Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Flowers to Plant

Colorful flower garden

When it comes to gardening, many people are not born with green thumbs. It takes knowledge and perseverance to have a great looking garden. With some patience and know how you can have a garden that will make your neighbors envious. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when you are buying flowers for your garden.

Choosing Flowers in Full Bloom- People often make the mistake of buying flowers that are in full bloom. By doing so, these flowers will wither and die at the same time. Make sure that you choose flowers that are budding at various stages.

Not Purchasing Enough- If you have a lot of ground to cover, make sure that you purchase enough of the same variety. People usually plant the same flowers in patches or bunches. Having a nice assortment of the same variety will help to make your garden beautiful.

Purchasing Unhealthy Plants
- Some people make the mistake of buying plants that are not the healthiest. Make sure you check the plant out for leaf spot and bugs. Another rule of thumb is to make sure that you see new growth.

Choose Flowers That Have a Good Root System- Choose plants that have a strong root system. This, of course, does not mean to choose plants that have their roots coming out of the bottom of the pots. Shallow roots usually mean a young plant. You can tell whether or not the plant has matured by the size of the stem, and by looking at the amount of foliage and new buds.

The above tips on how to avoid common mistakes that people make when purchasing plants will help you to make a wise decision. Choose a mixture of foliage and flowering plants as the foliage plants will still make your garden look pretty once the flowers have completed their blooming season.

Do you have a backyard garden, a balcony garden, or a rooftop garden? Share your tips!

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