Gosselin Vs. Gosselin (Plus Hoffman Plus 20!)

Kate Gosselin files suit against Jon Gosselin Kate Gosselin filed a lawsuit today against her former husband Jon Gosselin and Robert Hoffman, the author of a book that was pulled from Amazon.com two days after it was released a year ago this month. Announced on bullyville.com, the filing names Jon, Hoffman, and 20 unnamed “John and Jane Does” alleging they accessed confidential info from Kate’s cell phone, emails, computer and online banking accounts. The filing also says the duo worked with others and published the illegally obtained information. Kate, through her attorneys, Mulvihill & Rushie LLC and the Randazza Legal Group, filed the suit in The United States District Court Eastern District of Pennsylvania . We have one question right out of the gate: Are you sure there are only 20 co conspirators??

From www.bullyville.com

From www.bullyville.com

At the heart of the suit is Kate’s claim that her former husband stole a hard drive from her computer, hacked her phone, emails, and online bank accounts, and gave the information to Hoffman and the 20 Jane/Jon Does. The filing alleges, they then used the info “to spread false, defamatory and unflattering information about Kate Gosselin for the purpose of profiting from the book and tabloid publications”. The ebook appeared to be largely comprised of Kate’s emails, contracts, and alleged journal entries interspersed with Hoffman’s own very lengthy thoughts and creepy messages directed at Kate. Hoffman contends he found Kate’s personal files on disks he dug out of her garbage, inspiring some of her fans to dub him, “Trash Man”. Yes, he said that. He’s gone through Kate Gosselin’s garbage more than once apparently, and he claims he scored a HARD DRIVE?

In April, Radar Online reproduced text messages from 2009 they said Jon sent to his (and our favorite) ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman, suggesting he planned to grab Kate’s hard drive to give to a friend. “I will put the nail in her coffin someday from it,” one text read. Ouch.

Bullyville took up Kate’s cause vowing in April to help bring lawsuits against Jon, Hoffman, and others tied to their alleged lying-for-profit schemes. Among the possible defendants Bullyville named then is the lawyer who runs a Kate-hate blog and once owned another even-less-nice-than-a-hate-blog-but-profitable-if-you-know-what-I-mean website. She recently stated online that Jon Gosselin was her source for information about his custody of his children. Jon has later confirmed in interviews that the custody story is false, prompting Gosselin watchers to wonder why Jon would be a source for false information. The custody story was used by Kate’s critics to claim Kate was lying about her financial support and physical custody of her children. Not unrelated: the blogging lawyer has also claimed for months that she is privy to inside information about the Gosselins from the kid’s school activities to Kate’s supposed undiagnosed mental health issues a “source” told her about. The lawyer, however, has not been named in today’s suit. Just 20 John and Jane Does.

We will be adding updates to this breaking news story as they happen.

From Bullyville.com  Lawsuit alleges Hoffman, Jon distorted facts.

From Bullyville.com Lawsuit alleges Hoffman, Jon distorted facts.

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