Jenny Masche Files for Divorce

According to reports circulating today on the internet, Jenny Masche, star of WETV’s “Raising Sextuplets” has filed for divorce from her husband Bryan.

A review of court records reveals a petition was filed on September 17, 2010.

As many readers know, Bryan Masche was arrested on September 11th of this month due to a domestic disturbance.

Obviously this news is sad, if not surprising. It was clear from watching the second season of “Raising Sextuplets” that Bryan and Jenny’s relationship had problems. Money concerns and the stress of raising six children the same age were added burdens to an already strained partnership.

We wish the Masches the best in moving forward. Please share your thoughts about the family and this new development.

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  1. Gammy says

    It’s not a surprise at all.  I thought this may be going to happen long before Brian was arrested.  I watched the show several times and stopped because the interaction between the parents was unbearable to watch.  It was easy to see they were already on the road to a failed marriage.  I honestly don’t believe the show had anything to do with it, I believe from what I’ve heard from friends who live in the community where they originally came from and where Jenny is now that there was trouble long before the show started.  It’s a shame but they have just become another statistic of multiples.  Brian has problems that he needs to work out on his own.  Hopefully he will get the help he needs so badly.

  2. snickers says

    I’m sad to hear this if it is true. She will be trying to juggle a work schedule and raising 6 alone. Hopefully she will move back by her parents who can help her. I’m sure several nannies will be hired or she will have to stay home and get gov help. He really didn’t want to work too hard, but didn’t want to stay home with the kids either. Bryan was not happy and for the kids sake, they all get the help they need.

  3. Mariposa says

    This news is no surprise to me, either.   The few times I did watch the show I could tell it was not a happy marriage.   She’s making the right choice in my opinion.  I wish her and the children the best.

  4. Lily@IW says

    I also hope Jennie goes back to AZ.  It will help her to have the support of the family.  This must have been quite a shock and I’m glad she realized the gravity of the situation.  She may have other reasons for doing this, but it looks to me that this  incident was too much.   Loading kids and guns in the car during a heated argument is a scary thing.  Bryan got one of the children out of the bed to put her in the car.  From what I have read, it sounds like he was out of control.  On the previous thread,  some mentioned his mugshot.  I also found his smiling face strange.  Where was his sense of shame at putting his family through this?
    No matter what, he will always be the father to the six little ones.  I hope he gets the help he needs to be a better man.  I wish this family the best at what must be a very stressful time.

  5. Jennie@IW says

    I just hope it all works out for the best for this family…whatever that may be.

    I totally agree with this. It’s easy to judge, and Bryan in particular makes an easy target for judgment, but these are real people who are hurting, and children whose lives may be changing drastically. The whole thing is sad, and I hope that it does work out as best as it can.

  6. PeggyP says

    I don’t think Kate gets nearly enough appreciation for how hard she’s worked to maintain the children’s relationship with their father, especially during his jet-setter wannabe phase, in the face of extraordinary provocation from him (and, I suspect, that, like an iceberg, what we see is only the 1/8 that is above the surface).  In her most recent book, clearly post-split, she still spoke well of him as a father.  I don’t think she’ll ever, for the kids’ sake, give up hope that the Jon she once knew (or thought she knew) will surface again. 

    However, nothing that we know of on Jon’s part is quite as seriously scary as Bryan’s recent acting out (Jon’s gun episode was scary and showed a serious lack of judgment, occuring as it did on the family property without any visible safety precautions, and Kate rightly got the court to take action to prevent it. from but at least there were no kids in sight).  IMHO, given that Bryan’s incident and the clear risk of parental abduction/custodial interference, Jenny should hold out for supervised visitation for Bryan at least until he gets treatment for his anger/depression issues.  I think the kids are way too young to handle Bryan being out of their lives completely, but I think he’s shown that he can’t currently be trusted to be alone with them, singly or collectively.

  7. Lindsay says

    It sounded like the argument was somewhat regarding the filing of divorce.  I read somewhere that the 911 call by Jenny’s father mentioned Bryan taking the kids before the divorce filing and making it hard to get them back once that had occured.  If she had already decided to file for divorce, we know that something(s) else had been occuring.  I hope Jenny and the children find peace and Bryan gets the help he needs to become a better father for the children. 

  8. Notamomma says

    Oh how sad. As previously stated, I’ve never seen the show so I can’t really comment too much. However, the only true victims in all of this are those precious children. While it may be better that dad is out of the house, they won’t understand it that way. They will just know that daddy is gone. Poor things.

    I agree with PeggyP. She needs to get full custody of those kids and Bryan should only be allowed supervised visitation. It sounds as though maybe she needs to also protect herself and her children. If he already tried to abduct the kids once, who’s to say he isn’t going to try it again with far more severe consequences.

  9. Patty says

    I’m sorry, but unless you’re a millionaire, I don’t think any marriage can survive having sextuplets, especially during this economy. I feel really sorry for her, bc on the show he comes off as a giant whining ass. Brian definitely has a bit of sociopath in him bc it’s all about him all the time. He talks to the kids like an annoyed older brother instead of a dad. I would only give him suervised visits. He seems like the type who would take the kids cross country, but then get overwhelmed and do something bad. I’ll pray for it to all work out.

  10. Anya@IW says

    Bryan has been doing a lot of tweeting in the last few days:

    –I choose to love my wife everyday foward no matter what bc jesus commanded it.

    –Hopeful for full recovery of our marriage and our individual walks with Jesus.

    –Just picked up the boys from Nanna’s will spend a few days have some guy time.

    There was also a comment about how it was Jenny’s decision to move to Florida. And another tweet that he was the only one doing marriage counseling.

    I think if I were going through a divorce publically, I would deactivate my Twitter account pronto. Too much temptation to say too much, I believe.

  11. Jennie@IW says

    I wonder if he’s still off his medication. I do think a lack of mental stability and a Twitter account are a bad combination.

  12. Gammy says

    It sure sounds an awful lot like Jon Gosselin’s antics and IMO it seems as if Bryan is following the same path. I have to question his tweet that it was Jenny’s idea to move to Florida. Somehow my gut feeling says that’s a lie and it was his pushing for it since he was the one complaining about family being involved in their lives. What woman in her right mind would want to leave her family and the support they can give with that many small children? No I don’t believe it was Jenny’s idea. Same thing goes for the counseling crap. Jon pulled the same thing and said he was getting marriage counseling and Kate refused when the truth is that Kate did want counseling but Jon refused to see who Kate felt would be best for them. Jon wanted to use the counselor he had already been seeing and I can tell you from experience that’s a very bad idea because you walk into a situation when the husband has already got this bond with the counselor and the wife walks in and feels like the outsider and in fact because I experienced myself the counselor took the husband’s side and refused to let get a chance to know me and how I saw things. The only way it stands even a remote chance of working is if you start fresh with a new counselor who hasn’t had previous experience with either one of you.
    Tweeting and making comments about your wife or husband through tweets is a disaster waiting to happen IMO>

  13. Ann@IW says

    I just read a short article, somewhere, I’d link it if I could remember, about ordinary couples, negotiating divorce, and agreeing not to mention ANYTHING on Facebook, twitter, or other public online outlets. It becomes part of the divorce settlement…and I think it’s a great idea.

  14. deb says

    -Same here, hubby went to counselor, who told him prior to “couples” therapy to leave me. It was not until our 4th session that this came out and I asked the witch to clarify how she felt after meeting me and she said NO DIFFERENT. Four other couples who I know went to her said that she advised them to split. MY advise is to start fresh with someone NEW. If you go to HIS/HER therapist it is like beating a dead dog with fleas. We worked on our marriage and it is better for it.

    With regards to Masche’s-

    Poor Jenny & kids,
    Bryan is a bully-short and simple. He runs around yelling at the kids, Jenny, his parents, and her parents. His attitude towards her is disgusting and she let him to a large extent to keep the peace. His unbelievable pick of a property w/3 bodies of water as a GREAT place to have the kids wander around and his reaction to her alarm that it was not acceptable. He pouts and whines hides out in the bedroom instead of helping. I pray for the safety of those kids and Jenny. Loaded guns is a bad bad sign of a warped mind.

    The gosselins-
    Jon has always had issues with jobs-it is why Kate is so focused on income. They lived off the state of PA for months after the 6 pk was born. THAT is stress. If you took all the shows and watched them, Kate is doing things and Jon is told what to do because he flounders around without really doing things. The hay ride/pumpkin picking was a fine example-he sat down while Kate was rounding up kids and she yelled out to JON for some help-her 9th child needed DIRECTIONS.
    For all the kate hate on other sites they fail to see that although we see a portion of the families lives, when you dig deeper you see that Jon had some true negatives too. Kate has owned up to them, Jon blames everyone but Jon.
    I think that Jon dilly’s with young girls-these are not peers but young women he manipulates. I also think that once the tabloids caught onto it which I believe led to Kate finally booting his butt out. As a woman I would not keep my spouse in the house if he was cheating on me.

    As too Kate’s control issues-I am sorry but some of them are a bit much but as a mother of 2 sets of twins and seven kids total in our family I can tell you that control, organization and routine are vital to keeping the whole applecart from spilling over into a giant mess of applesauce.

  15. PeggyP says

    deb-I agree with most of what you say, but I didn’t think of Jon as clueless so much as one of the most extreme passive-aggressive types I’d ever seen. I thought that about him long before any of the stories of him barhopping and other problems in the marriage surfaced.

    He wanted all the benefits without doing the work & would hang back until Kate couldn’t handle it and started after him. Then he’d do what needed to be done but he was all snarky, muttering under his breath, and eye-rolling. I don’t think she wanted to be the dominant one (or the subordinate one, for that matter); she clearly wanted more of a partner. Remember when she said that, more than anything else, she wanted Jon to take the initiative and say Kate, you seem stressed. What can I do to help, and how visibly touched she was when Jon included a promise to do so in his vow renewal vows?

    Any time he did something, he turned it into a big production number and expected inordinate amount of praise for it.

    I think sooner or later he’ll repeat the pattern he showed with Kate and with Hailey (Morgan appears to have come to her senses far sooner than the others); He’s passive; He expects the woman in his life to do all of the work but, after a while, he either resents it or resents the woman expecting reciprocity. In Kate’s case, he also had to deal with the kids’ needs taking priority over his. I always got the feeling that he thought he was doing Kate a favor by choosing her; that he saw him and his family being much higher status and he being the popular one. I wonder if his refusal to keep going on speaking engagements was due to resentment that it was becoming clearer and clearer that Kate was the draw and that she was becoming far more self-confident socially (she even started chosing her clothes without him and picking bright colors instead of the neutral shades she’d formerly hid under.

    I think Kate recognizes her flaws and works hard to improve. When the khaterz were having hysterics over her being barefoot as the family left the Statue of Liberty, my reaction was that this was coming very far from the woman who had such a phobia about germs that she wouldn’t walk on hotel room carpets barefoot.

    >>As too Kate’s control issues-I am sorry but some of them are a bit much but as a mother of 2 sets of twins and seven kids total in our family I can tell you that control, organization and routine are vital to keeping the whole applecart from spilling over into a giant mess of applesauce.<<

    Excellent point. In one of her books, Kate talks about believing, during her pregnancy with the 6, that her recent experience mothering twin infants would give her a leg up in dealing with all those babies. She later found that the logistical demands of simultaneously meeting the needs of 6 infants + two just leaving the toddler state were light years beyond that of a single set of twins & that her prior experience wasn't helpful at all. When the 6 came home, one had the conflict of Type AAA+++ personality with a side order of OCD colliding with a potential for chaos on an apocalyptic scale. It was almost like the dreaded posssibility of matter & anti-matter coming into contact on Star Trek. I think she is working on toning down the perfectionism & OCD while still maintaining sufficient organization to keep the family functioning.

    All I can say is that all 8 of the kids seem polite, friendly, respectful towards adults without being cowed, curious, fun-loving, and open to new experiences.

  16. Kim says


    I am praying for you and your family. Even through obvious editing on WE, your marriage was quickly going down hill. I know it takes two, but looks like Bryan has bigger more serious issues he will have to deal with. Someone who has such anger issues has NO business being alone with 6 toddlers ever. I am only baffled at the fact you would even have ONE child with him. You HAD to know he was like this. He has NO patience, is a hot head and very threatened by everyone and everything. He is nothing more than an overgrown bully. He was SO disrespectful to his own parents on the show! Looks like they are good people and tried to help you all. Jenny, you are tough, smart and can do this all on your own if you have to. Much love to you and those sweet babies!

  17. deb says

    Kim- i agree with you Bryan has issues and he gave radaronline an interview were HE forgives Jenny? BS! He is following Jon G. playbook of using the media to gain approval.

    Jenny had to have seen his bratty big boy behavior-but some women like to be the mother/wife.

    Bryan is disrespectful to everyone and therapy didn’t help them at all. He just walked all over Jenny and anyone else who disagrees with him.

  18. snickers says

    Byran is doing the media outlet for his personal attacks on Jenny. He asks forgivesness fom her and then hits below the belt on his other comments concerning her. Another Jon is in the works. No job, so sell a quick story for a few bucks. Check out ROL interview.

  19. kimmie says

    i don’t know…i don’t think he is anything like jon…i don’t think he and jenny are like jon and kate at all. even the family dynamics are different.

    yesterday i read (rol) that bryan said their family fell apart because they were stressed over becoming like j&k. imo he’s just blaming anyone but himself.

  20. kimmie says

    just read on rol today that bryan is now saying that it wasn’t just the stress of a reality show that broke them up. i actually liked this interview with him more than any other time i have ever seen him.

    i hope he means what he says and things work out well for him.

  21. Lily@IW says

    Kimmie, thanks for the heads-up about the ROL interview w/Bryan. I just went and read it. I don’t know what to think about his twittering and interviews. I do think that Jennie’s doing the right thing. I read the previous ROL interview that said some thought Jennie acted unfairly by filing for separation. Also, that she must trust him w/their children because she had left the children in his care while she took some weekends. That is so silly since it was before his arrest and things change. If she stayed and something horrible happened, the next question would be “why didn’t she do anything about it?” It’s a shame. Bryan needs help w/his anger and control. You just don’t load up 1/2 the kids, put the guns in the trunk and then to top it off, resist arrest. I hope it all ends in the best possible way, I just hate to see her getting flak for taking steps to protect herself and the children.

  22. snickers says

    I would love to agree with you Kimmie, but until he stops the interviews and twitter, Bryan will continue that long road of selling his story. I hope for the whole family whether they stay together or apart can work through the issues that separate them.

  23. Anya@IW says

    Kimmie, I agree. Jenny and Bryan are really nothing like Jon and Kate, IMO. Bryan is NOT the male Kate, etc. etc. All four individuals may have flaws, but it is just silly to try and put them in these little pegs.

    Bryan doing interviews is a bad idea, but I get the sense it is out of desperation and not an attempt to make money. He seems kind of lost.

    I have had the season finale of season 2 on my DVR for a long time and I finally finished it today. It was sad to hear Bryan and Jenny talk about the strides they had made knowing that things were going to change for the worse for them.

  24. snickers says

    Anya, I felt the same way about Byran and Jenny. Seems like the problems were all ready there even before they made the move to Florida. I think Byran was a little overwhelmed that a new company was not going to bring in money right away and his frustration with the economy could have been the iceing on the cake so to speak. I hope this family can and will heal, but it will take a long time. No quick fix to the problems ahead of them.

  25. marge j erie pa says

    i always thought bm treated jen horrible…the way and tone ofn his voice on moving into the new home was awful…i can’t believe her parents could keep their mouths shut…i would have laid into him….he picked the home and the paint…she couldn,t place the furniture?…give me a break….i’m sorry bit i couldn,t stand him….i am so glad she left him

  26. deb says

    I think that Bryan has HUGE control issues. He yells, screams, calls names, and acts like the nasty kid who won’t play with you unless it’s the game “HE wants”. I agree he picked the house, paint and then LOST the key to the house. Then all Jen wanted was to place the furniture in a different way and he threw a huge hissy fit. The house with the 3 bodies of water made me cringe with fear for 6 roaming kids.

    As far a economy-it plays into it big time when him to insist on moving to Florida without any JOB nor any support/help with all those babies? How dumb is it to leave all that family support when you are strapped for cash and need all the hands you can get with those toddlers? Jen had all that on her head working. He was so insistent he could do the child care thing-I don’t like his “style” of punishing nor his lack of concern with knives and babies/toddlers.

    Bryan is going the gosslin route of media blame game-Jen hasn’t done any of that.

  27. Dee says

    You guys have no clue just based upon watching the show. Having watched Bryan grow up in Havasu, Bryan definitely loved Jenny but Jenny definitely did not love Bryan’s family. In fact, up until the point where they knew that they were having sextuplets, Jenny practically banned Bryan’s family from their life. She made it very clear that she thought very little of them–and that means the whole group who were there to assist her in taking care of those children as shown on the show. That was not for the show. That is what Bryan’s family has always been about. The move to Florida was a maneuver by Jenny to get them out of the picture but it really made things worse.

    Speaking of making things worse, Jenny also liked to live the high life — which was fine when they were both working and had no kids. Jenny has no concept of a budget, which has caused quite a bit of foreclosures in their short life together. The house they supposedly bought in Florida? There were no sale. The deal fell through because of that past history — and yet Jenny wanted the even more expensive one because she thought she deserved it. They ended up renting it for the show. Please, we are talking pampered princess. Note that Walmart is not in her vocabulary but Whole Foods and trendy little clothing shops are. Again, that’s fine if you can truly afford it, but clearly having 6 children puts a big crimp in that lifestyle. Kids grow through outfits quickly — does it really make financial sense to purchase lots of pricy outfits for them?

    Bryan definitely had clients in Florida but no one got to see that. It ended up on the cutting room floor. He definitely was frustrated and it definitely surfaced as anger issues. On the other hand, he was more of a class clown than an anger management case throughout his lifetime. I’m guessing he was quite frustrated about his belief in marriage for life and his commitment to his family. I feel especially sorry for the kids. You can’t just be a buddy to your kids but Jenny doesn’t get that. With 6 kids all at the same age and no real discipline, she’s going to create a really ugly scene for herself and whoever she suckers next.

  28. Paige says

    Dee, I will assume for now you truly know Bryan. I can understand your wanting to defend him but why do you have to be so vicious regarding Jenny? How does anyone in that family, especially the kids, benefit from your attacks? What is the point in tearing apart Jenny as a mother?

    You say you grew up with Bryan but, of course, that does not indicate your relationship. Since you weren’t part of the marriage, much of what you are reporting must come from Bryan. How do you know that Jenny was the one who suggested the move to Florida and why? How do you know what Jenny wanted regarding houses in Florida? Where you there when Bryan and Jenny discussed it? How do you know what Jenny does and doesn’t get regarding parenting?

    We know what was reported. We know that Bryan threatened Jenny’s rather, that he had guns in his vehicle, and that he resisted arrest. If the charges aren’t true that should come out in court. Vilifying Jenny doesn’t make Bryan innocent.

  29. Lori-NY says

    I watched this show a few times and was in awe of the patience of Jenny. When they went house hunting and Bryan disrgarded her concerns about the bodies if water, and yelled at her in front of the realtor…I was like that Bryan is such an jack a. I was so proud of her for standing her ground and sticking up for her children. If you notice in most of the episodes every time he goes to pick one of his children up it’s like he is picking up a piece of furniture, no tenderness or affection. He usually grabs them by one of thier arms. Bryan’s parents seem like good people. I am sorry I can’t say the same about him. Jenny’s parents seem lovely and she is so lucky to have them. I want to say how proud I am of Jenny for sticking up for her children and leaving this maniac. She is doing the right thing no matter how hard it may be for her as a single parent of 6. We must make sacrafices for our children sometimes. You can do it Jenny (I am a single parent as well) It will be hard, but your children will be happier and safer! KUDOS TO JENNY!

  30. Susan says

    OK – not sure if anyone else has written this, but really – I think there may be other stuff going on. Call me crazy – but….besides Bryan at least appearing narcissistic, he also comes across as frustrated sexually – I think he is gay, plain and simple. There, I said it.

  31. Anya@IW says

    Well, Susan, not sure what I think about that. If that is the case, I feel sorry for him. I would hate to think his religious convictions would prevent him from being who he truly is.

    On another note, Bryan tweeted a few days ago that he is going to law school and running for state representative in 2012.

    I probably sound like a bitter Gwopper, but where will the income to support his kids come from? Hmmm…….

  32. Susan says

    Hi Anya…I totally agree with you – whatever the case may be, I also hope that he can be who he really is – if I’m right. Jenny is honestly (in my opinion) better off without him.

  33. bookie says

    I agree that Bryan is gay. I think he is very religious and can’t accept the fact that he is a homosexual. It happens all the time. It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love Jenny, he loves her in a different way. I have known gay men that have relationships with women and do love them, but always have the urge to go with a man.

  34. Jennie@IW says

    I won’t pretend that I don’t see why some people say Bryan is gay, but I’d caution against assuming that you can always tell by external signs. I have no idea whether Bryan is gay or not, but I have no reason to think he is.

    I was surprised to hear about the law school plans; while I normally applaud anyone trying to extend their education, Bryan’s focus should really be on providing for his family, IMO. He seems to have acquired the necessary education to do that, from what I can tell – he needs to just work to apply it.

  35. victim voice says

    I believe Bryan was very insecure. Jenn would neglect him sexually and her rejection angered him until he couldn’t control his feelings. Those feelings of neglect soon became apparent and soon took over his emotions. The worse he acted and treated her the more she neglected him…It worked as a double egde sword.. You know, which came first?!?! the chicken or the egg. What started first?

  36. Dee says

    Jenny admitted she wanted to move to Florida. Bryan gave up his job in Havasu and went into another career to adapt for the move. Jenny wanted to set up a business while in Florida and flew back west to meet up with her girlfriends on a weekend retreat but instead met up with her former but now married boyfriend and had an affair with him. He has just recently divorced his wife, whom he has 2 kids with. Bryan was arrested on the day he found out about the affair. Do you think he should have been angry about it? Pracically everyone in AZ who travels the 2 to 3 hour trip from Phoenix to Havasu carries a gun in their car. Many of the roads are isolated and the Phoenix area crime rate has soared due to an influx of drug cartels. As for hurting the children by being vicious to Jenny (by telling the truth), don’t you think the same could be same for the vicious attacks on Bryan? Bryan certainly has his faults but this idea that Jenny is the victim is just preposterous. The children are the true victims. And Jenny’s parents have accepted her affair by saying that it is God’s will for their daughter to commit adultery. Anyone who thinks they know everything just by watching the show is sorely mistaken.

  37. snickers says


    I hope you don’t think that everyone thought Jenny was a victim. I thought from the show that there was something strained in their marriage before the move. Maybe both of them thought by moving away from their support system would make them grow as a family without out all the outside influence from both families.

    How is Bryan going to help support these children if he is going to law school?? What kind of business did Jenny want to start,if she was working full time in a hospital? I do understand the need for space for the kids, but housing in Florida was very expensive, but Bryan made all the decisions concerning what kind of house in the end they were going to buy. I hope for the New Year they can resolve their issues and move on. Jenny never mentioned a new business or anything about another man on the interview with Nina. Of course, I’m sure the topic would never be discussed on the radio program. IMO.

  38. ThereseZ. says

    I see a lot of people here dumping on Brian. However, it takes two to fail a marriage or make it work. I also watched the show for the last two seasons. Everyone forgets it was Jenny, that wanted to move and raise the kids close to the beach. Brian had a good job and gave everything up to appease Jenny. Brian comes on strong-minded and demanding; I saw much of his frustration caused by the roadblocks set up by Jenny and the grandparents. Additionally, Jenny is spoiled and throws tantrums when things don’t go her way. She won’t get sole custody using the arrest initiated by her father, which is probably thrown out of court by now. So, they had better come up with a shared custody plan and learn to get along and work together. Jenny can’t have total control over the kids and both will be better parents apart from each other.

  39. says

    I wish Jenny Masche the very best with her beautiful children. Its good to know that she has strong family support and she is not alone. As for her soon to be ex-husband he needs to grow-up. My impression of him when I saw him on the show was that he is extremely inmature.
    God bless Jenny and her family.

  40. Carol DeTombeur says

    The show really caught my eye in the beginning, but as it went on it became very stressful to me. As I watched how brian treated jenny I would get very upset. Jenny has made the best choice to divorce him for the good of herself and her beauitful children. I am so glad for her that she has such a wonderful support system. Best of luck to you jenny.

  41. Jill says

    I have been married 20 years. We never had money. We always have debt. our kids are crazy. Our dog is aweful. Our cat is the least anoying of anyone in the house yet her litter box makes the whole tiny house stink. My husband works out of the country. We can hardly pay the bills. But we don’t give up. We never walk out on each other. When a kid is stuck in the ditch at 3am I handle it. When when we can’t find all the paperwork for taxes I handle it. When we can’t pay the taxes I handle it. When I mess it all up he is there for me. When he mess up I take care of it. That is what marriage is. these people are whimps

  42. Tlh713 says

    Personally, I think this Dee person is Brian! Sound’s like Brian trying to defend himself w/o truly identifying himself…..these details are way to personal to just be a random person.

  43. says

    IMO after watching all sessions…is that Bryan is psychologically damage by his father, who consantly put him down, in front of his kids and family…Bryan in turn complained to Jenny that she was emasculating him. Didn’t see that. Saw Bryan w/many insults to Jenny or disregard for her feelins..Jenny did not react to the them on camera..don’t know what happened off. But it was BOTH their ideas to go to Fla….Jenny was VERY upset to leave her family, but I bet she saw the relationship between Bryan & his father as very damaging to Bryan. I think she was a saint on the show..and much better parent. Working double shifts, then Bryan up in the bed refusing to change a diaper because he had them all day. I could not have run from him fast enough if I were Jenny. Not to mention his stuffing food into his mouth constantly…like a 6 yr old..sneaking a bite of the kid’s wherever he could…meanwhile seeing a Dr for wght loss. He just was not mentally able to pull this off. I’m sorry but I can’t complain about what I saw from Jenny…she seemed to be able to handle allthe crap Bryan threw at her. She deseves better. He needs to grow up.

  44. Martha says

    I just saw Jenny at a Fry’s grocery store in Chandler, AZ. She was with a guy that wasn’t Bryan and rubbing his back. I guess she has moved on. Good for her!

  45. Dani says

    I’m sitting here watching a marathon, this man disgusts me. I think Jenny should be given the ” mother of the year” award! Her patience not only with her sextuplets but also with Bryan who to me is just the 7th child, is amazing. She adores her children and I admire her so much. The way he feels sorry for himself makes me sick to my stomach. I can’t imagine what she ever saw in him in the first place. A poor excuse for a husband, father, my goodness, for a man! I feel so sorry for those babies but I have no doubt that Jenny is stepping up to be both an amazing mom and dad. He is what I call worthless! I hope that Jenny as sweet and kind hearted as she is, will one day find a real man. One who treats her and her babies the way they deserve to be treated. They deserve the absolute best. They will all be in my prayers. Bryan you are a joke, you don’t deserve the Precious wife and children that God gave you. Sorry to be so harsh but everytime I see you on this show you become an a hole even more.

  46. says

    Im sorry her husband is a real jerk he is immature, arrogant, lazy and a loser. I’ve seen some of the episodes my god how he treats his wife, he has some kind of disorder its got to be bipolor. I knew it from the begininning he was no good. She will be fine without him, she just needs to go back to Arizona with her parents, they are nice people and i know they will stand by their daughter. My god when i see him on the show i just want to punch him, have you seen the way he talks to Jenny???? its always negativity and he puts her down. He has no love for the children, you can just tell, in one episode Jenny had worked the nite befor and she asked her husband if he would take them just for 2 hours, well he gets the kids ready to go to the park and after 5 mins he’s back in the house, he said kids were over reacting well HeLLO they are only 2 years old. But let me stop because my blood is starting to boil. Good for you Jenny, stick by your guns and get divorced, and someone commented that he should have supervision visitation, because he is a type to take the kids and run. Good Luck Jenny.

  47. Sadie says

    OMG I just watched the marathon and boy, I was shocked by some of Bryan’s behaviour. I don’t know what goes on without the camera watching, but what I saw on the tv was nuts. The name calling, the childishness…There were a couple of comments about he’s the man, therefore makes the decisions. WTF? I thought it was a partnership, not a dic(K)tatorship. He may love his children, but you never see him cuddling them or loving them. Just yelling at them. If his childhood was hard, then sorry, but he needs to be the one to break the cycle.
    If Jenny was having an emotional affair outside the marriage, although it’s wrong, she was obviously not getting the emotional and loving support she needed in the marriage.

  48. Merri says

    I see a lot of negative comments about Bryan, and very few if any re: Jenny. I tend to agree with a previous poster that they’ve just become another statistic of multiples. Bryan unquestionably had his issues and hopefully he’ll recognize that he DOES need some serious help and he’ll get it. Jenny, however had her manipulative side too. She simply wanted her way – period, she was just a little more gentle with the prodding at times and at others was flat out manipulative. If Bryan would say something substantive and actually made a good point, but it would have led to Jenny not getting her way, she’s just turn her back and walk away while at the same time saying something demeaning under her breath. That type of passive-aggression is often the worst type. You could see it many times during the house buying process in Destin. Then you look back at previous situations and episodes and see the exact same type of interplay. That would get Bryan into his tantrum throwing mode, and once again, you were “off to the races.” One child is hard enough, but with 6, I think it just did them in, Situations like that will only accentuate each partner’s negative personality qualities and make them worse. And re: Jenny’s so called “emotional affair” come on, now. She flat out lied about this alleged “retreat” in San Diego, so she could engage in a course of conduct that she knew was wrong, hoping to get people to believe she was engaged in a “religious retreat” to meditate on their problems. Puhleez! I really hold out hope that they can work things out and stay together, but I really don’t think that is going to happen. Hope springs eternal in us hopeless, but very unrealistic romantics. Oh, well. I think they both probably married for the wrong reasons.

  49. says

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