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By Jenny Masche

Yesterday, I was sitting at this amazing little cafe close to my home, watching my six kids play. There were birds, plants, trees and little fountains. They were in heaven of course and I was in heaven watching them. They were so cute, innocent and just happy. The owner of the cafe always comes out to sit and talk. One by one the kids all wanted to dance, sing or perform something for her. As I watched them I thought back to when they were 16 months old. I was housebound and really, really struggling. I remember one particular day in October of 2008: I had six little ones running in all directions, unable to really communicate with any of them, unable to get anything done. One falling down hitting their head, then another falling, then one biting or hitting or stealing toys. It was an endless day of typical 16 month old behavior (times six!), that was about to do me in! I thought “Lord, I can’t do this! I don’t know how I’m ever going to make it. Can’t they just be 4 already?”

As in life, I continued to put one foot in front of the other- day by day month by month, and yesterday I was looking at six precious (happy!) 4 1/2 yr olds, playing, laughing, well behaved. Well mannered. As I sat in the cafe, thinking back to the days I thought I wasn’t going to make it- I smiled, thanking God for each season! Good, bad, peaceful, crazy, rested, tired… waiting.

The one thing I’ve really tried to learn, is to truly embrace and appreciate the season I am in. It’s so easy to wonder what’s next- or to want God to rescue you from the season you’re in. The one thing I know is that he difficult season when they were 16 months has made this season at age 4 1/2 truly wonderful, and the difficulty of the past has made the current that much more precious and sweet. Not that I don’t have difficult days (that’s life), but whatever season of life you are in- embrace it! It will end and a new season will begin. It may be better, it may be worse, but I believe God uses these seasons for specific purposes. Whatever it is, you don’t want to miss it.

I don’t want to miss one moment, one lesson, one blessing, one trial, one joy. It’’s all to make us whole and to make us depend on Him. To help us accept exactly where we are, and to see things from a perspective that will ultimately give us freedom from thinking that we can’t make it! Because, we can. You can- you will. If you are in a difficult season in your life- use it to seek your maker and depend fully on Him. And when the new season begins it will be sweeter than ever because of the trial you endured. I’m so thankful to be in a precious season of my kid’s lives. I pray it will always be like this, however that is doubtful! But bottom line, I want to embrace all the moments because I don’t want to miss a thing!

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Jenny McClendon (Masche), star of WETV’s “Raising Sextuplets”, blogs about her journey and her passions: motherhood, faith, family, fitness.



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  1. Adele says

    Very well put Jenny. So many people “wish” their lives away “waiting” for the weekend or their next vacation. One of our younger girls at work was wishing for the weekend to come and it was only Monday ha. I told her “don’t wish your life away”. Enjoy it all and make the best of each moment. Laugh alot. My family has come through a particularly trying year and I remember thinking even through all the tribulations to “count my blessings”. Its only then that you can see clearly how very blessed you are.

  2. says

    Very nice. It is NOT always easy to accept the season you’re in, but, especially with parenting, there is always a silver lining to even the most difficult storms. Has anyone ever looked back at an experience that seemed impossibly painful at the time, but later, you realized just how much grace it brought you?

  3. Jennie@IW says

    Great column. Sometimes when I’m leaving home in the morning to go to work, I find myself wishing it were the evening so I could be home and relaxing. But I am always conscious of the folly of such wishes – do I have so much time that I’m happy to give away the next 9 hours? There are definitely moments – both mundane and difficult – that I find it hard to appreciate, but I am often reminded that I need to at least *try*.
    Ann, my mother’s passing was like that, a bit. It was very painful, and of course I would give anything to have her still here with me. But it’s only in retrospect that I realize she had a good death in a lot of ways, and there were moments of grace that have stayed with me to this day.

  4. CJ says

    Jenny, a wonderful sharing on the seasons of our life. You’re obviously a mature Christian in a young woman’s body. Thank you for sharing. You’re an inspiration to all of us.

  5. says

    Wow, I am getting a little teary eyed. I have so many thoughts it is hard to know where to begin so I will save most of them for tomorrow (if I am granted tomorrow).
    Just beautiful, Jenny…and all those who commented. This is what I needed to hear today. I hope to bring it into my heart and reflect.

  6. Roozerdo says

    Aww, such a sweet article. Jenny your babies are precious and it is obvious that you are doing a great job.

  7. vickie in aus says

    OH MY GOSH….Jenny. I am currently watching your show where you have just moved to Florida and Bryan’s work didn’t come to fruition. I have to say each time I watch an epsiode of the trials and tribulations of your life, your husband is not a nice person. I’d like to use much more harshers words than that. But I’m afraid that would be against my religion. I don’t know how you have put up with him for so long. Have they done that new movie “I don’t know how she does it” with SJP on your life? Bryan is the biggest whinger, lazy so and so and doesn’t deserve your heart and soul. He crushes your spirit.
    But then…..I try to google you to say give this bloke the flick. Get him out of your life quick smart. You deserve so much better than him. And what do I find but talk about him and domestic voilence and divorce. I am just glad you got out of his clutches safely. PS. Your mum and dad are ace.

  8. nanalala says

    Jenny, I watched your show when it was on and I think you are just precious. I would love to see a show with you and the kids. I wish you nothing but the best in life.

  9. CJWhodunit says

    Jenny, I could so relate to this! :-) I have 3.5 y/o B/G twins, and I was thinking the other day how much they had changed! We have the most delightful conversations now, a far cry from the sleepless nights and fussy days when they were newborns and that first year/year and a half. :-) They are becoming more and more independent, and I hear, ‘That’s okay, mom, I can do it myself!’ multiple times a day! LOL. My ‘babies’ are growing up, which is wonderful, but bittersweet at the same time. So glad life has become more manageable for you, may God continue to bless you and your kids abundantly! :-)

  10. Baylor says

    Bryan is saying on twitter that in the divorce decree he had put in that the sextuplets can’t do reality shows anymore. If the papers are already signed, then I guess you could say that the show won’t be happening. Well, at least not with the sextuplets. I suppose Jenny, Levi, and his two kids could do a show. However, I’m guessing the sextuplets would be the big appeal of such a show. You never know though.

  11. vickie in aus says

    jenny, don’t let bryan add anything like not having the your kids on a show in the divorce papers. he is only doing that because he wouldn’t be getting anything out of it. we would all love to see all your kids (including levi’s) in a show. it’s fascinating and a learning experience to watch your gorgeous family interact and manage day to day situations with such magnitude. he’s a money grabbing, jerk, bully, slob, lazy so and so. he continues to show us all what a moron he is. don’t let him bully you no more.

  12. Deborah says

    Hey Jenny, another great IW post, Thanks so much for sharing your stories with us. Always so inspirational, so much food for thought.
    It is so important to live in the present.
    I remember wishing for when my little ones would sleep through the night, than to be potty trained and so forth. Now I just wish those days didn’t fly by so fast.

  13. Jane says

    Wow, just heard from a friend of his that Levi posted that they got married, slipped off to CA with the kids for their event, minus family, that says something there I guess. Looks like he finally got his divorce so now their living together isn’t so immoral. I am very happy to see that at least one parent was smart enough to put a stop to prostituting the kids for the sake of “fame”. Some feel it is because he won’t get anything but I don’t buy that. People have commented that she reminds them so much of Kate G, could not agree more. Soooo many similarities, still all about look at me for both her and Kate. As a mother of grown children, they came first, not a spot light. I was accused out here of feeling that a woman should stay in an “abusive” relationship, that is laughable. I was raised by an abusive father and my husband was warned early in our relationship that would not be tolerated. It was a mute point with us. I have helped several close friends through that situation and always worked to keep the kids out of the line of fire. As for Bryan being abusive, once again, WOMEN’S ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK, no different than this site, would they ever make a woman look bad? It has been stated that behind the cameras Jenny was abusive in her own right, in her case it was also physical. I guess some women out here feel a double standard is ok. For me, I will sit back and see how long before her relationship with Levi fails, and it will when he doesn’t get his time in the spotlight. I find societies need to have a situation like this put in a glass bubble so we can all watch appalling. She is not a celebrity, certainly not a role model I would want my children to follow, and with her wanting to continue to put her kids out there … guess I question her motives as a mother. These are her’s and Bryan’s children to raise and protect, not to commercialize, rarely does any good come of that.

  14. Deborah says

    I hope its true Jenny that you and Levi were able to slip away and get married.
    Oh Happy Days if true.
    May all your dreams come true.

  15. Deborah says

    Also I want to add, if the marriage rumor is true, IMO living together together was was a smart move. With so many children in the mix its so important to be as sure as you can be.
    There are never any guarantees in life but at least you both went into it with eyes wide open.

  16. snickers says

    Jane, you got one point right, it’s their kids to raise, not anyone else. If they married,good for them. Now Byran can move on and hopefully find love again.

  17. Diane says

    Jenny, your blog entry sure brought back memories. As a new mom (of just ONE baby) I admit that I was terrified. I just kept thinking, “Maybe when she’s 3 months old or 6 months old or a year I won’t feel like such a novice!”
    I had always heard, “Don’t wish your baby’s childhood away” and would hear Oprah talk about ‘living in the moment’. It made sense, but I didn’t really ‘get’ it until many years later.
    Yesterday, I was shopping with that same baby girl…who next week will turn 17 and I couldn’t believe how quickly the years have flown.
    I’m much better able to grasp the extreme importance of ‘living in the moment’ and cherishing every second with which we are blessed.
    Thank you for sharing that ‘snapshot’ of a beautiful moment spent with your babies. I’m so glad you and they are finding peace and happiness in your lives.
    God bless you, Jenny. Keep on cherishing those moments. :)

  18. Ann@IW says

    I guess some women out here feel a double standard is ok.
    Not me. I MYOB and try to remember that all people are complicated, imperfect, struggling. Same standard for all.
    She also reminds me of Kate Gosselin: reality star, blond, runner, mom of adorable children, too many merciless judgers nipping at her heels.

  19. Baylor says

    Bryan said he has been dating a kinder teacher since Halloween. so, I think he too has found love.

    I find it appalling that people are saying Bryan is the money grabbing/hungry one. Jenny has a great paying job, Bryan also has a great job and pays child support from that, and now she has Levi’s income too. So, really there was no need for her to do the reality show except being money-grabbing/greedy. Sounds like once again she was trying to find a way to not have to work. Yet, people call Bryan the lazy one.

    If the divorce is/was final than I guess that means another show with the sextuplets won’t happen.

    Listen, I know no one is perfect and has their struggles. I don’t dislike Jenny. I just find the doubl;e-standards, the taking of a “reality show” as gospel, and the demonizing of a man without considering there might be more to the story to be gross.

  20. Katzique says

    I think you are a marvelous young woman, who put up with a great deal of emotional abuse from (hopefully now) your ex-husband. I read his interview on this site and he just paints himself and family as “the prefect ones.” I never saw it that way and as a former teacher and counselor, I can say your ex was a mean spirited, selfish person who never deserved someone as patient and kind as you and your entire family. Looking at your mother’s and father’s faces during your time on television was very telling. They did not need to say a word to show how worried they were about Bryan’s volitale temper and what he might be capable of doing to you, or one of the kids in his blind anger rages.
    I have been through this with my own daughter, and I was never more thankful to God when he answered my prayers to open her eyes and deliver her from this abusive relationship.
    If you marry again, and I hope you do, may you have nothing but happiness, kindness and the respect you always deserved. I know a blended family works; I came from one and it was the happiest, most rewarding family a person could grow up in.
    As for Bryan, I wish him well too, but it will take someone who never has an opinion, or speaks out, or up for herself. Unless he can change through God and counseling, he is who he is.
    I thank God for taking you and those precious children away from Bryan, as you only have to look at his family to understand he has huge issues, and I see them as pretty firmly fixed.
    Blessings, Jenny and may you have the best of this beautiful world that God has created for you, your children, your mom and dad and all of us that have been where you have stood, perhaps wondering if there was going to be a tomorrow that was any better than your today.

  21. Baylor says

    Jenny DIDN’T Take the kids away from Bryan. He has the same legal rights to them and sees them/has them unsupervised on a regular basis. Jenny also dished the abuse, you just didn’t see it on TV.

  22. Deborah says

    LoL, Baylor seems to know a lot about Jenny off camera that only someone that was there would know
    Jenny would Saint Jenny if she took that abuse from Byran and said/did nothing.

    The way I see it is after the tups were born Byran thought he had Jenny trapped. She could never leave him now, there would be no way out for her and he could just be the ugly controlling immature abusing beast he showed himself on camera to be.
    The part of himself Jenny never saw in the early days.

  23. Pam@IW says

    Congratulations to Jennie and her new husband and family! She officially posted confirmation of her marriage to Levi on her Facebook page.

  24. Deborah says

    Best Wishes to Jenny & Levi! That’s wonderful news!
    I raised a combined family and the most amazing thing that came from it was a ‘sense of humor’ I never knew I had.

  25. Michele says

    What an uplifting reminder to not wish your life away. I’m a single mom raising three kids. It’s going on 4 years that I’ve been divorced and it is lonely. I didn’t get a divorce because I didn’t want to be married, I just couldn’t be married to my ex any longer. It was the best decision for us and our kids, as we are polar opposites and couldn’t even agree to disagree most days. God made me with a lot of love to give and as much as I love my kids, my family and my friends, it’s not the same as having a partner to share your life with. It is so hard having all this love and no one to give it to. I find myself most days in prayer (thanking God for my blessings first, which are numerous) and just trying to make it through one more day…as you said, “One foot in front of the other.” I don’t want to wish my life away or not enjoy each moment God has given me because I’m waiting for “the one”. I need to remind myself that my life is going on…with or without me. It didn’t stop because I got a divorce and isn’t going to continue only when I meet Mr. Right. God has given me a wonderful life and this season I’m in, while it’s challenging, it was also created by God. I am right where He wants me and I need to accept that. Love your spirit, Jenny. Keep it up!

  26. Jennifer says

    To jane, jen is nothing like kate. How many tv shows and update shows and dancing shows have you seen her on? None, she is working like us normal people at her job. So quit hating maybe your life is miserable and you have nothing better to do but to hate. Everybody seems happy, even bryan so let her be happy also. We all make mistakes and she has admitted she has made some of her own and now maybe she is making it right for her not for you!

  27. says

    I new sold story from Bryan dishing out the evil on Jenny today on ROL. How sad that men have to continue to bash their ex’s for a few bucks, but when women speak up for themselves, they are hated.

  28. Mojito says

    Congrats to Jenny and her new husband.

    It’s obvious that her ex is disgruntled about Jenny’s happiness. That’s his problem. But selling out her wedding story to Radar Online is disgusting. Karma, my friends….

  29. Deborah says

    I took a glance at the comments on the ROL story and out of 24 comments only 3 were in Byran’s favor.
    He’s so transparent.
    Well now Jenny can do a ROL story if she likes.
    He made it sound like he caught Jenny having a sexual affair, when in truth it wasn’t at the time of his arrest.
    As soon as he realized he was no longer in control he lost it like all abuser do.
    It looks to me Byran selling this story to ROL is the only way he could release his rage.

  30. Sandra Blair says

    Dear Jenny: I miss you and your babies, I wondered what happened. I have been reading all the posts, and am now up to date. Best of luck in your new marriage. Hope your blog ontinues.

  31. CJ says

    Congratulations Jennie and Levi. I hope all goes well for you and the children. Also am hoping Bryan and Levi’s ex find love and happiness.

  32. says

    Bryan is taken the same path as Jon did. Selling stories to ROL again today. These women need to stop these men from selling stories about thier ex’s and children. Bryan says the kids need therapy?? WTH, he needs a good doctor!

    On a lighter note,ugh, Kate made ROL today also. Let the hate begin again.

  33. Amy says

    Congratulations to Jenny, Levi, and their children. I watched the sextuplets show with Bryan and Jenny. I always felt sorry for all of them. No one was ever happy. It all seemed overwhelming and stressful and their respective families always tried to help as much as possible. Jenny and Bryan were both “snippy” but who wouldn’t be with six small ones, financial stress, Jenny working as much as possible. Reality TV is well edited but it always seemed like Bryan was just a schemer and chasing ridiculous business ventures at the expense of his family. Plus – Bryan was just a douche. He seemed to have issues stepping up and being “the man”. He sulked a lot about not being the baby anymore and Jenny was busting her tail to work, care for babies, etc. Jenny is NO Kate….but Bryan sure as heck was portrayed to be a “Kate” in many respects. I never saw much love between Jenny & Bryan. I didn’t think Jenny was that hard on Bryan. Bryan simply didn’t want to work and have a normal job…he seemed a lot like my exhusband and was just floating around, immature, and acted like a big baby. I would be frustrated too!

    I am thrilled for Jenny and her new life and I pray it works for all of them.

  34. says

    Well said, Momsby. I agree. Congratulations, Jenny.
    I hope Bryan finds someone special too and can move on. When you have six kids, a partner is even more necessary! Just another adult to talk to! ;-0

  35. Baylor says

    Jenny obviously sold her wedding pictures and wedding to People so it’s not like she wanted to keep it private and Bryan sold her out.
    She keeps wanting to be back in the public eye so it’s not like we haven’t heard from her. She just wants makes passive digs and has better PR skills.
    I find it funny that people are soo focused on Bryan “selling bad stories” about Jenny and they completetly ignore things that Bryan says that makes Jenny look bad or pokes holes in her image. Like her repeated attempts to get back on TV, her getting married where their affair started, and her not having a church or taking the kids to church.

    To each their own. Here’s hoping they both fade from public eye along with the kids and that they both continue to work on their issues.

  36. Deborah says

    People ignore the things Bryan says about Jenny cause first and formost Bryan is a jackass and that’s the nicest word I have for what he’s about.
    The more Bryan says about Jenny the better she looks.
    I hope Jenny made good money with People Mag. and her wedding photos. She looks gorgeous.

  37. CJ says

    I can’t imagine the expense of having six children the same age. One has to know both Kate and Jenny spend money they receive from publicity, etc. on their children.
    If Jenny can receive something for her wedding pictures, good for her.

  38. snickers says


    It was Jenny’s wedding. She owes nothing to anyone who is out in the public that is reading the article. Byran can do the same someday is he re-marries. No one knows if Jenny attends church, but if she doesn’t, it like my Grandmother used to say, “Those Christian women that sit way up in front on Sunday, need to shovel on Mon.”

  39. Baylor says

    I don’t care if she sells her pictures. Just responding to someone who said how Bryan sold her wedding out/outed her wedding.

    Bryan says Jenny doesn’t go to church. Personally, I don’t care if people go to church or not. However,she makes a big deal about her faith and constantly brings it up. On the show and in prior interviews, Jenny always said how her church was such a great thing/support for her. How it was the first thing they did when they moved, etc. Now she doesn’t go?!

    I know that due to Bryan’s behavior on the show alot of Jenny’s fans didn’t/ don’t want to believe Bryan. Many didn’t believe him about her affair. Then it turned out to be true. However, I do/did believe him b/c I know that if he has/had been lying this whole time that Jenny could/would have sued him for defamation and/or slander. I doubt Jenny would have missed a chance to play victim, gain more fame/sympathy, or get more money.

    Just wish people would know that there are two sides to every story and that reality TV is not always “reality.” Why not say that they both have issues that they need to work on and leave it at that? Why the constant one sided bashing and blind loyalty to another.

  40. snickers says

    I was not bashing Byran, they both should move on, but Bryan sure uses his twitter to bash Jenny. I do hope she sues him now! I can’t believe he has a new relationship, and continues to hang on every move Jenny is doing, or has done. It’s in the past. The new gf will be playing 3rd now in his life, Jenny first, kids second and then her. Must have found someone who is insecure.

  41. Deborah says

    I don’t personally care what went on behind the scenes. I believed the affair even if only an emotional affair when I first heard about it and thought to myself… Praise the Lord !!! I was so relieved to know Jenny had found a way out of that beasts control. The example Bryan was setting for those children of what a marriage & life partnership was horrible.
    I’m sure anyone could find fault with anyone if they were looking but Bryon made it impossible to overlook what a selfish, controlling, low down rat he was to his wife & children.
    I so understand why Jenny searched out a church to attend first thing after arriving in Florida, she needed the safety and support church offers, DUH.. If church isn’t her first priority now its my guess its because she feels her and the kids are safe.
    Someone on one of these threads said they would have made the same choice Jenny did and take their chances on going to hell for it. I second that notion!!!

  42. Baylor says

    The thing is, you can’t sue people for telling the truth despite how “unpleasant” it might be.

  43. Deborah says

    You know if Bryan was smart or had any PR help he would encourage Jenny to get a show with the theme of blending families with Bryon featured now and then picking up the kids. It would be his chance to redeem himself in the public eye. Show the viewers he’s really a decent dad & human. Its obvious the things he doing now, (selling stories hurtful to his kids) are only making him go from looking bad to being a despicable human in the public eye gaining even more sympathy for Jenny.
    I went and read the ROL stories and People comments and he’s NOT doing himself any favors in either place.
    Changing his image is his only hope, if he doesn’t do something fast even the rag tabloids will stop returning his calls.
    Let’s face it, what Bryon is doing now just confirms and reinforces the fact he’s still wreaking havoc in those children’s lives.

  44. Deborah says

    Who knows, Bryan might even be able to work out a deal getting some ‘air time’ during his custody.
    It could be a chance for a do-over.
    The way things stand now (not just my opinion BTW) Bryon’s a jerk off! Always has been and always will be.

  45. snickers says


    Your truth, Jenny’s or Byran’s. His new girlfriend is still second to Jenny. (That’s where Byrans mind is everyday, the focus should be on her, not on an ex.) Wow, how sad for her. Looks like you agree to let Byran clutch to an ex, than to move forward.

  46. Baylor says

    I want them both to move forward. I just report what Bryan says and Jenny doesn’t dispute. Have a hard time believing she wouldn’t dispute otherwise. They BOTH keep shoving themselves in the public eye. Neither needs the money that badly. They both make good money and have support. I think part of “moving forward” isn’t just marrying someone else but stepping out of the public eye completetly.

  47. snickers says


    Unless your Bryan’s new gf, I have no idea what or how much money they make. It’s their public to do as they wish, and if he wants to bash Jenny on twitter, it’s on him. I enjoy reading Jenny’s Journey here,and hope they both have a good life.

  48. Baylor says

    Jenny is a PA and Bryan says in his interview that me makes a nice amount. So, that gives you an idea. Bottom line, I think they BOTH have issues and Jenny in particular has shown greed. I wish them both well and they think they both need to continue to work on their issues separately. Frankly, I think they would get on with it quicker if they were BOTH out of the public eye, but to each their own.

  49. Let the truth be know says

    The truth!!! The show was reality!! you can’t script verbal abuse, selfishness and immaturity. He couldn’t get up with the kids after she had worked until 1am and he was not working!!! Really!!!
    He pays NO child support.
    Jenny has not bad mouthed Bryan ,no matter what lies he tells about her.
    Deborah, I think you got it right, Bryan is still playing havoc in the children’s lives. He continues to rip Jenny and spill out his hatred to anyone who will listen, including the children. VERY SAD for the dad who says his kids are his life!
    Jenny seems genuinely sincere and repentant and wants to help other women who are struggling.

  50. Baylor says

    How do you know he pays no child support?! I seriously doubt Jenny would let him get away with that.

  51. Just another Mom - From Dallas says

    Without reading any posts, I’m offering my observations after watching a couple of episodes. Apparently, these two have moved their children far away from what they were used to, under unstable and weak circumstances. The first show had Mom showing sadness (for the cameras?) and coercing these toddlers to feel angst due to their grandmother/care taker walking away. Realy? There were 613 ways to handle that better. Was grandmother gone forever? The children were traumatized for Mom’s emotions? Rule #1 – one kid or 10 kids (keep in mind, college girls who run Mom’s Day Outs/Preschools get this) adults manage the environment. I was appalled how those kids were baited and encouraged to react to some SAD event to satisfy the adult view of what was happening.

    I read some scuttle about Mom having an affair…being horible…etc… The dynamics I watched showed her realy trying, though. I sensed an abiding and selfless love. The Dad was immature, narcisitic and disgusting. Mom did piss me off when she sent one of the girls to a time out (when dad locked her in the bathroom) for simply spilling berries on the floor. I get it. She was stressed; but, she had a perfect oppurtunity to take the little girl’s hand and explain that her defiance meant she would have to pick up every berry from the floor. Otherwise, thought Mom was great in terms of letting these kids grow, experience, fail, pay the price, etc… With a ton of individulaized love and nurturing.

    This parenting thing is not easy – convinced this Dad is several years short of the patience, appreciation, selflessness, sacrifice and talent it takes to influence young people.

    Hope you’re finally happy, Jen. I was impressed with your ability and willingness to look straight in the mirror during therapy. Was embarrassed for Bryan. Maybe he will grow up one day; pretty sure your brood will be okay either way.

  52. Just another Mom - From Dallas says

    Read the posts. Stand behind my initial thoughts. These children have one real parent. There is just a spark about her. She really is interested in raising these children. I think she’s got a real talent for spiritualy inspiring people whether it’s religious or not. This is no Kate – I doubt she would compromise her kids like that but she should pursue “reality success” if she wants to. Godspeed Jen. You’re smart, driven and cute as heck – wish you the best.

    PS – Don’t let each of their Life’s little lessons get away. You’ll be rewarded for the hard work in the long run. :)

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