It’s A New Season For Jenny Masche – Meet Jenny McClendon!

Jenny Masche, from WE tv’s “Raising Sextuplets”, gets married, takes on a new name, and begins a new season of her life. She shares all of the heartwarming details with Imperfect Women.

By Jenny McClendon

March 8th was the big day! We had been talking about getting married for many months, but had to wait for some details to be ironed out. Interesting enough, the closer it got to us getting married, I became more hesitant and Levi was just as sure as sure could be. I didn’t quite understand that since I was the one bringing six little ones into our new life together. That’s a lot for anyone, but seeing his confidence and quiet assurance definitely helped.

The one thing I knew (and know now) without a shadow of a doubt is that I didn’t want to go through all this again (divorce, and all the ick!). It was so much harder than I ever thought. And in my opinion if there was even a 1% chance that we could end up the same, I didn’t want it. Levi and I were sitting at breakfast Sunday morning March 4th and I opened our joint journal (we were going to write out some life goals together) and written big on the page was “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” It was very, very sweet! Simple, honest and sincere. I wrote on the opposite page YES!

I was on a long stretch of work, we had seen each other very little (he had written it two days prior) and we wanted to get married as soon as possible (since we had been talking about it so long!). The only day that would work in the following month was 4 days later… March 8th. We just wanted us and our eight most precious blessings. We decided to rent a passenger van (the only thing we could all fit in) and I emailed some dear friends in San Diego who I lived with a bit during PA school. They are a very sweet Christian couple that are like my second parents. I thought if anyone would know a perfect pastor to marry us it would be them. Marilyn and Tom thought they knew the perfect man for the job. He was a Young Life Area director and had performed many wedding ceremonies. The only thing we worried about was that he was not going to be available on such a short notice.

The next day I received an email back saying Eric would be flying into San Diego that day around 3 p.m. and he would be more than happy to drive to the beach from the airport and perform the wedding. It was perfect! We had a few conversations with Eric that week and were very thankful that God picked him. Four days after the “official” proposal we headed to San Diego for our big day. Levi and I had always dreamed of getting married barefoot on the beach, so here we were getting to experience this with the eight people who matter the most in our lives!

We stayed in a precious, quaint little Inn in Sunset Cliffs. We woke up the morning of the 8th and took a walk along the ocean, watched birds swoop in the sea. It was seriously the most picture perfect day in San Diego (not to mention the kids were on PERFECT behavior, it was crazy and amazing!).  Not a cloud in the sky and 70 degrees. Around 2:30 we headed to my favorite little beach spot in La Jolla. I called it my “secret beach.” It was a beach that I found back in the summer of 2001. I would go there and pray and run and just sit and enjoy God’s creation. At that season of my life, I was single and I prayed a lot about my mate and what I wanted, dreamed for, and desired in a husband. And here I was 11 years later about to get married to my very best friend and kindred spirit, with our eight most favorite people, and eleven years of CRAZY events behind me. It was surreal!

Eric showed up and he was awesome. He was so fun, enthusiastic, and the perfect fit for our crazy family! He talked to the eight kids first about marriage and what we would be doing. He had the kids make an aisle in the sand. Levi played the song “Marry Me” and the sextuplets walked me down the aisle to join Levi, Treyton & Griffen. Levi had tears rolling down his face with the cutest, sweetest smile… and I had the biggest smile I’ve ever had. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me! I never felt deserving of this (finding this kind of love)… still don’t many days, but felt it was 100% God’s grace (Undeserved favor) pouring over me and the kids.

The ceremony was perfect. The little boys playing in the sand, the girls sprinkling flower petals everywhere, Treyton & Griffen standing up like perfect gentlemen listening to every word spoken, and pastor Eric speaking God’s truth and promises over me and Levi. It was genuinely the most “perfect day”. I wish our family could have been there to witness the day, but with just the 10 of us it was such a special time for the kids to feel special, involved and chosen! That night the 10 of us ate pizza in a circle on the middle of the floor of our honeymoon suite. The kids all wanted to take a bath in the Jacuzzi tub overlooking the ocean… and finally we crashed with a sense of fulfillment and joyous fatigue!

I sit here almost 3 months later reflecting on the day; still so thankful for how God orchestrated that day and how perfect it was. I still have very hard days, plagued with guilt over decisions I’ve made and sin. There is no changing choices or sin of my past and I have to continually cast it off of me and TRUST in the grace and mercy of Christ. I know more clearly now than EVER that I am ONLY saved by His Grace. The only thing I can do from this day forward is move forward and pray for His Presence in My home and in My marriage. I don’t justify anything I have done in my past that is not pleasing to the Lord. I’m more than thankful for Levi; he is one of a kind to choose me and my kids. I genuinely could not have asked for a better man, husband, or partner!

Ultimately, I’m extremely thankful for second chances… Levi and I call it our “Mulligan”.    :-)

Here is my hope in sharing this. For starters, divorce is very painful and very hard. I don’t recommend it and say fight for your marriage if you believe God can redeem it. Second, if you are already divorced or know that you are headed in that direction… God will walk through it with you, He loves you, there is Redemption, and there is Sunlight and blessing on the other side!


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