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Meet Our Imperfect Women Contributors

Silvio Aladje MD
draladjemSILVIO ALADJEM MD, an obstetrician/gynecologist and Maternal Fetal Medicine (high risk obstetrics) specialist, is Professor Emeritus in obstetrics and gynecology at Michigan State University, College of Human Medicine, in Lansing, MI. He is the author of “10,000 babies: my life in the delivery room” now available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other book stores. Dr. Aladjem published extensively in Scientific Medical Journals and wrote several textbooks in the specialty. He can be reached through his website, www.drsilvio.com.
Julie Choquette
JulieJulie Choquette must decorate! Must paint! Must re-purpose! She has retirement dreams of turning those passions of painting, decorating/design, reading, writing and photography from part-time endeavors into something grand.

Julie’s been told she’s ‘Best Nana Ever’, and works hard to keep that title! She loves being a nana, mother and wife. She really loves being an empty-nester with her husband, feeling blessed that she was given a second chance at love/happiness/life! She has worked as a director/department head & grant writer for a government/non-profit agency for 20 years, but is more than ready to see what the next phase brings.
Jenny Masche
Chances are we don’t really have to introduce you to Jenny. You are probably already familiar with her. Jenny and her former husband Bryan were stars of WETV’s “Raising Sextuplets” along with their charming and adorable children – Bailey, Blake, Cole, Grant, Molli and Savannah. We watched Jenny and Bryan struggle with the demands of raising their sixpack while juggling marital pressures and careers, along with fulfilling a long held desire to move to Florida from their native Arizona. IW caught up with Jenny last August. At that time, Jenny was indeed embarking on a new season. She and the kids were back home in Arizona and Jenny and Bryan were close to finalizing their divorce.

IW’s interview with Jenny generated a lot of reader interest and discussion. When Jenny agreed to become a regular contributor to IW, we were thrilled. If there is one thing we know about Jenny it’s that she is passionate. Passionate about motherhood, faith, family, fitness – the list goes on and on. Jenny will be touching on these topics and more in her regular contributions.
Molly lives in Portland, Oregon, and is a stay-at-home mom with twin 16-month-old boys. She grew up in Southern California and moved to Oregon five years ago with her husband. Her world revolves around her boys, so she doesn’t have too much free time. When she gets a little free time from mommy duty, she loves adventure, trying new things, the outdoors, crafting, photography, trying new restaurants, games, shopping for good deals and using as many discounts and coupons as possible, and traveling. Someone told Molly a few years ago, “We are here for a good time, not a long time.” Her goal in life is to enjoy it as much as possible: to see, try, learn, and do as many things as she can.


Emil Schmit
Emil Schmit is a self-trained poet, free-lance writer, public speaker, and journalist. His weekly column, “Rhyme and Reason,” appeared for over twenty years in the Dubuque, Iowa daily newspaper, the Telegraph Herald. Emil is a long-time member of both the Dubuque Area Writers’ Guild and the Southwest Wisconsin Writer’s Club. Collections of his poems have been published in a variety of magazines and books throughout the tri-state area. A resident of Southwest Wisconsin his entire life, he sees poetry as the stirring of his soul. Schmit does not have the educational background that one would expect from someone so attuned to the nuances of word and sound. For better than 30 years he was a seedsman for Pride Seed Company. The writing of poetry came about as a means of focusing his mind during his lunch hour. Nature, its power and beauty, are the subjects of many of his poems. Others are nostalgic in nature and tend to romanticize the past. Ultimately, it is home and hearth and his love for the land that drives him to rhyme. ” Rural life is being close to nature and land. I think that’s pretty important for us. This is my inspiration. It’s something to write about; maybe it’s a reason to write.” You can read more of Emil’s work on his blog, Rhyme and Reason with Proud Papa.