Jenny McClendon – Thoughts About Having Another Baby…Just One

Jenny Masche McClendon family

Chances are you know Jenny McClendon better as Jenny Masche, one of the stars of WETV’s “Raising Sextuplets” along with her adorable sextuplets and ex-husband Bryan Masche. Jenny and Bryan have since divorced and as reported earlier this year Jenny married Levi McClendon in March and shared all the heartwarming details with Imperfect Women. Imperfect Women is excited and happy to share this Exclusive news from Jenny…she is expecting! Read all about it in Jenny’s own words.

By Jenny McClendon

The last week of May 2012, Levi and I were serving on a medical mission in Belize with my parents. It was the second year we had gone to Belize and shared this amazing experience together! But we also got a little surprise.  I took a pregnancy test, and after one month of trying to get pregnant… it was POSITIVE! I honestly could not believe my eyes and honestly did not believe it was true. I took a few more pregnancy tests over the next week, and much to my surprise, they were all positive.

Levi and I married early March and we knew right away that we wanted to have a baby, to share the experience together (if possible), of a pregnancy and a child of our own. Levi was “fixed,” so I started researching doctors to get him “unfixed,” and we found someone amazing somewhat close to home. We scheduled the surgery for the end of March and all was successful. Of course, I had no idea what the chances were of us getting pregnant post-vasectomy reversal and with my prior experience of infertility for 3 years, but we were going to at least give it a good try. However, we promised each other we would do no fertility treatments (fear of what may happen rolling that dice!) and just let things happen if they were suppose to be. Genuinely, I had no idea what to expect. My first shot at trying to get pregnant included 3 years of unsuccessful attempts, one round of Follistim and 6 beautiful babies 7 months later! Also, I had friends whose husbands had gotten vasectomy reversals with no success post-reversal. So we just let it go and hoped for the best!

I’m writing this as I’m approaching my 28th week and I really still feel somewhat speechless! Once I found out I was pregnant, I didn’t think much of it because of prior miscarriages… of course my mind raced imagining all the reasons why this just wasn’t going to happen and not to get too excited. However, we are SO excited… elated….and still in shock that we are getting to experience this amazing miracle together and add another precious life to our already precious and abundant brood! All 8 children are so excited. They talk to the baby; kiss the baby; fight over who is going to sleep with the baby, hold the baby and help with the baby. It is so very, very sweet to see their little minds work and the fondness they have towards this unborn sibling of theirs! I’m so excited for the sextuplets that they get to experience being the “big” brother or sister. My son Blake said just the other day, “Mom, I love my brothers and sisters, but especially my new little brother.”

Levi and I are trying to gear up and imagine what life is going to be like in our already busy household with a newborn. In my head I think, “This is going to be so easy, it’s only one!” However, I imagine that even this one is going to give us some sleepless nights and an even crazier household. We love every second that we get with our kids and the time we spend as a family. We feel blessed beyond words that God would give us this little one so quickly and so far with an uneventful pregnancy. I’m not sure how to even put my amazement or thankfulness into words. At this point we are praying that the next 12 weeks go smoothly and that this sweet little boy will come into this world with a loud cry, rosy cheeks, healthy heart and mind, and a family of 10 ready to embrace him and love him! We’ll keep you posted.


Jenny Masche McClendon family

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JennyMasche200About the Author:

Jenny McClendon (Masche), star of WETV’s “Raising Sextuplets”, blogs about her journey and her passions: motherhood, faith, family, fitness.



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  1. stxmom says

    Congrats to them!! Jenny seems so very very happy. This baby is very lucky to be born into such a loving happy home. Can’t wait to see pictures.

    Not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this at IW before but my 2 youngest kids are reversal babies except it was me that had a tubal reversal not my husband.

  2. Roozerdo says

    Wow, that wonderful news Jenny. I’m sure you will have lots and lots of help. Wishing you a healthy baby and lifetime of happiness.

  3. says

    Really, Sxtmom? What a wonderful blessing. So happy it worked out for you! <3
    And very VERY happy for Jenny and Levi. That is one lucky little boy you are about to have! I hope we will hear more as the birth approaches! Best of luck to you!

  4. stxmom says

    Yes Anya, I had the surgery done in Mexico, right across the border at Rio Bravo, it was in 2002. Hospital there was cleaner than any hospital I’ve ever been in in the states.

  5. Pam@IW says

    This is fabulous news and a wonderful story. Another layer is added to this blended family which makes it just that much stronger.

    Congratulations to you and your family, Jenny!

  6. Aretta says

    So very happy for you, its really nice to get on here and not seeing everyone out you down. Nothing but positive remarks. Love it. I haven’t really kept up with you after you all made your move across country but I could see there was A LOT and I do mean A LOT of tension between you and your Ex he tried to put you down every chance, that was wrong , well I’m glad u your happy, you’ve found your true love, and now there gonna be a new addition.

  7. Diane says

    Congratulations to Jenny and her family. She seems like such a great lady with a lot of love to give. I am sending out good thoughts for a smooth final trimester, birth, and newborn experience. :)

  8. I. Jac Johnson says

    I am happy to see any couple ride the emotional ride of raising children. Your family is beautiful. Best Wishes

  9. Olivia Robinson says

    On Jenny expecting another baby with her new husband:

    Good for her! This pregnancy is truly a gift from God. I’m so happy for her. I miss her show & I’ve always thought how amazing she was as a wife, mother & nurse!!

  10. Charlotte Brown says

    congratulations Jenny, I watched your show and saw what an awesome Mother you are. This new baby is very lucky to have you for a mom. God bless.

  11. Susan says

    You sound like a wounderful mother and there are alot of childen out there that need a home. If you want this large of a family it would be very praise worthy if you would adopt.

  12. MM says

    I happened to stumble on to your wonderful news today on msn and then found your blog (which is awesome by the way). Congratulations Jenny and Levi, so happy for you both. Praying for everything to go well with the rest of your pregnancy. Many blessings to your entire family.

  13. Juanita B says

    Funny how some Moms with a child army can find a new man and others, cough, cough can’t for the life of them. Wonder why? Guess Jenny isn’t hard to get along with has good priorities and works a real job.

  14. Glenda says

    Hi Jenny

    I saw you yesterday w/your friends getting a pedi (chandler, az) I recognized you but didn’t want to bother you. So happy you found happiness again & congrats on your baby boy. I watched your show when you guys lived in Havasu and then moved to Fl. Any chance that its coming back? Best you you, your kiddos and hubby.

  15. rose says

    I just wanted Jenny to know I had to see part of one or two episodes to know that her husband was an abusive, selfish man. It seems every article blames her for “cheating” and being impossible to her husband, including making him move to Florida. Um, if I recall, she moved to Florida for him and his new business, which the loser never got off the ground. I only had to seem a few moments of their lives together to feel heartbreak that a father and husband could be that terrible, and in front of thousands of witnesses, including Jenny’s parents. Jenny, glad you found a happy, positive life, which everyone deserves. Hope your children are safe with their “father.”

  16. Lisa says

    Yes Juanita, If only that other mom had looked up her old HS boyfriend,cheated on her husband with him, and broke up his marriage and family so she could have a new husband. Sorry Jenny, but that is what happened.

  17. Amy says

    Hi Jenny

    I too just got out of a relationship similar to yours. He left, for another woman, (I should’ve left him years ago) me but he was always putting me down in front of everyone! Couldn’t ever be happy, got irritated at the kids all the time! Now our oldest won’t even speak to him, she is 17 she was in the midst of it all. I also have two younger children, that unfortunately they have to see him. I hope I can find happiness like you have. I’m not looking to have anymore children just want a mutually respected relationship!

  18. Tiffany says

    Congrats to you n your family! I have a question that hopefully you can help me with?? My husband was “fixed” as well and he had it reversed twice with no success….to say the very least, it caused us such sadness and thought maybe we need to give up trying? I too researched doctors but unfortunately we didn’t feel very comfortable after the surgery due to the way we were treated and the negative experience during/after surgery. This has been 9 yrs. of “trying” to find someone to help us…IVF is too expensive as we have exhausted all our money as well…PLEASE, PLEASE can you email us or reply with the name of the doctor you chose for your husbands’ vas. reversal surgery?? I have prayed daily that this won’t be the end of our journey towards being blessed with a baby but rather a new beginning to finding much needed help n assistance in trying to start over w/ a new doctor n a new positive outlook! Please help us!!

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