IW Chat with Dedra Whitt Make-up Artist and Best Friend of Camille Grammer

Dedra Whitt is a well-known professional make-up artist in the Los Angeles area. If you are a fan of  Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills“, you have seen her in several episodes that also feature her best friend, Camille Grammer. Recently, IW was given the opportunity to interview Dedra and find out more about how she went from being an actress to a professional make-up artist, her 20 year friendship with Camille, and the inside scoop on reality TV.

Don’t forget to watch the season finale of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Thursday, 1/20!

By Anya

I spent some time checking out your website and I saw that you have been doing hair and make-up for 15 years? How did you get involved in this profession?

I was living in New York City and I was an actress and had friends who were actresses and models. In fact, that is how I met Camille. Camille and I were shoe models together. I always loved make-up. So to make money on the side, I began doing make-up for my friend’s headshots, portfolios, etc. And I would get a lot of compliments. “You should do this for a living.” My acting career was going ok. I was on a minor soap opera. I realized I loved doing make-up! I decided to put together a book and I started getting (make-up) work immediately. It was amazing. It was so unlike my acting career! (Laughs).

Then Camille and I decided to move out to California together.  We lived together in a friend’s spare bedroom for a few months. I got in with a really good agency. I started working right away. I had the great pleasure of working with the legendary Herb Ritts. I worked on some of the best campaigns – Estee Lauder, Chanel. I met so many amazing people. I did lots of print media – Guess, Rampage, etc. And I loved it. I took little breaks when my children were born and had to ride out the bad economy, but since Camille got the show, we have been working like crazy. I always say, however, that when I moved to California in 1995 was when make-up really became my career. That’s when I became a professional.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your friendship with Camille?

A lot of people think that I am a paid friend. That is so far from the truth. She has been in my life for a really long time. She has been a huge support system during my acting career and she has been a huge support for my make-up career. When people say I’m her paid friend, here is the thing — Camille and I have been friends for twenty years. When she and Kelsey got together, she started needing make-up. There are pictures of Camille when I’m in the background from twelve years ago. Wouldn’t you just naturally want your best friend to do your make-up if you were going to be on a reality show – particularly if you weren’t sure what you were getting yourself into? Wouldn’t you want the people around that that you love and trust the most?

You’re a free-lance make-up artist, is that a good job for a mom?

It’s good and bad. It’s really hard when you don’t have a set schedule. It’s hard to plan a preschool schedule when you aren’t sure if you are going to Monday-Wednesday or Thursday and Friday. Now my kids are older, they are in elementary school, and my husband is self-employed, so that part of it has leveled off.  It does afford me a lot of opportunity to be with my kids. This past year, however, has been very kind of crazy because I have been traveling with Camille a lot.  We recently did “Ellen” and “Access Hollywood.” Shaun Robinson did a nice long interview just with Camille. Really lovely. Shaun Robinson is a sweetheart. It was really comfortable for Camille. “Ellen” was good too; it was a lot of fun. Next, we are heading to New York.

Tell us a little bit about the filming process of RHOBH.

The producers would call Camille and ask “what do you have going on this week?” It was interesting. They wanted us to create situations. Not necessarily false situations, but they don’t want to just tape you sitting around watching television. (Laughs). So, they don’t tell you what they want you to have going on, but you (as a cast member) feel a lot of responsibility to make something exciting for people to watch. So there were times when Camille already had things to do and then there were times when Camille decided it would be fun to host a certain event, such as the tennis party. Camille loves tennis and a couple of our friends really like tennis, so she thought “I’ll invite Kyle (Richards) and Mauricio” because they (Camille and Kyle) were patching things up and Adrienne (Maloof) and Paul because Paul is into tennis too. They generally shoot about four days a week, typically Thursday-Monday. The shooting lasted about four months. And then we did a lot of press getting ready for the show to air.

Sounds like a big commitment?

They (film crew, producers) come and they just literally follow you for hours. Like the dinner party episode. They shot that for hours. We started the dinner party at maybe 4:30 p.m.? It was still light out. They didn’t leave until around 10:30 p.m. It was a long evening. Everyone was getting along really well until the end. Then they have to edit it down to 43 minutes or something. They shoot a lot of film and then they edit like crazy. That’s typical of most mediums – commercials, movies, etc. Particularly, in TV because they are shooting video (which is cheap) so you can burn a lot more. So, in filming reality TV, if you screw-up, you don’t worry, it is probably going to be edited anyway. There is no stopping.

That was very hard as a make-up artist for me to figure that out. I am used to photo shoots where if I need to jump in to touch-up, they just won’t take the picture. Or commercials, where there are takes and I can quickly jump in and do touch-ups. So I was a little apprehensive in the beginning to go touch Camille up because I didn’t want to get in their way, but after a while I just figured out if I need to do something I need to go do it and they will just have to leave that part out. There definitely was a learning curve for all of us. There was a learning curve for Camille. Because it is your life on display, she felt very sensitive to what was going on.  Anything that went down during filming, such as her thing with Kyle, she took very personally.

So Camille and Kyle’s disagreements weren’t orchestrated by the producers?

They had a misunderstanding and I think it’s talked about in the reunion show. I can’t say too much about that. It was a miscommunication, but it was real. And to be quite honest with you, there wasn’t a lot of drama, these women kind of all got along from the very beginning. There wasn’t any fighting going on and they (the producers) wanted it. A little miscommunication turned into this whole stupid thing. There are two more episodes? I haven’t seen them, but I know there is some drama between Kyle and her sister and then obviously the divorce situation is unfolding. But, overall there is not a lot of drama if you look at the whole season besides that one stupid fight we kept rehashing specifically because there was no drama! They kept making it into something bigger. Like when Camille brought that book (note: it was an etiquette book) to Kyle’s party the other night, some people got on her. But, she was doing it to be funny! It was a joke. Camille’s downfall is that she was trying to give them (the producers) what they wanted. Now, I’m not going to sit here and say that isn’t who she is and they were totally editing, and all those excuses, she said the things she said.  She has a biting tongue on her and she doesn’t take B.S. from people. But, when you are being filmed and you know this is what they want, I think the tendency for anybody would be to give them more. Make it a performance. You have huge pressure on you to create a show that people are going to want to watch. So you might say something a little more nastily than you normally would.

Can I just ask, do you know Allison DuBois?

I really don’t know Allison. That was the only time I ever met her. I don’t think she is that wild and crazy. And I think she is really feeling bad about it. You know, personally I knew I was going to be filmed with Camille and I have children, and I’m a make-up artist and that is what I do for a living, and I don’t want to be a reality TV star. I filmed with my friend because her husband was not around and I’m her best friend. Who else would fill those shoes?  Nick did as well – he’s another of our friends. By the way, there is nothing going on between Camille and Nick. Nick is one of Kelsey’s best friend’s and Kelsey went to Nick and Trisha (Nick’s wife) and asked them to please shoot with Camille. They agreed, but the producer’s cut Trisha out of  most of the show so you never see her.

Did you and Camille ever have disagreements during filming?

I’m not going to start fighting with my friend during filming. It is not my place to tell her then and there “knock it off.” I might say something later. So people have said, “oh, you are just a ‘yes man’” and all that. She really didn’t do anything inappropriate when I was around, to be honest. She made some mistakes during some of the interviews afterwards and I wasn’t around for some of them.

Can you describe a little bit more about Camille and Kelsey’s relationship prior to the impending divorce? From what I have read, they were not just husband and wife, but close collaborators on business and professional projects?

They were together 24/7. Before they got married, Camille was a producer, before that she was a dancer on Club MTV, so she’s been around the block in terms of the production side of things. She’s got great ideas. Several of the shows that Kelsey has done kind of started as her idea, which is why they had their production company, Grammnet,  together. She is definitely not stupid, and she is very savvy. That is probably why she had the dinner party and why she invited Allison. That producer side of her comes out and she probably isn’t even aware that it is there.

How is Camille doing?

She is actually doing better. Up until last week, it was horrible. The week before last there was so much drama going on. The Life & Style article came out, which was horrible. There was a lot of stuff being said in a lot of different places. Then Kelsey got the bifurcation which Camille knew as coming, and that brought everything to a head. And all happened in one week. And because people don’t like her on the show, it was more fuel on the fire. “Kelsey, go for it. Don’t give her anything. She doesn’t deserve it.” Stuff like that. Which is hurtful when people don’t really know you and don’t really know what is going on. What happened is Kelsey left Camille for a younger woman and she got pregnant.  Meanwhile, Camille is receiving messages saying she “deserves this.” So Camille says: “I don’t deserve this. I was in love with this man. We were married for 13 years. I had no idea this was coming.” The whole thing has been very traumatic and she still misses Kelsey.

Are you able to discuss whether Camille will return for a second season of RHOBH? There have been reports that she is trying to negotiate out of her contract or she is off the show.

Well, I honestly wouldn’t be able to tell you if I knew, but the fact is she hasn’t made a decision. I know that for a fact. She has a couple of weeks to think about it. The thing is when we were shooting, it was a great time; we had a blast. It was so much fun. But, then they started showing those shows and it was so edited or whatever you want to say.  She was shown in such a negative light. And then all the negative comments. She had to go off Twitter. People are so rude. They would send her the nastiest stuff. People were just horrible. I even had to go off Twitter for a while and I just went back on a few weeks ago.

I saw a response you had to one of the nasty people on Twitter and I liked it. You said “and why are you telling me this?”

Yep. I get nasty stuff every day and I am just like wow, come and tell me to my face, coward.

And I know you aren’t into the whole Kate Gosselin thing, but I think what Camille has gone through is somewhat similar to what Kate Gosselin has gone through in that they have both been painted with this brush as this one-dimensional monster.

Yeah. We all make mistakes. And I don’t want to sit here and say Camille didn’t say those things. If pushed against a wall, Camille will fight back. She has just always been like that. So that is where we are. Camille will probably announce in the next week or two what she is going to do. She just needs to figure out in her heart if she can trust the production company to do what they say they are going to do and allow people to see more sides to her.

I can see the conflict the producers have, however. The drama between Camille and Kyle has made for an entertaining season.  And it has brought in the ratings.

Oh yeah, it does. And I think that is the other thing that has put her in a better mood lately.  She is like, “look, I am trending #1!” (Laughs). She loves that. She is like “maybe I should embrace this character, this part of myself and just accept that people enjoy it on some level.” For me, I don’t take it as personally. And I don’t get nearly what she gets in terms of negativity. Remember also, she is going through a divorce. She is going to be a lot more sensitive to everything.  Divorce is one of the most stressful things a person can go through and she is going through it publically with a man that won’t have anything to do with her — won’t talk to her, won’t see her. So you go from 14 years together, almost 24/7 to won’t even talk to her on the telephone about the kids. He wants everything done through his lawyer.

Part Two (coming soon): Dedra discusses her make-up philosophy and her greatest imperfection.
Dedra Whitt is available for professional make-up consultation. Contact her at dedrawd@gmail.com. Be sure to check out her website and blog.

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  1. Anya@IW says

    I just wanted to add that Dedra was a doll and so fun to talk to. She gave me an hour of her time when she was planning a trip to NYC the next day!
    I do think that editing has played a heavy role in shaping the ‘character’ of Camille. That said, I don’t think any one can argue that Camille has made the show more interesting. I certainly am keeping me fingers crossed that Camille returns for Season Two!
    Where is Sue????!!! :-)

  2. Samantha@IW says

    I’ve been watching the RHWBH on demand and I like it so far. I haven’t seen Dedra yet but I’ve only watched a few episodes. Loved the interview and I can’t wait for part II. Great job Anya!

  3. Theresa says

    Great interview Anya!

    It really is a guilty pleasure to watch RHOBH (the clothes, the homes) and you can tell everything is so edited. Glad Dedra talked about how the show is edited to 43 minutes. Hmmm, think all the haters can comprehend that? :)

    I look foward to reading part 2 of your interview.

  4. Lily@IW says

    Great interview! I don’t watch RH, but this is all very interesting. Camille and Dedra have a very special friendship.

  5. GeeWhiz says

    I don’t watch the show but really enjoyed the interview. Her description of the editing and how people say she is a paid friend reminds me of what Kate goes thru.

  6. Jennie@IW says

    I have found RHOBH very entertaining, and admit that I’ve enjoyed Camille as a “villain.” This interview is a great reminder that she’s a human being, with friends who care about her. I know that reality-show editing doesn’t put words in peoples’ mouths, but I also know that it can give an incomplete view of them.

    Camille is lucky to have such a dedicated friend as Dedra!

  7. says

    Well, I watched tonight and it was nice to see Dedra/D.D. get a prominent slice of screen time. My heart went out to Camille tonight. I felt her pain was very real and she has been treated very poorly by a man she loved.
    I can’t even discuss Kyle and Kim right now. I keep reminding myself that editing goes into this and that there is much we don’t see, but I cannot believe how Kyle treated her sister. At this point, I think I am Team Adrienne, Camille and Kim. I wouldn’t have said that at the beginning of the season.

  8. Jennie@IW says

    At this point, I think I am Team Adrienne, Camille and Kim. I wouldn’t have said that at the beginning of the season.

    I know. It goes to show that first impressions don’t necessarily mean much. Adrienne really has the patience of a saint.

  9. says

    Anya, what a great interview. This makes me want to invest some time into RHOBH. I think my my sister-in-law is a fan. She called it her guilty pleasure.

    I really like this Dedra Whitt. What an intelligent and faithful friend. She confirms what we have heard from Jon Gosselin regarding Reality TV: they want drama, they edit it and in doing so slant it, but it is reality. I guess we can conclude that it is the reality of having a camera following you, but only showing what someone else decides.

    The whole thing reminds me of what Kate Gosselin goes through, but also what other Gosselin participants go through. The kids are far more than the sum of what we know about them. Jon’s girlfriends have much more depth to them than sneaking out of the garage apartment, blabbing secrets to haters, or tweeting the size of the Gosselin family jewels. I am not excusing those things, but acknowledging that there is much more to these people than we see.

  10. Teresa E. says

    I don’t watch any of the Real Housewives but you had me at “shoe model”. Very interesting insight into the world of reality TV and the behaviour of internet haters. I don’t really know much about what happened with the Grammars but the show sounds so dramatic. It sounds like Dedra and Camille have a great friendship. Every woman needs a BFF.

  11. Jennie@IW says

    By the way, Dedra is stunning.

    Oh, I agree! She’s a great endorsement for her own skills. (Not to say that she looks like she wears a lot of makeup; to the contrary.)

  12. Pam@IW says

    Did I see somewhere that they have a reunion show coming up? I also saw that Dr Drew is having a Celebrity Rehab Reunion this coming week. I am going to have to catch that for sure and I think I will try and catch the Real Housewives one also. Or maybe I will try and get this season so I will be ready when next season comes on. I am looking forward to part two of this interview.

  13. Sue says

    Anya – Great article! I did like DD on the show, I think she came across as a supportive friend vs. an instigator. I think it’s interesting that she said they cut of Nick’s wife out of much of the filming.

    I am still not a Camille fan. I do think that Camille really thinks that Kyle did make that remark about Kelsy, but I think it was really just a big misunderstanding. I don’t understand why on the reunion show, Camille just didn’t own up to the fact that she might have misunderstood what Kyle had said and just let it go. Like DD said, I’m sure they were looking for drama on the show and I think Camille played up her personality a little bit more than she probably really is to ensure air time, and help what ever goals she has for being on the show.

    But, once she saw the direction the show was taking, and being on the fence on whether or not see wants to come back (my money’s on she will – Hollywood doesn’t really seem kind to ex-wives, and if she wants a producing career she has to make herself relevant), she would have gain points by being the bigger person and just letting it go. Especially after several of the really ignorant comments she made.

    For me, Camille crossed the line making the comments about Kyle’s family, and the power trip she was on when she said that in the pecking order of Hollywood, she’s up here and Kyle and her husband are down there (didn’t she learn anything from the RHONY? LOL) You don’t mess with people’s liveyhood. That was really low blow, and for her to text that message to Kyle, knowing that Bravo would be filming, shows a really mean streak.

    It really didn’t come to a surprise to me that Kim had a drinking problem (I actually think it’s more than drinking.) A couple of her interviews did seem like she wasn’t all there. I think Kyle was wrong to attack Kim the way she did – why would Taylor feel the need to address the situation at her party? I think Taylor’s subconscious guilt just wants to make Kim the scape goat for all her problems – But I have more sympathy about the Kyle – Kim situation because I think Kim’s addiction played into Kyle’s reaction.

    I think the villain of RHOBH season 2 will turn out to be Taylor though. I think she is in denial about the part her actions played into Kyle – Camille drama, and I think Kim actually looks the sane person. (When an alcoholic beats you as the rational one, there’s an issue there!) Despite being a successful person – I loved it when she told her husband “I wish you wouldn’t refer to my business as little” (or something like that) – she seems to have real self esteem issues.

  14. says

    Yes, the reunion is this week. It is actually a two-part one. I’d love if you caught so I’d have someone other than Jennie to pester with my endless observations! :-) Samantha, are you there? Sue?!
    Thursday’s show was really intense for me. I found myself really troubled by it. Usually I watch reality TV to unwind. Not to get upset (kind of why I’m at *THIS* blog in the first place!). There was a fight between the Richards sisters – Kyle and Kim – and I think it just brought up some emotions. Not even with my own sister, but with other family.
    Pam, I have Celebrity Rehab waiting for me on DVR. I have caught some episodes just flipping around, however (but I seem to catch the same episodes). What did you think? Some of the people seem so troubled (Janice, Jason, Leif), it is difficult to watch sometimes. I’m not a fan of Eric Roberts. I have already made that clear. I guess it was nice he could be reunited with his step-son, however.

  15. Theresa says

    Sue, I agree with you on the comments Camille made about Kyle’s family and the pecking order of Hollywood. Seems to have bit her in the butt, huh? (her marriage fell apart…yet Kyle’s seems to be going strong). And what is with her always making sure Nick kiss her on the lips after he gives the BH two cheek fake kiss? That needs to stop. Have some respect for Trisha, Camille.

    I read a few places how there’s Team Kim and Team Kyle regarding their latest blowup. I actually think it was quite sad to see Kim drunk like that. I wish Kyle didn’t attack Kim on camera. If that’s the problem Kyle has been dealing with regarding Kim (abuses alcohol) that she eluded to holding back on talking about, I can see why she worries about her, but I wish she didn’t attack her on camera and lose it like that. I’m sure she’s done nothing but try to help her, guess a person can only take so much of her.

    Sue, I agree with you on Taylor being the villian and having Taylor some some self esteem issues. To me, she seems extremely fake. I like that Lisa sees through her.

    Lisa and Adrienne are my favorites. They both seem secure in who they are, especially Adrienne.

  16. Sue says

    Pam – if you want to see the argument, Bravotv.com has the clip, as well as a preview of what we’ll see on the reunion.

    Theresa, watch for the part when Kim questions Taylor about threatening to beat up Kim, while at the same time founding a domestic violence organization. I can understand Taylor being upset that Kim mentioned it, but Taylor should owm her own actions. One of the things I like about Anya’s interview with DD is that she owns the fact that some of Camille’s comments were inappropriate and she’s not making excuses for Camille. The whole kissing on the lips thing was just odd to me as well – at one point, he kissed her on the cheek and she pulled him back for a kiss on the lips. I wouldn’t have appreciated it as his wife. But if his wife was there and she was fine with it, I guess that’s all that really matters.

    Lisa is my favorite, and I like that she had a problem with Taylor, and brought it up to her instead of just talking behind her back. What I like most of all about this version of the Real Housewives is that these are smart, successful women with real jobs and ambitions who don’t just want to be media personalities.

  17. Pam@IW says

    I saw your comment on the other football thread – we will see you there!
    Sue, I don’t want to be depressed, LOL, but I think I can handle it. I think I will try and catch up on the off season. Does this show come on every fall?
    Anya, This was by far the most dramatic Celebrity Rehab of the bunch. I saw that in December Dr. Drew said they would not be doing a Sober House this season because it was too intrusive to the patients……duh do you think?.
    I have been following Janice on some Reality Tv shows such as Surreal Life (the only season I saw) and The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency ( I only caught one season but I just saw that there were 5) and I think she is a big fake. I thought she was a fake on this show and I am not sure she really even had a true addiction, IMO. I just think she needs a job and likes these Reality TV shows.

  18. Sue says

    Janice’s only addiction is to plastic surgery, if you ask me LOL. Her ego drives me crazy. They should replay a lot of the episodes Thursday before the reunion, and probably this weekend if you want to get caught up.

  19. Theresa says

    Sue, I agree with you on several things…

    1.) Taylor should definitely own up to her comments and actions, especially since she’s involved with the domestic violence organization. I also think she had a lot to do with the Kyle-Camille rift. Kim probably sees right through her, too and that’s why she gets so annoyed with her.

    2). And you know, Lisa is one of my favorites because she does have more life experience and can see a situation for what it really is and call the people out for it.

    3) the way Camille makes sure Nick kisses her lips…please. Even if Trisha is there, disrespectful on both her and Nick’s part.

    But, I have no problem with anyone being a media personality or having ambitions of being one and going for it. You can make big bucks with being a media personality. And, if you use your “celebrity” for the right causes and reasons (charities and helping out people and raising awareness) that’s even better! To me, that’s a win-win.

  20. says

    Sue says…I hope my big long analysis makes up for being Tardy to the Party LOL!

    :-) Definitely!
    I understand Kyle may have frustrations with Kim, but I also think she gets an ego boast out of the whole relationship. How many times did we have to listen to her bring up their mother this season and how her mother asked her to take care of Kim? Self-aggrandizing. I wonder if Kyle really wants Kim to stand on her own two feet? As with many dysfunctional relationships, I think both of them get something out of it. I actually had less of an issue with Kyle losing her sh#@ in the limo (as hard as that was to watch) than her behavior at the party. I just hated seeing Kyle immediately jump to Taylor’s defense and assume her sister was wrong (she wasn’t). Seeing Kim trying to hold her own with Taylor and the other ladies walk over and almost form a line against her – ugh it really bothered me.
    It may not seem like it, but I actually like Kyle. I think she is a fantastic mother and wife. She is beautiful, smart, funny, engaging. I just don’t think she treats her sister very well. And I think she has some mean girl tendencies it’s time to acknowledge.
    Theresa, I agree with all your points too.

  21. says

    Does this show come on every fall?
    This is the first season of the Beverly Hills franchise. There will definitely be a second season, but I don’t think they have even started filming yet. There are one or more Housewives shows running all the time, however. That is why it is easy to get addicted. Believe me, I told myself I wasn’t going to get into this stuff in the beginning too! We are finishing up Beverly Hills and Atlanta. Next up is Orange County and New York.

  22. says

    Pam says…I saw that in December Dr. Drew said they would not be doing a Sober House this season because it was too intrusive to the patients……duh do you think?.
    Now, that is funny.

    Interesting about Janice. I can definitely believe you that it is all an act. Speaking of NOT having an addiction – what was supposed to Rachel Uchitel’s problem? She seems pretty normal to me. I understand she lost her father to an overdose and her fiance to 9-11, but she seems fairly together to me. I actually kind of like her, even though she is skank!

  23. Sue says

    Theresa – Overall, I’m not sure why it bothers me that someone just wants to be media star. I think (in general) people that get on these reality shows and just think their obnoxious behavior and loud personality will be their career. It’s like they’re getting rewarded for their bad behavior. What I like about BH’s is that these women are really their own persons, and if they amped some things up it was still them (vs. Phaedra on ATL who changed who she was to play a character.)

    I was bored yesterday – read: avoiding work I needed to do lol – so I did some research on the internet (always a reliable source lol) about the comment Kim made about Kyle stealing her house.

    I came across Reality Tea, and the comments under her finale review were interesting. Someone pulled a link from You Tube of their mother talking about her having cancer, and that Kim uprooted her family to be near her to take care of her. Then apparently when her mom dies, her mom leaves the house and the cars to Kyle, which Kim resents because it was her earnings as an actress that paid for them. I don’t know if you caught it (I missed it), but when Kyle accused Kim of being an alcoholic, Kim says in response “You are the one that drinks every day.”

    Apparently, Taylor is already one of the most hated people on the show. The sites on her, her husband’s money troubles, and her name change, are just down right nasty. She has a lot of haters.

    Someone brought up more information about the Kyle – Camille fight that makes some sense. A while ago Kelsy had a heart attack, and they donated a lot money to the hospital (and the hospital named a wing after him) to thank the staff for saving his life. Apparently, when Camille was going to Hawaii, she was also going to the dedication ceremony. Since Kelsy wasn’t going to be there, Kyle asked something like do they still want to have it if he wasn’t going to be there? Which set everything off. For some reason, Bravo decided not to show that on the show, so they cut out and told the cast members not to mention anything. If it’s true, it does make more sense about the fight vs. Kyle just blurting out “who would anyone want you there?”

  24. Sue says

    Anya, I agree with you about the Kyle – Kim dysfunctional relationship. It will be interesting to see if they learn anything from this. Overall though, I don’t really see Kyle’s actions as being a mean girl. I think Kyle immediately was on Taylor’s side because in the past few arguments, Kim’s inability to articulate her side and her fear of conflict, didn’t really give Kim much credibility. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in Taylor and Kyle’s relationship.

  25. Theresa says


    I think there is a difference between a media star,and a media personality. (the latter has way more credibility and less ego/people taking care of them). And, yeah, I don’t think obnoxious behavior is befitting of either, but also of anyone in any profession. I think if someone persues the media field and makes it on their own merits with good behavior, all the best to them. I hope they succeed. I haven’t seen Real Housewives of Atlanta at all, or NY and just one episode of New Jersey, so I really don’t know who’s trying to be something they’re not, but I’ll take your word for it. So, if someone from one of these shows was trying to parlay their success into being a media star, I see what you mean, especially if they have awful behavior.

    Thank you so much for clearing up a lot regarding the arguments we saw on RHOBH. That’s interesting on the background of the Kyle-Kim arguement and the house reference. I did not know that Kim moved to be closer to her dying mom. (I heard her say in the limo “you stole my house” to Kyle, but didn’t know what that was all about). But, there had to have been a reason for their mom to leave it to Kyle. Better business sense? Perhaps her husband Mauricio is the executor?

    And thanks for clearing up the meaning of the Kyle’s question on the Hawaii hospital dedication ceremony. If we knew that background…it all would’ve made sense. Why would Camille flip out like that over that question? Seems fair to me. She could’ve said “Kelsey’s not going, I’m representing him”. No bid deal, right?

  26. says

    Thanks for the information, Sue. Very interesting and enlightening. I will have to go look for that interview. Seems Big Kathy still looms large in the lives of her daughters. I have to say I find the whole family dynamic adds a whole different layer to the drama. I think Bravo should cast at least one pair of relatives from now on! I can’t wait to see if the rumors are true that New Jersey is going to have the hated sister-in-law of Teresa on!
    Kim’s inability to articulate her side

    Drives me crazy. I want to jump through the TV screen and start arguing her point for her!

  27. Jennie@IW says

    Thanks so much, Sue, for the info – it really does shed some light on things!

    I wonder if there is a family history of alcoholism? In my experience, usually people have some personal experience with alcoholism up close can be quick to diagnose it in others.

  28. Jennie@IW says

    BTW, I totally agree that Kim’s inarticulateness is sooo frustrating to watch! She just shouldn’t fight because she’s not good at defending herself or making her points.

  29. Sue says

    Just a side note – are there any Craig Ferguson fans? Was that Gerard Butler pretending to be his long lost sister? Man, he makes an ugly woman but it was funny.

  30. says

    Sue, I am not usually up that late and I don’t DVR. I will look for the clip though. Funny. I think comedians are getting a lot of mileage out of O’s long-lost sister!

  31. Sue says

    Anya – DVRing has changed my life lol! I was a hold out for the longest time (I’ve only had it for a year), but I love! I can’t imagine my life without it now (though I totally regret teaching my kids how to record – my kids really only get to watch TV on the weekend, and it’s filled with iCarly, and Zack and Cody because they don’t watch any of the recordings!).

  32. pattypie says

    OMG – I don’t watch any of the housewife stuff but after reading this story I had to go look up Allison Dubois on the show. OMG! “I know when you are going to die?” That’s some wild dinner conversation! YIKES

  33. Theresa says

    Pam, that show seems kind of interesting, but I think more rot with peril than anything. Haters verses celebs? Yeah, that’s a mix for disaster, especially since a hater isn’t “all there” in the brain department. I hope it doesn’t come to fruition. Seems like the really lowest common denominator of entertainment.

  34. Theresa says

    Didn’t get to see the whole interview because I came in on the tail end, but Kyle was just on Regis and Kelly. She said she’s in a good place with Kim, so that’s good.

  35. says

    Sue, I know I can’t remember what life was like before a DVR. I’m spoiled. And video on demand – like Pattypie was able to do to look up Allison Dubois!
    Pattypie, I know. Kyle did kind of invite her to do a reading on her, but Geez Lady, you can hold something back! :-)
    Theresa, thanks for the info. I will try and catch that video online. I am really glad to hear that.
    Pam, thanks for the link. I think a lot depends on what celebrities they are able to land. There probably will be reality TV celebs, don’t you think? Depending on how it is produced, it could be interesting to see. When people get together one on one, it’s easier to see that most folks are human, a mixture of good and bad. Yes, there are some awful people out there, but they are a small percentage. Thank goodness.

  36. Pam@IW says

    By interesting I just meant “I can’t believe they are doing this show” interesting. LOL. I don’t watch much Reality TV and I don’t think I would watch this. It seems like a lot of these shows just use the same celebrities over and over again. Janice Dickinson comes to mind.

  37. Sue says

    So, did anyone watch the reunion? Personally, I thought it was just ok. I wish Kim had let Taylor explain why she brought up her talk with Camille, especially with Andy seemingly taking her side that Taylor was the cause of the argument. Taylor overall did not come off as looking good IMHO. And really, how many times do we need to hear them imply that Kim has a drinking problem?

    And did anyone catch the show after that? Personally, I don’t picture Donny Deutch as someone I would want to go to for love advice (and thanks for blatantly ripping off Loveline.) I would love to hear his opinions on advertising though.

  38. Sue says

    Ooooh and I wish they would have touched on the hospital rumor and whether or not it was true! At first, it looked like Camille was going to have a lot to say and then she just stuck with the party line.

  39. says

    Donny Deutch is a love coach now? Ok, then. Guess I turned the TV off too soon.
    Sue, what hospital rumor – do you mean Kim’s supposed rehab stay?
    Wow, Taylor is taking quite a beating on the Housewive blogs. And I think she mostly deserves it, however, as is often the case, many take it too far. I don’t think she is Satan. She has some personality flaws to be sure, but she isn’t soley responsible for all the conflict that happened.
    The whole Kyle thing is interesting too. She has fallen off her pedestal, but many also excuse her behavior. I think Camille did well on the show. A little too much excusing away her behavior on the marriage break-up, but she also admitted to some things and she was funny when she jumped in Lisa’s lap.
    Did you see that TMZ has a video of Kim from last July in the airport where she appears intoxicated? I do believe there is probably a problem there, but I am sick of the other ladies and their vague, but actually calling attention to it, remarks. There was also supposedly an unfavorable Kim story in US Magazine this week. One of the bloggers at Reality Tea seems to suspect Kyle or one of her camp of being behind it. I really hope that isn’t the case. :-(

  40. says

    Pam, other Celebrity Rehab watchers. I see Jason Davis got arrested exactly one day after that show’s reunion aired. Huge surprise, eh? I caught a good chunk of the reunion show. Both Davis and Leif Garrett seemed lit during the actual show!

  41. Sue says

    Anya, I don’t know if I read this here or somewhere else, but did you know that one of Kim’s ex-husbands is the uncle (I think?) of Jason Davis? I haven’t seen the TMZ video, but as I said earlier, I wasn’t surprised to hear she had a drinking problem. Being the expert I am (haha), my guess is that Kim uses alcohol to cope with her social awkwardness. In her interviews, there were times when she was insightful (like when they were in Vegas and she talked about being lonely), to being a little over the top (like when she spoke about being with Paris and the paparazzi wanted to take pics of Kim) – it seems to me that when she seemed to have more bravado she was under the influence. It just seemed like her speech patterns changed.

    The hospital rumor I was referring to was the one that the infamous comment Kyle made was due in part to Camille (but not Kelsey) was in Hawaii because the hospital that treated Kelsy after his heart attack – and he donated a large sum of money too – was having a ceremony to name something after Kelsy.

  42. says

    Sue, I think you are right about Kim. Not uncommon. I guess we will find out more on Tuesday.
    Oh, that hospital rumor! Yes, now I remember.
    I have been reading around and I believe you are right – Nancy Davis is the mother of Jason (and Brandon – ick). Her brother, Greg, is Kim’s ex and the father of her two middle children. Boy, Hollywood/L.A. is really like a small town, isn’t it?.
    Anyone watch Atlanta last night? I have it on DVR, but I have been reading around. That wedding sounds like a fiasco!

  43. Jennie@IW says

    I thought the “hospital rumor” was pretty much confirmed now? Maybe I’m confused.

    Kim may have a drinking problem, but still, going by the edited show, I don’t see how she herself is a major cause of any of the conflicts on the show. She has a part in some of them, but I still have a visceral problem with her being used as a whipping girl by the others (well, Kyle, Taylor and Lisa to a lesser degree).

  44. Sue says

    I watched Atlanta – I felt bad for Cynthia! I like her, and it had to be hard to have such a financial hit right before her wedding. I also think some of the comments the others made were just catty and mean – especially when you consider the others financial backgrounds. I think Atlanta is the worse when it comes to the housewives having a realistic perception of their lives.

    Jennie, I just read that rumor on another site – reality tea, and thought it sounded plausible. I haven’t seen it anywhere else (but I haven’t looked either.) If you have seen it confirmed somewhere, I would love to know that.

    Not to excuse Kyle, but if she has been taken care of Kim I can understand her frustrations with Kim’s drinking. Being Kyle’s best friend, I can see how Lisa sides with Kyle (though again, I’m not saying that is right.) Taylor, however, sees Kim as the scapegoat and is happy to jump on that bandwagon.

    I’m on the fence about Taylor – thought I am definitely Team Kim. Taylor is just getting ripped apart in some of the blogs I’ve seen, and it’s hard to know if she and her husband are the shysters some people are making them out to be. (The name change thing is just weird.) If so, it would explain why Russell would agree to be part of this show. He seems like such a private person, and in total charge, so it’s unlikely Taylor was the one who ultimately decided to do it. I do think Taylor is very smart though, and media savvy. She has prepared, plausible answers when these questions come up. Unfortunately – this makes me doubt her more lol!

  45. Jennie@IW says

    Sue, I can’t really remember – it may be like a game of telephone where I’ve heard it enough places that it’s gained some legitimacy in my mind. Who knows. It’s weird (sort of) that this whole big piece of the fight between Kyle and Camille was edited out, and in fact Kyle was always saying “why would I say that?” in such a way that suggested there was NO context for it. That made me believe Kyle more. The context, true or not, makes sense, makes Camille’s being miffed a bit more understandable (though doesn’t excuse all of her catty behavior, of course) and makes me wonder if Kyle was getting a dig in, after all.

  46. Sue says

    I agree with you Jennie. I don’t know why they wouldn’t clear the air at the reunion. I can understand for continuity reasons during the season not mentioning it but if I was Camille I would have made it a requirement that they discuss it during the reunion because it makes her look less crazy.

  47. Anya@IW says

    Sue, I have Part II ready to go. Should have it up within the hour. Thanks for asking! :-)
    Sue says…I think Atlanta is the worse when it comes to the housewives having a realistic perception of their lives.

    I agree. I think Phaedra and Kandi are doing all right, because they actually have careers. Everyone else is just kind of hustling. The comments were catty, but I am sure the producers encourage that. I felt bad for Cynthia, but even worse for her mom and sister. Cynthia’s daughter is adorable and sweet, however, and she seemed excited about the wedding, so that was one positive.

  48. Jennie@IW says

    I felt bad for Cynthia’s mom and sister, too. I know that weddings can be weirdly emotional, but so much bad feeling at the idea of these two people being united is…discouraging.

  49. Theresa says

    Saw this online. I think it’ll be interesting to hear her side of the story regarding Leanne stealing her hubby…

    Cibrian’s Ex Joining Real Housewives? Posted 5/4/2011 2:00:00 PM Eddie Cibrian’s ex-wife may have landed a new gig. Us Weekly reports that former model Brandi Glanville may be joining the cast of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. So far there has been no confirmation from Bravo.

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