Lowe’s Pulls Ads From TLC Muslim Show

By Pam

Lowe’s Home Improvement stores has pulled its advertising from TLC’s “All-American Muslim” television show reportedly because they received objections from a conservative Christian group. The group, known as the Florida Family Association, complained saying the program was “propaganda that riskily hides the Islamic agenda’s clear and present danger to American liberties and traditional values.” The group claims that 65 different brands have pulled their advertising from the show in response to emails from its supporters.

TLC says only that “We stand behind the show and we’re happy it has strong advertising support.”

TLC’s “All-American Muslim” premiered last month and follows the lives of five families from Dearborn, Mich. Dearborn is a Detroit suburb with a large Muslim and Arab-American population.

Lowe’s came out with this statement: “As you know, the TLC program All-American Muslim has become a lightning rod for people to voice complaints from a variety of perspectives – political, social and otherwise,” the company said. “Following this development, dozens of companies removed their advertising from the program beginning in late November. Lowe’s made the decision to discontinue our advertising on Dec. 5. As we shared yesterday, we have a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion, and we’re proud of that longstanding commitment. If we have made anyone question that commitment, we apologize.”

This decision has sparked criticism and calls for a boycott against the chain. Sen. Ted Lieu, D-Torrance from Southern California said Sunday he was considering calling for a boycott. He called Lowe’s decision “un-American” and “naked religious bigotry.”

Lieu is not the only one who is unhappy with Lowe’s decision. Several celebrities including Russell Simmons and Mia Farrow have taken to Twitter to blast Lowe’s for this decision and Dawud Walid, Michigan director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations said he will be calling other religious leaders on Monday to see how non-Muslims are responding to the news.

I have not watched this show but I think that Lowe’s has gotten themselves into quite a mess. However, TLC is most likely smiling.

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