Motel/Hotel Hell – The Quest for Perfect Lodging


My four-year-old looked down at the carpet as we entered the motel room. “Mommy,” she said knowingly, “This is the kind of motel we keep our shoes on, right?”

We were on the adventure of a life time, a road trip across Canada. On that particular day, we found ourselves in Northern Ontario. God’s country really. Beautiful wilderness and a never-ending journey around the rocky northern shores of Lake Superior. My Mom, who was riding shotgun, would every so often say,

“Now, I wonder what lake that is?”

“It’s Lake Superior, Mom.”


It became a running joke. When you are driving around Lake Superior, you really get the idea of why it’s called a “great” lake.

We decided to stop for the day in a small town with a few motels that catered to the hunters and fisherman who journeyed north in pick-up trucks loaded with rifles and fishing rods. I stopped at the town grocery store and picked up a few supplies. As I was paying, I asked the clerk which motel she would recommend. “The Motor Inn on the edge of town.” she said with a reassuring  nod. “Don’t stay anywhere else, it really is the best in town.” Here is a word to the wise. When you drive up to the highly-recommended Motor Inn on the edge of town and there’s a large sign that says “Color TVs in every room!”, be afraid. Be very afraid.

Choosing a place to stay while vacationing can be a very tricky business. I was reminded of this just a couple of weeks ago when we decided to book a last minute beach vacation. I read through review after review, trying to pick a spectacular hotel in an unfamiliar area. No one mentions the beds? It means they are neither horrible or memorable. The reviewer is sweeter than syrup and has no other reviews under their name? Then it’s most likely a manager, friend of the manager some other employee. Same thing goes with an over-the-top negative review – but then it’s the competition. In the end we chose a great hotel. The room was lovely, the beds were heavenly, the breakfasts were made to order, and the bathroom had a soaker tub! All that with a FABULOUS view of the beach. We had a memorable time as we celebrated the last few days of summer vacation. But enough of that. It’s the bad places that are more fun to talk about later!


Now, to be fair, the motel in Northern Ontario was bad but it was nowhere near as bad as the one my husband and I stayed in early in our marriage. We were on the way to visit the folks. It was an eight-hour drive, and we left late. I was working in television at the time, and I had to direct the 10pm news. My husband waited with our beloved German Shepherd in our brand-new 92′ Saturn in the parking lot of the station. As soon as I cued the end credits, we were on our way.

Finding a dog-friendly motel wasn’t easy, but at 2 a.m. we found one. It was called “The Track Side Inn”, and there was a picture of racing horses, and for ten extra bucks the dog was golden. “Did you know there was horse racing around here?” I naively asked my husband as we entered the room. He shook his head. We soon found out the kind of track the motel was beside. The horses on the sign looked like they were running really fast… probably to get out of the way of the speeding train! To be fair, maybe there was a horse track nearby, but as soon as the race was over the horses were loaded directly on the train and shipped out of there so they could get a good night’s rest!

We had barely closed our eyes when the whole room lit up and began shaking. A quick look out of the window at the back of the room made me jump back! I swear the train was no further than 2 feet away from my nose! I still think to this day it can’t be legal to build that close to a train track.

But even “The Track Side” wasn’t as bad as another dog-friendly motel we stayed in. This time it was the middle of winter. The Saturn was loaded up with Christmas gifts, and we were off to visit my parents. When my husband asked if pets were allowed, the gentleman behind the desk said it wasn’t a problem. They didn’t even charge us extra! The Christmas spirit was a live and well. Or maybe not.

As we entered the room, the aroma of chicken coop mixed with one of those tree-shaped car air fresheners wafted over us. And there it was. The air freshener, in all its simulated pine glory, hanging from the light fixture. And right next to it, the sticky fly strip, laden with the mummified corpses of the buzzy flies of summer. Exactly which summer, we’ll never know. Our dog immediately began sniffing around every inch of the room. Since we had already located the air freshener, perhaps he was looking for the chickens.

If it wasn’t so late, and I wasn’t so paranoid of dying of carbon monoxide poisoning, we would have slept in the car. The nightstand had an ashtray, and in that ashtray was a pack of wedding matches. You know, the kind embossed with the name of the bride and groom in a hue that perfectly matches the bridesmaid dresses? Except these matches (cue the Twilight Zone theme music) were for a date that had not yet occurred!

Feeling freaked out but tired after the long drive, we gingerly laid down on the bed with all our clothes on, careful not to disturb what lurked beneath. Our hopes to get at least a little sleep were dashed quickly with the sound of the dog pacing back and forth, sniffing. Sniff, sniff, sniff. He would not lay down on that floor. No amount of begging, or pleading, or obedience school commanding could get him to lay down. All night long. Sniff, sniff, sniff.

At one point the sniffing stopped for a few moments. I opened my eyes. Through the winter moonlight I could see him standing with his nose in the corner like a naughty school boy, not moving an inch. It didn’t last long though. He went right back to sniffing. Sniff, sniff, sniff.

We high-tailed it out of there in the morning, worried we just might see what he had been sniffing once the sunrise was complete. We weren’t even out of the parking lot when our poor exhausted dog fell asleep and stayed that way, dreaming his doggy dreams, until we reached Grandma’s house.

Ok, now it’s your turn. Spill it and tell us about your most memorable hotel/motel stays!


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  1. jeff says

    Great stories, Patty. Pam and I took the boys (then about 5 and 9) to Yellowstone, not thinking that there might be a problem getting a room for the night, we drove out of the park about 10pm and went through Cody. There was not a room to be found. While the three of them slept in the car, I continued to drive looking for a room. I finally pulled into a small town whee a “vacancy” sign was blinking. it was 2am. I went inside and rang the little bell and a tired older man told me he had one room left and he would give it to me for $10 bucks. What he did not tell me until after I signed up and woke up the boys was that the room had no running water! We lived but it became like an outdoor camping trip.

  2. Deborah says

    I can’t top Pattypie’s style but here goes.
    I drove from Cali to Portland Oregon with my mother in law to visit with her favorite old auntie.
    Everything was fine until about 10:Pm. We were getting ready for bed when the sweet aunties daughter comes barging in.
    Needless to say my mother in law and the her cousin could not be in the same house so we packed it up and left.
    I assumed we would just get a room in Portland but my mother in law said she needed to drive and get as far away as possible because she couldn’t trust herself to not go back and have it out with her cousin.
    We were 3 or so hours down the road by the time my mother in law was finally ready to get a room.
    Towns were small and well spaced and it was close to 2:Am
    We found a well lit up and descent looking motel.
    We had a hard time communicating to hotel clerk we wanted two beds. He was foreign and couldn’t understand why we wanted two beds.
    When he looked at us funny and said his rooms have only one large bed in each room and that he didn’t allow late night visitors I thought I’d stepped into a strange movie.
    My mother in law nudged me and said fine, fine we’ll take it.
    As we were going out the door my mother in law told me he thought we were hookers, why else did we need two beds.
    When we got in the room it was clean enough but get this.
    It was a king sized bed turned side ways.
    A whole family of short people could fit in it. At least five people going across.
    We laughed so hard we cried. We couldn’t stop laughing.
    Needless to say it was just what the doctored ordered for my mother in law.
    The next morning she called her cousin and told her our funny story and they made up after a twenty year feud.
    The end!

  3. Chardonnay says

    Loved the stories, Pattypie! I can’t top those. About 10 years ago, my husband and I went to Laughlin, NV. We had booked a room at a well known casino (we had stayed at one of their Las Vegas properties the prior year with no complaints). The year before there had been a bit of trouble there, but figured after a year, everything was back to normal. Wrong! The room had a great view of the river, but that was the only good thing. It was “shabby” to say the least. While I could live with shabby, I couldn’t live with the dried on blood spatters that dotted the largest wall! Needless to say, we left immediately and booked a room at their competitor down the street!

  4. says

    Our little family rode from Pennsylvania all the way to Florida to visit Great-Grandma. We stopped in Georgia for a few days for a wedding first so by the time we headed north for home, we’d been travelling with two preschoolers for 10 days. We stopped in North Carolina at a hotel that was cheap but had a lovely playground with little kids where my two could get out of their car seats and run and play. The night was beautiful, and there were fireworks for some reason, so I did not even see the room for a couple hours while the kids played outside.

    And then it was bedtime.

    OMG. It was so gross. The view out the back? Tobacco planted right up to the window. We treated the bathroom like an outhouse- getin/getout- and also opted to “sleep” on top of the covers, fully dressed. The kids fell right to sleep, but I lay there awake, worrying about that stuff hanging from the ceiling, the smell (what WAS that?), the crusty carpet, the mildew, the rattling from a vent… UGH! My skin crawls just remembering.

    About 2 AM I couldn’t stand it any longer.
    “Are you awake?” I whispered to my husband.
    “I’m afraid to close my eyes,” he answered.
    “Can we just cut our losses and leave? I think the kids will sleep through it.”

    Two minutes later we were carrying our children asleep to their car seats where they did, in fact, sleep all the way until Washington, DC., waking up for a breakfast stop.

  5. Loretta says

    I don’t have a hotel/motel story to add but I want to tell Ms. Patty how much I enjoyed reading her review.
    I felt like I was in both of those rooms with you my dear.
    You brought it all to life, from driving around Lake Superior, the vastness and the wilderness to the not so cozy rooms.
    Fun read.

  6. Sage says

    I love hearing your stories, Patty. They are always so entertaining. I have a childhood memory of staying in a really, really old Hotel in Waunakee, Wisconsin. After a family wedding a few of the families decided to spend the night and this was the only place available. It was very dark in the room with a really high ceiling and lots of woodwork..sort of gothic. My cousin opened the door off our room to use the bathroom and some guy with a huge beer belly and in his underware was standing there shaving. We had no idea that we were sharing a bathroom with another room and a stranger.

  7. Regina says

    In 2009 we were going to an event at Lambeau Field and knew we needed reservations in advance. I decided to save some money and get Motel 6 for the three nights we were there. The first night we arrived and they had lost our reservation (even with the confirmation number) but did manage to find us a room to stay in. The air conditioner kept freezing up so we had to put up with getting up every few hours and turning the heat on to thaw the coils out to run the air conditioner. It was over the door so there was a constant dripping through the night on to the floor.

    Day two the maintenance man came because of my husband’s complaining to service the air conditioner and so we left while it was being worked on. We came back after the Packer Partner’s event and guess what our door was wide open with the lights on and our belongings in the room. This was a full motel and a lot of partying going on in the parking lot. When I shut the door and started checking our things we found out our key card no longer worked. To the front desk Dana went again and found out we were no longer registered in that room they put us in a room on second floor and rented it to someone else (mind you our belongings were still there). But in reality that room was also rented out so we were stuck. We went to sleep and around midnight could hear yelling, screaming and very abusive people banging into the walls in the room next to us. Dana called the front desk and they called Green Bay’s finest. The police came out knocked on our outside door and asked specifically who we were complaining about. What’s up with that shit! Meanwhile the air conditioner was frozen up again and we were back into the thawing – dripping schedule we had developed the night before. Apparently all the maintenance man had done was thaw it out and leave our door open when he was in earlier.

    Everyone got very quiet while the police were sitting in the parking lot and for 45 glorious minutes we slept. Then all “Hell broke loose” we thought it was bad the first time, but seriously I was afraid for our lives. Dana and I spent hours fighting over the peep hole in the door that night. Gang members, kids running around the cars fighting in our parking lot and we were bound and determined we would not be the ones the police singled out as the complainers this time. Somewhere around nine cop cars in the parking lot and people running everywhere, Cops and their dogs chasing gangsters, a high speed car chase around the buildings parking lot. Meanwhile not only is the air conditioner freezing and thawing but now our phone starts ringing for whoever the man was that was supposed to be registered to the room. He apparently was fighting with his wife and every time I answered she read me the riot act for sleeping with him. I said “There has been no sleeping going on. Period.” This went on until close to 7 a.m.

    At 7:00a.m. I called the front desk and told the manager to be down to our room pronto. Sometimes my husband tries to be too nice and he needed to be clear on the way I felt (I hate it when he says “You don’t want to have my wife come down”, but that is the truth). When the manager came down he told me that our stay was free and that we would be compensated for another seven nights at any Motel 6 and he now had 32 vacant rooms so we could have our choice for our third night.

    Night three – we went to Family Night at Lambeau and came back to the motel. Dana was out smoking and the security guard came by. He told Dana that there were forty some arrests the night before and that some of them had assault rifles. He actually was told the night before to go out and do his job and he said “hey you know I am just a part time person who does not even carry a gun”. Apparently a gang member from Milwaukee had died and a bunch of them got together in Green Bay to mourn his death and party. Come on people, I know everyone has the right to grieve and everyone grieves in their own way but what about respect. Respect for the deceased and his/her family.

    Our son Gabe passed away from a Heart Attack in May of 2009 and the original plan that summer was that he was going to this with us as in the past Green Bay events. We felt the need to stick to the plan searching for Gabe’s presence in the things we loved to do together. He was definitely at Lambeau, he loved that place. I believe he was with us at Motel 6, because he knew we were not sleeping much since he had left and thought maybe we needed an experience that would give us a break from our grief, a story to tell and a laugh to be had.

    Sorry this is so long but it was a long stay at the Motel 6 in Green Bay. Jeff, I have never heard about that stay of yours before today.

  8. Dana says

    I used to travel for a living, and have numerous Motel Hell Stories. But nothing could ever top the Motel 6 @ Green Bay.

    Regina’s account is really quite brief, as a full rendition of the story would comprise a small book. But I think you get the picture. We fought over the peep hole in the door and sincerely thought about throwing the mattress against the window. We were trapped like rats with nowhere to run and just had to wait it out. Thankfully, we were not injure, or our property damaged and only missed a nights sleep. PS, We did use the free nights up, but those were the last nights at a Motel 6 for us.

  9. PattyPie says

    OMG….What a wild time you two had!

    the next time I stay in a bad motel room – I am going to think to myself well at least it’s not as bad Dana and Regina’s stay in Green Bay!

    I do think your dear son was with you at that motel, someone was keeping you both safe!

    And so glad you can laugh about it now and aren’t in some type of bad motel room therapy sessons!

  10. PattyPie says

    Deborah I love it! A bad motel mends a family rift!

    Char – OMG blood splatters? Are you sure you weren’t at the motel 6 in greenbay? 😉

    Ann – LOL I think we have stayed in that same hotel!

    Jeff – Your story reminds me of the Viking Hotel we stayed in when I was a kid. No Vikings and no running water either..LOL

  11. snickers says

    I just hate to give Motel 6 a bad rap, but here goes. We took off late from a very nice vacation spot to travel through the midwest to another water park adventure. Of course, thinking we were traveling during the week, no need to book a room. Oh dear, we drove through towns with the NO Vacancy signs flashing away. Finally after about 2 hours looking for a room, we spotted a Motel 6 that said room avaliable. We were tired after 10 hours of driving, so we sent Dad to get us a room. You know they leave the light on for you. Needless to say, the room was crap, rusty shower, beds looked they had been there for 50 years, and lo and behold there were bugs in the bathroom. Our daughter said the only way she would stay was if we left the lights on. Gotta love trying to sleep in clothes with the lights on with a kicking daughter beside you. She never slept, keep rolling around looking for bugs on the bed. DH caught a few winks and by 6 in the morning we were on the road, reaching our destination, finding a nice motel with pool and room service. We checked in, took showers and went to bed, all of us. Spent a whole day and night in the motel sleeping, room service and enjoyed the pool before we finished our vacation. We still laugh about it today, never stay where they leave the lights on, unless you plan on sleeping with the lights on.

  12. PattyPie says

    LOL Sage nothing like walking in on a stranger shaving in your hotel room to make you remember it forever!

    Oh my Snickers…bugs! I can’t handle bugs!

  13. Deborah says

    I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s motel stories.
    I agree the sniffing, sniffing, sniffing dog made me lol too.
    Sage, opening the bathroom door and finding a half dressed stranger might have made me faint.
    I really enjoyed Regina & Dana story.
    What I liked the most is the way they were able to use that story, crazy scary as it was to find a “break from their grief”.
    I believe that’s what your departed son wanted the most for you two.

  14. Carol says

    We took a short trip to Gatlingburg last spring with the kids/grandkids and booked a hotel online. We were looking for pet-friendly with an indoor pool and this place fit the bill. We read the reviews which were all pretty good so we thought we were all set. Our first clue on arrival should have been the very dirty and out-dated lobby but we checked in anyway. We were on the third floor with a ‘suite’ overlooking some little river. The carpet in the room was threadbare,beds were completely worn out, pillows as flat as biscuits and there was so much bird poop on the balcony that we couldn’t even walk out there without fear of disease. There were couches in the hallways by the elevator that looked as they were at least fifty yrs old and probably didnt have one good spring left in any of them. The room with the indoor pool had a few broken chairs and the handle on the inside of the door had rusted almost completely off and was hanging on by a couple of rusty threads.We stayed one night and the next morning asked for a refund for the rest of our stay. They tried to tell us we could not have our money back,that they would give us a voucher for a future stay.We had tried to be nice until then when we had to tell them there was no way in hell that we would ever set foot in that hell-hole again. They did finally refund our money and we found another place to stay. Lesson learned on that one,we will never book online again unless it is a hotel chain that we know and trust!

  15. Holly says

    I was laughing out loud reading your story! Regina and Dana so sorry for your loss. Your story was funny but scary at the same time!
    My “Hotel Hell” story happened about ten years ago when my Aunt came to visit from Chicago. She was probably in her late seventies at the time and my Mom who was about the same age, we decided to stay in a lovely hotel in Laguna Beach,CA across from the Ocean. My Sister had found the hotel online and the picture looked beautiful,in reality,it was not! The room was dirty, the lamp was broken, and the curtains didn’t work! Since we could not get a room at another hotel (summer weekend) we decided to make the best of it. We gingerly got into our beds(I may have been sleeping in my clothes) and went to bed. Around Midnight we were awakened by red strobe lights, pounding disco music, and shaking walls! Living in CA the minute I felt the shaking my first thought was Earthquake! The Manager neglected to tell us that attached to the hotel was a Disco that was open until 3am! All we could do was laugh because it had been such a horrible experience! The next morning I was in the Manager’s office getting a refund on my credit card!

  16. CJWhodunit says

    Regina/Dana, my condolences for the loss of your son. :*(

    Hotel/motel horror stories, I’ve got a few!

    Before I married I didn’t travel all that much so didn’t have any stories. However, since DH is from India, and we have traveled around the world first as just a couple, then with kids, there are several horror stories that still make me shudder!

    In 1995 we traveled to India (my first time) for my DH’s brother’s wedding. Some relatives had made hotel arrangements for us at a local hotel for international folks…needless to say we were surprised to see twin beds when we walked in, LOL. Also, in that part of India it’s pretty tropical but relatively cool so the windows of many places don’t have glass, just shutters. Of course, we were there when the weather was pretty warm, AND there were massive amounts of mosquitoes coming through so we had to keep the windows shut…no a/c, just a ceiling fan, so it was fortunate we weren’t in the room all that much. The other thing was that there was a high open window in the bathroom next to the shower area, and the first time I showered, a small gecko/lizaed ran across my hand & I had to scream. The spiders up in the corners of the bathroom were not my favorite either, LOL.

    1998, Comfort Inn, Houston area–this was when the in-laws first came to stay with DH&me (for 6 months) before kids. We took them sightseeing to NASA,Galveston, etc.The room *looked* and smelled clean BUT when my FIL came out after his shower barefoot, and sat down to watch tv, he tucked his foot up under him and it was FILTHY…and he had just stepped out of the shower! So we kept our shoes/sandals on after that. Also, the drain in the bathroom was INFESTED with mosquitoes, we tried to cover it and complained to the main desk but they said “Yeah, someone’s coming out on Monday (this was Friday) to fix it, we couldn’t switch rooms because ALL the drains were connected and infested, yada yada yada…my FIL was livid and couldn’t believe how they just dissed him. We left the next morning (covered with bites) and DH got a partial refund at least.

    A few years later, when my tweenie was around 6 months old, we moved to California for DH’s new job. We flew with our two cats in the cabin under our seats in their carriers. It was a nightmare going through security because the baby stroller had to be closed up to go through the x-ray machine, she had to be out of her baby carrier so it could go through, the cats had to be taken out of THEIR carriers so they could go through the x-ray machine (!!!!)…all at the same time because there was a long line behind us! STRESSED doesn’t begin to describe how I felt (and this was before 9/11!) but thank God for kind souls in the line behind us who stepped forward to help us out with the cats and the baby gear and our carry ons! The cats and Tweenie did fine on the flight although Pebbles peed on herself :-( so as soon as we arrived in CA I cleaned her up, breastfed Tweenie and changed her, comforted both cats for a few minutes THEN freshened up myself…DH got the rental car and I was so exhausted by this time that I was really looking forward to the Motel 6 room he’d booked in advance that would allow our cats to stay with us so they wouldn’t be overstressed more than they were. Holy moly, yes, it’s another Motel 6 horror story, LOL.

    The hotel was supposed to be a NON-SMOKING hotel…and it was BUT what they neglected to mention was that for it’s 30 years prior situation smoking WAS allowed and brother, did our room smell like a gigantic ASHTRAY the second we walked in the door! I have autoimmune issues and cigarettes are one of my biggest allergies, so I immediately went into migraine mode…the baby and the cats started sneezing and did so for the remainder of the night (fortunately we got there late, unfortunately too late to go somewhere else…while the room looked clean, the smell was so awful I *still* remember it to this day, and likewise, the puny smell of the little pine airfreshener that did nothing but ADD to the odor instead of covering it up…ewww. I didn’t get any sleep that night, the poor cats just meowed and meowed pitifully and even though we had a portable catbox for them,they went immediately back into their hated carriers and wouldn’t come back out, LOL. Tweenie was fussy all night long and wouldn’t nurse for long because of the sneezing and snuffling. Miserable doesn’t begin to describe it! By dawn we were out of there, and DH got refunded for the full price! :-)

    The most recent was our trip to India in summer 2010. My twins had just turned 2 and we were with several other families for several weeks. Their kids were all tweenies and above, so we had different needs for our kids, very hard work for me the whole time. My BIL had arranged for (too much, too fast,short amount of time) sightseeing around India’s “Golden Triangle” (New Delhi/Jaipur/Agra where the Taj Mahal is) and we had an a/c’d tour bus for the driving part…that went okay BUT so much of that part of the country is rural with many miles in between bigger towns/cities. Some friend of BIL’s had friends at a hotel out in the middle of this, and they gave some discounts for our large group which on paper looks great. Problem was when we got there. Looked nice from the parking lot, the lobby, the elevators…then we arrived in our room. Oh.My.God. It was on the top floor of the hotel (5th floor?7th? don’t remember, it was the only tall building around, only one other hotel in the area). Walked in the door and looked around. Tweenie immediately ran over to the OPEN screenLESS window (with the sill 2 feet from the floor!!) looking out over the parking lot! My vertigo went into warp speed as I shut the window (there was glass at least)…then the stifling heat kicked in. Turned on the a/c and the most incredible smell came out of the fixture above the door. Like a previous poster said, water started dripping and had apparently dripped before BECAUSE OF ALL THE MOLD ON THE WALLS NEAR THE CEILING. The back of the door literally had an inch of dust on it. Tweenie was writing her name in it when I sent her to the bathroom, which she came right back out of…shower area also full of mold and the toilet was black as well, because it may have never been cleaned, OMG. Mirror was all scratched, bed linens were dirty and the pillow had hair oil on it and little black specks which I suspected were BEDBUGS or LICE. Upright glass on the sidetable actually had A SPIDERWEB WITH A SPIDER IN IT. I did not take the twins out of their strollers and made tweenie sit in the only chair (wooden) in the room. My allergies/migraine had already kicked in and the kids were starting to sniffle and snuffle. When DH came back with our bags I told him we were NOT staying there (he was like, why, so I pointed out all the unacceptable things)…bit of bickering back and forth (“It’s only for a few hours, can you just ignore it? It’s so late”), we talked to some of the other families who had BETTER ROOMS, ack! while we had apparently been stuck with a room for the help! I stood my ground and told DH we would rather sleep on the bus or in the lobby than risk the kids’ health in a moldy room! It was very late at night so DH took me to the other hotel since there wasn’t any more rooms available on the same floor….the other hotel looked better BUT their septic tank had overflowed and the whole place smelled of old full of poop gas station toilets, eww…we thought about going to the bus but the driver had locked it up and disappeared for the rest of the evening so we were out of luck there. Finally DH talked the manager into giving us one of their ‘executive’ rooms which WAS nicer but by then I was so grossed out I let DH and the kids have the full size bed (after inspecting it for bedbugs and greasy pillows, none, thank goodness!) and I sat up in a chair and slept that way until morning…my WORST nightmare of all hotel/motel horror stories! :*(

    Now we are more inclined to stay at LaQuinta/Holiday Inn etc type places here in the U.S.even though they are a little more expensive. Worth it to me!

  17. says

    We’re not big vacationers, would love to be but not really!! So, our most memorable hotel was the Wynn in Vegas. The hotel is beyond beautiful and just everything Vegas is. The best part of it was that I won 2 sets of tickets to watch La Reve from Cirque du Soleil which made the stay at the Wynn even better!

  18. Susan Bewley says

    Wow! Reminds me of when my husband was in college. He was going with friends to a convention and they booked a hotel that Monday last minute. When yet got there the hotel was abandoned and boarded up!

  19. pattypie says

    Wow ..what stories!

    But like I said…the great hotel/motel rooms don’t come with the great stories to tell later! LOL

  20. says

    My experiences in hotel rooms are not nearly as bad as some of these! I once had a toilet over flow… which was gross…but not really the hotels fault I guess.

  21. says

    Ha! Hotelhell! I have learned my lesson to not trust my FILs wifes hotel recommendations. 😉 AND the worst hotel hubby and I stayed at was in New Brunswick on our drive to PEI. I swear the outline of the last person was still in the pillows and bedding. Sleeping ON TOP of the blankets did not seem a better option. My kids also know the “KEEP THE SHOES ON HOTELS”.
    Great read.

  22. BlogHawg says

    Enjoyed everyones stories.
    Regina, we spent a scary night in Boston once, not on the same scale as your night though. I remember us both laying very still as some cranked up ball players fought , yelled and carried on for hours right outside our door. We had to be there for a few days so the next morning first thing we did was call and make a reservation elsewhere . Then as we were leaving the room another couple leaving their room down hall turned to give us a nasty look and called US heathens! LOL
    Somewhere on a long boring hotel-less stretch ( we know its hotel less because we got off 3 or 4 exits hoping to find something) between Memphis and Dallas in Arkansas there’s a hotel that calls your room after you check in to tell you there’s no hot water. They topped that off with a used tissue between the sheets. We were dead tired, had already driven too far with cranky kids so opted for maid service bringing clean bedding & ordered some pizza. The pizza delivery guy said as he pocketed his tip ” Ya”ll know there’s a nice hotel down at the next exit?”
    Anyone know if the person who started Trip Adviser used to be a pizza delivery guy somewhere in Arkansas?

  23. PattyPie says

    “Anyone know if the person who started Trip Adviser used to be a pizza delivery guy somewhere in Arkansas?”

    LOL LOL LOL Way too funny?

  24. Donna Yost says

    In 2007 Herb and I went to visit a friend of ours in Grapeville PA, My flight had got in really late. So we decided to get a motel room cause it was 2 am and we didn’t want to wake my friend up. Well the motel looked fine on the outside. We should have panicked when it said no exchanging rooms or money back. The door wouldn’t lock. There was writing literally covering the ceiling, mirrors on the walls, the carpet was wet, mold growing up the walls in the bathroom.. and the bed looked so nasty, we where afraid to pull back the covers. Fortunately we had a spare blanket in the car. We had to move the table with the microwave on it in front of the door to keep it closed. We slept in our clothes cause we where terrified that we might have to fun for our lives.. it reminded us both of the Bates Motel!..

  25. Pam@IW says

    Donna, too funny! At least now it is funny, I am sure it was not at the time. This was a great post and a great read in the comment section. Thanks to Patty and to everyone for sharing. I hope to see a few more.

  26. Mabel Torres says

    A very long story I have read. Well, I enjoyed reading it. It’s such a nice memory of you and your family’s adventure. Good you have finally found a place to relax. Hope to read more about your life’s adventures. Happy trip.

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