Reality TV/ Non Reality TV – What Are You Watching?

By Pam

I did a Google search for the names of the Reality TV shows currently active in 2011 and I was shocked. There are so many! Reality TV certainly seems to have taken over.  I have to admit that I am not a real big Reality TV show junky. I watch my share. Hoarders, Sister Wives, Super Nanny and a few of the Pawn shows.  Occasionally, I will catch a Cops and yes, that  reminds me that I really liked the Police Women of Broward County last season.

Reality TV, love it or hate it, it appears that it is not only here to stay but is multiplying in leaps and bounds.

My thing really is non Reality TV. My husband and I watch so many shows that we can hardly keep up. We record and then use a Friday night or Saturday to catch up. At one time, we would use the summer months to catch up on our recorded shows that we were unable to see during the regular season. It worked out well since there was usually not a great deal of quality shows in the summer. However, things have changed and with all the new networks out there it seems like new seasons start at all different times of the year. There also seem to be an abundance of non Reality TV shows out there to watch. Right now, Sons of Anarchy, Parenthood and The Good Wife are at the top of my list.

How about you, what shows are you watching? Reality TV or non Reality TV. Do you know of any good documentaries out there? Please feel free to use this thread as an open discussion for whatever shows you would like to talk about.

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