Gosselin Family Enjoying Alaska

There has been much speculation all over the internet about where Kate Gosselin has been hiding for the past week or so. I have seen some bloggers speculating that Kate went under the knife for rumored “nips and tucks.”  Others think that the newly planted trees have kept the family well hidden.

Earlier today on a Facebook fanpage one person commented – “Kate is in Alaska with the kids! I want to meet her!”  When I looked at her info page, sure enough she was from Alaska. I figured she must be onto something so I did a google search and I found pictures on a twitter account of the Gosselins visiting the Alaskan Ivory Exchange. I find it kind of interesting that no local news websites have done a small story on this.

I also noticed that Jon Gosselin twittered on his account “just spoke with my kids. miss them a lot. dont have custody this week or weekend so just plan to relax with @ellen_ross1.” I am sure he is probably aware his kids are vacationing in our largest state in America. Or not?

Alaska is my second favorite state to visit next to Wisconsin. I wish a very relaxing and fun vacation for the Gosselins.

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  1. pattypie says

    Wow Pam you are an internet super sleuth!!!
    I hope they are having fun!  What a great vacation for the kids.  I was in Alaska years ago and loved it!

  2. Pam@IW says

    I love Alaska too.  I want to go back and see more of the mainland. It is so beautiful and so many fun things to see and do.

  3. Sage says

    My sister went on an Alaskan cruise a few years bank and is still talking about it. I will have to put that on my bucket list.

  4. Diane says

    I think it is great that the kids are in Alaska ! What a summer for the kids and the memories they are going to have when they are older.

  5. Paige says

    So the rumors of Kate running off to Europe with the twins is incorrect. One thing is for sure, the anti-Kate people certainly miss her when she is out of sight – there was just as much posting when she wasn’t around as there is when she is photographed daily.

    Alaska sounds wonderful.  Going there is on my bucket list.

  6. Ann@IW says

    Mine, too, Paige.  My husband and I wanted to go there for our honeymoon.  We got as far as Washington state for one night…also very beautiful.

    And now we see why I am so conflicted about this show for these kids.   It is an invasion of privacy, but done right, it can be a fabulous way to earn a living and experience things that would be out-of-reach without that money or show.  I stand by my feelings that a few specials a year, and the focus being on travelling to fun destinations is a great way compromise.  They are really making the show as good as it can be.  I’m a little jealous!  😉

  7. Lily@IW says

    What a great get-away.  I’ve never been but would really like to someday.
    I stand by my feelings that a few specials a year, and the focus being on travelling to fun destinations is a great way compromise.~Ann
    I agree it’s a nice compromise.  I have to admit, I kind of miss seeing them on a weekly basis.  They are a cute family.   The weekly show has been off a long while now and with the specials, we don’t know that much about the children.   They have their own lives separate from the show that we’re not privy to.  I hope they have a blast in Alaska.

  8. Kiki says

    The best thing about taking the kids to Alaska- no complaints about the heat! 

    I’ve always wanted to go on an Alaskan cruise.

  9. Pam@IW says

    We went in August and it rained every day we were there. Most of the time just a light drizzle. We would see the sun at times. The day we visited the Hubbard glacier it was actually sleeting. We had heavy winter coats on and they were serving hot chocolate.

    We did the cruise and it was lovely. The Inside Straight is a whole different part of Alaska. Many of the  towns are on small islands inaccessible by car.  All rain forest and absolutely beautiful. The salmon was so abundant that the bears would just swoop the  salmon out of the streams and take a few bites and then just drop them.

    My husband and I did not visit the shops too much when we docked . We ate at small diners, talked to the locals, visited the high school and elementary schools and of course went to the Capitol in downtown Juneau and checked that out. We found their way of life interesting. The kids played football on cement because of the amount of rain they received and flew via small aircraft to many of their sporting events. Dairy is very expensive on the small islands because there are no real dairy farms and it has to be flown in. The schools also had elaborate fencing around the perimeter, much as in we see in Los Angeles. However their fencing was to keep the bears out.

    We did not really get to see mainland Alaska. We are planning on flying in to Anchorage and renting a car one of these next summers and seeing that part of Alaska.

    Several years ago I was one of many sponsors that sponsored a young man from Iowa who participated in the Ititarod. Although I would have loved to have taken the trip up to Alaska to watch some of the race, I was not able to. But I did purchase the internet access and followed the race from the warm comfort of my house. I really enjoyed being a part of that whole event and was able to learn quite a bit more about Alaska through that experience.

  10. HB says

    Pam…PP stole my thunder.  Hadn’t bothered w. Radar since finding you!  I will add, I blame you for my hour plus of being a nosy Twitter gazer.  Looked at Jon’s… then Ellen’s brother & then Sylvia, the life coach.  No wonder their pictures have cells in hand!  Looks like Jon is making his living via Twitter.  Ellen’s brother fits nicely into Jon’s life w. his lines of work.  AND Sylvia…?  It would seem she is his personal coach, helping him w. his book etc..? 

  11. Ann@IW says

    Hey, Pam!  I think ROL will be watching your Gosselin posts from now on, great job.

    All rain forest and absolutely beautiful. The salmon was so abundant that the bears would just swoop the  salmon out of the streams and take a few bites and then just drop them.-Pam

    I really want to go too.  What a great experience for the family!

  12. Deborah says

    What a wonderful time for them.
    I flew to Fairbanks one Christmas it was a great experience.  At night we could see the lights of a town named the North Pole.  My children were young then.   They still remember the fun we all had.
    Would love to do the cruise and see it in the Summer months.

  13. PeggyP says

    A friend of mine is currently taking an Alaska cruise. I can’t wait for her to get home & learn about her experiences.

  14. CoCoPuff says

    Congratulations on being the first to get this story.
    And this should put the accusation that ROL is in Cahoots with TLC to rest.
    It should also put to rest the accusations that Kate calls the paps to let them know where she is, but we all know it doesn’t matter, its like trying to hang up JELLO.

  15. justpoor says

    I guess the locals in PA did not know where Kate and the kids were.  Hope they are having a great time.  Did Murt jump a plane to see if the permits were ok.  LOL. Enjoy your summer kids, school starts soon.

  16. Lily@IW says

    HB, I have a twitter account, but it mostly  just sits there.  I don’t think I’ve ever even sent a twit.  What are they saying?
    Great job Pam
    CoCoPuff, LOL at hanging up Jello.  No matter how many times it is shown that Kate dislikes the attention of the paps, they will believe what they want.  I wish that part of being a celebrity was not there for them.  Paps harassing little kids shouldn’t be allowed.  The kids sometimes look so stunned and I think it is the paps yelling to get their attention and look at the camera that puts that look on their face.
    They will all get to see some great sights.  I’m jealous that they will be seeing glaciers.

  17. Ziggy says

    Maybe whoever is feeding one certain PA local Gosselin info is feeding the wrong info on the Gosselins on purpose?

    Looks like the got through some of their trip without the paps.

  18. HB says

    ;0)   Lily I don’t have an account w. Twitter, nor would I ever care to know what 99.9% of those who do…are doing.  Just got lost w. a link to Jon’s Twitter which led to Darren Ross…to Sylvia Lafair & so on.  All of these link to other friends etc….it’s a web of what I imagine might ‘turn on’ the average tween or teen.  (I was one gawker for over an hour…& it was all pure self-promotion, & I suppose some great thrill for a Jon-fan to have his reply?)   I have to say…it did make me sad that Jon seems to have a VERY empty life if  Twitter, gaming, t.v. & movies are his thrills.  (The one comment – ‘his children call him every hour’.  I do wonder?)    

  19. justpoor says

    Mary, I have seen nannies and body guards all around people in Hollywood.  Most of the time, the body guards go first and clear the area before someone leaves a building or show. Just saying—————and you Katie boy friend statement tells a lot.

  20. HB says

    KUDOS, Imperfect Women!  Once I saw Radar…I thought your site would be on fire w. comments that go beyond ‘imperfect’…but perfectly insanely inane. 

  21. ga_mom says

    Lucky kids.  I’d love the chance to go visit Alaska some day.  What a great summer they have had- first New York and now this.

  22. Ziggy says

    ‘the children call him every hour’?  Really, he said that?  Oh my, with 8 kids it would then seem they would the majority of their time calling him.  That’s funny.

  23. justpoor says

    If Jon claims the children call him every hour, why has there never been a picture of them with a phone??? Just asking??

  24. HB says

    Ziggy & justoor…amazing isn’t it?  I will give the man a pass, as I have no idea if he was referring to one period of time…perhaps when mom-Kate was out of town.   While I thought his Twitters, or is it tweets, were revealing…it is his public forum, as was IW’s interview w. Ellen.   It’s way too easy to read between the lines.  

    Bottom line – what a lark that TLC is providing these children some great childhood memories!   NYC & Alaska…should be just one more filming, & Kate Plus8 should be over for this go-round?   

  25. justpoor says

    Hmm, Sarah not being in the state, makes the rag magazine a liar??? Of course the other nasty site has jumped all over this already!!

  26. Anya@IW says

    Just got back from vacation on I want to give Pam huge round of applause for her scoop for IW.

    This sounds like a really fantastic experience for the kids. I would LOVE to go to Alaska one day. It is stunning.

    As for the Palin rumors — good for Kate, Sarah and TLC. My political views don’t match Sarah Palin’s on the majority  of issues, but I don’t hold the venom against her some do and have no problem with Discovery/TLC doing some cross promotion. It sounds like it will be an interesting and educational experience for the kids and a great show for the viewers. 

  27. justpoor says

    I read that it was Jon that let the chickens out. I don’t think Kate was at home, but she must have called the police to report it, and maybe when she found out it was Jon, she must have not pressed any charges. Why give the piece of crap the publicity he thinks he needs. If this is true, shame on him!!!

  28. Ann@IW says

    Meh,  the chicken story may be true and may not be true.  Who knows?  I don’t trust the source, the Wernersville neighbor.  She gets so much wrong.  Just recently someone had to correct her about where the infamous Kate-spanking-Leah incident happened on the property (back vs. front yard.)  When she corrected herself she wrote, “The spanking incident did take place in front of the garage, but Kate did not realize she was being filmed because of the van blocking her from the road or something like that.” (Werny Gal)
    Huh? Who can take this comment seriously?  How would she know what Kate was thinking, “or something like that.”  On the same thread, in another comment she writes, “If you’ve followed my blog for long you know it’s important to me to get the facts as right as I can before printing them.” (Werny Gal)
    I followed enough to know that she needs to try harder to get her facts right “or something like that.”

  29. Theresa says

    Pam, great internet sleuthing and thanks for the article by the man who was on the plane.   Interesting to read an unbiased account of their travels…no drama, etc.  Nice.

    We’ve got the Alaskan cruise on one of our hopeful vacations someday.  A friend got to go via an endorsement deal (she’s also in radio).  I hope we get that account someday and I can go. :)

  30. BlogHawg says

    I totally support family vacations that expose children to new places, cultures and experiences. Travel is an excellent learning tool for kids. They  learn about and see  things first hand that they may have or will learn about in school.  They’ll have first hand information to relate to , it makes learning   fun!  What a marvelous experience this will be for the 8.
    My parents drove us from one end of the country to the other on different family vacations. Who doesn’t forget the marvel of seeing something new and awesome for the first time?  It must be that look of wonderment in childrens eyes that causes parents like  mine to  take 5  sometimes  miserable snot nose arguing, shes looking at me, he pinched me darlings farther than 10 miles in a station wagon  .  I am so glad they did and we did the same for ours as they were growing up.
    I can’t wait for this episode!

  31. Lily@IW says

    BlogHawg, sigh, I miss station wagons.  I still think they are better than the mini-vans.   I have great memories of riding in the back w/my cousins while we went on family trips.   I’m looking forward to this episode too.  I want to see what all they’re doing up there.
    Wanted to let everyone know that IW was also mentioned on Jezebel.  We’re down there in the list under the Mel Gibson article.  Kind of cool seeing our name there.   :)

  32. justpoor says

    Thanks for removing the last post. Nasty!!! New post on Rol of Kate and the kids. She sure needs help to keep them all together and the kids are looking at the paps with disgust!! I wish they would leave them alone.

  33. Ziggy says

    Ann, I agree on taking the chicken story with a grain of salt considering the source.  I wished I could say it doesn’t sound like something Jon would do, but it does.  I hope it’s not true for the sake of the children.

    How did WG know that Kate thought she was being hidden by the van?  Kate has said she disciplines her children the same way, whether there are paps present or not.  

    As yes, the trips in the station wagon.  Every summer my mom and aunts & their children, the mothers would arrange a trip for us. Many children of nearly all the same age, with two a few years older.  One aunt had a station wagon.  We all piled in back, the mothers in the seats.  And off we went.  Then there was the one time a cop pulled us over as it was very hot and we all were laying piled on top of each other hanging our feet out the back window.  He didn’t give a ticket, but told the driver (forget which mother it was) that we must keep our feet in.  Promises were made to the cop.  Then a bit down the road,  children being children, the feet went out the window again.  The mothers told us that if we saw a cop to pull our feet in.  Then there was the other aunt who loved to pile us in the grandfather’s pickup and race as fast as she could around the holler with us bouncing and holding on in the back, loving every minute of it. (yes, it’s holler, not hollow)  Yes, I remember the awesomeness of seeing new things as a child. 

    The article from the man who traveled on the same plane –  Although he wants to take a bit of a snarky tone, he doesn’t report anything negative.  Quite the opposite!   

  34. justpoor says

    We had a large family, an old green ugly station wagon that took us to Texas one year on vacation, pulling one of the pull campers behind us.  Needless to say, we still laugh when all of girls got on one side of the camper to change our clothes and it tipped over. At the time we were scared to death that our Dad would be super mad, but he had the best laugh and said maybe we all needed to diet on vacation.

  35. justpoor says

    Thanks Ann@IW. My sister called me after I had posted this and we had the best laugh all over again. We are going to write some things down for all the grandkids from every family for a family topic next year at the holidays. We will be rolling, and will will finally fess up, we did do some naughty things in life. LOL

  36. Pam@IW says

    Oh my, I just read comment #49. Too funny!

    Last year we through a big party for my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary. One game we played was a family trivia and we asked all kinds of questions about things that had happened growing up. Lots of stuff like you mentioned in your comment. My Aunts and Uncles loved it and it was a big hit.  I will have to say that the answer to quite a few of our questions that started with ” Who” was my oldest brother’s name. He was pretty wild back in the day and gave us lots to talk about. 😉

  37. Ann@IW says

    This past Thanksgiving my parents (in their 70s) opted to sit at a “kids’ table.”  My dad read an entry from his family journal about each of the kids at his table from when they were babies.  It was so funny! 

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