Jenny Masche Exclusive Live Interview

Jenny Masche from Raising Sextuplets will be interviewed on December 9th at 10 AM EST by Nina Frye from Living the Dream Mom Radio. Joining Nina as a co-host will be Imperfect Women’s own Samantha. To listen to this show live, click on the link above. This interview will also be available to listen to later in the day and you will find it under Recent Shows on the right hand side of  the site. There is also a live chat room available on the Toginet site for listeners to use during the taping of the show.

Be sure and tune in and find out what’s new in Jenny’s life.  An added bonus will be meeting IW’s Samantha and listening to her sweet southern accent!

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  1. Kiki says

    Samantha, you might want to tell Nina how to pronounce Jenny’s last name before she introduces her on the show. It’s ma-SHAY, not mash.
    (Sorry, that sort of thing bugs me.) Anyway, good luck on the show.
    I’ll be listening.

  2. says

    Hi All – Yes I watched ths show otherwise I would have no interest in having her on. I just had “MASH” in my head and remember that her name rhymed with “Paper masche.” Thank you for correcting me.
    – Nina

  3. momsby says

    Great Job Samantha!
    I don’t think I’ve ever said congrats on the new baby either:) When my babies were 3months I could hardly form a sentence..I can’t imagine doing a live interview!

    I’m only a wee bit jealous of your beautiful Southern accent! (Gone With The Wind, has always been one of my favorite movies)

    I was happy to hear Jenny’s guilty pleasure wasn’t a Big Mac or A bag of chips..or I’d be jealous of her too! Although, the girls love of exercise is working for her! Not jealous though, if you earn it, you deserve it IMO :0 Funny, I was on bed rest for my last pregnancy..running a marathon NEVER entered my mind!
    I’m going to go shovel now..maybe that will give me that high she was discussing! LOL

  4. Pam@IW says

    Thanks for listening, momsby. You were great in the chat room. I thought Samantha did a very nice job and enjoyed the interview. I hope we hear more from Jenny.

  5. Samantha@IW says

    I was trying to keep up with the chat room- you, PattyPie, and Pam had your hands full! Thank you for tuning in to listen, I saw your comment in the chat and I greatly appreciate your support. Jenny was a pleasure to talk to.

  6. says

    I haven’t had a chance to listen yet, but I have been filled in by the awesome Pam and Samantha of the great job Momsby and Pattypie did in the chat room.
    Momsby, so glad to read what you have to say about Samantha’s accent. I think we have all told her a hundred times how much we enjoy it and how appealing it is to listen to, but she doesn’t seem to realize how charming it is.
    I also agree with your statement, “if you earn it, you deserve it.” Both Jenny and Kate are good examples that eating healthy and regular physical activity does pay off.

  7. says

    Hello Ladies – Samantha – you were fabulous today. Thank you for co-hosting and asking all those great questions.
    Pam – thank you for running the show over on the chat room. It was a little hairy over there!
    Jenny is so sweet and will return for another interview in February, so I will let you know for sure when that will air. Have a wonderful Holiday.
    -Nina Frye
    Host of Living the Dream Mom Radio

    P.S. Here is the link to the show – and click on the podcast on the right titled – “Jenny Masche LIVE”. Enjoy!

  8. Ann@IW says

    Thanks, what a great show. Samantha you sounded sweet as usual! Thanks to everyone who submitted questions. I didn’t expect Jenny to be as chatty as she was- which is great!

  9. Ann@IW says

    So glad you asked about her greatest imperfection. I think it’s great that she’s managing without organizational skills. It makes me feel better!

  10. snickers says


    Just listened to the radio program and you did a great job. It was nice to hear that Jenny is doing well. She does get a few free mintues of time, running and massages. Good for her!!

  11. Samantha@IW says

    Momsby, so glad to read what you have to say about Samantha’s accent. I think we have all told her a hundred times how much we enjoy it and how appealing it is to listen to, but she doesn’t seem to realize how charming it is.

    She definitley does not 😉

  12. Samantha@IW says

    Ugh! I said I wasn’t going to listen and then I did. When I say “I” it sounds like “ahh”. So glad I don’t hear myself daily.

  13. Anya@IW says

    I listened last night. It was a GREAT show. I loved hearing from Jenny. I think she shared an appropriate amount of information about their current circumstances. She is a very likable person, in my opinion. I am glad to hear they have the help of the grandparents again, although I feel bad that Jenny has to work so much and her commute is so long. I’m really looking forward to the interview in February….Nina and Samantha conducted a fabulous interview!

  14. momsby says

    Oddly enough I’ve never seen a complete episode of the show! I don’t think we get it in Can. I stopped in because I’m a fan of IW & wanted to show my support :)

    I enjoyed Jenny’s interview so much I think I’ve become a fan! I’m interested to see if she’s as unorganized as me especially.LOL

    The chat room was interesting to say the least! Why are women, so darn hard on ourselves & each other? Is the question I left the chat-room with..& not to mention the unattainable expectations we have created for some of these “celebrity” women.

  15. Smithy's Girl says

    Oh, you asked my question, and my other question!

    Thank you Samantha, Nina, and the most of all Jenny!!

    I really liked Jenny’s answer about getting back into a fitness routine: Partner with a friend, set a goal and tell people about it so it is hard to back out.

    Love that, not sure if I am ready for a marathon (Jenny sets the bar high, doesn’t she? love it!) but, I see some charity walks on the horizon that might help ease me there.

    Thanks ladies, sorry I couldn’t listen live… life has been busy!

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