Jon & Kate Plus 8 – Back to “Normal”

Kate Gosselin

There is no doubt about it, when it comes to Reality TV, Jon and Kate Gosselin and their family, were pioneers charting unknown waters. Their TV series, Jon & Kate Plus 8 and then Kate Plus 8 (minus Jon, post-divorce), gave America insight into what it was like to parent 6 toddlers and preschool twins. Along with the chaos and joys we expected to see with so many babies under one roof, we also got to watch perfectionist Kate and laid-back Jon handle each other, their big family, and their growing fame and fortune. Eventually we watched as their marriage imploded and scandal swirled around Jon and his string of girlfriends. Many said that theirs was a cautionary tale for those stepping into the unknown territory of Reality TV: Stop in your tracks and run the other way.

It’s been two years since their program was dropped by TLC and it’s obvious that their lives are very different now. One thing hasn’t changed, though. Kate Gosselin and her adorable children still look great on a magazine cover! Kate and the kids graced the cover of this week’s People magazine (on newsstands today) and the family talks about how much their lives have changed in the last two years. Even “private guy” Jon Gosselin has something to say again, breaking his (almost) 4-week silence on how he’s happiest not giving interviews.

For Kate and the kids, gone are the days of luxury vacations, babysitters and housekeepers, and long-time bodyguard, Steve Nield. Now the family lives a quiet, “normal” life in the sprawling home purchased at the height of the show’s success in 2008. Jon lives in the woods. Although Kate says she is “more laid-back, and I realize now what is important,” she has not quite embraced Jon’s philosophy (shared with last month) that he needs “to support them emotionally not financially. They’ll be taken care of.” Nope. Kate is worried about a future without a steady paycheck. Luckily, one of their parents is.

Kate says she is living “very carefully” and is trying to piece together an income. She won’t go back to nursing as long as babysitter’s fees would eat most of the paycheck. “So it needs to be something else. I have to make lightning strike.” Instead she is earning money from her website,, has a new cookbook coming out next month called Love Is in the Mix; and just started a brand new retail discounts website, Would she consider doing another TV show with her former husband? Nope. “I am not that girl,” Kate says regarding people who would do anything to get on TV. People reports there have been multiple offers for a show featuring both Kate and Jon together. Jon says he is open to a gig on TV. Is this the source of some of his bitterness toward his “former wife” in recent interviews? Kate won’t make that TV gig happen for him?

In last month’s interview, Jon shared that he would be starting a new job this month that works better with his custody schedule. He appears to be in between jobs frequently and most recently it was noted on twitter that he is now waiting tables. Not that you can believe everything you read on Twitter, but serving tables would offer flexible hours so that Jon could maintain his custody time with his children every other weekend and for dinner Tuesday nights. And while that’s nowhere near the 50/50 custody split imagined by some of Kate’s detractors, waiting tables may give Jon time to see his children in sports and school activities again.

JG new server

As for the kids, how have they fared? Despite rumors and predictions that the kids would be doomed for failure that other child stars have incurred, they are happy and thriving. On that, both parents agree. People reports, “the children- animated, amusing, chatting away to visitors- giggle constantly.” Kate calls them, “loving, funny, and bright.” In Jon’s interview last month he shared, “They’re going to beat each other up and going to fight and it’s not perfect at all.” Well, at least People and Kate agree, the kids are doing great. They look well and happy and like they just might actually eat the $300-$450 worth of food Jon claims he buys for them each weekend. Psst! Here’s a hint for Jon: you can probably save some money on your weekend food bill by downloading a few coupons. And we know just where to get them!


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