Merry Christmas From Imperfect Women


May your Christmas be rich with family love, warm with friendship, happy with life’s goodness and
blessed with the joys of the season.

Be filled with wonder.    Be touched by peace.    Believe in the miracle.



  1. Lily@IW says

    Wishing everyone a very happy holiday!

    Already here, just waiting for some choc chip cookies to come out of the oven and that’s the last thing I have to do. :)

    We’ll be leaving some feed for Santa’s reindeer before you know it.

    Merry Christmas!!!

  2. snickers says

    Merry Christmas IW! I am on my third day of company here, dug out from 8 inches of snow and it’s loud here! LOL. Some of ours will be leaving tomorrow to head out for other half’s Christmas. Peace to all in the New Year.

  3. Belinda says

    Like a previous commenter I don’t post often but I live reading here! May everyone have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!!

  4. Pattypie says

    Merry Merry Christmas!!! I hope everyone is having a magical Christmas Eve with friends and family!

    Waving hello to HB! Merry Christmas!

    Snickers are u cooking up a storm??

  5. snickers says

    Special Merry to HB!!

    I swear I am not cooking for 2 weeks when this is all over! LOL. Turkey, ham, mashed tators and gravey, 3 vegs dishes, relish, homemade rolls, pie, cookies, goodies have seen the plates. Chili, veg soup, chicken wings, meatballs, carmel corn, punch, saw the plates today, plus all those hot and cold dips and chips. This imperfect women is tired! I am making your french toast tomorrow, and then I will help them load out of here. :) (they are fighting for any left overs to take home). My garbage over runneth.

    Merry Christmas!

  6. snickers says

    The salads are gone! No leftovers. The little guy just got the fruit plate for the evening ready. Oh my, where are they putting all this food, makes me wonder. Could they be stealing from me?? LOL.

  7. says

    Merry Christmas! Our mass was finished at 7:30 and when we went out it was snowing! Perfect! We’re settled by the fireplace watching “A Christmas Story” and waiting for Santa.

    Thank you to everyone who reads and comments here. Stay safe over the holiday.

  8. Pam says

    Wow snickers, you are a busy woman. I did two batches of popcorn balls today and a double batch of cookies. Will be making two different dips in the am, bread, deviled eggs, meatballs for appetizers and steak tomorrow night. I am already exhausted. 😉

  9. snickers says


    With the snow storm and ice packed roads, some of our gang came in on Thurs. We had early church today, not the same as a normal Christmas Eve service, but wanted everyone to be home before dark and our roads are still covered in ice. We have been blessed with good family and friends dropping in all week. Our elderly neighbors are served in their home by our kids, including all the deserts and goodies. The real tired comes after all the bedding and towels are done, along with all the general clean up. Mr. water bill is going to love me this month. :)

  10. shawn says

    Would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday and I would like to wish my very GOOD friends at IW a Very Merry Christmas. You ladies are the best!!

  11. stxmom says

    Merry Christmas!! Hope each & everyone of you have a blessed day.

    What took hours to wrap was unwrapped in a matter of minutes this morning. Santa brought us a pair of go karts but someone ( daddy) forgot helmets so they will stay parked today.

    This is my first Christmas without my oldest son, he is with his girlfriends family. Let me just say I was never very good at sharing. He’s already texting me this morning asking about what Santa left for everyone here. Glad to know he misses us as much as we miss him.

  12. Pam@IW says

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Go karts! Oh my. So much fun! It is tough being away from loved ones during the holidays. Skype is a blessing.

  13. says

    Aw, stxmom, I remember when Santa brought us go-karts (and all the safety gear.) HAVE FUN!
    We had a white Christmas too, Mo!
    I’m stuffed and tired, just like I am supposed to be.
    One of my nieces got a puppy from Santa so I had the pleasure of snuggling a pup today. What a great present!

  14. Lily@IW says

    Snickers, I was thinking of all the cooking you do.

    There was so much food at my mother’s house. My mother is the oldest in her family and her brothers and sisters basically put in their orders for what they desire of her selection of breads and cakes. Sooo much food. lol

    Stxmom, it’s good to be missed.

  15. snickers says


    All tht cooking I did is about gone. 7 loads of laundry done, but much to tackle today. After 5 days of company it is so quiet here. Hope your holiday was great! Looking forward to a nice luncheon here in a couple of weeks with my girlfriends to talk about all the happnings with their families.:) Snow is headed our way again.

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