Husband, Father and Best Friend

image(3)A husband. A father. A best friend.

I’d like to dedicate this post to my husband, Anthony. We just celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary on Monday and have been together for eleven years.

It all started eleven years ago back when AOL was the “hip” thing to use. I was searching the AOL member directory, where you could search people based on information in their profiles and then you     could contact the person. Going to an all-girls’ Catholic school, it was difficult to meet guys. So it was easiest for me to use the Internet. I could quickly get a snapshot of someone without having to meet random guys.

I was never into the drinking, drugs, or party scene, so I was always looking for someone’s profile who had similar interests and someone who didn’t have any of image(4)those three things as a “hobby.”

After meeting a handful of guys from the internet, I had told myself I wasn’t going to meet anyone else from there. But then, of course, I came across Anthony’s profile. I don’t remember everything it said, but I remember his hobbies included playing the guitar, computers, and drawing. His profile looked pretty normal, so I thought I would send him an instant message.

We didn’t talk for too long the first time we chatted via instant messenger. I remember there wasn’t a whole lot of talking going on, so I finished the conversation with something along the lines of, “email if you want.” I thought maybe he was bored and figured we wouldn’t chat again.

A day or two later, he sent me an email! I was totally shocked! So we chatted a few more days and then we talked about meeting at a golf course.

On January 1, 2002, my mom drove me to the golf course the day that we were going to meet(Of course, she wanted to make sure he wasn’t some crazy, old man psycho killer!). We arrived at the golf course and waited for about fifteen minutes. I didn’t see anyone that looked like him. I thought maybe he wasn’t going to show! It was before we all had cell phones and so we couldn’t easily just text or call someone. I didn’t even have his phone number!

Molly and AnthonyI then remembered that there was a separate driving range just across the road and thought maybe he was there. So my mom and I drove down there and there he was.

I’ll admit that my first impression of him was that I didn’t think he was as cute as I thought he was in his picture he sent me. We finished up at the driving range and we went to a local billiards place right down the street. We played pool for a hour, and in that hour was when I realized how cute he was. He reminded me of Davy Jones from The Monkees. Ha Ha. Not that I was a fan of The Monkees or Davy Jones. But, that’s beside the point.

Anyways, after playing pool, he drove us back to my house and we played video games the whole night. We have been together since then! We started dating and image(1)four years later we got married in 2006. We then moved up to Fresno for two years while he finished school and then continued North and ended up in Oregon. In 2011, we had two baby boys.

We had talked about kids, but never in a million years did we think we would have twins! But, we did and we couldn’t have been any luckier. Anthony is such a wonderful father to these little boys. They look up to him so much and I can see the father-son bond growing more and more as they get older.

He has been working a lot of overtime the past few months. He works so hard and never (okay…rarely ever. Ha Ha) complains. He comes home after a long day’s work and will help me or do whatever I ask of him around the house.

With that said, I’d like to wish Anthony a very Happy Anniversary and a Happy Father’s Day!

I would also like to wish all the dads out there a very Happy Father’s Day!


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Molly lives in Portland, Oregon, and is a stay-at-home mom with twin 16-month-old boys. She grew up in Southern California and moved to Oregon five years ago with her husband. You can read Molly’s full Bio here. You can contact Molly at



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  1. Molly says

    Thanks, everyone! We had a great date night—used a Groupon for $40 that I got for $10, got a 50 cent Burger King ice cream cones, and went to home depot to get more materials to build and guard things in the living room. A perfect date night! :)

  2. says

    Congrats on the anniversary! It is so nice to see other couples that met and fell in love from the internet – I am engaged to my fiance who I met in an online game!!

  3. Lily@IW says

    You guys have such a sweet story. Thanks for sharing, I love hearing how you met.

    Btw, I was a big fan of Davy Jones, I would like your hubs. :)

    Your dress is gorgeous! You look beautiful.

    Happy Anniversary to the both of you and Happy Father’s Day to your hubs.

  4. Leah McHan says

    That’s my hubby too. We’ve celebrated our own 7th anniversary in April, and we have 4 kids so far.

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