bitterness, but nothing justifies publicizing it when there are kids involved.

  24. Lisa says

    Wow, what a piece of work. After the way he treated the mother of his six children, I’m surprised she stayed as long as she did. She seemed quiet and passive. People like that take it, and take it until they can’t take anymore. Then they snap and there’s no getting them back. What a bitter and foolish man.
    Oh, and as for the “Jenny hates Kate” comment. I remember one of the few episodes of “RS” I watched (because I couldn’t stand to watch his verbal abuse), he was raging at her over nothing while in the car on their drive to Florida, and he accused her of acting like Kate. She responded (paraphrasing)that while she didn’t have anything against Kate, she resented the comparison, because how dare he bring other peoples marital discord into their marriage. Doesn’t sound like she “hated Kate”, not that it matters if she did, but it makes me call BS on the whole interview. I don’t think he can look at his behavior from a different perspective, and see he may have caused the end of his marriage. I don’t condone infidelity, but sometimes it’s a means of escape for women that are too weak to leave of their own accord. Cheaters don’t get caught unless they want to, and she wanted to….she wanted out.

  25. Deborah says

    Well since Lisa brought up the “Jenny hates Kate” comment what occurred to me when I read it was that Bryan thought if he threw that in we would be more inclined side with him and diss Jenny since most here are pro Kate. Ok I said it!!!

  26. Brandy says

    Lisa I rememeber when he was calling her Kate and her comment about having nothing against Kate. I remember at the time thinking that if I was Kate or Jenny for that matter and putting up with him, I’d have his tail to the curb. The only issue I ever heard about Kate had to do with how they thought they were “less exploitative” about filming only 5 days a month and not filming the divorce. Sadly I thought their show focused much more on marital discord than the Gosselins ever did.

  27. Diane says

    It was very interesting reading the two interviews, first Jenny’s and then Bryan’s.
    While I don’t agree with Jenny and Levi’s decision to cheat on their spouses, what I read in Bryan’s interview just supported what I saw on their show. In my humble opinion Bryan was, and is, very self centered and what I saw was a man who verbally abused his wife. I remember thinking, “Wow, if he talks to her like that in front of the cameras what is he like when they’re not around?”
    When the Masche’s made the move to FL I remember feeling worried for Jenny and the kids and the thought crossed my mind that Bryan was deliberately putting distance between them and their families and friends. I wondered at the time exactly what his motives were.
    In reading Jenny’s interview, she did not bash Bryan. She acknowledged her mistakes. Anya gave Bryan a perfect opening to comment on his behavior when she asked him about how he felt he was edited during the run of the show. I noticed he did not answer her question, but rather took the opportunity to sling another arrow at Jenny.
    I agree with the folks who say that Bryan seems bitter. While I can understand that, having been cheated on myself, one must keep in mind that children absorb more than we give them credit for.
    It’s happening right now with those children, not to mention that they won’t always be four years old. One day they will be able to access and read the things their mother and father said about one another. They will be able to read that book if he decides to publish it.
    The number one priority should be to protect those kids and Bryan bashing their mother is not accomplishing that.
    Being cheated on is painful, divorce is painful, but at the end of the day you CAN decide to put your own hurt feelings aside for the greater good of caring for your children. Deal with the pain and bitterness, by all means, but lashing out at every opportunity is not only immature but extremely destructive.
    My thoughts remain with the kids, that they can be allowed to heal and move forward in a positive environment.

  28. Lily@IW says

    Great interview Anya, Bryan had so much to say that I wanted to read it a few times. He really really really wants people to think of Jennie as a cheater. Getting even isn’t good for the kids. I think he’s going to be talking about it for a long time.
    I hope they can continue to work together when it comes to their children. It does take time for these things to work out and to move on. Of course, he came off angry on the show. I hope he can keep his temper in check.

  29. Ann@IW says

    He came off angry in real life, too. The only time I have “seen” him was over the arrest (angry) and this interview (moderately angry.)

  30. Edith says

    He is trying to blame everyone and every thing beside himself as usual. He treated his wife like dirt and was abusive to wife and kids, always screaming, acting out and childishly having tantrums. He was lazy too, always expecting his wife to do the lion’s share of the work. I only wonder how Jenny married him in the first place, then went on to have kids with him. Bad decision but she’s paying for it now as she will never be completely rid of him, too bad.

  31. says

    why do people judge bryan and jenny its there lifes its just a pity theyv been on a tv show and broadcasted there entire lifes for a few years loads get divorced loads have affairs so how cum thses people are any different its there lifes at the end of the day

  32. benny B says

    Well his wife was sneaky and cheated on him behind his back, that’s totally aweful! Also jenny said she knew she shouldn’t have gotten married but did. Sounds like one messed up crazy woman. At least Bryan was trying to keep the marrige together and wasn’t obviously cheating on jenny.

    Oh course Bryan can be bitter and mad. Look what Jenney done to his life. Full of lies and deception, more lies and hidding facts on how she feels about her life. Often times Jenny does look dumb on the show or doesn’t make sense, so I can see how Bryan has to figure out what the hell she’s talkign about or means in clear detail.

    I wish Bryan luck, and hope jenny’s new love comes to the 3 year inch and he dumps her like a rock!

  33. Maria says

    Reading these comments I have to say this… if Bryan would have been the one who cheated everyone would call him a total dirt bag… the truth is that Jenny is a dirt bag, a big jerk and she broke up her family by begining a relationship with another man… I don’t care that she got printed in the peopel magazine claiming to not have started the romantic relationship until she split from Bryan… she admitted to having conversations with Levi (another man) behind her husbands back… so if they were just friendly conversations then why did Levi file for a divorce shortly after Jenny filed for divorce? AND wow to the articel in the People magazine where Jenny states that her and Levi are getting married as soon as her divorce is final… yup she is a dirt bag and Bryan surly has great reason to be bitter… I just wish him luck putting Jenny behind him and I hope he focuses on his children… to Jenny… well you and Levi are home wreckers… good luck with that….

  34. says

    Cheating is never justified. Even is Brian was hard to live with she had other people and resources in her life that she could have leaned on. Divorced him and then start dating. Her knew guy maybe a nice guy NOW, but time will tell. Raising 6 kids is overwhelming – and when they r not yours…… well we will see.

  35. penelope tree says

    Uh, Bryan? No. We’ve all seen the show and we’ve all seen your behavior and those of us who are married wondered how on earth a doll like Jenny could have tolerated you for as long as she did. It is killing you that Jenny has dumped you for someone else, upgraded, and is happy at last…that much is evident from this interview. Oh, besides the fact that you are a total douchebag.

  36. renee says

    Yeah, this interview is filled with anger and bitterness towards Jenny. To say he worked hard in the marriage contradicts what I saw. He came across as lazy and selfish. Jenny would be tending to the kids after or before work and he would be off some where doing nothing. Then he would cop an attitude if she asked him to help.
    This whole fascination with bragging about his new job also comes across as low self-esteem.

  37. Maya, Sweden says

    “Low self-esteem” (as my fellow poster Renee says) sums it all up, explains everything about Bryan’s malfunctioning. Remember the TV section where he got really upset about his father visiting them in FL, claiming his father had always made him feel he did everything wrong and wasn’t worth anything? That’s the underlying trouble making Bryan unable of self-critizism in whatever form and at the same time resentful against his so much more capable spouse (who of course can admit her own faults and be generous, as all strong people can, while weak people are afraid to – and do – collapse when critizised). A tragic case! He has to get to the root of his self-worth problem; denigrating others won’t make him feel better.

  38. says

    I read both the interview with Jenny and the one with Bryan. At no point did Jenny bash or speak negatively about Bryan but through his entire interview he spoke ill of her. Doesn’t he realize with this article being online it will be out there forever, for his children to read when they are older. I watched every episode and he treated her poorly at every turn. I’m not saying her affair was right but let’s not forget – Bryan was the one arrested for domestic violence.. not jenny.

  39. Kathleen says

    I just found the show on TV again by accident and wondered if this couple was still together. So I Googled their names, here I am. I am not surprised that they are divorced. In my opinion, anyone that watched their show, even a time or two, like me, would clearly see the problems. No one can see the truth inside a marriage, but theirs had problems that came out in several ways. Bryan is angry by what Jenny did, but she needed help to get away from him. She just went about it the wrong way. Bryan needs to get a reality check. He was abusive and I think they made a big mistake moving to Florida. Didn’t understand that at all. I am sure that Jenny’s family was very concerned about her. I wish them all well.

  40. Tony says

    You women are ridiculous. Go back and re-read this interview. He said he would go to counseling, he said he read books to try to figure out what was wrong with his marriage, then Bryan said there was no point because Jenny was basically gone. And all you women spin it like he didn’t do enough. The point here is women in general cannot just be happy. They have to find something to complain about and that’s their reason for cheating or doing whatever it is they want without apologizing. If a man makes a million dollars a year, your upset cause he works to much and is never with his family, if a man doesn’t make a lot of money but has a regular 9-5 job and spends time with his kids, your not happy because he only does what is required (9-5) and doesn’t go above and beyond. ALL YOU WOMEN ARE NEVER HAPPY. You wanna talk out both sides of your face. If a guy is tall you like that cause you can wear heels…..oh its so great, u love him, but when you get older its terrible because you feet hurt to much to wear heels and you always feel short and forgotten around your husband and oh my god pictures you guys are in look so bad cause your so short and he’s so tall. Im sure you think Im exaggerating but what I just typed was an actual complaint I heard from a women I work with and don’t tell me I dont know women. I’ve been a nurse for 6 years and I work with nothing but women and I hear them spit the same stories over and over about their men. YOU WOMEN ARE NEVER HAPPY. Maybe if you admit that then you can move through you problems with some passion and maturity. 99% OF WOMEN ARE NEVER HAPPY. They have glimpses of happiness but they are not and no one will ever make them happy because all those women are not happy with themselves. That’s the glass slipper and any woman (or man) who says differently is a liar.

  41. Samantha@IW says

    Tony- one of two things is going here. Either you know Bryan personally which would explain your outrage that requires ALL CAPS or you have some issues to work through all your own. You seem very bitter. If you truly believe that 99% of women are NEVER HAPPY, then you either have a rather warped view of the world or you need to surround yourself with a different group of women.

    Do you think any one would be happy with a spouse like Bryan? Editing didn’t make him come across as angry, selfish, petty, or generally difficult- his personality did.

    Just out of curiosity do you go around YELLING TO MAKE YOUR POINT in person as well?

    Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go complain IN ALL CAPS about how my husband is TOO tall, TOO handsome, makes TOO much money, loves me TOO much, is TOO wonderful a father.

  42. snickers says


    Well, I am a woman and I think my life is pretty good. No anger here at all. If you are a nurse, do you yell at your patients like this. If so, maybe you need a break! I’ll keep my hubby, no complaints here.

  43. Teresa E. says

    “The point here is women in general cannot just be happy. They have to find something to complain about and that’s their reason for cheating or doing whatever it is they want without apologizing.”
    Convincing oneself that all women are never happy is just a lame reason to never have to try to satisfy women or it’s to cover up that one has never been able to make a woman happy. Perceived futility is an excuse to be lazy or allows one to never have to admit failure in relationships. If that’s how you think, you are just setting yourself up for a self fulfilling prophesy and a future of failed relationships. You have to have hope and I wish you luck.
    By the way, is it possible that the women you work with are just venting and that’s not how they feel all the time? Do you really think it is statistically accurate to say that “ALL women are NEVER happy”?

  44. Deborah says

    I got the drift the move to Florida was to isolate Jenny from family & friends. Just my opinion of course. Its my opinion Bryan knew he was losing control of Jenny and that was the reason for the move.

  45. says

    Teresa E. – good points.
    Tony, I think I’d be more open to hearing your perspective if you didn’t speak in such absolutes. Not all stereotypes are completely without truth, but when you use words like “all” and “never” your argument falls apart.
    Deborah, I may be remembering things incorrectly, but I thought Jenny was just as gung-ho for the move to Florida as Bryan? Perhaps each of their motives were a little selfish, however. Even at the time, it seemed like such a risky move pretty much designed to fail.

  46. Deborah says

    Teresa, I had the feeling Jenny was just going along with it but I wouldn’t swear to it.
    Jenny just seemed pretty good natured and Bryan not so much. Its been so long ago. I just remembered when it came out about Bryan going to jail I thought to myself it was just the consequence of losing the control he thought was his.

    Ann, I only ‘do that’ when its my time of the month, not ALL the time.

  47. HB says

    I’d like to hear MORE about the 1%!
    Tony, I’d stick w. those slick pages of Playboy or the dark side of the internet. The rest could be taken care of w. Merry Maids, Domino’s Pizza delivery, & the local dry cleaners.
    Woe is me to think you might be that ‘nurse’ who visits anyone other than some ‘prostate’ recovery rooms.

  48. penelope tree says

    The move to Florida was just about the stupidest thing I have ever seen on television, and an obvious ploy on Big Bry’s part to remove Jenny from her loving family and caring circle of friends (two things Big Bry does not have and did not have back then…although I do like Bill, his dad, a lot). Another genius move from the person who thought it was a great idea to quit his well-paying job to become a “financial planner.” Guess that high-falutin’ University of Phoenix degree qualifies you for a lot more than swishing toilets at the local Jack in the Box! The whole thing made absolutely no sense. My favorite scam that Big Bry pulled is when he would spend literally days at a time away from the Simbric home (and his kids, and his wife), under the guise of “studying for the Series 7 test.” Ordinarily I would blame Jenny for not calling him out on that, but then I think that, were it me, I would be glad to be away from such a passive-aggressive closet case. Hey, “Tony,” I think you’re wanted in surgery…something tells me Jenny is plenty happy without your snazzy new salary.

  49. snickers says

    Well, if nothing else, Bryan has a good job to help support his children. I hope it’s more than lunch money for the kids everyday.

  50. penelope tree says

    One more thing, really quick: just read an article online where Jenny reports that Big Bry “was in school” when they were all in Florida. In school?!!!? Doing what?!!!? I thought he was a hot-shot “financial planner.” Was he going to school to figure out how to launch his political career, or what? So…Florida was about him moving Jenny away from family and friends, still having her do 100% of the support financially for the family, and still having her do 98% of the raising of the children and the house work, only this time without her family and friend support system. He’s an abuser, plain and simple. And a creep. This is the genius who was trying to take three of the kids along with a cache of guns out into the Arizona desert. “I’ll flatten you, old man!” Okay, Big Bry. Now get in the police car.

  51. penelope tree says

    Another favorite Big Bry moment (I have some time to kill right now, obviously): when BB actually had the audacity to argue politics, of all things, with Mr. Simbric. You know, as Mr. Simbric was traveling across the United States on Big Bryan’s Caravan Of Abusive Douchebaggery. As in, he was doing Big Bry a favor. “I’ll flatten you, old man!” What a badass!

  52. Maya, Sweden says

    Might not have been a mistake to move to Florida, even though it did look like it. Agreeing to it might have been good-natured Jenny’s only chance to let the conflict break out openly, providing her with a reason to leave. So in hindsight it might have saved her – and the kids – a lot more or maybe never-ending trouble …

    That’s why it’s tricky to label things as good or bad too early! We never stop learning, do we … Season’s greetings to all of you!

  53. Pam@IW says

    Season’s Greetings to you also and everyone who posted on this thread! Thank you for contributing to Imperfect Women. We sincerely appreciate it.
    Pam from Imperfect Women

  54. Christina says

    Many of you are blaming the rape victim for wearing a short skirt. Just because he was not the perfect husband, you think he deserved to be cheated on, a victim of adultry, and gave her a free pass to inflict lying/cheating/infidelity on her husband and children.

    Sad you think that way. Last I checked being a lazy whiner wasn’t breaking the ten commandments.

  55. Deborah says

    Gee Christina, I don’t remember Jenny doing any lying/cheating/infidelity. The way I understood it Jenny told him she started emailing with a old flame and that she felt a connection with him. That she was calling it quits with Bryan.
    I’m pretty sure Bryan being a lazy whiner wasn’t the most unlovable thing about him or what killed her desire for him.

  56. Ann@IW says

    I’m totally against inflicting lying/adultery on husbands and kids. It seems that whatever she did, Jennie acknowledged it and hasn’t defended it. But it’s clear she wasn’t going to stay in that marriage. I mean, come on, he had guns when he was arrested. He was OUT OF CONTROL.

  57. penelope tree says

    Also remember: this is how he behaved when he *knew* he was on camera. Gives you something to ponder, doesn’t it? I always loved when Big Bry would act like a total tool and then remember that the cameras were there simply because the cameras caught him in the act. A good example of this was their first day alone in Florida and Jenny was putting all six down for a nap while Big Bry was downstairs shoveling food into his creepy freaky hideous clown mouth.

  58. JennieIW says

    Christina, I can only speak for myself, but it’s not a matter of “deserve” for me. Neither of them are perfect people. I think Jenny acknowledged that she has made mistakes. I kind of wish Brian could acknowledge his part in things, but it seems like right now he is too angry (and hurt, probably). Maybe at some point in the future he’ll be able to let go of some of that anger. I hope so, for the sake of their children.

  59. Samantha@IW says

    Christina, comparing Bryan to a rape victim? Please. I don’t believe Bryan was the victim in this marriage. Jennie admitted her wrong doing, she acknowledges making a mistake. But she also told me the marriage was over at that point. Does it make it okay? No. But I don’t think she continue to be made a villain. All she can do is move forward and he should do the same.

  60. Diane says

    The people who keep yammering about infidelity, etc frighten me. It would appear that they are saying it doesn’t matter that Bryan was an abusive, disprespectful, self centered baby…Jenny should have just ‘sucked it up’ and drove on because that is the ‘Godly’ thing to do. I say that is nonsense.
    Bryan Masche did not honor his wife. He did not provide for her emotionally, physically, or financially. Their series showed him belittling her at every turn and putting the lion’s share of the burden of providing financial care on her shoulders. She would work hideously long hours and then come home for a very short period of sleep and then be expected to care for their children single handedly. What help she did have came from family and friends…which Bryan was very willing to deny her access to with his insistence of moving to FL. When they were in Florida she was the sole provider for Bryan and the children, and STILL he berated, insulted, and disrespected her. When they were doing their ‘counseling’ he admitted that he resented her having those children and the burden it put on HIS life.
    He is a spineless baby and if it were me and the choice was either stay married to him or risk eternal damnation, I’d roll the dice on the latter too.
    Should she have gotten into a relationship before divorcing him? NO. However, Bryan was breaking their marriage covenant LONG before Jenny was with his horrible behavior and hateful attitude towards his wife and children.
    This is not 2000+ years ago in the Middle East and thank goodness we don’t have to live by those laws. They were (and REMAIN) misogynistic and inhumane.
    Bryan would do well to seek serious psychological counseling to see if something can be done about his narcissism and stunted emotional maturity problems. Looking at the relationship with his father, as well as seriously facing his own true sexual orientation would go a long way towards helping his man face his past ‘demons’ and just might give him a fighting chance to one day be a decent, functioning adult.
    Until he does the tough work on himself, instead of blaming everybody else for his problems, he needs to keep his mouth shut because it simply underscores what so many people know: Bryan Masche is a broken individual with HUGE problems.

  61. penelope tree says

    Diane: applause, applause, applause.

    Someone forgot to tell Big Bry that the “head of the household” means you earn the title, not just bestow it upon yourself because you have delusions of grandeur and a penis. One of the most hilarious moments of Big Bry showing just what a poser he was was when he called a “family meeting” and then did nothing but whine about how he was “being disrespected.” Wouldn’t have been an issue, Bry, if you were truly Head Of The Household…that person commands respect (and gives it).

    Nope, Baby Creepyeyes preferred to see situations only how they pertained to HIM, and then cannot seem to figure out why his smoking-hot, adorable wife went off and got some on the side. I say this loud and clear: GOOD FOR HER.

  62. Samantha@IW says

    He is a spineless baby and if it were me and the choice was either stay married to him or risk eternal damnation, I’d roll the dice on the latter too.

    Best. Comment. Ever.

  63. Amy says

    Bryan makes my blood boil. I watch the rerun of the show and I don’t know how Jenny did it. I guess Bryan is bitter that Jenny moved on and is happier without him.

  64. Ann@IW says

    I like your vote for Best. Comment. Ever.
    Can I nominate this one?
    penelope tree:the “head of the household” means you earn the title, not just bestow it upon yourself because you have delusions of grandeur and a penis.

  65. SOR says

    I hope Bryan reads these comments. Maybe it will be a wakeup call for him. Get some help Bryan for your children, if not for you. They do not need to be exposed to your negativity. I speak from experience. A parent who is full of hate, will project that onto their children and the children will have to pay. Please do not rant and rave in front of your kids about their mother. You will be the one who comes out looking bad. Pull up your pants and take a big boy pill and get on with your life. Good luck in the future

  66. LindaLewis says

    Regarding Bryan’s comments that maybe God allows these things like divorce to come into our lives because He has something better for us down the road is a complete contradiction to what God says in His Word.
    God says He allows divorce because of the hardness of people’s hearts. The answer here is for the adults to grow up, treat each other as they would want to be treated and raise their children in a loving, secure home. It’s not rocket science and with God’s help it is completely possible.

  67. penelope tree says

    Another Big Bry moment: when he made the hand movements of “strangling” near Jenny’s neck at the therapist’s office, then sort of laughed and shrugged it off. No, Big Bry. There is nothing funny or endearing about strangling your wife. And no, Big Bry. The therapist is not on your side, so stop making little gestures toward her as if you two are in cahoots and Jenny is the problem. In fact, I wonder why the therapist didn’t stop you right then and there and asked you how you managed to stay in the closet for as long as you have.

  68. says

    All I have to say is; “Bryan is still an immature, self-centered, baby!” He is well portrayed on their show and Jenny always took the brunt of his smart a$$ jokes, laziness, and self absorbed “life goals”. I am so happy for Jenny and for the new man in her life. They seem to be on the right road to emotional and mental stability for those beautiful children and for Jenny herself.
    Bryan- Grow up and think of someone other than youself for once!

  69. Marajade says

    Yes he is very bitter & talked down to her & treated her badly on the show! He is a bitter douch bag! He & Kate Gosselin should hook up she was equally a douch bag & treated Jon like crap I just hope their babies are happy & grow up to be happy healthy adults. I also would like to commend Jenny’s parents for being so supportive. I’m glad she moved back to Phoenix good luck Jenny Grow up Bryan!

  70. penelope tree says

    I just noticed that Big Bry is wearing doctors’ scrubs in the photo with the kids (above). What, is he playing Surgeon now in his wonderful world of make-believe? Neener neener neener! I’ll show you, Jenny! You aren’t the only one who is a medical professional! I’m sure that rigorous schooling from University of Phoenix gave you lots of training! How’s the law career going? The run for office?

  71. Jane says

    I too watched episodes of this show on WE tv. Some people need to take the blinders off here, television programs such as this are produced to make money for their networks. Do we honestly believe that WOMEN’S ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK would not script their program to make women feel good about other women at the expense of men??? None of us lived with them, were neighbors, or family, we don’t know what happened when not behind the networks cameras. I have read the interview with Bryan, read the comments as well, yes he is bitter, who wouldn’t be. I have read Jenny’s Journey as well, Jenny portrays herself as a devoted Christian woman … must be a different God she believes in than me. She has an affair with a married man, breaks up her marriage and continues the same affair. While she is divorced, he is not. How do you, as a good Christian, expose your children to that. Bryan’s comments may be bitter but they show more concern for his children and family, Jenny’s … well it does seem to be all about look at me ….. As for his book, I doubt that 4 yr olds will be reading anything and trust me, when they are old enough they will know everything book or not. Bottom line on the book, until there is a published book, I feel it is unfair to judge it by its “cover”. Thank you Anya for an unbiased interview, well done.

  72. Diane says

    Wow, really? You don’t think the four year olds will be reading Bryan’s book? Nobody said they would.
    There’s Jenny’s perspective and Bryan’s perspective. I’m sure each is biased according their own views, experiences, etc. However, what you don’t hear from Jenny is her bashing her children’s father at every opportunity.
    You DO see that with Bryan. I’m sure those poor kids will hear a LOT by the time they are grown. From what *I* (and obviously from the comments here…others) can see it is Bryan who can’t let go or at least keep his yap shut in public about Jenny. If he is willing to say stuff like this in a public forum, imagine what he says to his children?
    You think Bryan has his children’s best interests at heart over Jenny, Jane? Really? Mmmmmm, sorry. I have to heartily disagree.
    Bryan is hurt (and I do understand that) but HE is the one who tanked his marriage. No, I am not a friend of the Masche’s, nor a neighbor or family member. If, however, you could watch their show and think that Bryan was a capable, loving spouse or father then you have an entirely different perspective on what that means.
    Yes, editing can slant things a certain way, but have you *really* sat and listened to the things Bryan said and did to Jenny? Calling her stupid? Whining about stuff when SHE was supporting the family? Griping because Jenny didn’t like the house in FL that Bryan did because of its proximity to the water and the unsafe conditions it presented for their children? He stormed off to sulk after verbally tearing into her, telling her, “They won’t ALWAYS be small!!” Ummmm, no….but they ARE small NOW, Bryan. Who had their children’s best interests at heart then, Jane? Surely not Big Baby Bryan.
    Yes, Jenny cheated. No, she shouldn’t have. She’ll have to live with that decision, not you, not me. Her cheating seems to be the tripping up point for those who don’t like Jenny.
    If it was ‘just’ her having to deal with Bryan’s infantile behavior and abuse, would THAT be enough to ‘justify’ her leaving or are you one of those people who believe that you stay married no matter how horribly you’re beaten up…on the inside or out?
    What does THAT teach impressionable children? Does it teach them that it’s okay to disrespect and demean your spouse or that if you ARE abused you just better sit and take it because otherwise you’re going to burn in hell? Give me a break. Use the common sense that God gave you.

  73. Baylor says

    I think by slant, they mean not showing all the bad stuff Jenny may have said or done herself. According to Bryan, she was actually physical with him and said and did things that were just as bad. Jenny could sue if he is lying. So, I doubt he is. He has also said the money situation was really distorted on TV and HE was the main breadwinner the majority of the time in their marriage.
    All I am saying, is that I’m sure Jenny isn’t as nice as they portryed her on TV and they BOTH need to do some work on themselves for the sake of the kids.

  74. Baylor says

    Oh, and Jenny ahs made many a passive agressive comment and said hurtful things about Bryan in interviews, etc. She just isn’t as obvious and out there about it.

  75. Desert Coco says

    I thought Bryan was very uncaring with the kids on the show. It’s not very adult to just ignore things that upset them, getting them up one at a time even though they were all crying, taking his time dressing each one, being very immature with Blake, etc. I can sure understand how Jenny felt. She is so much more mature in her comments. She certainly doesn’t bash Bryan like he does her. We all have anger and hurt feelings after a divorce, but if he thinks this is good for his kids, he is delusional. His anger comes across loud and clear and I’m sure the kids get their share of it. Jenny should have the court papers stipulate that neither parent (or new partners) speak badly of the other. As the kids get older they will tell Jenny and they won’t want to be with him over time. He’s hurting the kids. Too bad.

  76. rws says

    I watched this show a few times and would get so upset at the way Bryan treated Jenny. But I still liked watching to see how they were doing with the kids — maybe because I have twins and just cannot fathom 6 little ones at the same time.

    Brian, while I sympathize with you being cheated on, I am not surprised. I wondered how Jenny could take all that verbal and emotional abuse. I always wandered how much worse it got when the cameras weren’t even rolling! I couldn’t even imagine. She was always trying to appease and diffuse every conflict that you seemed to thrive on. She was always apologizing. She was taking the high road in almost all the fights you started most of the times. You were really mean to her even infront of the kids. It also seemed like your own relationship with your parents (dad specifically) was abusive. Wonder where you learned how to treat your spouse!

    I am sure Jenny is not without faults, but she didn’t deserve to be abused. How much longer did you think she was going to take it? Seriously!!! I feel bad for the kids but such a toxic and sick marriage isn’t the answer. Until you look at yourself really hard, you will find another Jenny and the cycle will repeat all over again…it’s not about Jenny, it’s about what and how YOU contributed to the failure of this marriage!

  77. Denise says

    All he says is how she contributed to the marital breakup and how he was a victim. From what I have seen on the show, he is just as guilty for the breakup due to his mistreatment of his wife.

    Yes, she shouldn’t have cheated on you, but you treated her like a 2nd class citizen before then.

  78. Baylor says

    Bryan has said repeatedly that he made mistakes and was trying to change. He did so much that at one point, Jenny told Levi via email that Bryan was being so kind and sweet that it was a turn-off. Yes, it was probably a case of too little too late. However, I think Bryans point was to get his side of the story out there and to let the public know that Jenny isn’t this perfect sweet devout Christian woman that was such a victim. He was trying to even the score. Right or wrong, I can’t say I blame him.

  79. Diane says

    Whatever Jenny’s shortcomings might be, publicly airing her dirty laundry and bashing her ex husband is not one of them.
    I don’t think anybody is holding Jenny up as the second coming of the Virgin Mary. The name of this very blog is IMPERFECT WOMEN. We are all imperfect. You know…that passage in the bible about he who is without sin casting the first stone? Sure, Bryan has every right to speak his mind when and wherever he chooses to do so, but the bottom line remains that when he does open his mouth, out spews childish, petulant, hateful dribble that only serves to make him look more idiotic. It also only further solidifies what so many people obviously find to be true: that Bryan thinks about BRYAN…not about his children and not about building a positive co-parenting relationship with his chidren’s mother.
    If he needs to ‘get his side out there’ he should do it in the privacy of a therapist’s office. Who cares what WE think? We don’t pay Bryan’s bills or care for his children nor do we have the ability to offer him either absolution or support for his past actions.
    Being dumped is tough. It hurts. But at the end of the day he can either choose to hold his head up and learn from his mistakes and commit himself to the very important task of being a good father to his children, or he can publicly whine and complain about Jenny and threaten to write books about their experience. To me, it is clear which path he is currently choosing and that makes him a loser in my eyes. Nothing that Bryan Masche has done publicly, from his actions on their television show to him giving self serving interviews, has done anything to change my mind about that.
    He made his own bed and now he has to lay in it. Hopefully, one day he’ll grow up and change his tune. For the sake of his children I hope that is sooner rather than later.

  80. KL says

    I’ve watched the show and from what I gathered, Jenny was pretty awesome at putting up a front. I’m pretty sure that while those cameras were off she was a completely different Jenny than what we all saw. I truly believe the only thing Bryan is guilty of is loving her too much. It was obvious to me that she is the type that, nothing you do, nothing you say will ever make her happy, at least with Bryan. Of course he is going to look horrible on the show, Jenny was extremely cautious of how she wanted to be protrayed and made damn sure she looked the poor innocent wife, so viewers would feel bad for her. They were married for 3yrs before they had children, she had plenty of time to get out, especially if she knew on her wedding day she was doing the wrong thing marrying him. I can only imagine the resentment she must have felt towards him, and I’m pretty sure she let him know it too. I believe she tore him to shreds and was verbally abusive to him behind closed doors because in her eyes he would never be good enough for her. But when it was time to be in front of family and friends it was a picture perfect relationship. I also think it was she who wanted to move to Florida to be away from Bryan’s family. I think his true colors showed on the show, which most people think is him being an awful person, but I think it was the result of a man being torn down by his wife behind closed doors. I don’t blame him for being the way he was towards her. A person can only take so much. She was kind of a nag in my opinion. Bryan seems the kind of guy with a sense of humor, I think he was more sarcastic towards Jenny with her emasculating ways. It also probably gave him the opportunity to be able to speak his mind without her giving a reaction because lets face it, when he was “verbally attacking” her, she just walked away. I would put money on it he got ripped to pieces once those cameras turned off. There seemed to be no winning with her, and speaking up in front of cameras was his way to attack her in retaliation of her ways of attacking him. I think from the get-go this relationship was not a healthy one, add 6 kids, a reality show, and the “keeping up with the picture perfect life” ultimately got to be too much for the both of them. I’m just giving my opinion of how I viewed the show, not judging because at the end of the day it is their lives and it doesn’t affect me one bit how they live it. I think this interview was brutally honest and truthful from Bryan, no holding back. I’m glad he got his side out because things are not always what they seem, even in reality TV land.

  81. AG says

    I agree that Bryan sounds quite bitter, and I hope he can work through that for his sake and for his children. Continuing to bash Jenny doesn’t help anyone.

    However, he certainly has reason to have been upset. His ex-wife seems to be having this “happily ever after” that she began putting into place before the end of their marriage. Although she doesn’t sound bitter in her interview, she is very negative toward him (more indirectly). If she felt like she couldn’t/shouldn’t get out of the marriage before they had children, why is it suddenly okay when they have six pre-schoolers? Oh– she found someone else who seemed better, that’s why.

    Too bad, all the way around. Since the past can’t be changed, hopefully Bryan can move on positively.

  82. Baylor says

    “not about his children and not about building a positive co-parenting relationship with his chidren’s mother.”

    According to Bryan, Jenny ISN’T being cooperative and is doing things behind his back that she agreed not to do. So… I don’t think we can say that she is looking out for the best interest of the kids or working towards a respectful positive coparenting relationship with her children’s father either.

    Also, she DOES bash Bryan just in a more indirect way and by re-entering the public eye she IS putting her dirty laundry out there.

  83. Jane says

    Wow, just heard from a friend of his that Levi posted that they got married, slipped off to CA with the kids for their event, minus family, that says something there I guess. Looks like he finally got his divorce so now their living together isn’t so immoral. I am very happy to see that at least one parent was smart enough to put a stop to prostituting the kids for the sake of “fame”. Some feel it is because he won’t get anything but I don’t buy that. People have commented that she reminds them so much of Kate G, could not agree more. Soooo many similarities, still all about look at me for both her and Kate. As a mother of grown children, they came first, not a spot light. I was accused out here of feeling that a woman should stay in an “abusive” relationship, that is laughable. I was raised by an abusive father and my husband was warned early in our relationship that would not be tolerated. It was a mute point with us. I have helped several close friends through that situation and always worked to keep the kids out of the line of fire. As for Bryan being abusive, once again, WOMEN’S ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK, no different than this site, would they ever make a woman look bad? It has been stated that behind the cameras Jenny was abusive in her own right, in her case it was also physical. I guess some women out here feel a double standard is ok. For me, I will sit back and see how long before her relationship with Levi fails, and it will when he doesn’t get his time in the spotlight. I find societies need to have a situation like this put in a glass bubble so we can all watch appalling. She is not a celebrity, certainly not a role model I would want my children to follow, and with her wanting to continue to put her kids out there … guess I question her motives as a mother. These are her’s and Bryan’s children to raise and protect, not to commercialize, rarely does any good come of that.

  84. snickers says


    So all your points taken, guess Byran and Jon were the pimps to their kids.You relly should volunteer in a shelter, nursing home, etc. to see real abuse, but saying that, you would say you do all that without proof to stand behind your words. Don’t look at the glass bubble, find a hobby or activity that makes YOU happy and quit judging others. Have a nice day!

  85. Deborah says

    That’s wonderful they got married Jane. I hope its true. Sounds to me like they had plenty of family there if all the kids were there.
    Wishing them the best.
    I couldn’t find it anywhere on on line tho.

    Also I’m sure glad Byran is in a higher tax bracket. Those kids are going to be needing plenty for their support. I’m sure Byran is more than happy too. He always seemed like the kind of guy that would give every dollar he could scrape up for his kids.

  86. Deborah says

    ahh sorry to butt in Snickers but I’m pretty sure Jane won’t be having a nice day until Jenny’s life crumbles.
    I picture her rubbing her hand together in anticipation of misery and pain and nothing less will do.

  87. Jane says

    It was not Bryan or Jon that continue to try to keep the children in the media rather than letting them lead normal lives, it is the mothers. After both lived through the damage “reality” tv did to their families it is amazing that both mothers push forward to continue to put their lives and the children out there. Kate went back to tv until she was cancelled, Jenny has said on numerous occasions that she wants to do another show. When someone puts themselves in the bubble intentionally they expect to be given celebrity status, along with that comes judgement. In both cases all you hear is “my” fans, not the family, not the children, just them. Before you are quick to judge me, what I have said has plenty to back it up, mostly from Jenny’s own mouth and actions. Jenny is an adult, what she does with her life is her’s to live with the results good or bad. I am not looking to see her crash and burn regardless of what some people may think. As a Christian woman, which Jenny claims to be, I am only concerned for what the children continue to be exposed to. As I said, Bryan and Jenny’s to raise, but more importantly, as parents, to PROTECT.

  88. snickers says


    I was not judging you, you were judging Mothers who chose how to feed and clothe their children. Normal lives is so old school, what is that? If Kate or Jenny want to have a TV show with their kids, so be it. Your not paying their bills, your not involved in their lives on a daily bases. Kids are exposed to ugly every day in life whether on TV or not. As a Christian women seems to be a beef with you, you really should get past your issues with others people’s life. I wish both families well, having opportunities for their children to excel in life.

  89. Jane says

    First, keep in mind, Jenny has a good job as does Bryan, the kids have scholarships so I don’t believe this is a necessity issue. However you still miss the point. Whether someone is judging negatively or positively, that is what people who choose to put their lives out in the public’s eye can expect to happen. That is what Kate, Jenny, or any other person putting their lives out there should expect, scrutiny. As long as they continue to do it, people will continue to judge, like it or not. You ask what is a normal life, it is organic, it happens, it is not scripted for its entertainment value. It should be expected that four year olds would have privacy in their lives, whether it is your child, mine or anyone else’s. Stop and think of all the young celebrities whose every move is watched, their arrests, relationships or rehabs. Obviously this lifestyle does not promote a stable environment. Even Michael Jackson had the good sense to keep his children protected from this. Yes, every child sees ugly, still it is the parents responsibility to lessen the exposure, not encourage it. There was a question raised here before, a valid one, if it were the father that had the affair, broke up two marriage and chose to continue to expose the children to the public eye against the wishes of the mother, would you feel the same? I can honestly say I would. And if there were a woman in Jenny’s situation that broke your marriage up and took your husband away from you and your children, would you be so quick to think it was such a wonderful thing? I certainly wouldn’t. I am willing to bet that Levi’s wife never saw it coming and certainly did not deserve what she was put through. You are free to believe what you wish, as am I. In my opinion, having it be acceptable here to judge Bryan but not Jenny, that is what is old school.

  90. says


    It’s their issues,not yours or mine. Leaving it alone and letting them deal with personal issues should be the concern for us. Just because someone has been on TV, gives no excuse to keeping bashing these families. Nuff said…..

  91. CJ says

    I never saw the show and nobody really knows what goes on in a marriage, save the two that are in it. It was a good interview Anya.

    What I find disturbing is Bryan’s willingness to air their dirty laundry and write a book that his children will read. Divorce is never easy on anyone, but the children should be protected at all costs. If there is a problem with custody arrangements, let the courts settle the issue.

  92. andrea says

    He treated her horribly from the start. And damn lazy Like someone said a slug. Look at episodes of the show to see how obnoxious you are Bryan

  93. JMB says

    I watched the show….he is NO angel. and to blame the breakup of his marriage on her is ridiculous! I don’t know how she stayed with him for 6 months! TOTAL ASSHOLE!

  94. Filly says

    Bryan NEVER had two jobs, 2 years he had no job
    He pays NO child support and got ALL property and vehicle
    Parenting plan NEVER gave him kids for 16 days, says 10 days
    Kids get very upset when they go see him because he trashes their mom
    He continues to be unreasonable, abusive and hateful
    He was abusive long before kids came

  95. Filly says

    Bryan obviously cares more about himself than hurting the kids. The show was not scripted, what you saw was exactly how it was. Jenny is an amazing person who never ever said a bad word about him, supported everything he wanted to try and took his verbal abuse. He complained about her constantly, unorganized, always wants to go blah blah blah. He has a funny way of showing love

  96. snickers says


    How can he not pay support. He has a great job, so I would think the court would make him pay cs??

  97. Linda knight says

    Bryan needs to watch every back episode,sitting quietly, alone then he just may realise how cruel, nasty, lazy and childish he was to Jenny. Bryan get help professional help.

  98. Ozz says

    HERE WE GO AGAIN!!!! can you – @ TLC- please get this family off and dear Kate, who is getting worse by the moment, have just seen the episode of Madam and the Brat Pack in the Grand Canyon and her behaviour and the Brats is disgusting, and SHE STILL CAN’T OR WON’T SEE IT!!!! It is always someone else, hey it’s not it’s her!!!! Spare us from this other “Wonderful MOM” LOL, Get them off and give us some decent viewing. It is all down to the almighty dollar and it really does have to stop, in my opinion it is getting boring boring boring!!!! and I do not think these families should be allowed to continue “milking” their families. The Gosselin kids are brats and the Masche mob are heading the same way.

  99. Kmom2 says

    Ozz….don’t know where you’ve been for the last 2 years or so, but Kate and her children haven’t been on the air for well, about 2 years now. I’m sorry you are so angry towards 2 families you’ve never met. I’m also sorry that you think such sweet kids are so bad. Mostly I’m sorry because you are obviously completely out of touch. I hope your life gets better and you can move on from being such an angry person.

  100. Sara Harris says

    Hi, Bryan thanks for sharing your perspective. I was a fan of the show. Also, I live in FL very close to where you and Jenny lived. I went through fertility treatments and now I have twin boy toddlers so I know multiples are a challenge.
    I’m glad to hear the other side of the story. While you weren’t the perfect husband, who is? If Jenny was unhappy, marriage counseling would have been a much better solution. Seeking comfort in another married man is not the answer. I don’t get it. As I tell my husband (he isn’t jealous, just when we talk about our friends) I don’t understand breaking up your family just because you are interested in another person’s genitals. I can’t blame him if the arrest was over learning of his wife’s infidelity. I would cause a scene too if I learned my spouse was cheating on me. Yes, he is bitter. But hopefully time will heal his wounds and he can meet someone else.

  101. Tonya says

    Did he say he goes into surgery and “teaches the surgeons” and advises them about the implant? Hold on…..I needed that laugh! Not a chance in hell! I have never seen ANYONE with such little self awareness. Look, I don’t approve of adultery but his ex deserves a freaking METAL!! I would have lost my mind!!

  102. judy says

    i watched the show and i feel that they were both putting up a good front for the public.
    i agree with Bryan when he said Jenny had enough time to leave the marriage before the children came into the picture. I like Jenny but she shouldn’t have cheated, and wow shes already remarried and pregnant again, that was real fast!
    yes Bryan is beyond bitter and he should just accept that its over and just worry about the kids. Saying things like Jenny and Levi will never be happy or will never last only makes him the mecca of all Douchebaggery, LMAAO yup, douchebaggery is now a term! LOL

  103. Leara says

    Oh Im really sad about this. We are years behind in Australia with this series and I’ve only just watched series 1. Wish I hadnt googled now. I thought Jenny was awesome, thought Brian was a typical father who left most of the parenting stress to the mother. But never thought it would all end so badly. Not sure about reality tv, it really is so fake. But having said that, the USA doesnt have the welfare resources that my country has, so having to juggle working and raising sextuplets and needing to go into reality television to pay the bills would have been very very stressful.

  104. Lilly bonnie says

    First of all I have not read Jenny’s interview .
    I have not watched the show in a few years but id say i probably ended up watchin about half .

    This is what I think
    . It probably the best idea for Brian to to this .
    . Jenny should have talked to friends / family / doctor instead of staring the affair.
    . If Molli isn’t coping she should probably see a child pychologist with her parents ( seperetly )the sooner the better .

    .I NEVER once got the feeling Brian was abusive , however I did sometimes get the feeling that Jenny was stuck up BUT I think that was just how the show made them out to be as so with many of you believing brian was abusive , the show did often make it out that jenny was the good guy and brain was bad guy – it’s television
    also im not defending him entirely for his grounds for arrest – he did something wrong , he was upset , angry would have felt betrayed but he learnt from the it .
    people do actually deserve second chances . :)

  105. Stevie says

    In my opinion Bryan is a lazy, self centred, selfish pain in the butt who needs to grow up. His children will read all those horrible things he said about their mother but that won’t bother him. While watching the show I kept wondering why she stayed married to him. It is hardly surprising she left for someone else who could show her love. His family are unlikely to be unkind to Jenny because they know how much she had to put up with. His father told him “get a job – anyone can flip burgers” but Bryan was too full of himself to do that. If Bryan doesn’t change any and all future marriages will end in failure too. In the show he said that he had wanted to sit for a local political seat and even for Congress – a perfect example of his arrogance.

  106. says

    Funny as it sounds..I just got done (again) watching “Kramer-VS-Kramer” and this time , I saw so much Turmoil between the Husband & Wife when they were going to Court for the Custody of their son. What I am trying to say is, put your own feelings aside when it comes to your Children…they ALWAYS come first no matter what!! A Job, Money, Car & Materials DO NOT MATTER…I was always told that Materials can be replaced, not your Family & Health. Bryan needs to get over himself & face Facts of Life.

  107. sherry says

    I am disgusted at Jennys behaviour if Bryan is upset he has every right to be, yes everyone has flaws but did she not realise these when she married him? yes Bryan can be difficult but what about his positives? how many men do you actually see making the sacrifices he did? Jenny is a selfish person who couldn’t care less about anyone but herself and if she wasn’t why didn’t she give the marriage a go after Bryan forgave her? what did she not care about the impact of the break-up on her children? what exactly did Bryan do to her that was so bad that she couldnt give the marriage another go? she has just destroyed him and gone to live happily ever after. It is evident Bryan is a sensitive character who would find this break-up exceptionally difficult and she couldn’t care less about the consequences of this for Bryan or their children. I wish Bryan every success in life he is an amazing person and I hope he finds a person who is truly worthy of him. I also know Jenny will eventually get bored of her new life and will try to find another adventure (new man) hopefully Mr McClendon will beat her to it (find another woman) so she too can understand the hurt she has caused to those who loved her most.

  108. Diane says

    Sherry, you are either a woman who has a crush on Bryan, is dating him, or you’re his mother. My guess is you’re the latter. He got what he deserved. Hopefully he’s learned from this experience.

  109. Alice says

    As someone that knew them both when I lived in Havasu, I would say the only thing Jenny was ever worried about was money. She also was a touchy feely person and just never seemed to really fit in to the mold of being a wife to someone that had the education and went on to get their Phd from Phoenix College. I believe Bryan had his children’s best interests as somehow he obtained a van for them to be driven around in would take one or two of his children with him to certain places to visit and once Jenny showed up with two of the daughters when he was visiting the office I worked in for a Doctor. Bryan brought us lunch and to show us his children. He cared very deeply about being able to provide for his children and yes his attitude was a little different after the births of his children, but I feel it was because he wanted to provide for his children and be a good Dad. Jenny had a surgery after having the six children which was provided at no cost to her to help her look better and not have stretch marks. The Mayor of Lake Havasu City’s wife threw a baby shower for them just before the children were born. A lot of people provided gifts to them which was very nice. They were like any other young couple had a nice home in a good neighborhood, good neighbors, a wonderful church that they belonged to and were very Christian. They both always treated everyone kindly and the way they wanted to be treated. I do not believe in adultery being a Christian nor breaking up another couple’s marriage, I do not believe in domestic violence and my main concern is that they both take care of their children with love and guidance and work together on that issue although they are no longer together. Their children need them both in their lives and they need to be civil to each other so that the children can sense that their parents really care about them as they are the most important people here. Bryan, I truly hope and pray that you find the right woman to have in your life as no one your age deserves to be alone. It is not always easy for someone my age either being a widow almost 5 years but I would rather live alone than to be with the wrong man for the wrong reasons. Jenny I wish you peace but please try to work with Bryan regarding your children and although you have a new child with your present husband you have two dads to work with regarding your own children. I wish your family well and will continue praying for you all as sometimes life is very difficult.

  110. Diane says

    You make getting a degree from Phoenix University sound like some Ivy League accomplishment. If Bryan can get a PhD from them then anybody could.

    Also, if you worked in a doctor’s office, you are bound by HIPAA laws and really shouldn’t be talking about who visited.

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