Jenny Masche: A New Season

In an Imperfect Women exclusive interview, Jenny Masche dishes on – sextuplets, love and moving forward.

By Samantha

This past week, I had the chance to speak with Jenny Masche of Raising Sextuplets. Below are her candid thoughts on everything from divorce to the possibility of filming again.. Her family has gone through a lot of change in the past year but life is looking good for this mother of six!

Can you give us an update on your life and where things are now?

I’m living about an hour and a half from where I grew up, I got a really good job down here- working in the emergency room. Last year, coming home from Florida, I didn’t know what was going to happen. Things are good today. The divorce will probably be final in about a month. Everything was agreed upon in March but he basically doesn’t want to sign the papers. It’s hard. It’s super hard but I believe it’s the best thing for me, it’s the best thing for my kids. It’s the best thing for my friends and family, they really suffered in my marriage because of the way he would act and treat them. It’s good for everybody. I feel healthy.

Can you tell us about your current relationship?

I’m in a relationship [with Levi], he’s someone I’ve known for twenty years but I hadn’t spoken to him in several years. I had wanted to separate, Levi came into the picture and we started talking. We definitely started talking too soon. There were some mistakes made but the bottom line is that he’s an amazing man and so good for me and my kids. My family adores him. It’s just like finding the person you feel like you’re supposed to be with your whole life. Any time a family breaks up its sad. The problem is, I knew at my wedding that it wasn’t what I was supposed to be doing but I didn’t know how to get out of it. I didn’t want to break anyone’s heart and my fault, my guilt lies in the fact that now I’m hurting him even more. But I have 6 precious, healthy children. Levi has 2 boys and blending a family has its own challenges but it’s been really good. Even through all the mistakes I see that God has been really gracious to us, and my family is really happy about where I am and where the kids are. The hardest part is that they go to their dad’s every other weekend, its hard for them, it’s hard for me.

What is a typical day like for you, juggling work with 6 kids the same age?

Well if you had nothing else to do but take care of six 4 year old- you’re busy! I’m fortunate-  I work shift work and I try to do evenings. It’s good, it’s ideal. I have to be a working mom and I feel super fortunate to have the job that I have. I can provide for the kids, work how often I work. I can’t imagine if I had a Monday – Friday job what I would have to pay in child care. It’s often that I go to bed at 1 or 2 in the morning and get up at 6:30, I’m usually pretty darn tired. But it’s just the way it is, you have to count the blessings in all of it.

Do people in the ER ever recognize you?

All the time! I’ll be walking by a room and someone will yell “That’s the lady on TV!” It happens way more frequently than I ever thought it would because our show was popular but it wasn’t like Jon and Kate. I think it’s becoming more popular now because they’re playing tons of reruns and marathons. I feel like its gaining more popularity now that it’s stopped.   I was just in Starbucks today and the barista was like “I know you, how do I know you?”

Do you have a favorite fan moment?

That’s a hard one. I’m overwhelmed every day by the amount of support I get from fans. They’re really supportive of the direction my life is headed.

What would you tell single mothers who are feeling overwhelmed?

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed whether you’re a single mom or a married mom. I think moms across the board have their days and their moments. When my kids were 16 months to 2 years I really thought I wasn’t going to make it. It’s a season of life. When your kids are little, sometimes you feel like they’re going to be little forever and you’re never going to have your freedom. It’s a season. They will grow older, they’re going to change and they’re going to be out of the house someday. I think if you can really wrap your mind around that, that this is a season and enjoy it as much as you possibly can, because once that season is over, its over. I don’t have the same freedom that someone with one 4 year old would have. I don’t take all six of them to the bank or the grocery store. There’s a lot of logistics in doing normal things but it’s going by so fast. I can’t believe they’re already 4!

What do you do to make time for yourself?

You have to be really intentional about it. I love to run, that’s my time. I just finished a half marathon, and there are a couple coming up in the fall. That’s my favorite thing to do for myself. Its time to pray, and think, and sweat and process. I feel so much better emotionally and physically when I get to do that. Whenever I can I love to travel. As my kids get older, it’s more fun.

Do you ever think about writing a book?

I would love to write a book one day. I don’t know what it will be on- if it will be my life or divorce, or remarriage, or blended families. It’s just the timing. My plate is so full. God gives us all a story. I’ve been doing more media lately because if my story can help other women, whether it’s what not to do or what to do, then it’s worth it.

Are the kids going through any phases right now?

They are so much easier than when they were two! The girls are way more dramatic. They’re better at some things, there are moments where they’re really good at sharing and playing together and then there are moments when they just want to tear each other apart. They’re all getting much stronger willed but you can reason with them so much more and I love being able to do that. That is such a joy for me, to be able to explain something and they “get” it. They’re potty trained and that’s such a blessing! They go to the bathroom on their own and I’m like, “Thank you Lord!”

The kids are in preschool- will they start kindergarten next year?

I haven’t really decided yet. They’ll be five in June but some people hold their kids back. I’ve even thought about home schooling. I still have a lot of deciding to do!

Would you be open to filming again at some point in the future?

I wouldn’t totally rule it out. For the last year I was totally against it, didn’t want any of the garbage and stuff that was going on… but I think there could be a really good show about the reality of blending a family. I think it’s so common but there really isn’t a whole lot out there about that. It has its challenges but it can be really, really good. It can be done.  So many people give their opinions about filming, whether it’s right or wrong. For me- it was absolutely a blessing. It helped us financially- the financial burden of having 6 the same age. I got to work less because I was being paid to be home with the kids versus being paid to be away from the kids. It gave me tougher skin and I didn’t have tough skin before. I’m a people pleaser and if you’re going to put you’re faith out there you have to know that if God is okay with me and my family is okay with me- it doesn’t really matter what other people think.

Do you think the show contributed to the demise of the marriage?

I was talking to the producer of the show a month ago, he knew us from the time I was 12 weeks pregnant, I told him I thought the show kept us together longer and he said “Oh, absolutely!” It gave us something in common, it gave us something to do together that was fun. It did take some of the stress off financially and ultimately I don’t at all think it made things worse. I’m 100% fine without it too.

How has your faith gotten you through the tough times?

I was raised in a Christian home and always had a real relationship there. Always knowing that God loves us, He is in control, He has good plans for our lives – even when we make mistakes, and I have made so many. I’ve definitely in the last year walked in God’s grace and in the fact that he loves me despite some of my choices. I grew up hearing that divorce wasn’t an option and that’s been a hard thing to accept and be okay with. It doesn’t change God’s love for me but there are consequences, there are consequences for everything you do in life. But there are also consequences when couples stay together who shouldn’t stay together.  The older I get- I feel like the less I know, but the more I know that God loves us. It’s really helped me accept where I am now. This whole situation has really helped me in my walk, in that it really is about God and His grace rather than me and my self righteousness. Getting to be a parent is amazing because it gives us an idea of how God feels for us. Think about how much we love our kids- yes we may not be happy with their choices but we adore them, and we would never abandon them and we’re human, so how much more does God feel that way for us?

Many thanks to Jenny Masche for sharing with us. We wish you all the best in this new season of life!


For those of you interested, Bryan Masche contacted IW and wanted to share his story. You can find his interview here.



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  1. Lindsay says

    she sounds so much more self confident and at peace. I think she made the best decision she could and you cant control when love finds you. Good luck Masche family… would love to see Jenny on TV again

  2. GeeWhiz says

    Great interview. Glad to hear she is at peace with her decisions and that she found someone that is supportive.

  3. Lily@IW says

    I didn’t know they had been running marathons of the show. I liked the show and I liked the first special a lot. It’s been a little while, so I’m surprised the show is still popular. I would def watch her and her family again. Her kids were adorable.
    Good to hear she didn’t think the show made her and Bryan’s marriage worse. I can see how it held them together longer. It made things easier financially, and as she said; “It gave us something in common, it gave us something to do together that was fun.”
    She sounds confident and happy. I’m glad for her, sounds like life is going her way.
    Such a wonderful interview Samantha. I really enjoyed it.

  4. HB says

    Samantha, what a super interview! Great questions & it’s a WOW to hear someone’s absolute JOY used so vividly in words!

    I don’t know if it’s just our cable, but a couple of wks. ago a new FIT Discovery channel was added. It had a marathon of the Roloffs… a day of 20/20 from CBS…one of the major networks etc. Don’t know what is their programming intent. Perhaps this is what Jenny was referring to?

  5. Joy says

    I’m really happy for her that she has moved to an area first of all that is just gorgeous but there will be people there to help her as it’s not easy raising that many children alone I’m sure. Nice community where everyone supports each other and is willing to be there to help you if you need an extra hand. I’ve met & became friends with several people in the community and it’s a wonderful place to raise her children. I wish her and the kids nothing but a happy life and future.

  6. says

    Oh, I like her, but have mixed feelings at part of the interview.
    I am very happy for her, but I do feel very sorry for the spouses hurt by the divorces. I know her ex-husband was…I read his out-of-control tweets. I *think* I heard Levi’s ex-wife was also very hurt, surprised her marriage was falling apart. And of course, there are the kids…that can’t have been easy for them. I also think if you are having an affair, you shouldn’t imply your offended spouses are nuts for suspecting it. I have the same rules for everyone on this topic.
    I am glad she is owning up to mistakes and calling them mistakes. I admire that. Move forward. Her message of God’s love in spite of her imperfections or how she might have hurt others is soooo refreshing.
    Best of luck to you, Jennie.
    Show idea: Jennie Masche and Kate Gosselin run a half-marathon together.

  7. Joy says

    Oh Ann I would so hate to give the name of the town where she is living because we all know that people love to hate and pick, pick at people and she and the kids are out of the spotlight and deserve some privacy. Can I just say Northern Arizona? That should be broad enough I hope.

  8. Joy says

    Ann I agree, divorce is one of those unpleasant events in life where rarely does it end well. Luckily I have only known personally one couple that we were friends with who got divorced and luckily there were no children involved. Luckily it didn’t end with any nastiness and they parted ways with no tension or hurt feelings.

    I found it interesting too what Jenny said Ann. That she felt that the filming actually kept them together longer. I can’t even possibly imagine the financial strain that many babies at the same time would put on a marriage and I’m sure that the filming did help release some of that stress. I even remember when the babies were born at one of the hospitals here. It was a big deal and many in the community reached out to help them at that time.

  9. snickers says

    Im glad that Jennie said the $ from the show was a added bonus for them also. I had read about them when their children were born and many people and I think church familes reached out to them with (gasp) love offerings. I always feel if I donate something, there is not a right to every say what that person does with funds or gift cards after the fact. I always hope and pray their life will be better down the road. Best wishes to all of them. I think they are going to need it.

  10. Joy says

    Samantha I would never say. She could be easily be located if I said where so no way would I have. She deserves the privacy.

    Ann. Thank you and it is beautiful in many areas. Most people picture it as just desert & cactus but there is actually a number of large forests and then there is the Grand Canyon, Sedona, etc. I remember when our relatives from Wisconsin came to visit us for the first time they were shocked we actually had mountains with pine and aspen trees, rivers, lakes, etc. in this state. LOL

    The area Jenny is living is very beautiful and in fact my husband wanted to retire where Jenny happens to live very badly. We made some wonderful friends there through his work and we both fell in love the area.

  11. says

    Ann – Her message of God’s love in spite of her imperfections or how she might have hurt others is soooo refreshing.
    Totally agree, Ann.
    What a great interview with Jenny! I have to say I’m partial to Jenny. I have always found her very likable. She’s upfront about her faults. I think being a “people pleaser” is something that is hard to overcome and it can lead to problems in relationships. Sounds like Jenny is aware this is an issue she needs to work on. Hopefully, Bryan will begin to realize that living in the past and being bitter is unproductive for him and his children. He should move forward and pursue happiness too. We ALL deserve that much.
    And yes, I’d love to see Kate and Jenny (two very different women that I like and respect) run a race together!

  12. Mac says

    I watched that show, and could not figure what the heck she saw in that man. He was rude and ugly. I bet her life is much calmer and her grocery bill is a lot less.

  13. Jennie@IW says

    Great interview, Sam! I always liked Jenny Masche on the show. Bryan, not so much, though I do feel compassion for him and his struggles. So glad to hear that Jenny is a good place right now. I’d love to see her adorable kids again!

  14. chelle says

    Jenny and Brian are better parents than Jon and Kate. They never put anything before the joy of their children. Jenny worked, ran marathons, and still took care ot their kids. Kate has been handed everything and keeps whining. Kate got a house on many acres with no neighbors and a gate to keep others out! Free trips everyone. Who gets to have private birthday parties with dolphins at Discovery Cove. There’s nothing Kate didn’t get for free including playhouses, cars, all terrain vehicles. Kate hasn’t had a worry and everytime she gets mad at family or volunteers she banished them from the children’s life! Horrible person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  15. JennieIW says

    Jenny and Brian are better parents than Jon and Kate.
    Oh, good! You must have that list that ranks every parent in the world and determines who is “better” than who else using irrefutable empirical evidence. That must be SO handy!

  16. snickers says


    Jenny and Brian received many gifts, furniture placements, donations, a paycheck, etc. too, but Chelle just thinks Kate got it all. How silly to even compare whose a better parent.

  17. Lisa says

    I am ever so glad I don’t have people I don’t know judging my parenting skills, and comparing my mothering to that of perfect strangers (to myself and those doing the judging). Regardless of whether they put themselves out there for public consumption, I don’t think either of these sets of young parents truly knew all that would entail (particularly the Gosslin’s, as they forged new territory in “reality TV”). I also think that TLC and WETV bear a good amount of responsibility for the bullying these families endure. They edited the footage and coached the families on how to act in a way that would bring the most ratings, and they never thought of what would happen to these families after they unceremoniously dumped them when the viewers were no longer there. I don’t understand where all the hatred comes from? Are we, as a society, really that jealous of those we perceive to “undeservedly” have more then us? Is it really that necessary to tear people down with such viciousness and fervor when we don’t agree with how strangers live their lives and raise their children? I’m pointing my finger at you, my fellow women, always ready to kick a sister when she’s down. The mean girls from high school never truly grow up, do they? I have to roll my eyes when I see the haters spouting off that it’s all for the “children”…I call BS. If you cared anything about the Gosslin or Masche children you wouldn’t be abusive to their parents, and try to prevent them from earning a living that will provide for their needs. If you really care about neglected children take in a foster child. There are thousands of them in this country and they are being left to languish while you complain about children that are clean, fed,housed, and attending private school…..

  18. Suz says

    I am so happy for Jenny. From what I saw on tv she was the primary caregiver while Bryan laid around whining about being immasculated…puh-lease! He worried me for a while with his temper toward Jenny and the children. And if he is open to showing his frustration on camera, makes me wonder what it was like off camera-SO glad he is out of the picture. Jenny seems genuinely happy to be a mom, and of course she’s overwhelmed at times, but what mom isn’t?

  19. sa texas says

    Great interview… I also was worried for Jenny … You could see the storm coming … Brian acted very selfish at times…its not surprising he thinks its the affair that caused the divorce and not his actions … I’m happy for you Jenny… You always kept things positive …hope to see you on tv again…

  20. StrawberryFairy says

    I watched that show and Brian was a jerk…You could really tell from that show that he was somewhat abusive…at least verbally. I love Jenny and I hope everything works out for her. I just read Brian’s interview and he sounds extremely bitter.

  21. Maria says

    Reading these comments I have to say this… if Bryan would have been the one who cheated everyone here would call him a total dirt bag… the truth is that Jenny is a dirt bag, a big jerk and she broke up her family by begining a relationship with another man… she admitted to having conversations with Levi (another man) behind her husbands back… so if they were just friendly conversations then why did Levi file for a divorce shortly after Jenny filed for divorce? AND wow to the articel in the People magazine where Jenny states that her and Levi are getting married as soon as her divorce is final… yup she is a dirt bag and Bryan surly has great reason to be bitter… AND unless you have been on reality TV you can’t say it isn’t scripted and edited to present an storyline that will bring in more viewers… I just wish him luck putting Jenny behind him and I hope he focuses on his children and finds peace… to Jenny… well you and Levi are jerks and home wreckers… good luck with that…!!!

  22. dina says

    Happy for Jenny, Brian was an angry person and it was only a matter of time before his violence became physical. his berbal abuse on tv was bad enough. Dina

  23. says

    Glad that Jenny is getting on with her life. But it bugs me that people talk so much about their faith – while apparently commiting adultery. Repent and move forward! But remember what goes around comes around.

  24. penelope tree says

    Hey Maria, is your first name Bryan, by any chance? *snicker*

    Good for Jenny. I have seen the show a number of times and just wince at how embarrassing Bryan is, from his delusions of grandeur (running for office? really? good luck with that.) to his unjustified pride in his University of Phoenix degree (I used to work there; it’s not worth the paper it’s printed on), to the abusive way he would handle his children, to the whole “head of the household/husband makes decisions” fundamentalist freak nonsense he was always headtripping Jenny with. My favorite parts of the show always involved Bryan’s father, Bill. Not only would he completely put that arrogant little infantile mess of a human being in his place, Bill let an audience of millions know what a joke he thought his own flesh and blood is. Bill’s right. Jenny, good for you, I hope your new man makes you happy, and be careful around violent Bryan. He seems like the type who could, and would, go all Columbine when he doesn’t get his way or gets too jealous. And it’s obvious that he is very jealous of your new relationship.

  25. Brandy says

    I remember the first time I saw the show was right when Kate and Jon started having public marital issues and thinking that Jon was a saint compared to that man. (before he started draining bank accounts, girlfriend hopping while still married, despising his wife on national tv, etc.) I also wasn’t suprised that there were domestic violence issues. He always seemed like he could errupt. I don’t think he’s a bad dad, just that he was a bad husband and he needs to work on himself (he may be doing that) to be a better dad. I think the networks did a lot to pit Jenny and Bryan against Jon and Kate and magnify their differences. I think it would be awesome for Jenny, Kate and the kids to meet, whether on or off TV. They both are neat women.

  26. only10fme says

    I didn’t know it was ok to praise cheating in a marriage? Yes bryan acted like a jerk but he tried to learn and be better. Lets put yourself in both peoples shoes. No one wants a jerk for a husband but thats who you married, he married jenny a woman claiming to be Christian and she made christians look like they don’t believe in there own beliefs, read both interviews and compare them, bryan is right, she brought god into his life and commited a huge sin, what does that say about her? Then said she made a mistake by marrying him, how is that possible? Your asked before you get married ” to speak not or forever hold your peace” that was your chance, you had to have loved him if you went through with it, even if you weren’t sure about what you were feeling thats what it was. At the end of the day what you did wasted your time and his. This really sucks for the kids and the only way this will work is if both parents agree on everything, how many people do you know have separated families and are happy with both there parents, they go to kids shows, games, etc….. NO MANY :( this is sad ! Not only siding with Bryan though becuase he was pushing her away, talking to her like she was dumb or a child thats not right either but guess you didnt grow up fast enough for her and im sorry you lost your family the way you did. You did what most men do when they want top dollar though your intentions were in the right place you ignored her in the process and that is what made her look for another shoulder to cry on. TV+REALITY= DISASTER

  27. says

    I think it is very tragic the outcome of this marriage and I am sure a great deal of it was brought on by the TV reality show. For all of his shortcomings Brian did seem to adore the children and yes he was very immature at times. But to the person who applauded Bill, Brian s father for ridiculing his son, I thought it was totally inappropriate. If anything I think a lot of Brian s problems were a result of his upbringing. No one is perfect but the sad truth is the children will all be very scarred by these divorces

  28. Ada Sommers says

    Jenny and her family seem so down to earth. Her family was always there for her and seemed the opposite for the other side. Why was Bryan always so on edge and just so calculating when the cameras were on. Many times finding fault with Jenny and just belitteling her when it seemed she was the one holding things together. Jenny, glad to hear you have started a new chapter in your life as well as your amazing little family. Hope to see your new updates soon and with you being more confident and respected. Western NY, Single mom

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