Reality TV Round-up

While things are quiet in the Gosselin world right now, we thought we would spend some time discussing the upcoming episodes of some of our other favorite reality TV shows.

    Sunday Night

“Sister Wives” at 10:00 p.m., TLC

Courting a Fourth Wife
Kody heads south to court his potential fourth wife, Robyn. Meanwhile back home, the wives express their true feelings about their new possible sister wife as they make preparations for Christine’s new baby.

Wives on the Move
Kody and his teenage daughters throw a birthday party for his new fiancée, Robyn. Meanwhile, 1st wife Meri struggles with feelings of jealousy as the whole Brown clan moves Robyn and her anxious kids closer to the family home.

    Monday Night

Dancing with the Stars, at 8:00 p.m., ABC
Third week of competition. Going to tune out Bruno and just watch the dancing!

Hoarders: Kathleen; Margree, at 10:00 p.m., A&E
A hoarding woman may lose her daughter; a groom never moved in to his wife’s cluttered house.

Real Housewives of Atlanta, at 9:00 p.m., Bravo
Season 3 Premiere! Kim reveals her affair in the tabloids; Dwight is spreading rumors about NeNe; Shereé pursues a dream to act; Kandi enters the dating scene.

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  1. Jennie@IW says

    I watched the first episode of Sister Wives; it was pretty good. I’ll watch the second one tomorrow. Definitely will watch DWTS tomorrow night.

    I may watch RHOA; Anya’s been twisting my arm.

  2. Lily@IW says

    I watched Sister Wives last night. It’s a little overwhelming since it is so different. I missed one short part, but I caught the first wife saying that she would not take her daughter away from her family. That and devotion to her values was what was keeping her there. That’s what I’m pretty sure I heard. It was sad, she crying. The new wife that Kody is bringing into the family, must have been having it hard as a single mom of three. Her son suffers from Aspergers and she was worried about how the change to his schedule would affect him. She got weepy too often for me. One thing that really caught my attention was that Kody said he had been courting Robyn(?) four months and that was a long time according to polygamist standards. That doesn’t sound good at all. I will keep watching.

    Anyone watch Teen Mom? I just started this season. I was very surprised at what was aired of Amber and Gary. It made me sick to watch. Amber should have already been arrested for DV. That was just sickening how she hit, screamed and humiliated Gary.

  3. Nancy@IW says

    I watched Sister Wives, too, and feel the same way, Lily. Robyn seems a bit unstable/overly emotional about Kody. Kody is just plain smarmy to me. And, yes, Lily, the first wife sounded like she wouldn’t be there at all anymore if it weren’t for their daughter.

    I’ll continue watching – but I’m not sure for how long.

  4. Mary G says

    I watched both episodes of Sister Wives last night. I hope the wives are happy and fulfilled. Several of their comments indicate they are not satisfied by the time/attention they receive from Kody, even though they say nice things about his efforts. They do seem to be fulfilled by the care and support they receive from each other.

    I just can’t get over the feeling that Kody has it made. I think if the wives actually watch these episodes, they will be even more upset about his obvious school-boy infatuation with Robyn. She makes him “melt”. However, if the most important aspect to them is the family and sisterly bond, then these shows make that understandable to me.

    As far as these edited shows are revealing, it seems to me that Janelle is less emotionally dependent on Kody than Meri, Christine, or Robyn. When Janelle’s daughter Madison expresses that a polygamous marriage is not what she wants for herself, it is the highlight of the shows for me. She said she loves her current polygamous family, but she wants a monogamous relationship for herself. She said this confidently, in front of Robyn, which to me indicates she is able to be her own person and express her views in this family.

  5. Nancy@IW says

    I’m curious to know if Kody grew up in a polygamous family. I know Robyn did as she admitted it. Janelle did not – but mentions they met in Wyoming where Kody and his parents lived (I guess they moved to Utah at some point.) Meri and Kody married very young. I would love to know more about their upbringings.

  6. Craftymomof3 says

    Thanks for the link Nancy! I had wanted to watch it. FLDS people can be a bit extreme in some cases. What a lot of people don’t notice about polygamous lifestyles is how the men are actually quite disposable. I know people don’t think it often but except for the extremists women have a lot of power in these relationships.

  7. Ann@IW says

    Funny you mention that CraftyMom…I was just thinking about this arrangement and wondering why they even bother with the husband? I wonder if he is just a cheap sperm donor…not really a mate/partner?

  8. Craftymomof3 says

    It really seemed that way a bit, especially for the 3rd wife. I didn’t watch the two from last night I will after kiddos go to bed.

  9. Craftymomof3 says

    You are sooo right Nancy and Lily. I watched this last night. Does that woman speak with out crying??? LOL Seems like a very emotional family. IMO the wives seemed the most angry with the time he was spending away from the family house. Not so much with the additional wife. I am absolutely certain that’s going to change when she moves closer. I think there is going to be conflict down the road. LOL Which is why TLC has it on it’s schedule!

  10. snickers says

    Wow, Jimmy, could you post without using fowl language. Grow up!!! Maybe you would like to try and kick her to the curb. Sorry, but you are a women, men would have no interest in posting on this site. Shame on you!! You are just like the bully in the playground, look what has happened this week with bullying.

  11. snickers says

    Cindy, please come back and post when Jon has a job, a house for his kids, beds to sleep in etc. Until then, I think Jon would have a problem loving anyone besides himself. IMO.

  12. Pam@IW says

    Cindy and Jimmy were the same person. I guess Cindy needed some back up so she created Jimmy to help her. They can both give each other high fives somewhere in trash cyberspace.

  13. Mariposa says

    I agree with your assessment of DWTS………except I’m pretty much going to tune out CarrieAnn as well. Her fake tears and obvious bias are a bit much for me to take.

    I’m a bit concerned about Jennifer Grey to be honest. I like her, like her dancing, but does it seem to anyone else like she’s on drugs or something??? Seems almost like she loses focus when in conversation or something, doesn’t it??

  14. Lily@IW says

    There were new Sister Wives on tonight. I’ve missed 15 min of the first one. Now, I have to stay up. So, in one episode Christine is having a baby and the next Kody is celebrating 20 years of marriage w/Meri.

    It’s all so different, I just sit and watch taking it all in.

  15. shannon says

    I’m new here but wanted to share a few things about Sister Wives. Being from Utah we get to interact with them at times, seeing them in town, shaopping, living next door. There is always jealousy in the families, but they work it out in time. The women, most them, do truly care about eachother and are friends. The first wife must approve of all other wives, Kody does not get final say. If at any time the other wives said no, she isn’t right for our family, Kody would have had to walked away. You have to keep in mind that this is a spiritual thing for them. To them this is their calling. As a side note to this, Kody, Merri, and the other wives are all from polygmist families. This family is on their own, they are not members of FLDS church.

    I support how they want to live their life, raise their children, and such.

  16. Kiki says

    The Brown family is going to be on Oprah today. She is going to talk to some of the older kids, as well as the adults.

  17. Lily@IW says

    Thanks Kiki, I may have to catch that. I am interested. I have also went back to the beginning of the MTv’s “Teen Mom” to “Sixteen and Pregnant” I really like the show’s educational aspect of what it’s really like as teen mother and as a teen couple. I see it as very enlightening for teens.

    Welcome Shannon, thanks for those details. This is all new information to me and that answered some questions. I didn’t realize the wives had veto power. I am impressed with the relationship shown between the women and the dedication they display towards their beliefs.

  18. Paige says

    I am a big fan of Project Runway. Michael C. has been very inconsistent but so have Gretchen and Andy. I did not feel bad for April, she seemed rather arrogant by the end and her dress did look like a Halloween witches costume.

    I am rooting for Mondo though Gretchen’s good stuff is probably the only clothes I would really wear.

  19. Sue says

    Paige – I agree with the judges, April’s clothes were generally the same version over and over again. I never really liked Gretchen’s clothes I think mainly because I don’t like her color choices. They just seemed bland to me. Plus, she aggravates me with her I-know-it-all attitude :). I think I really like Andy’s good stuff the best.

  20. Jennie@IW says

    I love Mondo; I want him to win.

    Gretchen gets on my nerves, and I don’t really like her “aesthetic” as she would say.

    I’ve always just been pretty neutral on Andy – clothes-wise and personality-wise.

    I admit to a weakness for Michael C. simply because other contestants have been so hard on him. He *seems* like a nice guy but the story that I’ve heard a bit behind the scenes is that he’s not as nice as he comes off on camera. I don’t know; I’ll still give him credit for knowing how to behave when the cameras are rolling (IVY). He does somehow seem to luck into good designs but overall I’m glad he’s made it to the final four.

    I don’t feel too bad for April; she was okay, design and personality-wise, but it kind of bugged me that she made it sound (to Tim) like she was keeping in mind that she needed to do something different, and then she ended up putting out something that was *so* reminiscent of her past work. That just seemed dumb.

  21. Lily@IW says

    FYI to those of us watching “Sister Wives”. There’s 2 new episodes tonight.

    Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Great weather for us and all the leaves are changing fast.

  22. Jennie@IW says

    I didn’t realize this was the season finale of “Sister Wives.” It was entertaining enough for me to hope it comes back – I’d like to see more after Robyn is settled in with the family.

    Though Kody started getting on my nerves again – the whole bit with him revealing that he’d helped pick out the wedding dress was so clueless and obnoxious of him.

  23. Lily@IW says

    I didn’t realize that was the finale either. Very short series. It was nice to see the ladies working together. As for Kody, I can see why he wanted to be honest. It’s best to get it out, but I don’t know if I agree w/how he revealed it. He shouldn’t have kept it a secret for so long. It put “new wife” (some day I will get all their names) in a bad light as the experience the wives had shopping together for the dress, was a farce. I did think his “reveal” was going to be something else though. I was kind of surprised that was it he had picked out the wedding dress. I can see why it was upsetting. I like how they all discuss and make group decisions. Wonder if there will be episodes coming?

  24. Sue says

    Did anyone else cry when Michael C. got kicked off? I felt so bad for him. I’ve never seen anyone look as devastated as he did. And I have to say, I loved the shirt and pants he showed. As for the clothes, seriously, Gretchen with the MC Hammer pants in an animal print???? I really don’t get her. Mondo’s bizarre circus idea scares me but I loved the B&W print he came with. And Andy’s bikini left me scratching my head. Where was the sophistication of the bikini/dress/cover up that was my favorite look of the year?

  25. Anya@IW says

    Did anyone else cry when Michael C. got kicked off? I felt so bad for him

    Me too! I could hardly watch. It was really raw. I still think Michael has a lot to be proud of. He outlasted nasty Ivy and several others. I like that he doesn’t overthink his clothes – just classic and well made.

    Gretchen – Blech to both her personality and her clothes.

    Andy’s a nice guy, but his clothes don’t do anything for me (even if I am not his target market, LOL). Strange that he would show a bikini as one of the pieces to make it to the final.

    Some of Mondo’s stuff is out there, but I do think he is the most talented of the group. I also like that he started out quiet and unsure of himself and his confidence grew. He seems like a kind person too.

  26. Anya@IW says

    Sue and anyone else – what do you think of Housewives of Atlanta.

    Kim and NeNe are still the same and are pretty entertaining, IMO.

    I was glad we finally got to see Sheree’s older daughter. For the longest time, it seemed like she was hiding her. She’s a beautiful, accomplished young woman. News flash – nobody believes you are 30-something anyway, Sheree.

    Phaedra, Phaedra, Phaedra. I don’t even know where to start. What about her bizarre belief that only white people eat canned food?!?

  27. snickers says

    Anya——-I watched the show and I have to give a high five to NeNe for calling her son out for his bad behavior. This show really is more about the housewifes than the families.

    Kim’s daughters are beautiful, but I look for trouble to come for the oldest one. She is kind of sneaky!!

    The new one who is a lawyer, she is walking pretty tall so far. Wonder how long that will last. LOL

  28. Sue says

    Phaedra – Oh my Gosh! Please. She reminds me of the one from Season 1 (DeShawn?), who kept saying how important she was (remember her interviewing for a house manager???) Don’t they know that their fake air of self importance doesn’t fool anyone? (See, it’s not just Kate who drives me crazy when she says something for effect lol! And don’t even get me started on Theresa from RHONJ!)

    So far I like this season better than the last one. It seems as if their egos have calmed down a little – ok maybe not Dwight lol. I liked seeing Sheree’s daughter too. I can’t believe that Kim didn’t pay Candy for all the help she did for her song – that’s pretty low and I can’t wait to see what happens when they try to collaborate on another song. (I actually can’t believe she’s even willing to do it again!) I love NeNe – and I’m sorry to hear about the trouble her and Greg are having. I hope it gets better.

  29. Jennie@IW says

    I am really over Gretchen on Project Runway. I didn’t like her personality before, but I felt like I understood why she was a front runner. I don’t know; I guess I feel like has her sensibility has come to the fore she’s really dropped as a designer in my eyes. Her style is just not high fashion or that attractive, IMO. I wish Michael had made it to the final three, instead. I liked the looks he brought to the final runway.

  30. Sue says

    Her style is just not high fashion or that attractive, IMO. ~ Jennie

    YES!!!!!!! Every time the judges would gush over her work, I would think what am I missing????? I hate her color palette and the cut of the clothes. I keep thinking, this is what I wore in the 80s, what is so wonderful about that????

  31. Paige says

    LOL! I like Gretchen’s clothes. They may not be high fashion but I feel like I could wear them. I am too short for Michael’s drapy clothes and some of his other are too costumy. Mondo’s are gorgeous (he should win) but way too loud for me. I could not wear most of his prints. AS for Andy, the warrior and ruffle looks are not me. I guess I am more granola than anything else.

    I did feel bad for Michael but I would have for any of them who went at that point. Each had a compelling story, a big dream, and worked hard. It would not have been easier for me to see Gretchen or ANdy go.

  32. Anya@IW says

    Don’t they know that their fake air of self importance doesn’t fool anyone?

    Oh, I know! Sheree does it too, but she is a little more likeable in general, so it doesn’t bother me.

    Yeah, Kandi is a sweetheart. Hopefully, she received some compensation from Bravo? I don’t know if she would be entitled to any royalties as the writer?

    I was laughing so hard at NeNe sitting her son (Bryce?) down for a talk:

    “You went and got yourself arrested!!”….Followed by complaints that he doesn’t pick up after himself around the house. Except for the “arrest” part it sounded exactly like the conversations my 19-year-old and I have!

  33. Anya@IW says

    Paige, I hear you. Gretchen’s clothes are probably the most wearable – especially for the 99% of the female population that is over age 20 and whose dress size is above zero! She has some good ideas. I don’t think the three pieces she chose to represent her were her best looks. Even though I think Mondo deserves it, it would be nice to see something spectacular from the other two.

    Looking forward to Thursday’s final!

  34. MaryNGG says

    First, I want to say in non-imperfect telegram form that I am already used to the new format of the site and notice 2 things in particular. It is easier and faster to navigate and you see many more of your articles…ones that might have gotten buried before. It does seem a bit more impersonal now, but I imagine your regulars will be posting more in the coming days, and you will probably pick up many new posters.

    Thanks to pattypie I now know how to increase the size of my screen…that satisfied my “learn something new every day” for yesterday. Thanks to Paige pointing out the new Radar post on Ellen Ross’ blog, one of the new things I’ve learned today is that it is gaining popularity…go figure. Kiki pointed out the cool effect of seeing what you type in 2 places…I wasn’t scrolled down far enough to see that before…that IS entertaining!

    Oh yeah, I chose this article to post on because I voted for the first time this year on DWTS, for Jennifer and Derek. I also voted a few times for Kyle and Lacey. I agreed with judges that Bristol improved. Jennifer has not been a favorite, but I thought Carrie Ann was much too harsh to her, and she is obviously an excellent dancer. I had been a fan of Audrina, but I agreed with judges that she has just not been bringing the personality to the dances. I voted for the 2 sets of dancers I look forward to seeing the most each week. My password for the ABC site is still very much tied to the Kate and Tony pairing, since that’s when I started voting. I guess I need to change it.

    Go Mondo!

  35. Pam@IW says

    Thanks MaryNGG,

    One of the reasons we wanted to make the switch was so other posts would be noticed. Especially since people do put a lot of time and effort into writing them.

    I have not watched DWTS this season but I have followed some of it on the web. I was shocked that Tony and his partner were eliminated. I saw their interview on Ellen and I thought they had a chance to win the whole thing. I see where you agreed with the judges. I wish I would have watched this season but I was out of town for awhile. I still haven’t watched the episodes of Sister Wives.

    I love that tip from Pattypie. I am using it all the time now.

  36. MaryNGG says

    Pam, thanks for your response. Have you heard from others that the email notifications come the next day? Maybe that’s not a difference, since I had only started using that feature on my last handful of comments.

    October has been busy for us, too, in a good way, so I hope your travels were also for fun.

    The last Sister Wives I watched was the one where we were introduced to the 4th wife (when she was just a prospective wife). I definitely have the live and let live philosophy about most things (if no one seems to be being hurt), but Kody’s obvious infatuation with the new one bugged me, so I decided not to watch anymore.

  37. Pam@IW says

    When we upgraded to our own server it created some issues that we have not been able to resolve. One being comment notification. It is frustrating for us and our IT guy.

    My travels were a lot of work, LOL. I went back home and helped my parents move out of a home they have lived in for almost 55 years and into an apartment. Then spent time getting the house ready for sale. One of the reasons I retired was so I could have the flexibility to help my parents with some of this stuff. I was glad to be able to help them.

  38. MaryNGG says

    That sounds like a bittersweet event, Pam, since it was your childhood home. If it weren’t for my sister and her husband living with my parents, they would not be in their home of 52 years.

  39. Paige says

    I was shocket Gretchen won Project Runway but am glad she did. I really do like her clothes (except for the underwear shorts).

  40. Joy says

    I too was shocked that Gretchen won but to be honest I was extremely disappointed. I didn’t care for her collection at all and there were very few things during the whole season that I liked what she did. I also didn’t like her cocky attitude and her constant sniping at the other contestants. I feel sorry for her for what she has been going through but this is based on talent and the collection and I honestly thought Mondo should have won.

  41. Ann@IW says

    Thanks to pattypie I now know how to increase the size of my screen…that satisfied my “learn something new every day” for yesterday.-MaryNGG

    I love this motto! I am helping with carpooling the Korean exchange student to his high school twice a week (what’s one more?) and I swore I would learn some basic Korean this year…
    I’m no good, and he’s not really into “teaching” me anything, so I’ll try to learn something else.

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