Gosselin Family Enjoying Alaska

There has been much speculation all over the internet about where Kate Gosselin has been hiding for the past week or so. I have seen some bloggers speculating that Kate went under the knife for rumored “nips and tucks.”  Others think that the newly planted trees have kept the family well hidden.

Earlier today on a Facebook fanpage one person commented – “Kate is in Alaska with the kids! I want to meet her!”  When I looked at her info page, sure enough she was from Alaska. I figured she must be onto something so I did a google search and I found pictures on a twitter account of the Gosselins visiting the Alaskan Ivory Exchange. I find it kind of interesting that no local news websites have done a small story on this.

I also noticed that Jon Gosselin twittered on his account “just spoke with my kids. miss them a lot. dont have custody this week or weekend so just plan to relax with @ellen_ross1.” I am sure he is probably aware his kids are vacationing in our largest state in America. Or not?

Alaska is my second favorite state to visit next to Wisconsin. I wish a very relaxing and fun vacation for the Gosselins.

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