Reality TV/ Non Reality TV – What Are You Watching?

By Pam

I did a Google search for the names of the Reality TV shows currently active in 2011 and I was shocked. There are so many! Reality TV certainly seems to have taken over.  I have to admit that I am not a real big Reality TV show junky. I watch my share. Hoarders, Sister Wives, Super Nanny and a few of the Pawn shows.  Occasionally, I will catch a Cops and yes, that  reminds me that I really liked the Police Women of Broward County last season.

Reality TV, love it or hate it, it appears that it is not only here to stay but is multiplying in leaps and bounds.

My thing really is non Reality TV. My husband and I watch so many shows that we can hardly keep up. We record and then use a Friday night or Saturday to catch up. At one time, we would use the summer months to catch up on our recorded shows that we were unable to see during the regular season. It worked out well since there was usually not a great deal of quality shows in the summer. However, things have changed and with all the new networks out there it seems like new seasons start at all different times of the year. There also seem to be an abundance of non Reality TV shows out there to watch. Right now, Sons of Anarchy, Parenthood and The Good Wife are at the top of my list.

How about you, what shows are you watching? Reality TV or non Reality TV. Do you know of any good documentaries out there? Please feel free to use this thread as an open discussion for whatever shows you would like to talk about.

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  1. Pam@IW says

    Michael Lohan, who was on this past season on Celebrity Rehab ( I forgot to add that on my list of Reality TV shows I watch) was arrested for domestic abuse last night. It appears that it involves Kate Majors.

  2. Kmom2 says

    I am glued to the tv on Monday and Tuesday nights watching Dancing with the Stars. I have always watched that show and while I love it, this season has been a big disappointment for me. I also watch The Office and have been catching reruns of The Big Bang Theory on TBS. I never watch that show normally, but it’s very funny.

  3. snickers says


    I have been following Sister Wifes, reality is real for them. I see a crash coming with this family. The rest of the TLC shows are rather boring, who needs 300 pkgs of Tic Tacs in a drawer. I also have watched Lisa LIng on OWN, she always has a good coverage of a topic. This past Sun. was very interesting involving plural marriage in Utah and in this branch the women pick their husbands and no one is married before they are 19.

    I have become engrossed in Revenge, a new ABC show. I am sorta of a news junkie, so watch Fox news and CNN.

  4. Kmom2 says

    Oh I did watch Long Island Medium on Sunday. Has anyone else seen this? I liked it and I’m gonna watch it again.

  5. Pam@IW says

    Kmom2, what do you think of The Office without Michael Scot?
    Snickers, I posted in the Sister Wives thread that I had just watched Sunday night’s show. What is up with the preview for next week? Are Robyn’s children having issues in the family? I missed the special by Lisa Ling. I remember you commenting about it and I was going to record it and I forgot.
    Saw the previews of Long Island Medium and thought about recording it but I did not. Just not enough time to watch them all.

  6. Pam@IW says

    Storage Wars is one that my husband talked about adding to our list and I am not sure why we didn’t. I will have to do that. I know that would be something I would be interested in.

  7. Kmom2 says

    OH I still like it. I love the way they shoot the show and the characters are still great, but I miss Michael Scott. There’s definitely a missing piece there. “That’s what she said!”

  8. Marnie says

    I’m tuning into Prime Suspect (with Maria Bello, love her) and Person of Interest (with Jim Cavizel (sp?) *swoon*). Both are very good, but I thought Off The Map was good too and it didn’t get picked up!!

    I just can’t get into Survivor this season, I wish they’d stop bring back former contestants! I’m liking Sister Wives, the dynamics are interesting.

  9. Sage says

    I don’t watch a lot of scripted shows. I am mostly an old movie junkie and check TCM to see whats on before I look at anything else.
    I do watch Sister Wives, The Little Couple, and my favorite show, Boardwalk Empire, which blows all other scripted drama out of the water.

  10. snickers says


    From what I can gather from Sister Wives, Robyns children are not happy with what is going on. I wonder if they are going to go live with their Father. I think Kody’s time is spread to thin, is going to be the downfall of all of this, and the $ problems are going to become major. The second wife is having issues also. Some of the older children are starting to see the world different than what they have been raised in. Some have already stated when of age they are going back to Utah.

  11. carol says

    I watched sister wives the other night andi I have to say that I think it is only a matter of time before there will be some major blowups. I think what stuck with me was when Kody made the remark about Robyn having her hands full and he felt bad for her. Does he not think that Christine also has her hands full? I think this is probably why Christine is having problems with Kody. Kody also struck me as quite arrogant and full of himself. I like the wives,him,not so much.

  12. says

    Carol says…Kody made the remark about Robyn having her hands full and he felt bad for her.
    What?! He said that? I missed that. Jerk.
    I’m kind of meh on The Office without my Michael Scott. It’s still funny, I still like the other characters, but it is kind of falling off my list of shows that I have to see.
    I’m still watching my Beverly Hills and New Jersey Housewives and they have been chalk full of manufactured drama (as usual). Still love (or hate?) to love them though!
    Kmom2, I’m still semi-watching DWTS on Monday nights. I don’t really care to watch someone get voted off so I skip Tuesday. Why are you disappointed? I don’t really have a favorite at this point. I liked Chynna Phillips and was disappointed she went so early. Poor Tony! I think J.R’s story is great, but it is kind of predictable who is going to be in the final now. Kind of like when Nicole Whats-Her-Name was on….

  13. says

    Oh and re: Michael Lohan, I don’t mean to be cruel or tasteless, but I am going to have zero sympathy if Kate M or Michael wind up dead. They are both part of a very violet and dysfunctional relationship. He is the more violent it appears, but she does not seem willing to make the break.
    On a lighter note, TMZ has a hilarious picture of Lohan being frisked in the police station in a hospital gown. What a LOSER.

  14. Jennie@IW says

    I definitely still watch a lot of reality TV, including Sister Wives. I saw a commercial during Sister Wives for some show about American Muslims that looked good – I’m interested in that. The main non-reality tv I watch at the moment: Modern Family, Community, The Office, Parks and Rec (my fave!), Boardwalk Empire. That might be it. Oh, I’ve been watching Ringer, the new show with Sarah Michelle Gellar. It’s pretty stupid, but I feel a sense of loyalty to her from the BTVS days.

  15. Marnie says

    I LOVE Modern Family!!! Last year they did an episode where the kids walked in on them having sex, I almost peed my pants from laughing!!

    I think with Sister Wives, the teens talking about going back to Utah has more to do with normal struggles of a relocated family. But I do think going from a sheltered life under one roof to different homes, with a new sister wife & family in the bright lights of Vegas is going to be a lot to deal with.

  16. Kmom2 says

    Anya…..I’m with you about The Office. I miss Michael Scott too. DWTS is disappointing me because of the judging and talent. I was really upset when Chynna went so early. And I’m not concerned with Chaz’s choices in life or anything. I’m glad he has found some confidence and come out of his shell a little bit during the show, but he’s a bad dancer. He’s just not a dancer and he’s been kept around by the sympathy vote. Please don’t get me wrong, I know there have been other celebrities that were bad and stayed around and trust me I was not happy about those either. Chaz doesn’t have much of a personality, lots of one word or one sentence answers and his whining last night about how overweight women are applauded on the show but an overweight man isn’t set me off! The overweight women…COULD DANCE even thought they were overweight!!!! I agreed with Maks, some dancers are nit picked and not constructively while others are praised for walking around the floor. I realize at the very core of this show it’s a popularity contest, but this season has seemed like a bunch of whiney celebrities and nit picky judging. Carson was a bad dancer too, but he was FUN TO WATCH! Wow….kinda went off a little here, sorry….lol I know doing the show has got to be one of the hardest things some of these celebrities do and I know Chaz took an awful lot of crap at the beginning and I feel bad he had that happen to him. I’m sure it will come down to JR and Rikki and I’m kinda pulling for JR. I like his dancing AND his personality.

  17. Teresa E. says

    Did anyone watch MissRepresentation on OWN the other night? Well, I wasn’t much of a reality TV fan before but after that it really made me an antifan of reality TV. Speaking of OWN, I like Lisa Ling’s show Our America.


    I recently got into Community. I read an interesting article on the creator in Wired (I think) magazine. He has Asperger’s Syndrome and creates all the episodes around an algorithm. Interesting. Anyway, the show is hilarious.
    I also watch Sister Wives, Dexter and Modern Family and that’s about it. I used to watch Glee but got out of it.

  18. Pam@IW says

    I have not watched one show yet on OWN. Am I missing anything?
    I love Modern Family too. I laugh so hard when I watch it. It is so cleverly written. My husband and I missed the first season. I happened to be visiting my parents who are in their 80s and they were watching it and laughing up a storm. All it took for me was one episode and I called my husband and said, “We need to record this.”

  19. Pam@IW says

    I just wanted to say that I miss both Steve Carell and Charlie Sheen a lot. The shows just aren’t the same. I do like the rest of the cast on both shows but it is somewhat obvious to me now that some of these main characters are really the draw.

  20. snickers says


    OWN is only good for a few programs. Lisa Ling has an amazing program on Sun night. Have not watched Rosie, and Oprah has lots of re-runs of her old programs on which is no interest for me. Her network is failing for reasons they say, her political views did not help her.

  21. Marci says

    Okay…I’ve already admitted to a reality TV addiction. I was an original watcher of The Real World on MTV that started it all (that’s like 20 years ago now!). I still watch a lot of MTV (yes, that includes Jersey Shore even though I can feel my IQ drop every time I watch). My main channels are Bravo, AMC, VH1, MTV, TLC, Lifetime, HGTV, Travel…I watch so much in the “upper” channels I rarely catch anything on the “regular” channels…ABC, NBC, CBS. To counterbalance the lovely mindlessness of reality tv…I LOVE BBC TV/PBS…American Pickers…History Channel. I do think the AMC shows are great/smart….Mad Men, Rubicon. So there is some fiction mixed in. I really HATE all the competition shows (dancing/singing, bachelors, etc.). Yucko. They can’t keep my attention. I also can’t watch talk shows anymore. I hadn’t watched an episode of Oprah in at least five years or more (she’s off the air now, right?) The only thing in that vein I can stand anymore is 60 Minutes or 20/20-type crime/investigatory shows. (And, darn it, I missed the new reality show called Monster In-Laws or something that debuted the other night…must have interfered with a Real Housewives episode. I need a TV Guide.) I make no excuses for the reality TV…I find it helps me tune out after a stressful day, and I feel so NORMAL after watching it.

  22. Marci says

    Oooops….have to add that I have caught Modern Family. I wasn’t able to wcatch it often enough, so Netflix’d each season…had a marathon one weekend. Really smart/funny stuff. Saw the cast on The Actor’s Studio as well.

  23. Pam@IW says

    I see where Robyn and Kody had their baby this morning. 9 lbs 10.5 ounces. A healthy baby boy. Congratulations to them!

  24. Pam@IW says

    There is an article on I know but both my boys were big. One was 9 1/2 and the other 10 1/2. I was kind of surprised that Robyn weighed 158 lbs on the show Sunday night even being pregnant. She looks thinner than that. I guess it was all baby. LOL

  25. Pam@IW says

    My family really enjoys American Pickers. My sister contacted them regarding coming to my parents house and they were quite interested but we needed to move on with our sale prior to when they could come and so it just never worked out.

  26. SOR says

    O.K. I will admit that I am a Real Housewife junky (with my head hanging low). I also love Investigation Discovery and watching the hoarders gives me anxiety. I feel sorry for them, because most of them have alienated their families for junk.
    I agree about sister wifes. Kody has the hots for the new wife and rest of them know it. There is going to be a major falling out coming soon.

  27. Pam@IW says

    I am not watching DWTS this season but I did read where Maksim Chmerkovskiy was very angry on Monday and on GMA today had this to say:
    On Derek Hough and the show in general.

    “Derek has done a really good job of looking out for his own career on the show,” Chmerkovskiy said. “When you say judges have been generous, if I’d been paired with Nicole Scherzinger followed by Jennifer Grey followed by Ricki Lake, I’d probably have no problem with the judges either.”

  28. Teresa E. says

    I also think that show about American Muslims looks interesting. I will try to watch it.

    The only thing I watch on OWN is Lisa Ling’s show Our America. Last season she covered several interesing topics like faith healing, drug addiction and gender identity disorder. MissRepresentation is a documentary that was promoted and shown by the OWN network but its not a series.
    I shouldn’t say I’m a complete anitfan of reality TV. The Amazing Race is a good concept for a show. You learn about the world, other cultures and the arguing between people is real and I don’t feel it is sensationalized.
    The Real Housewives is fine for adults but I don’t think I would let my daughters watch it. There’s a study that found that young girls who watch a lot of reality TV experience more drama in their lives. I think some tween and teen girls have enough drama without the reality TV. I have three young girls so I’m just trying to nip this thing in the bud to make my life easier. LOL.

  29. Kmom2 says

    Yep Marnie…I saw it. That man is seriously disturbed. I don’t have much sympathy for Kate Major either seems like she keeps going back for more.

  30. Lily@IW says

    I am avid watcher of Teen Mom and Sixteen & Pregnant. I’m not sure that it can keep holding to it’s true format, since the new teen moms on the show have watched show. But, I think the first few seasons were very true to life.

  31. MsGoody2Shoes says

    I watch ALL crime dramas on network TV. I love America’s Got Talent and the X Factor! I also watch Gene Simmons Family Jewels, the Little Couple, American Restoration, Pawn Stars and Little People Big World. I DVR most of them and catch up throughout the week.

  32. stxmom says

    We watch a mix of reality and non reality tv, our DVR is constantly full. We watch all the crime dramas, Biggest Loser, Teen Mom, 16 & Pregnant, Dr. Phil, Sister Wives, Say Yes to the Dress, The Walking Dead, Hoarders, Jersylicious, all the Real Housewives series

  33. Holly says

    Last night I watched the repeat of the Virgin Diaries on TLC. I did not know anything about the show but was mesmerized by it! It followed a very religious couple who had not even kissed until their Wedding Day and a 35 year old man who was still a Virgin! I cannot even explain how creepy and uncomfortable the show was! Even though I wanted to turn it off, I could not stop watching it! I kept thinking at the end they are going to say something like “you’ve been punked”! I just could not relate to these people on so many levels. It was also so personal that it was uncomfortable to watch!
    If you saw the show I would love to hear what you thought. I guess it’s hard for me to relate when my 25 year old Son went to the Jay Z concert this week with a Stripper! I’m just sayin!

  34. says

    Neither my husband or I watch any of the reality shows. He of course watches military channel or history and I would rather watch reruns of my favorite shows. Right now I’m watching the new summer shows that are starting-Rizzoli and Isles, Major Crimes, Perception plus those ongoing-Defiance, Dexter, CSI, Blue Bloods. I just got HBO so I’ll be watching True Blood and playing catch up with last season and I’m going to watch last season’s Game of Thrones and see how I like that.

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