Kate Gosselin Tell All Book Yanked By Amazon Due To Legal Threats

As many of you know Robert Hoffman, former tabloid reporter and best buds with Jon Gosselin, has penned a tell all book on Kate Gosselin titled, Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World – Unedited. It certainly does appear to be unedited! According to the book’s own website, the book was yanked from the Amazon shelf at the request of attorneys who claim Hoffman is publishing written words that do not belong to him. In the book there are pages and pages of words belonging to other people. From complete articles he found on the net, to books as well 100’s of pages from journals and emails. He also has a mind-boggling number of tweets in the book, which he is probably safe in reproducing, as they are completely in the public domain. We won’t mention the fact that reading 100’s of pages of tweets is mind-numbingly boring.

Here at Imperfect Women we decided it was time to weigh in with our views of what is going on.

It was a dark and stormy night. The kind of night that’s dark and stormy. In the bowels of the basement in his suburban home, Robert Hoffman, small-j journalist and sometimes biblical scholar, sits surrounded by the remnants of Kate Gosselin’s Christmas garbage from 2011. He is a determined man. He wants to know exactly how many gifts the second-last Gosselin kid got for Christmas and he’s gonna find out. At an almost manic pace, he looks for the Toys R Us receipt he was sure he had seen 10 months ago. But he can’t find it in the decaying mess. He feels frantic. He was able to verify that there were small pieces of Christmas wrap. They looked like they came from small gifts. Tiny gifts. The kind of gifts a Mom might put in a Christmas stocking. “Damn!” thinks Hoffman to himself, “No scoop.” Kate wasn’t lying on Twitter when she said she wrapped stocking gifts. It looks like Hoffman is going to have to thin down the cabbage soup for his family yet again. Maybe tomorrow he would get a Gosselin scoop and his children would once again be able to indulge in the sweet, sweet meat that had become so rare in their home since the media storm surrounding the Gosselin family had died down.   (You know we are joking, right? In Hoffman’s book he says he still has Kate’s garbage in his basement from Christmas 2011, so we couldn’t help ourselves)

Let’s get serious for a moment.

Robert Hoffman says he is wrote his “vitriolic” book for Colin Gosselin. Apparently, one time while Robert Hoffman, TABLOID reporter, was actually in the Gosselin house (at Jon Gosselin’s invitation no less) Hoffman brought the kids donuts. Of course in Hoffman’s world he can’t just be bringing some kids donuts. He brought donuts because Kate Gosselin is a mean horrible, terrible, Attila the Hun woman that never lets her kids have donuts. During the donut gorge, according to Hoffman, Colin asked him to hold a third donut because his hands were full. Apparently, this simple act of Colin asking Hoffman to “save” a donut for him was the driving force behind Hoffman’s epic 300,000-plus word book on Colin’s mother Kate Gosselin. To describe Hoffman’s writing as “vitrolic” is the understatement of the year. He appears to hate Kate Gosselin and he lets the reader know it ad nauseum.

In glaring irony, after placing the blame for his book squarely in Colin’s little donut-filled hands, Hoffman, in excruciatingly fine detail, describes how he followed Kate Gosselin as she took her kids to – you guessed it – a donut shop. And, yes indeed, according to Robert’s extensive notes, the children did eat donuts.

It seems that Hoffman himself has spent a lot of time on the Gosselin blogs. At times in his book, Hoffman appears to be possessed by the same people who post on esoteric blogs with user names such as “KateisaKunt”. Except in Robert’s world he wants to add an authentic touch to his ramblings by saying he spoke directly to an insider to ascertain his findings. Imagine our surprise here at Imperfect Women when Hoffman quotes word-for-word the story of one famous Gosselin blog character, woman named “PennMommy”. In 2008 (the early days of the Gosselin blogs) she had bloggers spellbound with her “true life” accounts of what it was like to be a volunteer in Kate’s house when the 6 were wee. She told story after story of how Kate Gosselin was an ungrateful shrew. It was all well and fine until we here at Imperfect Women checked our site analytics and found that “PennMommy” was not from Pennsylvania at all, but from Bakersfield, California. She wasn’t an insider after all, just a lost soul with an active imagination looking for attention.  Now the ghost of “PennMommy” has risen once again in the pages of Robert Hoffman’s book. We can’t help but wonder if this Gosselin “insider” flew to PA to “speak” directly with Hoffman or if Hoffman made the long trip to Bakersfield, California. We can only hope that Hoffman’s other sources are a bit more authentic.

From Hoffman’s Book:

I spoke to a woman who helped Kate with the kids when the sextuplets were first born. She told me Kate was a horrible person to be around. She thought she was a celebrity even back then.She was always demanding things get done fast and would fire people for nothing – People that worked for free because they wanted to help. This woman was from the church where Kate used to go. She told me that Kate was fanatical about helpers not using the family refrigerator. One time this woman put a yogurt in there to keep it cold for her lunch and Kate found it and started screaming at her. She yelled “how dare you put your food in our refrigerator!” and she took out the yogurt and threw it in the trash in front of her. She threatened to fire her if she ever did anything like that again. The woman quit after about a month. She couldn’t take it anymore. She couldn’t understand how a person getting everything for free, including help with her kids, could be so mean-spirited.

In a startling turn of events, Hoffman is now asking for donations to cover his legal fees, and it appears some people are contributing. It’s sad to read some people are “waiting for payday” to donate. Again this hearkens back to “PennMommy” days when, before she was exposed as a fraud, people were sending her money for medical expenses for a son who, it turned out, didn’t exist at all.

Hoffman says he has Kate Gosselin’s personal journals from computer disks she discarded after Jon Gosselin was thrown out of the apartment garage for the last time. Hoffman boasts that he has over 5000 documents, journals, emails, contracts and pictures belonging to the Gosselin family. I don’t think that includes the Christmas wrapping paper he found dumpster diving. He claimed on RealityTVKids.com on Friday night he didn’t post the pictures he “found” because they don’t belong to him, yet somehow he has justified to himself the private written words of others that he found are his to publish and sell to tabloids. And publish those written words he has. Chapter 32 has no less than fifty 8 x 11 pages of direct copy-and-paste from what appear to be Kate Gosselin’s journals. We can’t tell you the number of book pages they cover as the book has no page numbers. While the journals in the book look like they could be authentic, the story of how they came to be in Robert’s possession does not. One of Jon’s old girlfriends reported to tabloids years ago that Jon had hacked into Kate’s computer and had all her files and emails. Now, suddenly, a man who has described himself as a good friend to Jon Gosselin has 5000 documents that Type-A Kate Gosselin threw in the trash? Doesn’t seem likely.For Hoffman’s sake, let’s hope in the thousands of hours of surveillance he’s logged on Kate Gosselin, he has footage of her taking the computer disks to the garbage herself.

And last but not least, the allegations of abuse. In this 300,000-word epic there are very few words from the journals about “abuse”. Our best guess is about 100 words at most. To us, they sound like the anguished words of an overburdened mom of 6 two-year-olds and 2 five-year-olds agonizing over her quest to be the best mother she can be. Again, if these words are authentic, one has to take into account they were never meant for public consumption. We have no way of telling if Kate was exaggerating or being over scrupulous. The best we as the public can hope, after being exposed to this peek into a private world, is that the family is dealing with whatever matters they have and everyone is leading the best life they can lead. Even though Jon Gosselin is a ghost in Hoffman’s book, the Gosselin kids aren’t orphans; they have two parents as well as family and friends and school teachers and all the rest. It is their business to deal with their family. Not ours.

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  1. Rosemary says

    So glad the book has been pulled. According to Al Walentis, the donations are NOT pouring in for Hoffman’s defense.

    I think there are days when all of us wished we had reared our children differently, and most of us did not have six two years old to deal with at the same time. Most of the free help had gone by this time, and we all know that Kate got very little assistance from Jon.

  2. Marnie says

    Hoffman reported that he turned in ‘evidence’ twice in 2010 to CPS. Hmmmmm and nothing has come of it. S either it was a lie, or a lie.

  3. Marnie says

    Surely IF Kate kept evidence of child abuse, she surely chronicled her boob job and secret bodyguard affair. Slow news week for the tabs!

  4. Deborah says

    The comment Robert used of PennMommy sealed the deal for me. Can he really be that stupid to “quote” her?

  5. loriann says

    To me it seems like he went over every word on the blogs on Kate and Jon, and made a mess….he actually says he spoke to that woman? WOW

  6. Sage says

    Marnie, if I am not mistaken Hoffman only mentioned calling CPS when questioned about it on a another blog and not in the book.

    The PennMommy story just shows how long Hoffman has been reading the blogs. Being the opportuinist Hoffman has shown himself to be I think he was scoping out the fan and hate blogs to see which audience he could pander to. Obviously, he realized the fan blogs were too smart and saw through him quickly and he cozied up to the haters and a ‘Donate here’ button was born.

  7. KL1233 says

    I read most of the book. I would say at least 90 percent. It’s long and boring. I have looked and searched through it and I can only see him saying he called animal control on the dogs. I can’t find any place in the book where he says he called cps. I can’t even find any details on him finding the “computer disks in the garbage”. He speaks about bringing Kate’s garbage home for the first time in 2009 and he was so excited he spread it out on the kitchen floor (his wife got mad) but strangely I can’t find any details of where he found the computer disks. I am still looking for the part where he finds and shares the excitement he had when he found the disks. So far no luck.

  8. Lisa says

    This whole thing reeks of that d-bag ex-husband of Kate’s. Any mother who has never questioned her parenting and discipline is either a liar, or an abuser. Kate just had the misfortune to question herself in writing (if it’s even her journal). I have no doubt that she would never chuck all that in the trash…who would? If it can be traced to Jon, she should sue the hell out of him for theft!

  9. KL1233 says

    From Bob’s book

    Starting with Christmas 2009, I, along with a pap friend of mine, filled my old SUV with pretty much all of Kate’s after-Christmas trash bags, to bring home to my lab for analysis. Not really my lab. The first year was in my kitchen. When my wife walked in and saw what I was doing, I thought she was going to kill me, right there on the kitchen floor. I see her point now, of course, but at the time, I was on an adrenaline high, ‘working’ to support our kids.

    Hoffman, Robert (2012-09-27). KATE GOSSELIN: HOW SHE FOOLED THE WORLD (Kindle Locations 30718-30723). . Kindle Edition.

  10. KL1233 says

    Details about christmas garbage but no details about how he found the goldmine for him – the computer disks.

    If someone else has the book and can find the details on him finding the disks can you please let me know. As of now I just don’t think the details exist of him finding the disks in the garbage.

  11. KL1233 says

    In the book Robert calls Kate a racist. Here is one of the examples he uses to show she is a racist. You decide.

    3.21.12 trisha_meanney @Kateplusmy8 I am most grateful for my babies Jacob12Austin12Jayden10Kayla10Isaac9Gavin8Hannah8Abraham7Liam2 & my husband Brandon soblessed.  

    This is Kate’s tweet back to her @trisha_meanney you a supa momma! :) I think we could be friends who reallllly understand each other lol  

    Robert’s words -I’m not usually nitpicky, and I tried to read this several different ways to give Kate the benefit of the doubt, but I can only see this as being very racist. If you look at this woman’s Twitter feed from the same time as Kate’s response to her, you’ll see how articulate Trisha is and how she actually spells out her words and uses complete sentences, both unlike Kate.

    Hoffman, Robert (2012-09-27). KATE GOSSELIN: HOW SHE FOOLED THE WORLD (Kindle Locations 19363-19379). . Kindle Edition.

  12. KL1233 says


    Then Robert puts in a bunch of regular tweets tweeted by the woman who first tweeted Kate-

    Then Bob adds this commentary.

    Ok, you get the point. This woman appears to be a very well-spoken, thoughtful, intelligent person. Yet Kate responds to her like she’s talking to Nicki Minaj or some other hip-hop or rap person. I don’t recall ever seeing Kate respond like that to anyone. Trisha is also the only black woman I can remember Kate responding too. Perhaps Kate feels that black people need to be singled out and spoken to in a different manner.

    Hoffman, Robert (2012-09-27). KATE GOSSELIN: HOW SHE FOOLED THE WORLD (Kindle Locations 19402-19407). . Kindle Edition.

  13. snickers says

    Throwing in a little humor here, but if my DH brings home another’s women trash, and throws it on my kitchen floor, the trash going out the next day would be him.

  14. Lindsey says

    At Poynter.org they have a list of failed journalism which they have named “Journalism’s Summer of Sin”. Members of their reader think tank probably would not even consider RH’s tome for consideration but might consider making up an entirely new category for his journalistic efforts. RH should have clicked on their site since it details dealing with fabrication in journalism. RH’s Proofing & Awareness Team (Dana & PM) must have been experiencing some “private power surges” while proofing.

    Challenge….come up with a unique and clever category name for RH’s “book” for submission.

  15. MsGoody2Shoes says

    I wish I could help Kate.

    That being said, there is something else going on here that Robert Hoffman is not revealing.

    What do I hope happens in the end? I hope Robert lose the shirt off his back.

    I digress. Do you think Theressa Caputo, Long Island Medium, will see spirits around her?

  16. MarieS says

    I really, really want to see this go to trial. I want to hear this guy explain how he found the hard drive ib the trash. Bet you money if he runs into a problem with his story that Jon will go under the bus. ROL keeps referring to him finding a hard drive. So I guess Kate knows how to diagnos a drive crash and swap out a drive? I can’t help myself I just want to see him under oath.

    The other interesting point is the number of parents that do believe spare the rod and spoil the child. Maybe we’re seeing the pendulum swing from the helicopter parent.

  17. Ann@IW says

    Oh my! I am really amazed by the things I have read about Gosselinbook. I didn’t buy it. I am appalled that he would reprint what he says are private journals. He’s really disgusting.

    Last I checked, the G 8 were doing great, according to both parents. How does this book help them?

  18. snickers says


    He has revealed himself as a stalker, a peeper in a dance class (eww), a hoarder of garbage and Jon’s bestie. Looks like maybe his free advice from his wonderful laywer won’t work so well in court.

  19. Ann@IW says

    Thanks to those who shared that the book is missing his claims of reporting to C&Y and that the story of where he got the journals and tax documents is also missing. Hmmmmm

  20. KL1233 says

    Here is the only thing I can find in the book where Bob talks about finding the discs. So so much detail in the book but this is all he seems to say about finding the golden disks.

    Bob’s book says:

    Kate’s journal was found by me while combing through documents and computer discs and files that she threw in the trash, the day after she threw Jon out of the apartment above the garage for good. No debates about the journal’s authenticity need to be held because on the same computer discs, which are in my possession for anyone to verify upon request, are close to 5,000 Gosselin family photos and many, many, many personal documents and momentos, including tax and business records, as well as personal and business contracts, all created, dated and burned to disc, years before I ever heard the name Kate Gosselin. Please also note that I’ve left the individual dates for each item in the journal but in the published work, they’ve been removed.

    Hoffman, Robert (2012-09-27). KATE GOSSELIN: HOW SHE FOOLED THE WORLD (Kindle Locations 24058-24065). . Kindle Edition.

  21. KL1233 says

    The other thing is Kate just doesn’t seem that technically savvy to me (no offence) but I don’t think she spent hours burning her files and “momentos,” to computer disk only to throw them out.

  22. says

    Ann #28, yep. Jon did the People story where he said Kate’s a great mom. Of course, BL’s source changed it to “Kate’s a mom.” They couldn’t give up their fun, so they went w/that.

    Strange source that BL has..sounds a lot like GB.

  23. snickers says

    No way would Kate throw out 5000 picutues of the children. If Robert does have those pics, maybe in good gesture, he should return them to Kate. :)

  24. says

    Now the ghost of “PennMommy” has risen once again in the pages of Robert Hoffman’s book. We can’t help but wonder if this Gosselin “insider” flew to PA to “speak” directly with Hoffman or if Hoffman made the long trip to Bakersfield, California. We can only hope that Hoffman’s other sources are a bit more authentic.

    Hope all you want, but I don’t buy that for a second. 😉 Everything I have seen of Hoffman screams Obsessed Weirdo. I can’t imagine any insider speaking to him. By his own admission, he’s not a journalist. He’s doesn’t have a job. He combs through garbage. He’s a bum. And Jon Gosselin thought he was a great person to hang with and to allow around his children….SMH.

  25. stxmom says

    Glad the book was pulled. Jon is still staying silent. I really, really hope Jon did not have anything to do with this.

  26. Brandy says

    Kl1233 I was thinking the same thing. I remember her saying at that stage she wasn’t tech savvy and that Jon would read and print out emails for her including the ones about their first documentary with Discovery. I question the sanity of anyone who openly admits dumpster diving. Kate ought to find something really nasty to start lacing her trash with. This is Gossploitation at its finest. There was once a radar online article about Jon getting the kids pizza with a lot of haters carrying on about Kate being mad when on a couple of episodes she had served them it herself. Same old garbage, just tossed into the recycle bin.

  27. snickers says


    I think Jon is scared, this man took advantage of Jon when he was going through rough times, and RH used and abused Jon for a few quotes to make Kate look bad. If I was Jon, I would be shouting at the roof tops for his children to be protected from this stalker. From jealous church members to lawyers feeding the machine, RH ego will only last a few days. Really, Pennmommy almost, and I say almost, looks like a somewhat normal person now. I can at least say she didn’t hang out in trees to ambush Kate and the children.

  28. Judy says

    Here’s one of many things I don’t understand. Kate lives on a multi-acre piece of property. Does she have to put her garbage cans down on the street? I would think they would be outside her house, but inside her property. How did he have access to Kate’s garbage, unless it was while Jon let him in the house? The logistics don’t make sense.

  29. BlogHawg says

    ROL actually had pics way back of Kate walking the cans to the road & I think of Jon driving them down on his tractor. Fits doesn’t it. Kate walked- Jon drove.
    There’s something to be said for spring loaded garbage sprayed with industrial strength glue. You like my garbage so much, wear it for awhile! ( eew is that a used tampon stuck to your forehead?) SORRY

  30. snickers says


    I would think the garbage would be outside of the gate for pickup. I don’t know PA law, but I own my own containers, so I own the garbage until they pick it up. If the pickup owns the containers, it’s theirs when they pick it up.

    My question would be, if Kate threw all this out when Jon left, no way it was stored over the garage where Jon entertained his guests there.

  31. shawn says

    eew is that a used tampon stuck to your forehead? SORRY


    As usual IW is the voice of sanity and reason (and witty too!)

  32. CJWhodunit says

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA at the visuals of Bobby in his cellar surrounded by trash from the Gosselin house. Too bad he didn’t start stalking a few years earlier when that trash would have been full of poopy diapers!! What a stink that would have been!

    And what a stink this whole fiasco has been. Glad the authorities are now investigating this unprecedented attack on the Gosselin kids and their mother. I hope to God their biological father isn’t involved but if he is…>:-(

  33. says

    Thought I’d pass along that Kate, as a rep of Coupon Cabin, is running in two RNR Marathons for breast cancer awareness. She’ll be running 10Ks in NY on October 13 and in LA on October 28.

  34. loriann says

    I think after Jon said Kate was a good mom, this last little fit of his about the child support was predrama for this book coming out, which back fired with Kate’s lawyer speaking up which is why he is shut down and quiet. JMO

  35. says

    WOW, life is so busy at my end of the world it’s taken me this long to land and find out what the flurry has all been about. I’m still amused at what some people get up to in their desperation to be noticed and congratulations IW for the great work and support you give in bringing the truth to the surface. I’m also sad and deeply disturbed that people don’t care what effect this ultimately may have on the children.
    I hope peace is found soon. The kids are approaching the teen years they need support like all teens need not this constant disturbance.

    That’s all (puts soapbox in cupboard) Now it’s coffee and XfactorAU time 8.13pm

  36. CJ says

    Can’t convince me that Jon isn’t involved with this book. Hopefully, if Hoffman finds himself in court, he’ll disclose Jon’s involvement.

    It is time that Jon slither’s back under the rock and stays there.

  37. KL1233 says

    I found some parts in the book where Bob says he was constantly reading the blogs starting in 2009 when he was sitting outside the Gosselin house. No wonder the book sounds so much like what the haters have been saying all along – he used them for story ideas. His sources are the BL and her band of crazies!

    Bob’s book says:

    write. I heard the wild speculation by an ‘anonymous blogger’ as well as several of the ‘anti-Kate’ blogs when I first began this job, and I started looking for a big story for US Weekly.

    Early on, in the beginning of Kate’s Tweeting, the Kate-hate blogs were abuzz with questions about whether Kate herself was actually doing the Tweeting. Kate has someone to do everything else for her, why would she actually do this herself?
    I started reading the blogs from the beginning as part of my research, to see what people were saying and whom, if any of them really knew anything for certain.

    Hoffman, Robert (2012-09-27). KATE GOSSELIN: HOW SHE FOOLED THE WORLD (Kindle Locations 1579-1580). . Kindle Edition.

  38. MarieS says

    To address the rather large elephant in the room – Jon did help him get the hard drive. This is from ROL’s interview with Hoffman:

    Hoffman told Radar that his friend did help him obtain the computer hard drives from the trash.

    Maybe he helped him by putting the drives in the trash and calling Hoffman to tell him they were in the trash. Just sayin’

  39. HB says

    ‘Legal threats’…? Radar has more threats from RH, & if someone could make sense of their article – I’d appreciate an interpretation! Are they saying RH did get the discs from Jon?

  40. snickers says


    I sure wouldn’t want to have my blog taken to court, but yep, looks lke RH will take them all down with him. Seems Robert wanted to hurt anyone involved with the Gosselin family, pro or negative. It’s like a gotcha game with him. I would think that anyone who is holding a job in any law field would know better than to pander to someone sitting outside the gates of the Gosselin home, especially cyber blogs. This is so twisted.

  41. snickers says

    Of course Hoffman is going to blame Jon, he said he was going to destroy his friend. No way Kate threw anything in the garbage, Jon handed it to him, he doctored them to make Kate look bad.

  42. MarieS says

    In all honesty, Jon does appear to be a fragile person. Kate is the one that will stand there against anything and fight. Jon, well not so much. I hope in RH’s quest for all that is goodness against the evil Kate that he doesn’t destroy Jon. These kids need two parents even if one of them has behaved like an utter d-bag.

  43. KL1233 says

    O.M.G If Jon gave Bob the information who’s to say it wasn’t altered before it was given to Bob. If the info was fabricated it would explain why Jon never went to CPS or the police.

  44. snickers says

    I wonder if any old gf’s helped Jon? This is just so uneasy how many people fed the machine of destruction. This is going to open old issues surrounding Jon.

  45. HB says

    snickers…I, for one, can not forget IW’s interview w. Ellen Ross. What was her comment when she strayed from her script? I seem to recall her saying something NOT very nice in re. to Kate ~

  46. HB says

    Kmom2…’if only you guys knew’ – in reference to Jon’s disrespect of Kate. I think she requested to have her comments deleted as she said something about the G-8 talk about their mother…& eventually ‘it’ will all be revealed by them????

  47. Ann@IW says

    I haven’t read this book. Does the author say he’s seen her beat the kids??? That he has watched her beat her children recently???

  48. snickers says

    I really wonder if RH has a lawyer? Why would you sell a story that has threats attached to it. No lawyer would advise you to do this.

  49. stxmom says

    I know Jon is somehow involved but I still hold out hope that one day he will stand up for his children and finally stop all his BS. Enough is enough. What is it going to take for Jon to finally feel like he has gotten back at Kate for all the hell she supposedly put him through? You’d think he would be glad he was divorced and moved on with his life if she was so horrible to live with.

  50. MarieS says

    snickers –
    There was a lot of tweets on this leading up to the big publishing. He said that the lawyers had seen it and were ok with him publishing. The twats then went nuts about the fact that of course Kate’s big lawyer Martin Singer couldn’t stop publication because it was all true. RH then clarified that HIS lawyers had seen it. I believe that was a fib. The publishing of the TLC contracts is a major eff up. No lawyer would have said it was ok going forward with contracts that were set up like these. But I do know that in a lot of cases you need something to be published in order to sue. So who knows.

    Also does it seem a coincidence that IF Kate was on DWTS this book would be headlines instead of footnotes?

  51. Marnie says

    It’s funny that haters will back any loser that has a negative thing to say about Kate, such morally bankrupt people get applause all in the name of children?? None of them have any common sense or insight to how ridiculous that is? Here’s a man who ADMITTEDLY made up Gosselin stories but he’s to be believed now? The man is supposedly hanging on to years old garbage? CooCoo!! It’s not surprising though, they also applaud tweeters that claim to protest TLC headquarters be spite being called on that bluff. Back up losers every step of the way, and they call supporters sheeple. RH has quite the flock of sheep.

  52. snickers says


    He repeats himself so much who knows what the real story is. He is all over the place. Somethings are repeated at least 4, 5, 6, times. Looks like he just wants pages and pages of the same thing. Someone correct me if I am wrong.

    Sure is strange, he has no lawyer speaking for him. Most people send their lawyers out, selling stories on ROL is not a good thing. I do not believe his lawyers (cough) looked at anything, or he would tell who said it was ok to publish this.

  53. MarieS says

    Marnie –
    Oh we can believe him this time. He’s telling the tweeters that he passed a lie detector test administered by AMI about how he came to possess Kate’s journals. Right

  54. BlogHawg says

    We’re supposed to believe this was all done in the name of such a noble cause,and yet WHY would a person with such moral excellence & such a righteous cause include stories that we’ve been able to identify as not true? How does that help the Gosselin children?
    Certainly makes the intent suspect.

    I do not believe a lawyer was consulted before this was published either. As Marnie already stated , TLCs documents prove that.

  55. snickers says

    I do believe Jon’s old loves are involved some, no way they didn’t know what was going on. When Jon was at the house and Kate was gone, how many gf’s were present during that time. The nanny Steph and Ellen for sure. Robert made sure he had pics of them at the house.

  56. GeeWhiz says

    If Robert Hoffman was telling the truth about how he obtained the discs than why would he tell ROL he knew he would be sued? Why wouldn’t he answer ROL’s questions about when Jon knew he had the info?
    Robert keeps adding more fuel for the lawyers. His hate for Kate is clouding his judgment and in the end will hurt his family, all for NOTHING! His poor kids will be hurt and embarassed when they google him and realize he ignored them to terrorize a woman he never spoke to.

  57. MarieS says

    AMI: I have no idea. I think it’s supposed to fill me wonder and awe at the power of the lie detector. I’m just reporting. Oh and laughing a lot at the absolute insanity of RH.

    And I feel bad that there are real people and children being torn apart by this guy. I feel guilty at being amused by his machinations.

  58. Notafan says

    While I’m not a fan of either side here, I do find all the information to be interesting. It does confirm a lot of the stories the Khaters have been saying for years now. Not that these revelations warrant the crazed behaviors displayed by the Khaters in the first place.

    I guess I just find the entire ordeal to be humorous. I pretty much left the whole Khater world behind more than a few years ago yet here it all still is, basically the same crap regurgitated.

  59. bellefidele says

    Can RH prove he called CPS? It is easy to say this NOW. Instead of writing a book, he could have shown CPS all the supposed proof he had and they would have listened. I will never believe he did this book to help the children.

  60. KL1233 says

    I have looked through his book several times. I can’t find one word of him calling CPS…animal control yes but not CPS. Funny he didn’t have time to mention that in 300,000 words.

  61. Shawn says

    He came up with that story after he was called out on the carpet, along with all of a sudden having the burning desire to donate the proceeds of the non-existent book to an organization (and even that evolved) after he was called out on the carpet once again.

    He is just another blood sucking opportunist trying to ride the Gosselin wave. He is one of the lowest of the low. I feel for his children.

  62. snickers says

    If he called CPS, Jon would have been called and interviewed, because both parents become involved. Jon would have used anything he had against TLC and Kate when he was sued by TLC. The 50/50 is still questionable, no proof from either Jon or Kate, but Kate seems to have the children on weekends. If Jon was any kind of person and a Father to these children he would be standing up for them now, calling out the abuse if true. Where is he?? I fear for his children, seems he doesn’t care what is happening to them.

  63. says

    Snickers, BL would love the rumor that Jon has 50/50 phys custody spread around. It’s more than questionable, it was a lie to keep her blog going since Kate is the sole support of the kids.

    Once again, just like GWOP and BL’s, this has nothing to do w/caring for the G kids. It’s warped they think they’re supposed to care as a parent.

    Robert has a vendetta. He expected everyone to rise up and hate Kate because of a couple supposed journal entries..that even if they were true, were years ago and subjective. Jon ran off to France, NY and Utah, the family has been through the court system. The kids have two parents (only one who is supporting them though), I just watched them on my tv. I think the khaters will always be reliving old (and warped) episodes in their minds.

    Funny, it was supposed to be about laws for children in reality tv. But, that wasn’t true either. Though it would have been a good thing. I wonder if PA ever got that law? No one is worried about the filming hours of HoneyBoo. It’s always okay for anyone other than Kate.

    RH’s use of Bible verses, the avatar of Kate’s dad, taunting Kate and then Deanna; this guy has been weird from the beginning. How dare Kate read 50 Shades? His judgmental attitude creeps me out. I hope he no longer goes near Kate and the children.

    The guy doesn’t seem normal to me and I have a pretty wide range for normal. This was from a post he took down. I’m glad my kid wasn’t in this class.

    Off the top of my head and I’m sure I’m missing many things, here are a few of my parenting success stories.

    My twelve-year-old started taking ballet lessons when she was three with me taking her to every class and videotaping/photographing what I could. The parents weren’t allowed in the studio and while all the other mothers would go for coffee or go outside to chat, I crouched on the floor watching my beautiful three-year-old daughter dance through a one-inch opening under the door.

  64. MarieS says

    Ok, it’s ON like Donkey Kong!

    If you head over to ROL take time to read the comments. Late yesterday a new commentor showed up with some serious Kate issues. I had been noticing that the comment total was down from the 100’s that a Kate post used to garner. So today when this new post went up the same commentor was on it in a minute. First this commentor noted that AMI was the parent company of ROL. They also seem to have a great deal of inside information on how this book, Star mag article etc were put together.

    THEN … Al W comments and the new commentor goes after Al for being a turncoat and not supporting the children. Wow, just wow. The story has become the story around the story. The internet is a fascinating place.

  65. Deborah says

    sue smith ‏@suesmith666

    REAL TALK from @katiecouric asking @kateplusmy8 about dating, Jon, and ABOUT THE BOOK!

  66. snickers says

    So did Jon change things on the hard drives before he handed them off to RH? If RH passed the lie test, what questions were asked. Looks like maybe Jon’s part of all this was left out of the test?? Where’s Jon???

  67. Mojito says

    I’ve been trying to keep up with this… been down with a head cold. I just wanted to say that I think Jon purposly left the hard drive in the trash for Robert.

    I’ve seen Roberts posts and he strikes me as a deranged stalker. I hope Kate gets a protection order against him. Who knows what he’s capable of doing now that his shitty piece of trash got pulled.

  68. Marnie says

    #77. I’m not sue how this book confirms what haters have always says, it certainly repeats what they’ve said. Being that his source was PennMommy, who’s been proven a fraud, that right there confirms a lot.

  69. Marnie says

    My twelve-year-old started taking ballet lessons when she was three with me taking her to every class and videotaping/photographing what I could. The parents weren’t allowed in the studio and while all the other mothers would go for coffee or go outside to chat, I crouched on the floor watching my beautiful three-year-old daughter dance through a one-inch opening under the door.
    ————- bbbhhahahahahahhahaha ha good grief! The man must have a foot fettish, that’s about all he’d be able to see. Talking about martyr parenting, a theme with most haters! All those other mom’s just dump their poor kids off at dance class and go for coffee wile the good parents stay and peek under doors. I just love how his creepy behavior is ignored all in the name of saving the Gosselin 8. RH kids need saving!!!

  70. snickers says

    It bothers me to think a man would watch kids peeking under doorways. As a Mother if my child was in that class, I would be contacting a lawyer. Seems he’s into little girls, he put that info out there himself. Scary! He also admits to watching the G’s kids from the road, something is very off here about all of this.

  71. KL1233 says

    Someone hit a nerve with Robert. But he does the same thing he does in the book. First he starts out “To the Kate Bloggers with respect” Then he says” “Can there be people walking around out there in 2012 who could actually be that stupid and blind to reality?”

    Doesn’t sound very respectful to me? But Robert’s book is full of contradictions so I shouldn’t be surprised.

    Then blathers on about how Edith Bunker told him the yogurt story on the side of the road. I guess if you tell Robert a story on the side of the road he will put it in his book? I wonder if he will post the Iphone video of Edith on youtube?

  72. KL1233 says

    I saw Al’s comment on ROL – I don’t think he was being a turncoat. I think he was asking a previous person who commented where she got her source. Check out Al’s tweets this AM. I wonder if he is right and this could become a criminal situation?

  73. Kmom2 says

    I think it could very easily become a criminal situation if it was determined the hard drives were hacked. A couple of Jon’s girlfriends bragged about him hacking into Kate’s computer. I think this could possibly be one of the reasons Jon is no longer allowed on the property too.

  74. snickers says

    Before this is all over, many people will be drawn into this horrible situation. I do feel old gf’s will be brought into all of this. Someone dating Jon for 5 years had to see or hear something. Receiving stolen property??

  75. MarieS says

    I must admit that this little ROL war has provided me with a lovely lunch break. Right now we have ROL actually responding to commentors that are accusing them of being afraid of Kate’s lawyers because they are bigger and more expensive than RH and Jon’s lawyers. Of course the thought that Jon has a lawyer or that Jon has money so that ‘Kate should sue him for everything he’s worth’ made me laugh so hard I couldn’t eat my soup.

    snickers – At this point ROL has pulled out their Jon notes and figured out who he was dating during the infamous time period and called with a $ offer. They have also called the gf that said Jon hacked Kate’s email and journal with a $$ offer. So I think at this point both RH and Jon better find a good place to hide.

  76. Pam@IW says


    Does ROL normally respond to people commenting? I haven’t been over there for a long time. They now have Facebook in place for commenting. That really cut back on their number of comments, didn’t it.

  77. MarieS says

    Pam –
    I’ve seen them send tweets. In fact they tweeted a link to the current article telling folks that fans and haters were at war. I don’t check facebook. But I don’t remember the last time I saw an actual comment from ROL. I read a lot more of the comments at ROL than most since that is the entertainment. So it’s unusual.

  78. Pam@IW says

    Ok, thanks. I just went and looked at their Twitter feed. I was more interested in the Katie Holmes story they tweeted. LOL. Did someone tell ROL that the fan and hater thing isn’t anything new. 😉

  79. says

    Mojito – feel better! I had that head cold last week. It’s awful. :-(
    The peeping through the ballet class keyhole is so twisted. Creepy, but also, yes, martyr-ish, Marnie.
    I just love all these haters who throw around the word “sheeple” who believe every word Hoffman tosses to them without any backup whatsoever.

  80. loriann says

    I just love all these haters who throw around the word “sheeple” who believe every word Hoffman tosses to them without any backup whatsoever.
    AND send money to him blindly, to me that is unbelievable!

  81. says

    @radar_online like INF are most aware of the crazy Kate haters. The haters have swarmed their boards forever. I couldn’t believe they want to act like it’s something new. Seems they want to give legitimacy to their bullying, when they know it’s the same group day after day.

  82. snickers says

    How would anyone on twitter have a direct line about what Jon has done in past court proceedings. I was under the assumption that all court records were sealed. ??? Not very smart to out Jon on twitter.

  83. Rosemary says

    Snickers: Who outed Jon on Twitter?

    Did all this hoopla change anyone’s mind about Kate? I know that it reinforced my opinion of Robert Hoffman.

  84. says

    Hoffman “found” some files and thought they were his to publish? WOW. Some people have no moral boundaries, not to mention legal boundaries. Some of the stuff he has printed in the book certainly seems to be libelous – I hope all his sources weren’t down at the fence.

    As I have for the 2.5 years I have commented on these topics I hope the children and Kate are living happy, successful lives. I hope Jon finds some peace.

  85. Deborah says

    This whole story is so insane, the only way I would believe it is if one of the kids said it was true.
    First of all Jon hacks Kate’s computer stories, then by some miracle they end up in his good pal and lunatic Roberts hands.
    Robert even adds a PennMommy story!
    I think we’ve all seen the lengths some extreme haters will go to make a lie ‘appear’ to be the truth and Robert is the most extreme obsessed hater I’ve ever encountered.
    Lets stop for a minute and pretend this IS the truth. How in the name of all that is holy help the kids????
    How does this change anything for the kids??? They’re still living with Kate, she’s the sole supporter of all their needs. Jon has always had as much access to them as he wants.
    The kids go to school every day, wouldn’t someone in all these years step in and say something?
    Jon left the state and left them in Kate’s care. His crazy summer was more like a year.
    Robert’s unstable and insane and now accepting donations,
    Omg and they call us sheep.

  86. Roozerdo says

    I wish someone had the money, time & energy to do to this guy what he has done to Kate. Stake out his house for hours and days on end to see what’s going on in his private life. Is his family so perfect? Do they not have private family matters that he would die if people knew about? OF course he does, everyone does. You cannot convince me that Kate abuses (now or ever) her children. A spanking or pop on the mouth is NOT abuse. (Thank god, or I would have been in prison a long time ago). I also do not believe she had an abortion. But if she did, I myself know what it’s like to be pregnant at 17 years old and have your parents TELL you that you will have an abortion. I had to threaten to run away before my mom accepted it. Who knows what Kate’s childhood was like? Just saying. The bottom line is, he stole or made up the information that he has printed and I hope he pays dearly for it. I also so hope that Jon had nothing to do with it. I have always supported Jon, but this would be a turning point for me with him.

  87. Ann@IW says

    I finally got a chance to read Robert Hoffman’s Letter to Gosselin Bloggers. Here’s a laugh:
    “Now for those of you who don’t know how tabloid reporters work, I was paid to be at the Gosselin house every day, taking notes on EVERYTHING that I saw and heard, no matter how minor, right down to what Kate was wearing and what she bought at the grocery store. Each night I would type up my notes and email them to my editor at the magazine, at which point the notes would be kept on file for the next week’s magazine if they chose to use anything for their story, which would be written by someone at US.

    My job for US Weekly was not to determine what was fact or fiction – that was the writer’s job – but to describe what I encountered while there at the Gosselin house. “The sky was blue.” “The kids were in the yard playing.” “A woman told me a story about yogurt.””

    The emphasis is mine.
    My response:
    1. And US Weekly didn’t publish the yogurt story, did they? Maybe because the writer did his job?
    2. Thanks for letting us know how tabloids work. Any idea how ebooks work? Whose job is it to check the veracity of the yogurt story for the book? Hmmm?
    3. Who supports this man who admits to hanging out at the Gosselin home to write down even what they buy at the grocery store? I certainly don’t. Haters do. #childexploitation?

  88. Ann@IW says

    I don’t believe these stupid rumors enshrined in that book either. The whole thing is disgusting. Really disgusting.

  89. MarieS says

    So this is his legal defense? I am a tabloid reporter and we work different? Good luck with that, I’m sure they’ll let you keep your house.

  90. says

    His defense for putting the yogurt story in his own book is that it was someone else’s job to check it’s veracity for the tabloid. Here’s a tip. If a TABLOID won’t print it, it’s probably not true; don’t use it for your ebook.

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