Google Is My Friend

By Ann


Just a note to let readers who are viewing this post for the first time know that the Live Birth Video site has completely changed since this post was written. The graphic videos on the home page have been removed as well as the Teen category. We have screen shots of the home page as it originally appeared but we will not publish them due to the graphic nature. There was also mention on the Home page that the membership was $19.99 for 6 months and that there were over 200 members. The YouTube channel has changed as well and it now requires you to acknowledge that you are over 18 to view the videos.

In addition, there is no doubt who the owner is of the Live Birth Video site. Prior to this post, you could put the URL into Go Daddy’s domain search and the name of the owner of this site came up who we know to be the owner of 15 Minutes, Gosselin Stylye/RealityTVkids. We will not publish her name. She has since paid for the service that makes this information private. We have screen shots of this information but will not post them because it reveals her real name. Her name has been known by many for over a year and we have never revealed that information.


Last night I came across a website that gave me pause. I’d love to know your thoughts. Here’s what happened:

At our friendly neighboring blog, The Sageway Express, there has been some discussion about the lawyer who runs 15 Minutes, Gosselin Style. Sage posted an excerpt from another blog she owned at one time which was called A commenter asked Sage for a link to the blog.

I did a Google search to see if I could find the debt blog again. Not surprisingly, it has been removed. I searched to find if it existed at one time and was connected to the lawyer. Several useful links appeared, but one caught my attention. It was a link to a scholarly abstract about homebirth advocacy on the Internet. The site is Rupkatha Journal on Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities.   In the abstract the author mentions an online community for posting birth videos. She argues for the concept of putting videos of home births online, but she notes some drawbacks. The site she examined is covered in third-party ads and there is an offer to sell the website.

Additionally, the political relevance of the website is potentially undermined by the inclusion of particular links on’s homepage that are seemingly unconnected to birth – as “original” texts of the website (rather than additional advertisements that are externally-generated), alliances include blogs like Divorce, Gosselin Style that tediously follows and comments on the break up of celebrity couple Kate and Jon Gosselin (stars of The Learning Channel’s reality television show Jon & Kate Plus Eight that features the couple and their eight children) and 165K in Debt (apparently authored by the same attorney as the Gosselin blog).

Are you thinking what I am thinking? Why would a homebirth video website have links to this young lawyer’s blogs on its homepage?

I searched the URL for and found a Hello! We’ve moved!” page. I clicked on the new URL and found the website, but not the links to the lawyer’s blogs. I noticed the videos had been updated this week by “Administrator.” I did one more search then, to find out who owned the website.

Guess who owns the site? The same lawyer, Administrator.

The site’s URL is *

*Warning: Link contains nudity, graphic images, exploitation of teen mothers, and a video of a victim of female genital mutilation.

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  1. Ann@IW says

    What do you think?
    Do you think it’s exploitation to charge $19.99 for 6 months subscription to videos that includes a category called “teen mothers” giving birth?
    I am thinking of informed consent and age of maturity and coquettish Red Cross photos when I ask.

  2. says

    OMG Ann, good find! Looks like Rebecca aka ‘the BL’ is a resourceful girl making money not only off of the Gosselins but videos of home births! What a weird connection.

  3. says

    Warning: Link contains nudity, graphic images, exploitation of teen mothers, and a video of a victim of female genital mutilation.
    Thank you for putting that warning. I would hate for anyone to go on that site without a clear idea of what is on there.
    Teen mom?! Is this teen mom under 18? Why highlight that as a separate category? I am really trying to wrap my mind around this. I am getting a sick feeling in my stomach.

  4. pattypie says

    I don’t think there is a more private moment of a child’s life then the moment it is born. There is no way the baby can give consent t to have that put on a website.

  5. Ann@IW says

    Free videos you pay for?
    There is so much hypocrisy there that I don’t know where to start.
    The website is still under construction, since some of the links don’t work? Wasn’t Kate criticized for an incomplete website?

  6. pattypie says

    I remember reading on the 165k blog that she was trying “everything she could” to get more traffic for her site because the goggle adsense was going down. I guess a pay for membership scheme was her solution.

  7. Ann@IW says

    I read the abstract and found it interesting. I understand the educational value of viewing a home birth, even if you are not going to be delivering babies in the future. I don’t understand pulling out “teen mothers” in a special category or charging for “exclusive” content. Who thinks there was a popular demand for pay-only exclusive content for educational purposes?
    I “get” making money on the Internet. It’s the disconnect between her positions at 15 minutes and what she does here that is just so glaringly hypocritical.
    I don’t think she actually believes what she writes on the hate blog. I think she is just “exploiting” her readers for a buck. Just my opinion.

  8. Ann@IW says

    Who would be customers for this? Really, who?
    Can a West African victim of female circumcision (aka genital mutilation) consent to having this video used this way? It is so wrong; so sad.

  9. Deborah says

    As much as I’m enjoying this time of the year with extended family and friends its really hard to process this new side of the BL in terms of what she will do to make a buck.
    I don’t have time to follow the link right now.
    I can’t help but wonder if these young victims link back to her day job and if these underage victims are getting a cut.
    Good work Ann, as always IW Ladies can’t be beat for shinning a light on the darkness.

  10. MsGoodyShoes says

    I have one question…….

    What about the paedophiles watching naked babies or prepubescent girls undergoing genital mutyilation?

  11. says

    From BL earlier this month:
    “Ann and Imperfect Women needs to learn this mantra: Google is your friend!”

    Ann, did you learn this mantra? You have BL to thank!

  12. Ann@IW says

    I believe they may just be the paying customers.

    Yes, Anya. I say it everyday. Thanks to BL for reminding me to Google, Google, Google, and to PattyPie for passing along the advice when she saw it at 15 minutes. I wouldn’t have know I was being discussed as I hadn’t read there in months and there is a policy not to talk about other blogs.
    A policy trumped by hypocrisy.

  13. JennieIW says

    The “unusual birth” video of the girl who’d undergone “circumcision” (aka female genital mutilation) was the most disturbing to me – BL appears to tout the idea that these videos are freely shared by the participants. How can a girl who cannot even avoid having her genitals mutilated possibly freely consent to share her birthing video. How utterly disgusting and exploitative.

  14. Ann@IW says

    It is upsetting, Jennie. There is no justification for it. It’s used as a teaser to get the paying subscribers hooked.
    From the Canadian Red Cross:
    Sexual exploitation is any attempt to use a position of power, authority or trust to compel a vulnerable person to take part in sexual activity. If one person gains sexual gratification, financial reward or social/political status through the abuse of another person’s sexuality, that is exploitation.
    I posted the definition of exploitation for those who have falsely mislabeled the TLC reality shows as child exploitation.
    Look at what is happening at that “free” childbirth website. If it were a collection of educational videos, that are actually FREE I would just chalk it up to the lawyer’s bizarre fascination with other people’s children. But the “Unusual Video” of that poor young woman from Africa- mutilated against her will- anybody want to guess her age?- for this hater’s financial gain that qualified it as exploitation. IMO
    Let’s see who defends this.

  15. LilyatIW says

    It straight up looks like a fetish site. I have no problem w/childbirth videos as educational tools. To pay to view unusual and teen births does not serve any educational purposes. The categories are weird and creepy.
    I agree, MsGoodyShoes #19, BL has no way of knowing who is viewing the videos. All she cares about is that membership fee.
    I can’t help but wonder if these young victims link back to her day job and if these underage victims are getting a cut.~Deborah

    I don’t think they get a thing, just their videos put on the net for paying customers.
    Ann, I think BL now knows that Google is your friend.

  16. CoCoPuff says

    How ANY Kate hater can defend what BL is doing is beyond comprehension.

    Are they going to ignore this atrocity and continue to follow her 15 min blog?

    BL is REPULSIVE in every sense of the word!

  17. Unbelievable says

    WTF? Is that site even legal? She has a “posted by consent” note next to a teen birth video. If the teen is under 18, she is not of legal age to consent.

    Agreed that there is nothing wrong with childbirth videos as educational tools. This site is not that. It is incredibly disturbing, to say the least.

    And holy hypocrisy. I remembered the BL going off on TLC for shows like “A Baby Story” so I did a little Googling myself…

    Administrator said… 24
    Who knows what this psycho’s motivations were, now he’s dead. But I thought when he said “birthing shows” he meant all the gross programing they have showing human pregnancy and birth, something I think should be a private moment between a mom and dad. They have A Baby Story and a bunch of other hospital shows always showing women popping out babies. It’s kind of odd to call Jon and Kate to a birthing show. His issue seemed to really be the environment. Just goes to show there are many crazies out there, just another reason to protect your privacy and your family’s privacy.

    I happen to think childbirth is a beautiful, amazing moment, and I don’t have the interest in watching complete strangers go through it. If they want to expose that moment to the world that’s their right. But I think all these medical shows obsessed with showing all these births is exploitation of both the woman and the baby. They hand them enough cash to be willing to expose their vagina and they do it. Hmm, sounds like prostitution to me. Cash for exposing yourself.
    Hmm…by her own definition, sounds like that makes the BL a pimp to me.

  18. says

    Administrator said… 187

    Apparently she’s not the only one that wants the public to see her toilet birth.

    Warning not for the faint of heart. This woman put her toilet birth on the internet. She has 92,000 views so far:
    November 8, 2011 6:03 PM

    The above is from her post about Michelle Duggar being “Knocked Up for Reality TV.”
    Edited to remove http:// in front of the You Tube URL.

  19. CoCoPuff says

    BL is so messed up she LIES to herself!

    IMO this birthing video site BL is running is just her slimy way to cover up making money from porn.

  20. says

    Unbelievable, sounds like Google is YOUR friend too! Any idea when she posted that comment?
    So BL is against TLC, etc. running birthing programs that focus on pregnancy and birth, but do NOT actually show the baby emerging from the mother’s vagina, but it’s fine and dandy for her to showcase this and much MORE on her website?
    I guess the difference is in WHO is getting paid. “Pimp” seems to fit nicely.

  21. pattypie says

    Think I don’t like about people like Polly or the BL is they use their jobs to give their hate sites credibility and say they are promoting child advocacy when in reality all they are doing is trying to make a buck and use others to do so.

  22. says

    IW you amaze me time and time again at your amazing work, done not because you are drooling and stalking Kate Gosselin but because you fight for the right of every woman to make personal life choices free from outside abuse and harassment. THANK YOU

  23. says

    PS: see the 9! yep Mumbear, Mumbear9 – same person… JULIE (added to soothe and clarify those who were slightly disturbed and couldn’t sleep, eat or breathe because I didn’t put the 9 on previous posts!)

  24. chardonnay4me2 says

    *shaking head* Seems like exploiting children, grifting and showing a family’s “private” moments are ok with the BL as long as she is the one getting paid for it. She will delete any comments regarding her birthing or debt blog. Of course, any comments regarding this topic will not be from her sheeple as they know better than to question her on it.

  25. BlogHawg says

    Becky looks down on her parents because they buy inexpensive items, while she apparently has no qualms about forsaking all moral responsibility for a dollar. Wonder if her parents have seen her blogs?

  26. snickers says

    If I was Kate, my lawyer would be having a little chat with this lawyer. She is disgusting, as she has linked children (Kate and Jon’s) to other blogs. Who wants to bet now that she has got a sniff of this, things might change in her world, and it might not be so nice beyond the keyboard anymore. Can you imagine what Jane would think of her blogging about her children, all the while posting nasty things about them.

  27. HB says

    Ann, did you feel like taking a long shower after your sleuthing? Surely nothing I can add that hasn’t already been said. Just makes me quite ill that someone so demented even knows who the Gosselins are…much less has blog followers.

    Forgive me if this is a known, but not by me…does anyone know what this looney lawyer specializes in – when she is lawyering?

  28. snickers says


    I think she represents Mothers and children. Scary isn’t it! I really do question if she really works, since she spends so much time on blogs. She crabs about losing cases, but seems to be she would never be prepared for court and slams all the other attorneys.

  29. Bloghawg says

    She represents mothers & children. I suggest those mothers and children proceed with caution, or better yet run like hell.

  30. HB says

    snickers & Bloghawg…INCREDIBLE. Suppose I’m the only one who has NEVER given this woman one click of my mouse. Nor WILL I.
    Can you imagine what it must be like to try & capture all the whacked out sickos on the internet by professionals? Appears IW & Sage have done it w. that simple tool…Google.
    This whole topic makes my skin crawl. Obviously there is something seriously WRONG w. this person, & something very OFF w. those who give her serious consideration as a blog follower or…CLIENT. Blech!

  31. Ann@IW says

    Someone has sent us two comments she made on birthing videos that are…questionable, asking for “graphic” and “more graphic” videos to be uploaded. She asks for other things that make my skin crawl, but I won’t type. What audience does she have in mind for the pay-for-access part of her website?
    It’s a legal loophole. She knows where the money on the Internet is and she has pursued it. She probably blames her parents for that, too.
    This is the same child advocate who wished Hannah Gosselin would contract lice, not because Kate bothers her but because three-year-old Hannah annoyed her.

  32. Lily@IW says

    Unbelievable that BL represents women and children when she’s a supporter of parental alienation as a syndrome. Anything to keep readers hating Kate and excusing Jon.
    Such an unscrupulous mercenary. I would never ever want her to represent me or the best interests of my child.

  33. Mojito says

    I’m sure her law firm wouldn’t support her representing mothers and children… Or anyone else… If they knew who they really employed. She disgusts me.

  34. snickers says


    I just feel so terrible for these young Mothers who I feel she has conned into selling their private moments to her. Many young Mother’s are desperate for money, but the BL being a lawyer is just exploiting them all over again. I doubt her firm knows about her big money maker on the net, although I feel it would be a very huge conflict of interest.

  35. Ann@IW says

    Who knows? Some law firms are made up of snakes who care more about a buck than about justice or charity. Maybe she fits right in at her law firm?
    As for parental alienation and her support– I don’t know if that is anything she actually believes! She says she’s disgusted with TLC’s mild birth story shows, all while running a graphic birthing website with categories like “Unusual Births” and “Teen Mothers.”
    Maybe she does? The theory is the brainchild of a known NAMBLA/pedophile. She asks for graphic videos on her You Tube channel.
    I wonder if any of her posters are the least bit disturbed about this? I predict they will not be. Anyone disagree?

  36. Unbelievable says

    I believe that part of her law practice entails defending alleged child abusers. She has bragged about beating DCFS (CPS in LA).

    The requests for more graphic videos are so, so disturbing.

  37. Lily@IW says

    Really, she’s kind of scary. It’s a strange way to earn a buck. She’s preaching about the evils of public viewing of childbirth on her G blog yet asking to view more graphic videos on youtube. Uhm, something’s not right there.
    Ann, here’s part of one of her latest comments (that I’ve read, prob more by now) about Parental Alienation Syndrome. Not sure where she got her info that “more judges are starting to believe in PAS.” Just leading them on. Since she’s so two-sided, it’s hard to know what she actually believes. Freaky either way.
    “As for tattling to Jon? Jon has ever darn right to know that this woman is discussing their private custody battle on her public twitter feed. It matters not that it is true or not you dumb bitch, it matters that the children’s mother is discussing their father on a twitter feed with how many readers now? Good grief. Parental alienation at its finest. If only the judge believed in the concept like so many others are starting to. “

  38. HB says

    Ann, if this ‘snake’ is asking for ‘loan forgiveness’, about the only route she could go is to offer her lawyering to the ‘needy’, as in working for low wages thru’ the government…local…over a 10-25 yr. period. That $165k debt is astounding to me. Especially when she KNEW her parents could not help her? Nothing I’ve read about her makes much sense. NO SURPRISE in that comment, is there?

  39. Unbelievable says

    Totally agree that something is not right, Lily. She is either the most hypocritical opportunist on the planet or there is something more insidious going on.

  40. Ann@IW says

    I did not know she was working to beat child protective services. She’s an amazing hypocrite.
    She claimed she signed all those loans, HB, without knowing what she was doing…to go to LAW SCHOOL. How about that excuse? LOL.

  41. Ann@IW says

    Ann, did you feel like taking a long shower after your sleuthing?-HB
    I had no interest in finding her other website…I didn’t care, she’s bad enough hanging out in the open on 15 minutes…I thought maybe the birth site was run by a friend when I read that it hosted links to her other blogs. I was surprised to see her name registered.
    My first thought when I saw the freebirthvideo site was, “Gah! She’s obsessed with other people’s children! Creepy.” All I really wanted to do was find online proof that the $165K debt blog was actually hers.
    Birth videos can be educational. But the pay-for-access-to-see-teen-mothers-exposed-and-in-pain is just base and appalling. Nevermind the use of a video of a woman (child?) in labor from a 3rd world country. Ah, my heart aches when I think of this exploitation. It’s so sick for her to use that woman that way.
    One thing that I haven’t mentioned because the website is just so distractingly gross is that the woman who wrote the PhD abstract about online birth videos mentioned the Gosselin and $165Kindebt blogs in a particular context. She described the Gosselin site as “tediously following and commenting” on the family and implied that it existed to alleviate the lawyer’s debt. She aslo used both as examples of things that detracted from the educational value of the site.

  42. snickers says

    This whole thing is warped and I think much deeper than one could think. This would be a good thing for Lisa Ling to investigate on OWN!! She has done shows on trafficting teens, this is the same thing except the BL was doing one thing and promoting another.

  43. Ann@IW says

    Oh Snikers, I don’t think there is any connection to her day job. I don’t see any evidence. I wasn’t thinking of that at all.
    I remember reading about some falling out she had with the original hate site, GWOP. I have no idea if they knew about this other interest of hers. I bet they sure are glad she is no longer at their site though. Graphic teen mother child birth videos is kind of a strange hobby for pseudo-child advocates to be associated with.

  44. Ann@IW says

    She is no longer listed by name as the owner of It is now listed as a customer number. She opted for private registration this weekend.

  45. says

    I wonder if any of her posters are the least bit disturbed about this? I predict they will not be. Anyone disagree?

    Ann, I think a small percentage will be disgusted, another percentage read no where else and are unaware, and another percentage their hate for Kate is so intense they do not care who serves it up.

  46. CoCoPuff says

    I hope the TRUTH ~BL is now trying to hide was copied.
    If she felt it was nothing to be ashamed of she would of discussed it instead of hiding it.

  47. CoCoPuff says

    Good for you Ann,
    And BTW I have to give you mad PROPS on finding this ~ And for letting Google become your friend.
    What was found seriously disgusts me ~ it needed to be discovered.

  48. Ann@IW says

    It disgusts me, too. I think she exploits women and children, at least one from the third world who I do not believe consented to having a video of herself in labor used on a commercial site and labeled “Unusual Video” because she experienced genital mutilation at the hands of others.
    Who makes money off something like that? Who can defend it?

  49. CoCoPuff says

    Innocent people do not HIDE from the truth~She of all people knows this!
    Why is she NOT responding?
    Why is she deleting comments now?

  50. snickers says


    She knows everyone can report her actions in this kind of exploiting minors for her own pleasure. It’s very sicking to everyone but her and a handful of her posters, like a backer named Soroleah. Doctor’s would never show these kind of video’s to their patients, and I don’t think midwifes would either. Having a child is a very private moment for women, not to be gawked at or asking for more gross filming. The BK is a very sick women, and now I hope she can get the help she needs. She can delete, it’s forever on the internet somewhere.

  51. Ann@IW says

    While she has them labeled teens, we have no idea if they are minors, or 18, 19. I believe she is definitely exploiting them. She should realize that based on some of the icky comments at her YouTube channel.

  52. snickers says


    I am so sad that a woman who is a lawyer working for the better of Mom’s and children would stoop so low so she could make a few bucks. She has degraded all women by her actions. :(

  53. Deborah says

    So Ann, I’m hoping you copied all this before she changed user names and deleted comments.
    I’ve been out of town since Wed and wasn’t able to check any links or UTube. I just walked in the door a hour ago and it feels like I missed everything.

  54. CoCoPuff says

    SG is defending BL by saying no one knows the age of the teens?? ~WOW!

    BL is advertising (Teen Births) IMO that is a form of child porn~ Because it doesn’t matter what the ages are of the teens it is what her intentions are by posting

    How anyone can not see this is UNREAL!
    Or is their hate for Kate more important?

  55. Ann@IW says

    Does she also defend the use of a video taken of a young woman from a third world country giving birth labeled “Unusual Births” because she has been mutilated?
    We don’t know the age of the teens, and neither do the subscribers. That is what makes it all so attractive to some of them, isn’t it? It’s just important to make sure they are categorized as teens and that they are
    1. young women, who are
    2. naked, and
    3. in pain.
    I know a whole lot more about people’s sexual interests and concurrent psychological problems today than I did last week. I am sorry sites like the BL’s exist.
    I am not saying the site is illegal. I am saying it is immoral the way it is set up.
    I wondered who would defend the BL. So far a few have stepped forward.

  56. Ann@IW says

    Another question is, does the BL know the age of the teens? How does she know she is not showing minors? Just asking.

  57. CoCoPuff says

    SG is now asking why doesn’t any one go after the other sites that have teen births??

    WOW Again ~She doesn’t get it AT ALL ~
    Does she not see the HYPOCRISY involved here?

    Ann ~ IA it is sad that these types of sites exist but I do not understand how any one can defend them~ legal or not.

  58. Kmom2 says

    UNBELIEVABLE! I have no words….BL is just unbelievable…….no words other than what have been used. Disgusted, hypocrite, pimp, warped, et al. I simply can’t wrap my brain around this.

  59. Ann@IW says

    No one is “going after” ANY sites that show teen births are they? What is she talking about?
    This article just points out that the BL, who has a site criticizing Kate Gosselin for filming her children, makes money from videos of NAKED CHILDREN, naked teen mothers in pain, and at least one young victim of genital mutilation from a third world country giving birth.
    She’s NOT the child advocate she claims to be.

  60. Mojito says

    WHY are they so scared to admit that that BL is not who she pretends to be?

    I would actually have some respect for them if they had the balls to admit that Admin is a sicko.

  61. Deborah says

    I need your help on Kate’s twitter Ann, Haters can’t find how it connects with Admin. Can provide me with the link Please

  62. Ann@IW says

    The Rupkatha Journal article has a paragraph excerpted above that shows the 165Kindebt blog and the Divorce, Gosselin style blog are both owned by her. It also says that both blogs are linked on her blog. If you enter into my friend, Google, you get the redirect page (Hello! We’ve moved!) and link to the new URL for the birth videos.
    When this post was published, a simple Google search (Who is + the URL) would show the owner of the freebirthvideos dot net site by name. I have a screen shot of that. The haters saw it, too, Deborah. Some made the mistake of accusing IW of actually linking to the name, because in their fury, they forgot they used Google, too.
    Since then, BL has coughed up the $10 or $20 it costs to have her name removed from the ownership page. That is why there are screen shots of everything in the body of the post.
    She has a history of deleting things, going private, etc. after someone (usually someone she’s called stupid) alerts her to her exposed RL information.
    If haters ask you for the screenshot, you may tell them to repeat the mantra “Google is my friend.” Maybe they’ll get it sooner next time.

  63. Ann@IW says

    I see it as a good sign that haters on Kate’s twitter are denying another hater is associated with that filth. Good for them for seeing it as something to be distanced from!

  64. CoCoPuff says

    Ann said…If haters ask you for the screenshot, you may tell them to repeat the mantra “Google is my friend.” Maybe they’ll get it sooner next time.

  65. CoCoPuff says

    Mojito says:
    November 28, 2011 at 9:20 am

    WHY are they so scared to admit that that BL is not who she pretends to be?

    I would actually have some respect for them if they had the balls to admit that Admin is a sicko.
    I would also Mo,
    All anyone of them need to say is I do not approve of the site~It is wrong~ instead of ( trying )to defend it.

  66. Pam@IW says


    Before BL paid to go private, if you put the URL in the search bar at GoDaddy or any other service like that to see who owns the domain, the BL’s real life name came up. I saw it and so did many others. Ann has a screen shot of it. The BL owns the site.
    I would like to again say that no one is going after BL. She can run whatever site she wishes and she does. This post was just pointing out that BL is more of a “do as I say type person and not a do as I do.” That is really all this was about.
    Also, we never posted BL’s name or a direct link to her name. Her websites are public and the owners name was public also. We could have posted that and we did not.
    I for one am not going to judge BL for her choice or interest with this other website she has. It is her right to own the website and to make money off of it. I only wish she would do the same for others.

  67. Lindsey says

    Wow!This was/is some fab google sleuthing and enlightening into the mind of a vile hater(s).

    What I’m most curious about is where is our very own hater tcParra and why hasn’t she visited to tell us all how we didn’t understand any of the content of the offensive site and/or our reading comprehension is lacking & also we should all respect a differing lifestyle & veiwpoint, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc. OMG forgive my snarking but if it comes into my head it goes straight to my keyboard.

  68. snickers says


    Guess I will say it. Yes, I will judge her, she degrades women by doing this. I feel if you put your time and energy into this, she should be willing to answers questions about it on 15. She is a coward, and I hope her parents don’t find out what she is involved with. I was at my Doctor’s this am. and asked my Doctor if they ever talked about these kind of video’s to their pregnant Mothers. Sorry, but he was in shock about it. He said that there are things available from realiable sources, not a pay per view on the internet. He said most were free. He said showing 3rd world country births was nothing but exploitation of women, who are the most in need of medical care and that US citizens have taken advantage of them. My Doctor is in his middle 30’s, and said the internet can be a curse for things like this. He said his generation will live by the computer, which he felt sometimes had way too much info out there. He said both men and women get addicted to creepy fetish things like this. He said some guys are addicted to womens feet. I think he threw that in to lighten the conversation. When I told him she was a lawyer, he blew!! He wondered about black market babies, and I told him I knew nothing about that, and have never researched it. He said he was going to look into this and let me know what he thought. I was not uncomfortable talking about it, supporting women, all women, is needed in this country, and elsewhere. I mentioned no names, just gave him the websight.

    When we finished the conversation, I told him he could take my BP.

  69. Pam@IW says

    I understand. Everyone is entitled to their opinion about things and I do have an opinion. By judge, I mean I will not be starting a “hate” site against BL and posting about her 24 hours a day and photo shopping her head on a Turkey or any of the things she does to Kate.

  70. Ann@IW says

    Snickers. Thanks for the doctor’s input. There are such thing as medical fetishes, it turns out. Yuck. I hope your BP was OK after that discussion.

  71. Deborah says

    I agree Pam, Bl has done nothing illegal. I would have nothing to do with say contacting her employers.
    I just want her sheeple to know what she is really all about. I want her secret life reveled. I want the haters to know who they worship and I want them to rethink what they do to Kate daily.
    I want them to know just who the exploiter of all that is holy is and its not Kate.

  72. snickers says


    I was just asking questions, guess I never realized how far someone would go to make a few bucks, especially a lawyer who promotes defending women and children in court. I wouldn’t have a hate site on anyone, but she needs to realize, firms follow employers and clients activities.

    No turkey heads, how about Santa!! :)

  73. CoCoPuff says

    IMO BL could care less what any of us say about her or her sites.

    The only thing that matters to BL~ is if she lost her blog follower’s/Sheep.

    And it looks like they are not going anywhere ~ they could care less what she does on the side as long as she continues to HATE Kate.

  74. BlogHawg says

    I’m keeping Nancy Grace & Gloria Allred on speed dial for now until I see how the “offender” treats Kate from now on. I think these are issues defenders of women & their rights could be interested in.

  75. Lily@IW says

    Well, one good thing is that BL has changed the categories. There is no longer a “teen mom’s” section.
    You should be proud Ann.

  76. snickers says


    She might have removed the “teen”, but I’ll bet that’s still a huge target area for her. Teens need money and the BL seems like the kind of person to throw a few bucks their way.

    I would like to see it removed off the net, one can wish!

  77. HB says

    Ann, I 2nd Lily’s ‘you should be proud’!
    By the way, Lily…happy to see you TRY to keep Jon’s Twitter up to speed! A seriously whacked out group of followers he has. UGH!

  78. Ann@IW says

    Do you think she pays for videos? I really don’t. She’s tight with money. She wouldn’t even use the common sense to register the domain privately. What does that cost, $20 at most? As I recall, she had quite a few things to mock Kate about when she launched her website.
    I remember her saying Kate was stupid. Ha!

  79. Lily@IW says

    Thank you HB, it was actually Bloghawg that informed Jon. I did tweet the story his way and commented on Bloghawg’s tweets.
    And, I must confess that I was poking SueBuddy to do a story on Ellen being involved w/BL’s hate blog. However, I was being facetious w/SueBuddy. She’s already revealed herself to be an unscrupulous writer but I couldn’t resist the poke.
    Deborah, I hope she loses all kinds of revenue.
    It’s sad to see the khaters so committed to their hatred that they don’t care how hypocritical it is of BL to have a fetish site exploiting women. I can’t believe they want to defend her.

  80. Ann@IW says

    This is from the section of her site where she encourages mothers to send her their birth videos:
    “However we commend moms brave enough to share their experiences in the name of educating, inspiring and empowering, and bonding, and we do our utmost to protect your privacy.”
    I know one mother who is not commended for being brave enough to share her experience.
    It is amazing, isn’t it, that if Kate would just send her the birth video, BL would have commended her?
    Or maybe not…Kate did not choose a hospital-free, natural childbirth. Is that the source of her anger towards Kate?

  81. Deborah says

    I have a feeling Admin knows there is no way she could gush on Kate enough to get one of those “money shots” but you might have something there Ann about Kate not following becks idea of birthing. Maybe she doesn’t have a market for the hospital setting, having no pain involved and no one messing with genitalia.

  82. BlogHawg says

    When you’re talking about a site such as BLs that’s so morally elevated and concerned about educating, empowering and inspiring women, I would think she & her posters could demonstrate some nobility instead of wasting their time bashing Kate. Sitting in judgement of others, whining about what wasn’t handed to you, empowers no one. If shes so superior ,why not empower young women to change their lives in a positive way & develop business interests? Her blog sets a very poor example for young women.

  83. snickers says


    She doesn’t want to empower women. She wants no one to have anything she doesn’t have. Her posters are not young women, many have mommy issues, debt, divorced, probably hate the job market, etc. She abuses her power to control people, they follow her lead and that is sad. She can’t debate on a blog, so I guess her performance must be very poor in the courtroom as she complains about losing cases. Her bitterness would be picked right up by a mediocre lawyer. Ouch, did I say that.

  84. JennieIW says

    To the haters defending BL and denigrating IW for “outing” her: How can anyone argue that having a porn birth-fetish site and constantly criticizing every aspect of Kate Gosselin’s parenting, especially focusing on privacy issues, is NOT incompatible and hypocritical? I mean, honestly? It’s not like anyone is revealing info about her just for the sake of revealing info. This is relevant to what she writes on her 15 minutes blog. (Plus, just to reiterate, not that it’ll make a difference: no personal information about BL has been revealed.)
    Also, the contortions that some are doing to pretend that it’s NOT a fetish site, and that we’re all just prudes offended by the miracle of birth are ridiculous. I can’t imagine these people are buying their own bullshit. They just have to “win”, no matter what, and there doesn’t seem to be any limit to what they’ll defend or justify rather than admit that anyone on their “side” is wrong about anything.

  85. Pam@IW says

    The people in a tizzy on Twitter and elsewhere seem to ignore a couple of important facts.
    1.)Ann wasn’t really out to get BL or do an investigation. She was just trying to get information to a non fan posting at Sage’s that was demanding proof of the Debt Blog. Ann had seen the Debt Blog previously and so took an interest.
    2.)The BL taunted Ann and Imperfect Women and told us to try google. Google would be our friend. (They keep saying how she is quiet and never pokes the other blogs.)
    3.)She accused us along with Ziggy of doctoring an email we received from a representative of the Red Cross and then posting it. That is a pretty big accusation. We did not respond to her. I did not feel the need to.
    4.) We did not post personal information about the BL. Her website is public and so was who owned it (before it went private). No one reported this info any further than on this post. Why would we do that? BL has the right to run that website.
    5.) Last but not least, Shira Segal in the Rupkatha Journal quoted in the post above was the first to discuss all of this and to link the BL to all of the sites. Why are they not upset with her?

  86. TCparra says

    I am trying to understand why, two major & 1 minor Kate support blogs are so interested in another blog and it’s owner and how this is supporting Kate? If any of the information does prove to be legit and she was asking for paypal donations, etc HOW does this support Kate? Wouldn’t a blog an expression of free speech? Is it because her blog is a “hate” blog that the “fan” blogs think finding dirt (allegedly) is making Kate look better?

  87. TCparra says

    I have read over there and I never see chatter about other blogs or their owners. I haven’t seen where the Admin is accusing anyone of doctoring an email. I may have missed it, but I just don’t remember see that.

  88. Pam@IW says


    You will never understand because you choose not to. We are not here to support Kate. Gosselin Chatter exists to discuss the Gosselin blogging world. We have been saying that for three years but people like you just keep trying to tell us why we exist.

  89. snickers says

    TC needs to Google. LOL

    I guess she thinks all we do is support Kate here, which we do, but just supporting women from all walks of life is way over her head.
    We are all a work in progress.

    Guess someone snaking on Kate all day makes it ok for TC to back, but when the BL throws Google at you, guess there was a dark side most people didn’t know about.

  90. TCparra says

    Pam, I didn;t expect sarcastic answers from you. Where in my last 3 comments did you see me telling you why you exist? I asked how the constant, almost obsessive talk about another blog is supporting Kate.
    What do you mean you are not here to support Kate? Isn’t that what just about each and every posting this site creates is for? You certainly are not here to “hate” on Kate.

    I choose to read and try to understand both sides of the drama. If I missed it, why don’t you or one of the other fans paste her comment here, where the admin accuses other blogs of doing that. Is this more of the “I saw it, so just believe me”?

  91. TCparra says

    Snarking all day? I don’t make up BS about Kate, I ask questions that people don’t like to read on a “Pro” kate blog. I don’t spend my day going over and over stuff about Kate or Jon. I don’t have a juvenile mindset where I think I am being funny by calling Kate fat, or talk about her feet or what she wears (unless that is the topic).

  92. Pam@IW says

    I am not being sarcastic. I am being truthful. If you want me to be honest, I feel like you always come on this site on the attack. Always.

  93. Ann@IW says

    I am trying to understand why, two major & 1 minor Kate support blogs are so interested in another blog and it’s owner and how this is supporting Kate?
    For me, it has nothing to do with supporting Kate. It is just exposing hypocrisy on the part of a Kate hater: good old-fashioned truth-telling.
    Re #118: I guess you missed it.

  94. TCparra says

    and that should have been.. each and every post created on this site about Kate… I know there is a lot more content on this site so please don’t try and “correct” my error in the words I used.

  95. Pam@IW says

    “I am trying to understand why, two major & 1 minor Kate support blogs are so interested in another blog and it’s owner and how this is supporting Kate? ”
    Right here you are saying that we are here to support Kate. I am telling you from the beginning of GDNNOP we have always said that we wanted to have a discussion about the Gosselins and everything that goes with it.
    “I asked how the constant, almost obsessive talk about another blog is supporting Kate.”
    Show me where that exists on this site. “the constant, almost obsessive talk about another blog”.

  96. TCparra says

    Always? Asking questions and debating with people over the answers is “on the attack, always?” Then I guess spirited conversation is hate or attack when it doesn’t conform to the general consensus of admiration for Kate.

  97. Ann@IW says

    Plus, in this thread we talked about much more than that blog owner. We talked about other hypocritical haters who but, but, but the issue JUST because the BL hates Kate. We talked about the exploitation of a third world girl. We talked about the weird fetish the site feeds. You should really read the comments before defining what they say.
    Exploitation is a very popular topic on all the Gosselin blogs. What do you think? Is it free speech to use a West African girl (that’s right, she is called a girl on the site) that way?

  98. GeeWhiz says

    Pam – Using hater logic only blogs attacking Kate are allowed the right to freedom of speech.
    Answer to your #5 in post #116 – Shira Segal has not publically supported Kate. If that ever happens Shira will be targeted by the haters.

  99. Pam@IW says

    I don’t think you realize how you come across when you post. You do realize that I see all of your comments even though others don’t. Are you going to try and tell me that you don’t constantly try to attack many of the people posting here as well as another blog when you post here?

  100. TCparra says

    I wasn’t talking about this blog in the “minor blog” portion. I was talking about “Z” blog. Since she posts here, the other blog in the “major blog” was Sage. They have had more than 1 post about the “hate” blog you are referring to & the comments and general direction is obsessive in the content. I call you a major blog about Kate, but I wasn’t trying to say you were obsessive, sorry if my punctuation didn’t separate the distinction.

  101. Ann@IW says

    Please, TC, don’t tell me you’d defend the exploitation of a young West African girl, exposed and in pain, used as a teaser video on that site, just because you see it as free speech. Please, say it ain’t so.
    Not all speech is free. I have some serious concerns about that video. I wish I knew that child’s age.

  102. TCparra says

    Pam, I know you see ALL posts. Yes, I have attacked another “blog” and the stupidity of it’s owner. Of course, for the most part those comments have gone unpublished. I also feel as if you allow comments through that attack me from time to time and it’s human nature to “attack” back.

  103. pattypie says

    Seems like a case of shooting the messenger here.

    enough said.

    Why don’t people go over and question the Bloggin’ Lawyer. Oh right she won’t let any questions go through. Seems to me she doesn’t understand freedom of speech.

  104. TCparra says

    I have never seen this video you speak of (West african girl). I am not condoning ANY exploitation of ANY children. I’m not saying it’s ok or anything of that nature, I just have never seen it or any of the blog(s) you are exposing.

  105. snickers says


    No matter what her age, which is just so sad, is that a blog that targets Kate and her childrens every waking movement is just as bad. It’s like a power trip for the BL and her posters to define the right in all of this. Degrading women and children seems to be their new buzz in life. With her actions, you can tell she has a very sick fetish, blinded by her own insecure life. When you exploit 3rd world countries for a few bucks, it’s creepy. They don’t have to defend the right for free speech anymore to anyone, this is just wrong. There is a big difference. Of course, instead of addressing on her own blog about why she has done this, she comes right back and slams Kate.

  106. TCparra says

    Why is it ODD? What am I suppose to be doing that doesn’t fall on the side of Odd? I have gone to the BL site, as I said. I just have never seen or visited any of these other sites that are mentioned. Again, just because I stop by here at least once a day, why is it odd I haven’t checked?

    Pattypie, just what are you trying to intimate?

  107. GeeWhiz says

    You say the IW site is not obsessive about Kate, yet you will insult Sage, their friend’s blog, who you are too chicken to post at? Hmmm

  108. snickers says


    If you disagree with the BL’s actions filming innocent 3rd world countries birth, go address her on her blog. If that site has changed, TC ask the BL for the first version that was out there. I’m sure she would fall all over you and send it to you, if you are willing to pay her $19.95.

  109. TCparra says

    Snickers, should the admin at that blog (or any blog for that matter) have to justify why they say something? Blogs do it all the time, make up crap or speculate, speculate, speculate and ignore other issues. I have seen her say that she was being slandered when a certain drama blog was spreading stuff awhile back, but I have also seen her say that trashing other blogs is NOT what she wants on her blog. But, it’s not my blog and I am not in the business of telling her (or ANY OTHER blogs what they should or shouldn’t post – with the exception of one idiotic blog) Period.

  110. TCparra says

    Birth site? I am only commenting or answering questions thrown at me. What is ODD? Are you trying to confuse the situation here? I have not seen any site by her about birthing, again I am only commenting about stuff said here.

    I am not to chicken to post at some other site. AGAIN, I don’t post where I have to create an account. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, try and remember what is said if you want to try and be smart alleck about it.

    Snickers, again you insist on telling me to go post somewhere else. Don’t you get tired of telling people to go away? That is a real mature point of view.

  111. snickers says


    Your deflection is funny. Creating an account is not hard, another excuse you use. You have to give an e-mail here and have a name, not hard. I didn’t tell you to go away, WTH. I said go to the BL’s blog and ask here about her other sites. Your baiting is so silly, but I get you! BL will not address your questions, so the IW is your only hope. :)

  112. pattypie says

    You are not ” only commenting or answering questions thrown at me.”

    You came here guns blazing like you often do.

  113. Unbelievable says

    I would love to hear the BL attempt to justify her outrageous hypocrisy. This is not about speculation. It is about the hypocrisy of an individual running a web site that is supposedly against child exploitation simultaneously running another site that exploits both women and children to make a buck. What don’t you understand? She is making $ by selling subscriptions to “graphic birth videos,” marketing to individuals who get sexual pleasure from viewing such things, while at the same time ranting on ad nauseum about how Kate Gosselin dared to allow “intimate moments” of her children’s lives to be filmed. Just try to defend that. I’ll be waiting…

  114. Unbelievable says

    More fun from our friend Google. It it weren’t so twisted, it would be hilarious.

    Administrator said… 84

    What’s popular these days on youtube are childbirth videos, and very graphic ones. They are everywhere. It seems like so many women are perfectly fine with millions watching them. Some do indeed have MILLIONS of hits. Now to me childbirth is something very personal and private to be shared with your husband and if you’re comfortable very close family or friends. But I can see for those women it empowers them to feel like other women can watch their birth video (especially the natural births and home births) and feel reassured by it and inspired by that. At first blush I think, gosh how invasive. But I get the other part of it, too, the “you can do this too” part that I suppose there’s a good argument has a lot of benefit to it.

    October 14, 2011 11:05 PM

    Maybe at first blush she thought “gosh, how invasive.” At second blush, she thought “invasive, but profitable…”

  115. Lily@IW says

    Birth site? I am only commenting or answering questions thrown at me. What is ODD? Are you trying to confuse the situation here? I have not seen any site by her about birthing, again I am only commenting about stuff said here. ~TC
    The fetish birthing, which BL has changed since this article went up, is what this thread is all about it. How is BL’s PPV birthsite (6 mos for 19.99) confusing the issue? Perhaps you should reread.

  116. Unbelievable says

    Sorry, meant to add this one as well.

    Administrator said… 159
    So is her toilet birth online too? You know a lot of midwives actually encourage toilet births if that’s what you feel like. It opens up your pelvis and lets you birth in a good position for gravity to help. Also it seems to help a lot of women to push, because well, that’s usually what you do on a toilet, lol. I just don’t recall them recommending you film it and broadcast it to millions! That seems to be all the rage now though, filming your childbirth and throwing it on youtube. (Do a youtube search for “birth” or “homebirth”…’d be surprised…) Surely a newborn child cannot consent to that.
    November 8, 2011 5:20 PM

  117. Deborah says

    Unbelievable #155,
    I want to thank you for your finds, I’m to lazy to do the homework. I know its there.
    What you and Pie bring to the table rates right up there with the IW Ladies bring.
    Again Thank You!!!

  118. Ann@IW says

    Well, Unbelievable, they put it out there. They have to consider that some unscrupulous schmuck might come along and market it for a fee to anyone with a medical fetish. Is it the unscrupulous schmuck’s fault that she tried to entice some innocent mother to post the graphic shot of “between the legs” from the video that wasn’t uploaded? It’s worth a shot isn’t it? Free speech and all that? Girl’s got a make a buck, God bless her. Shouldn’t the proud mother who wants to share with other moms know not to trust the unscrupulous, scheming schmuck? Hey, and if ends up in the wrong hands…who’s to blame the schmuck who made sure it got there and profited?

  119. snickers says

    If there is one good thing about the BL is that she has no children. The twisted mind of hers would be dangerous around children. The advocating for Mom’s and children is just a front for her own fetish problem.

  120. Mojito says

    TC, is there a reason why you haven’t researched the BL’s other site? You seem to have an opinion on the whole thing…but you haven’t searched out any of the sites yourself…

  121. Unbelievable says

    LOL, Ann. Yep, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do when she’s $165K in debt. I guess she figures lawyers are already considered unscrupulous schmucks by many, so why not live up to the reputation? (No offense to lawyers intended, just a comment that she’s certainly not putting any stereotypes to rest with her behavior.)

    Thanks, Deborah! Takes me no time at all, because I read at her site (I’m a glutton for punishment), so some of her more outrageous comments stick in my head and are easy to Google.

  122. Mojito says

    Ann@IW says:
    November 29, 2011 at 10:25 am
    So, the birth site is changed. What does that tell you?

    it tells me she knows she has been caught and she’s trying to cover it up. why would she cover it up if she wasn’t doing something wrong in the first place?

  123. pattypie says

    Wow Unbelievable that’s interesting stuff.

    I think the bloggin lawer is just in all this for the cash. I think she just caters to what ever she thinks will make her a buck. Don’t her readers constantly complain that Kate has enough and shouldn’t want any more. I am sure as a lawyer she has way more money then most of her readers, yet she is still searching for ways to make more.

  124. pattypie says

    See Pam there is another one – pretends she was just worried about the kids. She is a child advocate all she wanted is the kids off TV. Now that is done she has moved on to plastic surgery.

    Why don’t they just get authentic and say they want to use Kate to make a buck and they think catering to the lowest will get them their dollars?

  125. GeeWhiz says

    tc – You call the support sites obsessive. What do you call the hate sites that dislike Kate yet follow her every move just so they can criticize her? IMO, the haters are obsessed.
    Does Polly get paid per view? I refuse to look if she does.

  126. Pam@IW says

    TCparra, Sage runs her blog the way she wants to and talks about what she wants to and what her readers want to discuss, just like we do. She has never said she is only there to discuss “her support for Kate.” It is clear to me that she is there to discuss what is going on in the “Gosselin” world. I can’t speak for Ziggy, but I don’t get that her site exists solely to only show support of Kate but also to discuss what is going on in the Gosselin blogging world.
    Bl has her rules for her blog. Doesn’t mean that she is right or wrong. Just means that is how she chooses to run it. We don’t have those same rules. Sorry to disappoint you but that is just the way it is.

  127. snickers says


    I’ll take Kates Barbie look according to the overweight ,80’s hair look anyday. Polly should take up some form of exercising, by the looks of her on E. :) Polly’s a hot mess!! Another jealous blog by Polly. No need to go look, it’s the same crap Polly and her crackers always talk about. KATE!!!!!!!!!

  128. Pam@IW says

    This is the part of Polly’s post that is disturbing to me:
    More importantly, in relation to her parenting, Kate has looked progressively less like her children. What is it like for ethnic-appearing children to witness their Caucasian mother gradually reject what little ethnicity she had? And how will Kate’s role-modeling impact her daughters? The twins are now eleven, an age when many girls are starting to develop. Will Kate begin to dress and make up her daughters this way as they enter adolescence? Or will she be surprised ~ or dismayed ~ or proud ~ when they hit their adolescent years and they want to start looking like her?

  129. Judy says

    Re Polly –That’s the biggest bunch of crap she’s made up yet. Kate NEVER had kind of ethnicity in her appearance or did she ever claim to.. She’s Caucasian for God’s sake. She’s not Korean.

  130. Lily@IW says

    Well, I have no idea how Kate is rejecting her ethnicity. Something stupid Polly came up with.
    Back in the days of GDNNOP, I remember being surprised when I saw pics of Kate and Jon’s first wedding. She looked so different with longer blond hair. It gave her a much softer look. If they look at those pics, there’s not much difference.

  131. snickers says

    OMG, Polly has turned her obsessions into looks also. Does her daughter dress like she does?? Is she spying on the twins boobs too? I’m sorry, but she is creepy. I think they all have a fettish with kids and womens bodies. Gosh Polly, where are you ethics and morals not to discuss childrens bodies.

  132. Unbelievable says

    Huh, what does that paragraph from Polly even mean? She’s giving up her Caucasian ethnicity by looking like Barbie?!? Last I checked, you can’t get more Caucasian than the original Barbie.

    “What little ethnicity she had?” Again, what does that mean? She has as much “ethnicity” as the next person, her ethnicity just happens to be Caucasian. I’m trying to understand which part of her that she’s rejected gave her that “little ethnicity.” Bizarre, bizarre, bizarre.

  133. GeeWhiz says

    That post was on her blog a while back. Since Kate is not part Korean what ethnicity is she talking about? So just because Polly is okay with being overweight she bashes a mother who eats healthy and exercises. What a loon. Also, I bet Kate’s girls are very proud of their mother. From everything of Pollys I’ve read and seeing her on E!THS I doubt Polly’s kids would feel the same way.
    I wonder if Polly feels this way about all entertainers that get in shape, change their hair color and show a little cleavage.

  134. Pam@IW says

    I think Kate looks a lot like she did when she married Jon, like Lily said.
    I wish I could say the same for myself. ;(

  135. HB says

    What was Polly suggesting by linking surgeries done by Asians…to look more Caucasian? For anyone to suggest, even a wee bit, that Kate…or any mother w. bi-racial children, should CHANGE what makes their children unique…IS…I can’t type it. I am THAT angry.

  136. MarieS says

    This seems a good time to point out that if you are trying to prove Kate had plastic surgery – DO NOT USE A PICTURE OF HER IN THE HOSPITAL THE DAY AFTER DELIVERING 6 BABIES AFTER X MONTHS OF HOSPITAL MONITORED BED REST AS COMPARISON. I venture to say that no one looks anything like themselves after that ordeal.

  137. BlogHawg says

    Lets do a poll in Berks county. Post a picture of Kate and one of Polly and ask women there which they’d rather look like.

  138. GeeWhiz says

    I agree that Kate looks like she did when she married Jon. Kate has always been pretty and little so I never understood them saying how much she changed. The fact that Polly and the tabloids use the most unflattering pictures they could find proves what scum they are.
    Do you IW ladies have that video from Kate and Jon’s wedding? We might need it so we are not accussed of making things up in our minds. LOL

  139. CoCoPuff says

    BlogHawg says:
    November 29, 2011 at 12:00 pm

    Lets do a poll in Berks county. Post a picture of Kate and one of Polly and ask women there which they’d rather look like
    LMAO Good one!

  140. says

    Pam@IW says:
    TCparra, Sage runs her blog the way she wants to and talks about what she wants to and what her readers want to discuss, just like we do. She has never said she is only there to discuss “her support for Kate.”

    Thanks, Pam. I have said from the very beginning that I was going to shine a light on the hate blogs and I will continue to do that. Just a heads up TC I may talk about other things too.

  141. Lily@IW says

    HB, I hadn’t gone to the link. I don’t even understand it. It’s people who want to look more Asian or less Asian or surgery done by Asian doctors? I have no idea what Polly is implying w/that. Kate is not Korean, her children are part Korean. I just don’t get.
    It’s just a cheap shot to use a pic of a woman who has just undergone a C-section to deliver 6 babies as the “before” pic.

  142. Lindsey says

    I looked like a bloated beached whale 2 days after my c-section and I only had 2 babies.Surgical procedures are not beauty friendly to anyone but Kate looks really good in that “before picture” especially just after birthing 6 babies by c-section. Polly can’t have ever have come close to looking that good judging from her E appearance.No snark intended!!!!!!!!

  143. snickers says


    I don’t think Kate and Jon worried too much about how they looked when the 6 were born. Both of them looked exhausted and Polly should be ashamed of herself. I don’t think any parents would give a rip, as long as the kids were healthy with no majors issues. Heck, I had one, didn’t care what people thought. It was our time, not for the outside world to judge. Wonder if Polly had her hairdresser on speed dial when she had her kids. :)

  144. GeeWhiz says

    BlogHawg – Why don’t we do the poll here. Polly is fair game since she appeared on TV. We could use Polly’s picture from the E!THS and Kate’s picture from today on AH.
    Snickers – After seeing Polly on E!THS she does not have a hairdresser.

  145. BlogHawg says

    I have to say again its just too transparent for Polly to be criticizing Kates good looks when Polly is clearly lacking in the ‘attractive” department.

  146. JennieIW says

    Polly’s characterization of the Gosselin children as “ethnic” whereas Kate is supposedly not “ethnic” reveals a rather unpleasant ignorant streak in her personality. Actually, calling it “ignorant” is kind; a harsher word would be “racist.” What is wrong with her? Is she so provincial and unsophisticated that she thinks “white” is “normal” and anything non-white is “ethnic”? Next, she’ll be calling them exotic.

  147. Marnie says

    I think haters play dumb, a LOT. There is no way any of them don’t see how completely hypocritical it is for the baby lawyer to link and make $ off the exploitation of women. NO ONE is that stupid.

    I just saw a picture of me the day after my last csection, if anyone used that for a comparison shot of anything, I’d be pissed. I look like Rocky Balboa, seriously looked like I did 12 rounds. Surgery is not cute.

  148. Ann@IW says

    I am laughing about the idea that Kate doesn’t fit into Wernersville because she is too attractive. Since Polly seems to think there is an “average” Wernersville woman, she should be thanking Kate for canceling out the damage she’s done to the “average” since moving there. Sheez.

  149. BlogHawg says

    It was totally stupid of Polly to classify all Berks county moms. Look around any county . Do women there all look the same? Looks more like another desperate insane attempt by Polly to keep yammering to bring attention to herself.

  150. PeggyP says

    If you look at photos of Kate from before she became pregnant with sextuplets, which Ziggy has on her blog, along with other photos of her, she’s changed remarkably little except for being in much better shape and somewhat more stylish. She was pretty, very blonde, & vivacious. That was why the post-abdominoplasty makeover in the second special was so important to her. She wanted to be attractive for Jon who had married a blonde when he married her. He said during the special that he’d never seen her natural hair color until she stopped coloring it during the pregnancy with the 6). I don’t know why she stopped coloring it: it could have been logistics once she was in the hospital, finances, the concern that hair dyes might harm fetuses or a combination.

    As for any “ethnicity”, Kreider is a German name and I don’t see Kate having done anything that would disguise that so I’m not sure what Polly is expecting.

    It’s funny how obsessed TC is with Ziggy’s blog. TC can’t seem to stop herself from making snarky cracks, etc. about it. For me, I rarely visit blogs I dislike. I can go for weeks without mentioning them, and I can go for months without initiating a discussion about them.

  151. TCparra says

    You can go for months without a discussion, yet you pull a WORD out of a comment (nearly 50 comments ago) and accuse me of being obsessed? WOW! I don’t even mention the blog by name, I guess that’s ok now since I was told NOT to use the blog name a long time ago and you are here basically advertising for her blog now.

  152. Deborah says

    Kate changed her hair color back to brown and cut it short while pregnant. She did it because she knew her life was going to change drastically, that it would be the last thing she would have time for.
    The picture the day after giving birth she still looks better than Polly on her best day.
    Polly can’t stand it so she whines about it.

  153. Paige says

    Her reality tv website aka Gosselin 15 Minutes though more accurately know as “bash Kate Gosselin” website. I just want to know if even looking there puts money in her pocket.

  154. Pam@IW says

    I believe her site is like most others and she only gets paid for the clicks. Some of the big websites have deals based on traffic but I don’t think her site falls into that category. I mean, I can’t see an advertiser purposely wanting to advertise on her site when they see that she has a picture of Kate Gosselin photoshopped on a Turkey.

  155. Pam@IW says

    The other site that is discussed here has been totally changed in the past several days. That site had both advertising and had a membership for $19.99 for six months. When I first looked it said she had over 200 members.

  156. snickers says

    I see she also has made her twitter private, are we hiding from her so called fans that post on her blog. She is scary!

    200 pervs, way to go Becky! Looks like someone crawled out again to check this all out. Gross! Check his twitter!

  157. Pam@IW says

    I just placed an update on the top of this post for those people who are reading this information for the first time or are confused. It seems that there are people going to that site now that it has changed and not understand why people think that the BL is a bit hypocritical in what she says on one site and what she does on another site that she owns.

  158. Lily@IW says

    Thanks for the update Pam. It’s amazing the changes she made to the site. Now, there’s a cute family and even adorable little puppies. She completely did away with the sleazy fetish theme.
    How silly, is she going to pretend it was always that way? Of course, she hasn’t said a thing about it. But, changing it makes it obvious that things weren’t right there. It’s still the same dirty book, she just put a new cover on it.

  159. Deborah says

    At least with a new cover she losing the kind of business that would buy from first glance of the old cover.
    She is just so strange. She puts a whole new slant on “underbelly of Gosselin bloggers”.

  160. CoCoPuff says

    Lily@IW said… It’s still the same dirty book, she just put a new cover on it.
    What a perfect description!

  161. says

    At least with a new cover she losing the kind of business that would buy from first glance of the old cover.

    That’s an interesting point. I wish I could be sure she isn’t exploiting teen moms. I hope women who share their videos know to look at the site thoroughly before agreeing to it. Sometimes people innocently trust what they read online and it’s not at all what they expected.

  162. Deborah says

    The only way to know Ann is to buy a membership. I was tempted to just so I could expose her. Unlike you ladies with more scruples than me. The more the ‘graphic nature’ would only prompt me to publish it. Maybe that’s why I don’t have the skills to uncover things like you guys have. I have no restraint when it comes to some people & some things.
    Who would have ever guessed the high & mighty admin moonlighted & catered to this kind of perversion.

  163. snickers says

    Still makes me puke! The high and mighty seems to see no problem with what she is doing. She is a disgrace to all women.

  164. TCparra says

    OK, you know I had to ask. Are these video’s REALLY out of line or are they real, uncut, unedited videos shot by real adults and viewed by adults? I do understand the “porn” aspect of it and if thats how you feel, so be it. You probably wouldn’t be a person who views these videos. I have not seen them and really have no interest in seeing them. However, that being said, isn’t this what this country is all about? Free speech and free enterprise? If the owner of the blog is legit and charges for access, it wouldn’t be the first site to do that and it won’t be the last. I don’t think there is any conspiracy here either. Just because the site has been profiled and advertised on at least 3 different “pro” Kate sites doesn’t mean the owners are in some huge attempt to “change” things, in my opinion. Coincidence? Possible or just perceived to have been “changed”.

    Who owns the blog? Really, who cares? But for the fact that allegedly it is owned by a “hate” blog, nobody here would care otherwise.

    Just as some here comment with hate and disdain for what the site offers, I’m sure there must be some viable reason for the site to exist and it has it’s fans, obviously.

  165. TCparra says

    It amazes me that some people here think because someone puts a twitter account on private that it means they are hiding or some sinister motive is behind it. Maybe they don’t feel the need to be bullied or harassed by immature bloggers or people who think the they have the right to dictate what tweets or comments are acceptable. This site that you ALL are “clutching your pearls” in astonishment and horror is a site created by someone who is of legal age and probably is aware of the detractors and how they feel. I don’t see how there is any exploitation of someone or a birth if permission is granted and people are aware of the use. Just because someone assumes that the video is obtained with ulterior motives doesn’t mean it is that way.

    Is this issue being broadcast in an effort to discredit a blog and it’s owner? Is this really something that can be described as inappropriate if again, it’s legal and all videos are obtained legally and there is a fan base for this type of content (just like a lot of stuff on the internet that some would describe as unsavory). OR is it being bashed BECAUSE it is allegedly owned by a blog owner who runs a “hate” site and this some how makes what she blogs about less credible?

    In the end, I am only asking to understand the mindset of those who are disgusted and feel the need to join in on this mob of “haters” (in this case) If that is your stand on it, good for you.

  166. TCparra says

    Ok, so I have a view that differs from some and it gets deleted. Just as I suspected. What I said didn’t bash anyone or the views expressed by anybody. Is it that what I said didn’t “tow the line” with everyone else?

  167. TCparra says

    Sorry, it was gone and didn’t appear as “Pending approval” or anything, but now it’s back. I figured I said something that offended you or might have one of your readers.

  168. Lily@IW says

    isn’t this what this country is all about? Free speech and free enterprise? ~TCparra
    Yes, and porn is legal and protected by free speech as long as the participants are over 18. On her Gosselin blog, BL has made it more than clear that she doesn’t believe in free speech and free enterprise when it comes to Kate and reality shows. She is heavily involved with something she has been preaching and grandstanding against since the days of GWOP. BL’s reality shows are much more graphic than the Gs, or the Duggars. Her stance has always been about minors, but yet she was promoting “teen moms.” It’s more than evident that this is all about hypocrisy. You can’t be Carrie Nation, if you’re secretly selling whiskey.
    Who owns the blog? Really, who cares? But for the fact that allegedly it is owned by a “hate” blog, nobody here would care otherwise.
    We never said “allegedly.” We have made it clear that she is the owner.

    I don’t see how there is any exploitation of someone or a birth if permission is granted and people are aware of the use
    Well, as some have already pointed. Her teaser video was advertised as “West Africa girl” giving birth while having suffered the practice of female castration. How was her permission granted?
    BL was not running an educational site (although she has suddenly made changes to make it appear that way). There are plenty of videos on youtube or available elsewhere through legitimate sources. You don’t buy a Hustler magazine to study anatomy.
    Our facts are out there and people have been made aware. It is interesting to see her posters excuse/ignore this. I was curious about the impact it would have. These are the people who complained to the RC that Kate was showing her feet and appeared to be nude under the blanket(even though her shirt was clearly visible). They have lost all credibility in their protest against reality shows and their harassment of Kate Gosselin.

  169. BlogHawg says

    The way I see it, if you shine a light on something exposing it and the owner herself cleans it up, hides it or deletes it- the owner of it herself knows something isn’t right and now that her name is associated with the content and the content disappears……the owner knowing her original intentions and motivation – judged herself for all to see.

  170. Marnie says

    Here’s my issue with it. You don’t put tags like ‘teen mom gives birth’ or ‘female circumcision birth’ on and ‘educational site’. Just google those words and tell me what you come up with. A certain type of person searches for those types of things and it’s for far from educational purposes.

    As for a tweeter going private to avoid being harassed and bullied. Here’s twitter 101. If YOU make your tweets private YOU hide YOUR tweets. It doesn’t stop people from being able to tweet you or for it showing up when you search a persons name.

    Go to twitter and search ‘kateplusmy8′. Kate has many of those people blocked and they still show up.

  171. snickers says


    I would say it’s the BL who is clutching her pearls, all the while promoting a fetish site for young girls giving birth. She exposed herself and her blog is nothing but a cover for her hate for girls and women having birth, something she is lacking in her own life. Free speech and her rights are legal, her having a law degree, but her representing Mothers and children in the court system? It’s nothing but exploitation. It’s a power trip to have video’s of the weak, something she thinks is right. She hides now, strange don’t you think?? If she is so pro birth fimling, why wasn’t this addressed on her blog for all to know??

  172. TCparra says

    Lily, The only proof I have seen is “we know it’s true, but we won’t clue anyone in on HOW we know it’s true”. That is not proof. I still don’t believe it was “cleaned” up because all of sudden a few people with lots of time on their hands now think it is a “bad” site. I think that if people chose to believe something simply because they are told to, that borders on a cult like attitude. Show some real proof and gain a lot more believers, until then, it’s all fictional.

  173. TCparra says

    Look, you can believe extreme views on this site as porn or fetish, but those are your opinions. I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind on this. I think it really is a waste of Blog space trying to discredit a blog owner in a free enterprise society when the only “proof” is in someones mind from a few late night searches. If you don’t like it, don’t go there. It doesn’t make her “hate” blog any less credible, just more irksome to you. If video’s are posted online, then there is some accountability to using them without permission. Report them to You tube or what ever governing body you need too.

  174. Pam@IW says


    I actually could care less if you believe it. That is your choice. Many people saw it before she changed it. Many people. Why would we post the screen shots of something like that on our site?
    We don’t need to gain more believers. The update is just an explanation.
    You don’t believe it. I get that. So be it. I for one don’t need you to believe it.

  175. TCparra says

    may I also add, I think a woman giving birth is a Long, LONG way from a porn site. Are they showing the foreplay and coitus? It’s easy to lump the site into a category like Porn because you don’t like the “other” blog she allegedly runs.

  176. Pam@IW says

    TCparra, and I think what some other people do with their blogs is a waste of blog space. Kate’s head on a turkey. Talking for days on end about her Red Cross picture. I could go on and on. But it is there right to discuss that just like it is our right.
    The BL owns a blog that discusses mostly Kate Gosselin and also sets certain standards for Kate. She doesn’t have to keep the same standards. That in itself makes it relevant for us to discuss it.
    It always amazes me what you think we should and should not discuss here. The only thing you seem to want us to discuss is Kate. Why is that?

  177. CoCoPuff says

    BL posted on one of her sites it was WRONG that TLC showed the birth of a child on a toilet ~ While on her other site she was advertising them for her own PROFIT.

  178. TCparra says

    Pam, why not post the screen shots that show her name (block out part of it) or the connection to 15mins or something? Your flock believes it because they hate the site she allegedly runs and are looking for something to join in and rally around. I’m not asking for you to post anything “nasty” or pornographic.

  179. TCparra says

    I thought I made it clear, I wasn’t telling you what to post. Just because I say it is a waste of blog space doesn’t mean I am telling you what to post. I am just expressing my opinion on the need to blog about this.

  180. CoCoPuff says

    When a blog owner is asking for more EXPLICIT videos as well as having posters saying they are getting turned on & ETC.

    It is a ( porno ) fetish site!!!

  181. Pam@IW says

    TCparra, many people saw it. It was up when we posted this story. I don’t need to prove it to you or the haters and I will not reveal her name, first or last.

  182. Pam@IW says

    Walt from Twitter wrote the Shira, the student that is quoted in the article in the post. He posted her response on Twitter. Here it is:
    Hi Walt, That’s interesting. I am not connected to the Gosselin blog, but I did mention it in relation to the third-party ads and links that at one time were prevalent on a birthing video archive website. I am not connected to the “free birth videos” website either, but here is the most recent “about us” link: I gathered from that there are suspicions that the author/administrator of the birthing video archive site is the same as the Gosselin style blog. In my Rupkatha article, I mentioned that the Divorce, Gosselin Style blog appeared to be authored by the lawyer who also wrote the 165K in Debt blog. I hope this is helpful. I’d really love to see/participate in some of the online discussion/debate — if you don’t mind sending me some links I’ll join in. Thanks in advance,Shira

  183. Pam@IW says

    Ann saw this connection also, she did a search to see who owned the blog and it took her to than name of the person who runs the 15 min blog. Even if I gave you that screen shot, you would then start up with , How do you know that is the name of the person that owns 15 min. We can’t win.

  184. snickers says


    Go ask the BL for some clips of the video’s. You throw something out there, hoping it will stick. I saw for myself, it showed everything. Go ahead, get your own pleasures from watching the exploitation, I don’t care. It degrades women, young girls, the same people she says she advocates for. I can’t imagine her being a nanny for families, I sure hope they are looking into her actions, I would be very concerned. She has a twisted mind, she is bitter, has no life, hates her job and the courts who rule against her. I think she is so into the internet, she has no time for clients, and should step out. It’s her power game she plays with herself. You don’t have to get it, the rest of us do. Her dark side was outed, take your questions to her blog, see if she will allow them, since she seems to have time to post all day from her work, which really throws up a red flag.

  185. Pam@IW says

    And while we are at it, someone emailed me just one of the comments that the BL said about the information we posted regarding the Red Cross:
    Administrator said… 162

    Let’s be more basic here. Doesn’t the Red Cross’s refusal to Twitter Kate corroborate their emails and phone call with Sue Buddy?

    Emails received in RESPONSE to emails we sent to them? There’s just no way to fake that.

    I cannot believe the sheeple would go to such lengths as to try to doctor a counter-email. As someone else suggested they may send a friendlier email to people PRO Kate.

    That is, by the way, something you could be sued over. Doctoring emails and passing them off as an email from an official organization?? Hello, fraud anyone? Let’s hope they got a nicer version of the email if they support Kate and that they’re not trying to pass a fake email off as one from the Red Cross. ONe of these days, I swear…
    November 9, 2011 10:34 PM

    After others received the same emails, she started to change her tune and she was accused by someone over there of backpedaling.

  186. PattyPie says

    Fact is you can’t say you are a child advocate and that “children’s most intimate” moments should not be filmed for public consumption then run a pay per view extremely graphic birth site without someone pointing out the discrepancy in what she is putting forth on the internet.

    NO way those babies gave consent for their birth to be on her pay per view site.

    Simple as that.

  187. Pam@IW says

    Also, we were all pretty much done talking about this. We had moved on. This thread was dead. I started a new post. TC, you are the one keeping this going and I bet the BL would love for you to just drop it.

  188. Pam@IW says

    Pattypie is right, if you want to see what her home page looked like prior to the changes, you can probably find it in google cache

  189. Kmom2 says

    I believe it because I saw the site with my own eyes. As usual TC TOTALLY misses the point. Nobody is saying that the BL doesn’t have a right to own a site like that or anything remotely close to it. We are all astounded by the HYPOCRISY of the BL. ITs the same situation as a TV evangelist preaching about sinning while he is visiting a prostitute or having affairs with secretaries. THE HYPOCRISY is disgusting, and the BL loses all credibility as a “child advocate” because she is indeed exploiting children herself.

  190. HB says

    BL insinuating ‘fraud’??? Now if that doesn’t beat all. I am still wondering if BL is a licensed lawyer? Didn’t she misrepresent herself to the Red Cross in her own complaint?

    Sorry, but all of this is bad-a$$ backwards.

  191. snickers says


    I guess it depends on how you exploit children in the BL’s mind. 200 pervs for $19.95 or a few posters on the 15 minutes site which pay nothing. Someone is trying their hardest to justify the actions of the lawyer.

  192. Kmom2 says

    Snickers, one commenter posted at Sage she didn’t care if the BL was a hypocrite or not which screams volumes about the character of these people that follow her. Just when I didnt’ think they could sink any lower…….you are right though, perfectly okay to exploit children for profit when you are the BL. BL just doesn’t think the rules apply to her and her minions obviously agree. Sick, sick, sick.

  193. BlogHawg says

    Is it a hater trait to talk in circles? Would someone explain to me why when something was connected to BLs real life name the connected information disappeared? Same as the writings on the wall .
    But lets keep whining and talking in circles because you think it makes you look …what…intelligent?

  194. CoCoPuff says

    BL is a walking talking contradiction.
    She disagrees with her very self or is she fighting with the multiple personalitys??

    And wasn’t it BL who became VERY Upset when Polly was featured on the E true Hollywood story about Kate. ~ LMAO

  195. Lily@IW says

    I am just expressing my opinion on the need to blog about this. ~TCparra
    You do that quite often. We talk about lots of things here.
    We gave sufficient proof of her ties to the birthing site. I just wanted to chime in and say “ditto” to Pam’s words that we don’t care if you believe.
    In other news. I’m excited about our holiday cookie recipe exchange. Ten Imperfect Women shopping bags will be given away. I already have mine and love it. I’m looking forward to baking some different cookies this year. I’ll still be making my mom’s peanut butter confection rollups, but I am wanting a changeup from the same old stuff I have been making forever.

  196. TCparra says

    OK, the BL says she is against Kate exploiting her kids and blogs about it. That is apples to oranges in comparison. I read that article about birthing and it is pretty informative. It has some interesting points. I’m not sure where the connection is that she is hypocritical because she allegedly has the 15mins blog and a birthing blog. If you are saying the fetus had no choice in filming it’s birth so therefore she is exploiting a fetus then that is a HUGE stretch to connect the dots. One is entirely different from the other. One is about parents who use their kids to gain wealth and fame, the other is about parents, moms, etc. who share a unique experience of unusual births. I’m surprised that someone hasn’t intimated Jon & Ellen have something to do with the birthing blog.

  197. Pam@IW says

    “I’m surprised that someone hasn’t intimated Jon & Ellen have something to do with the birthing blog.”
    How does this contribute to any discussion here?

  198. TCparra says

    I really think it is the “fans” who labeled her as an advocate. I have never seen her say she was an advocate. If the fans label her an advocate and then trash her because she isn’t following their guidelines on what is advocacy, then of course she will never do anything right in some peoples eyes.

  199. TCparra says

    Are the fans assuming the BL is an advocate because she blogs about the sham that is Gosselin? I think some are jealous of her alleged ability to make some bucks off a site.

  200. Lily@IW says

    TC, if you check Unbelievable’s comment #26, you’ll see what BL said she thought of giving birth made public.
    Your efforts to rationalize this are too much. Some things are black and white.
    Come on TC, do you have cookie recipe for us? Surely, you’d love to win an IW shopping bag.

  201. Kmom2 says

    TC…go back and read #26. For crying out loud….I’m all for the sake of intelligent conversation, but arguing for the sake of arguing, sorry I don’t have the energy.

  202. Pam@IW says

    “If I missed it, why don’t you or one of the other fans paste her comment here, where the admin accuses other blogs of doing that. Is this more of the “I saw it, so just believe me”?”
    So I did and there is no acknowledgement of it. There are more but I am not going to post them here. I know Ann has the one where she said that Ann and Imperfect Women need to use Google more. That Google could be our friend.
    I need to ask you TC, why when someone responds and gives you the info you ask for, you don’t ever acknowledge it. I guess now you believe us that she owns the site? So since we were right, you will find something else to argue about?

  203. Pam@IW says

    “Are the fans assuming the BL is an advocate because she blogs about the sham that is Gosselin?”
    TCparra, I don’t believe you really read her site. First off take a look at her sidebar. It totally talks about the exploitation of the Gosselin children.
    On her about us page: “In her spare time fights for truth and justice. On Kate: Stop exploiting your kids!”

  204. Pam@IW says

    I am so done with this topic. Really never wanted to discuss it much in the first place. It is what it is and like I said before, BL can do what she wants. It is her right to have both sites. She has the right to discuss and dissect Kate Gosselin. People want to read that. We have the right to discuss her website.
    I think Jennie said it best up above so I will re post it here:
    November 28, 2011 at 10:03 pm (Edit)

    To the haters defending BL and denigrating IW for “outing” her: How can anyone argue that having a porn birth-fetish site and constantly criticizing every aspect of Kate Gosselin’s parenting, especially focusing on privacy issues, is NOT incompatible and hypocritical? I mean, honestly? It’s not like anyone is revealing info about her just for the sake of revealing info. This is relevant to what she writes on her 15 minutes blog. (Plus, just to reiterate, not that it’ll make a difference: no personal information about BL has been revealed.)
    Also, the contortions that some are doing to pretend that it’s NOT a fetish site, and that we’re all just prudes offended by the miracle of birth are ridiculous. I can’t imagine these people are buying their own bullshit. They just have to “win”, no matter what, and there doesn’t seem to be any limit to what they’ll defend or justify rather than admit that anyone on their “side” is wrong about anything.

  205. TCparra says

    OK, I read # 26. Where did this comment come from? I looked over a few postings and don’t see where she said that. Not saying she didn’t say it, just how old is it? I can see how there is conflicting messages here, IF she is the owner of the birthing site. Believing she is the owner makes all “issues” seem valid by anyone who hates the BL.

  206. TCparra says

    All this is really getting lame. I asked why everyone is up in arms about someone having a site about birthing and a site about hating on Kate. This is a free country where you are free to make money how you choose.

    What am I supposed to be saying “thanks” for? I read your posting above, I looked at the link to that one site with the “report”.

    I don’t think IW “outed” anyone. If this site is legit and owned by the BL, then I can see why some are upset with the hypocrisy (given that comment by the BL that was posted here).

    Because she says the kids are exploited and gives examples, that automatically makes her an advocate?

  207. GeeWhiz says

    IF she is the owner of the birthing site.~ tcparra
    I can’t believe that you have the nerve to continue to insult the IW ladies. Why they put up with your nonsense is beyond me.
    Why did you wait to discuss this until AFTER BL cleaned up the birth site and paid to hide her identity?

  208. TCparra says

    I wish I could perfect the recipe for tollhouse cookies. They are so yummy when the correct amount of butter and brown sugar are combined (with all the other ingredients of course). I think using real butter is the secret.

  209. Pam@IW says

    Acknowledgement does not mean thanks. You say things like this all the time “Is this more of the “I saw it, so just believe me”?” Then when we make the effort and take the time you do not even acknowledge that ok I read it and I see what you are saying.

  210. TCparra says

    I didn’t wait for anything, there you go again.. assuming something. I guess thats why this isn’t your blog GW. Good thing too, I can imagine exactly what your blog would look like.. lots & lots of kate love and not one comment that says anything remotely against Kate.

  211. Pam@IW says

    “I asked why everyone is up in arms about someone having a site about birthing and a site about hating on Kate. This is a free country where you are free to make money how you choose. ”
    I actually agree with you. ;) Doesn’t mean that people can’t and won’t discuss it.

  212. TCparra says

    Pam, you very nicely explained how you believe the BL owns the site. You explain all the paths that lead to her and why you know its her and even have proof that you will not share. I only saw what was posted here and a couple other pro sites. I have not seen any hard proof that she owns both sites. If you posted it somewhere, I missed it. I emailed the BL and asked her point blank if she owns that site (after you pointed out the comment #26). It’s your call to provide what ever you feel validates your claims, I just haven’t seen anything that connects all the dots. Again, if I missed them, that’s my error.

    Funny thing though, it doesn’t appear that the BL is going to stop blogging about Kate anytime soon so all the revelations about her blogs and her ownership in them is only fueling the handful of fans who hate the BL anyway.

  213. Pam@IW says

    Kind of like what BL does on any daily basis at her site when she fuels up her sheeple that hate Kate anyway.

  214. GeeWhiz says

    This article was posted on November 26th and you did not comment until November 29th.
    If I had a blog I would not allow a commenter to accuse me of lying nor call the other commenters my flock.

  215. GeeWhiz says

    I emailed the BL and asked her point blank if she owns that site (after you pointed out the comment #26).~tcparra
    If she responds don’t forget to share it with us.

  216. snickers says


    The BL has gone private on twitter, won’t let a comment go thru on her blog concerning this issue. You really need to learn to Google for your own research. It’s all there. If she knows that you are defending her, she will probably skirt the truth anyway. Care to share your e-mail to her with us. Of course, I was only asking for proof that you actually e-mailed her. :)

  217. TCparra says

    Who cares when I commented. Are you trying to create a conspiracy out of my comments and the timing? I suppose I am in cahoots with the BL or I know her and we are working together to cover it all up! I already have one nutty fan who is accusing me of lying about not being on twitter because she saw the abbreviation “TC” in part of a tweet.

    I am asking for proof, not accusing anyone of lying. Just said it is more fiction than anything else when only a select few know about it and refuse to share how they know.

  218. Kmom2 says

    From #275…….Funny thing though, it doesn’t appear that the BL is going to stop blogging about Kate anytime soon so all the revelations about her blogs and her ownership in them is only fueling the handful of fans who hate the BL anyway.


    I don’t think anybody here cares whether the BL stops blogging about Kate or not. I’m pretty sure most don’t care one way or the other. BL has exposed herself to be the hypocrite we always suspected she was and that’s the only point of this particular story. I do think though, that some of us had a good giggle at how quickly the porn-fetish site changed once this story hit. Further proof that cockroaches scatter in the bright light.

  219. TCparra says

    I wish, just once snickers you would stop telling me to use google or to do my own research. Again, why does it matter to YOU that her account is private? You think anyone who is private has sinister motives and that makes no sense. So you tried asking her a question on her blog? Was it filled with snark and clearly written by a “fan”?

    I didn’t check the stupid box that indicates “save copy of sent” mail so I can’t copy it here. I hope she answers me, I would love to share it. Of course, you may refuse to believe it if she answers and says anything other than “yes it is my blog”

  220. TCparra says

    Kmom, you and every other “fan” would love it to death if she stopped blogging about Kate. So don’t even try that spin. If you think that is a porn-fetish site you probably shouldn’t watch National Geographic or Discovery or any health shows or even turn the TV on. Maybe you can find a good old fashioned radio show where there is no cussing or foul mouthed hosts or, you know what scratch that. You should just read a book, less chance of you becoming offended.

  221. TCparra says

    PP, let me clear up the “confusion” I didn’t question or concern myself with the timing of when the proof was cleaned up because I don’t sit at my computer 24/7 waiting for juicy threads where I can debate people. Sounds like the fans are more retentive about things. Truth be told, I do have a life outside of the Gosselin train wreck blogging world. Nuff said about this topic as Pam suggested, lets move on.

  222. Pam@IW says

    I would like this to end. However I just want to say that tcparra, you can’t speak for kmom2 or any other fan more than they can speak for you. I believe kmom2 to be sincere and why would we want BL to go away? I mean what else would we have to talk about, right. ;)

  223. snickers says

    Ah Pam, you mean TC doesn’t have to prove she really e-mailed the BL. Shucks! TC sure needs some Christmas cheer. :) Of course, she is running around accusing again——–.

    Our weather is changing, snow/ice mix coming in. Hope you are all safe Pam.

  224. TCparra says

    Here ya go, proof that I did email her. I replied to her answer and said that really didn’t clear up anything and she replied that “the sites About US explains it” So, in fairness she did reply to my questions and didn’t just blow them off. Like I said before, I have no desire to look at the videos and not sure I have the correct site, based on some comments here. In any case, see below:

    From: Admin

    Date: Friday, December 2, 2011 2:12 PM


    Subject: Re: Do you own this site?

    Size: 5 KB
    Thanks so much for the support but I really don’t want to get into a back and
    forth about it with them I’d rather just ignore it and move on. Thanks!

    Sent from my iPhone

    On Dec 2, 2011, at 12:13 PM, wrote:

    > Hello. I have a question. I’m sure by now you have been alerted to the latest
    gossip in the pro Kate sites world. They are accusing you of owning a “birthing
    site” that shows videos of young girls and woman having babies using various
    methods. I have tried defending you and asking what is the issue if you did own
    these sites. Of course the pro sites file it all under “H” for hypocrisy because
    of some comments allegedly made by you on 15mins blog.
    > Can you either confirm or deny if you own the site?
    > This is the comment that the pro sites are using as their “holy grail” to
    prove you send a mixed message:
    > “Administrator said… 24
    > Who knows what this psycho’s motivations were, now he’s dead. But I thought
    when he said “birthing shows” he meant all the gross programing they have
    showing human pregnancy and birth, something I think should be a private moment

  225. pattypie says

    I thought we had moved on..then you came here and accused us of lying. So are we moving on a second time?

    I am glad she cleaned up her birth site….it was horrible the way it was. I think she just needed a reality check and realized what she was doing was way out of line.

  226. Pam@IW says

    Tcparra, FYI, we IW, not “pro sites” are not using that comment as our “holy grail”. I wasn’t even aware of that comment when we posted this. That was just a little nugget that someone found after the fact. So you have that wrong. There are so many, many other reasons to find this all hypocritical.
    Read through this thread again and you will figure out why people thought this was hypocritical. The comments have some great points in them. In addition, people found some pretty disgusting comments made by the BL on her YouTube channel to these women. Here are just a few that were posted on Sage’s site. There is another one over there that is really pretty disgusting but I am not going to post it here. These comments were made to encourage these women to send even more graphic video:
    100rrh July 31, 2011 at 5:06 pm
    Beautiful birth congrats and good for you catching your own baby! See the woman videotaping so we can actually see between her legs? Could you please upload that video even if it’s graphic? Thanks!
    100rrh July 31, 2011 at 3:10 pm
    @jessicalange7777 you’re welcome but could you please uplaod the other video that is more graphic? this is from so far away. thanks!


    aw adorable! Did you film the actual birth like pushing him out? Would love to see that.

    100rrh 1 day ago
    So when you viewed the website before it was changed and read the BL’s comments……and then you remember all of the things that she gives Kate Gosselin a hard time for(The Red Cross photo comes to mind)- you have to take pause.
    Again, the BL has every legal right to do this (although she cleaned up all the Teen stuff and now you have to verify you are 18 before you enter her You Tube channel), I just think that maybe she needs to worry about herself a little more and worry about Kate Gosselin a little less.

  227. Pam@IW says

    Prior to Ann’s post, there was no About Us page. There was no mention of midwives or doulas being a part of this site. There was no Awards and Accolades page either. You can look in google cache and see this. That has all been added this past week.

  228. TCparra says

    Pam, I figured the content of my email might offend or upset a few, but I wanted my email to be real and not look like a sugar coated lie. In any case, nuff said and onto something else. Have a great day! TC

  229. BlogHawg says

    Excellent comment Pam # 296. The only reason someone would argue the opposite of what you said is if they just love to argue. This is my last comment here on this subject. TC can continue to ignore facts and beat it to death but I have to move on to more productive endeavors as she bores me to death.

  230. pattypie says

    Excellent comment Pam. The BL’s true personality has been revealed, no wonder she wants to move on and let it all blow over.

    But nothing is really gone on the internet. Hopefully it has given her some pause and taught some folks a lesson that instead of calling a website a liar they should do their own research first.

  231. TCparra says

    I NEVER called Pam or this website a liar. I said it’s hard to believe when people say “I know it’s true, trust me but I won’t show you”.

    Patty, why don’t you post my comment where I called anyone a liar.

    History is filled with people who have questioned the validity of claims made when there isn’t proof or some people see things differently.

    If people insist on “poking” this issue, it will never go away or stop as Pam requested. That being said, lumping an insult aimed at me in with a comment about the BL is just being sneaky.

  232. snickers says


    Agree #296 post! Someone not doing their own research and just baiting for an argument they can’t win, is still the loser in life. I just hope the BL gets the help she really needs. Her type just go futher underground I’m afraid. Teens on display on her personal computer should really send a red flag up for those that are watching.

    Moving on****** first snow of the year here today, and it’s really pretty outside. Expecting 6 inches with no winds!!

  233. TCparra says

    #302, WTH are you talking about? Calling me a loser in life? I don’t bait for an argument that I can’t win, it’s called DEBATE and if you can handle that then maybe you should close your computer and go outside or something.

    Everytime a thread is created and accusations fly, doesn’t mean I should sit at my computer and do “research”, THAT would be for losers and people who have lots of free time to look for gossip or real BS. I don’t think it unreasonable to ask for source on something when accusations are made.

    “Her type” go further underground? Why does she need help? Are you really that much of a prude?

  234. Deborah says

    Tc, You came into the debate late. Most of us saw all the evidence before it was changed. The evidence Bl couldn’t change was given to you. It was in the ‘Rupkatha Journal’
    “The premise of that the depiction of “real” birth videos, unlike the unrealistic fictional depictions of (hospital) births on television, are the best tools for education, inspiration, community building and empowerment arguably gets lost amidst their current web layout and outside advertising efforts – what appears to be headlines for dividing birth videos into various categories are actually Google Ads, which are shortly followed by a “sponsored links” subheading and advertising sidebar links. Additionally, the political relevance of the website is potentially undermined by the inclusion of particular links on’s homepage that are seemingly unconnected to birth – as “original” texts of the website (rather than additional advertisements that are externally-generated), alliances include blogs like Divorce, Gosselin Style that tediously follows and comments on the break up of celebrity couple Kate and Jon Gosselin (stars of The Learning Channel’s reality television show Jon & Kate Plus Eight that features the couple and their eight children) and 165K in Debt (apparently authored by the same attorney as the Gosselin blog)”
    This link was given and it shows the how the birth site links with ‘Divorce, GosselinStyle’ now ‘Reavilytvkids’ & bl’s ‘165K in Debt’ That She has since closed & deleted. Sage ran a couple post’s that she wrote that raise red flags as to how she represents herself on her hate Kate blog.
    Since you weren’t around before she made the changes at her birthsite. And her Utube channel and we were you try to call us prudes to complain about Women & natural childbirth videos when that’s not the case at all.
    On Bl’s Utube channel you can still see the names of her customers names. “Mummybuns, cervixdilation, hot4preg, rapethemaids, ObstetriXXX ”
    It is not our fault you came late to the game and didn’t get the chance to see all the damning evidence for yourself. We all saw it so its really hard debating with you and putting up with your snide comments. The fact that the IW Ladies show restraint even when you gloat them when they are showing respect for Bl since she made the changes that she did.
    Our issue with Bl is not that what she’s doing is illegal. Its the fact that she condemns Kate for making money on a show involving her minor childern that aren’t of age to give consent. That pervs are watching and getting off. At the same time she is peddling video memberships knowing she is catering to the perv market. The mothers choose to let their births be public yes but those newborns didn’t consent.
    Do you understand now how it invalidates bl and her hate blog ?
    Do you understand what a hypocrite Bl is ?
    She is one strange duck no doubt about it.

  235. GeeWhiz says

    tc – To debate you must be well versed in the subject. You did not take the time to educate yourself so you are not debating. Since you indicated you read here every day suggest you click the links provided the day the story goes up and you will know what everyone is talking about.
    You may not have used the word liar but comments like “allegedly it is owned by a “hate” blog”, “I still don’t believe”, “IF she is the owner of the birthing site” and “accusations fly” after the IW ladies and many commenters have repeatedly told you what they saw it is indeed saying they lied.
    I’m not a prude. I saw the site before she cleaned it up and she is sick and twisted and should be hiding out.

  236. TCparra says

    “Newborns didn’t consent” lol. That is funny. I suppose if they could consent it would make the issue less traumatic for everyone.

    I guess the fact that Pam asked this issue to be stopped doesn’t matter to you deborah. So you write a nice LOOOOOOOOOOONG comment to make sure I understand why the BL is a hypocrite?

    You don’t like what she says on her “hate blog” and anything she does or says isn’t going to be accepted by the fans of Kate.

    “Our issue with Bl is not that what she’s doing is illegal.” I don’t think what she is doing is illegal, what laws is she breaking?

    “Do you understand now how it invalidates bl and her hate blog?” I would say only a “Kate fan” would feel that way.

    In all that you typed and referenced in your comment, you left out a LOT of what was said in the article. Selective editing to make your point?

  237. TCparra says

    GW – whatever. I said allegedly because I didn’t see it. Doesn’t mean I am saying someone lied. My comments will never be accepted because they don’t conform to your idea of what is OK and good in the world of Kate, regardless of the content or issue being discussed.

    “At the same time she is peddling video memberships knowing she is catering to the perv market” How do you know she is catering to the perv market? That could be said of ANY site or blog that has a child or nudity on it then.

    I read the comments on the utube channel. Based on them, the site was down for a month or so and just came back up. Maybe there isn’t this conspiracy that you all are trying to see. Maybe, there is a logical explanation and it has nothing to do with being “outed” by fan sites?

  238. Lindsey says

    Comment #301 tc said;I NEVER called Pam or this website a liar. I said it’s hard to believe when people say “I know it’s true, trust me but I won’t show you”.

    I beg to differ you said that you are the only poster on IW who is honest insinuating that everyone else is dishonest. Eat your words tc and try to be less confrontational and snarky. Your heroine has slipped off her throne and her tiara is currently askew so just own it. Lighten up for this is the season for Peace on Earth and good will toward all.

  239. TCparra says

    “I beg to differ you said that you are the only poster on IW who is honest insinuating that everyone else is dishonest.” Lindsey, where did I say such a thing? I am tired of defending bogus comments about something I allegedly said. Copy and paste that so you can refresh me.

  240. snickers says

    I don’t read at the Bl’s site at all, and I sure don’t spend my whole day and night on the computer as someone thinks I do. I came here and saw the links, did my own research and was sickend by what she was promoting. Prude: call it what you like, but for heavens sake anyone with daughters would be offended to see this birthing site. It had nothing to do with a beatuful time in life for parents to enjoy, but begging for graphic images and videos that she wanted to be the worst gross thing out there. Yep, I call it like it is, no backing down for me, it’s a fetish site to me, and she ran and cleaned it up. I guess being a prude and being able to look people in the eye for trying my best in life means way more to me, than a gossip on hate blog who has a dark side of life to her. If Tc needs to support the BL and her actions, it’s her right. I choose not to support what she is doing in degrading women and teens.

  241. TCparra says

    “Begging for videos” That is so lame. If the site asked for videos, I’m sure it wasn’t begging. What do you consider begging? You are a prude if a real birth makes you sick. That is life and it’s not a “Hollywood” birth with fancy music and miraculously cleaned up so the camera doesn’t see the after birth or blood or anything “gross”.

    I think you shouldn’t try and lump “anyone with daughters” into your prudish mind that they would be sick. A fetish site? Then stop going there if it makes you sick.

    ANYONE who runs a blog or web knows there is a lot more than simply running and cleaning up a site. Time and patience are involved and checking and rechecking the links and images is important. However, I don’t want to be accused of calling someone a liar so I will stop on my opinion of what was done to the site to “clean it up”. Again, though the comments on the site indicate that it was down for sometime so maybe there is some coincidence happening here?

  242. TCparra says

    You could say that this site is begging for content every time the admins here ask for contributions to the content. (if you use the same logic as those who accuse the birth site of begging).

  243. Deborah says

    Tc, I said its not illegal.
    I’m saying That you haters that think that what she’s doing and going along with it like its just fine are just as sick and perverted as she is.
    Watching Kate + 8 it looks to me like the kids are consenting and enjoy filming. The newborns have no choice at all. Both are minors.
    I pointed out to you where the original link was found that links to Bl and her other sites. The part I selected was where/how the link was found.
    If Bl just had a heading on her hate blog that said ‘I Hate Kate, Come Join Me’ The other things she peddles would be a non issue wouldn’t it.

  244. snickers says

    No TC, I’m not a prude, grow up, your silly bullying is so lame. She repeatly asked this young teens for more graphic pictures of the birth. I see your research skills are pretty low. I thought her shooting video of the G’s was bad, guess I see where she acquired her skills.

  245. GeeWhiz says

    Who owns the blog? Really, who cares? But for the fact that allegedly it is owned by a “hate” blog, nobody here would care otherwise.~ tcparra
    In comment #225 Lily@IW responded “We never said “allegedly.” We have made it clear that she is the owner.”

    You continued to use allegedly so you were indeed implying they lied. Your comments are not accepted because you refuse to accept facts that are presented to you over and over.
    Again, you are not debating because you are not properly informed of the subject matter.
    Pam I wish you could send tc the screen shot of that site. It appears that is the only way she will understand just how sick and disgusting the birth site WAS.

  246. TCparra says

    Sure, sure she asked a teen for more footage. You said, I guess I need to believe that you read it correctly or the context of the question wasn’t torn apart by you. Young teens? 18 or 19 is a teen, but legal correct? I’m betting that she didn’t ask anyone under the legal age for video. Since I didn’t read her comments or begging, we’ll just go with your interpretation.

  247. pattypie says

    TC are you chastising people for not listening to Pam? That’s rich.

    Like I said this post was dead until you decided the poor old BL needed defending for being a hypocrite.

  248. Pam@IW says

    GeeWhiz. I am done proving anything. And they call us sheeple

    It is available in google cashe as well as other things she wanted to see.

  249. pattypie says

    Betting? We provide links for you to connect the dots yet you still call us liars now you say YOU BET she has consent?

    No way she has consent for all those videos she harvested off the internet to post on her site.

  250. pattypie says

    TC – You can check what the BL’s site looked like a week ago in GOOGLE cache. What do you need me to do? Spoon feed it to you???

  251. pattypie says

    We said the BL owned the site – you didn’t believe us so you emailed the BL and BL confirmed we were telling the truth.

    We say the site has been cleaned up you won’t look in cache to confirm and you say you don’t believe us – why don’t you email the BL and ask her if she cleaned it up?

    Seems to me history proves we don’t lie!

  252. snickers says

    3rd world countries would not be my choice for a home birthing video, but the BL is twisted, plain and simple. You bet as pattypie said, she cleaned it up. Anyone could google and find this, nothing asked from anyone wanting to click on. Wonder why TC is here defending the BL. Is the BL to ashamed to come speak for herself.

  253. HB says

    Dishonest broker is tc. Hardly a debate, just a die-hard protector of the irreverent. With that kind of blind allegiance, why bother w. ladies that DON’T have to defend the indefensible! You’ve been spoon-fed, & I can only imagine you are laughing all the way…. to wherever you hang out for your jollies. (I hope the BL gives you a ‘cut’ for all your hard work’.)
    Let it snow, let it snow…LET IT SNOW, snickers! ;0)

  254. pattypie says

    TC you keep talking about the BL’s youtube channel being down. I think you have understood. On Youtube her followers were asking her about her WEBSITE aka freebirthvideos being down. That was in August. Her youtube Channel was never down. It was the website she had trouble with months ago according to her own posts.

  255. Lindsey says

    @#308&#309 tc you said this in your comment #161 on the post entitled “Kate Helps Fundraise for the ARC”, also if you go back & read your soliloquy please also read my reply #162 to which you never replied. Many posters here have advised you on etiquette and fair play to which you always respond with where, when, if, show me I said or implied that or you respond with your typical tc diatribe that we all lack reading skills & comprehension to which I call BULL.

  256. GeeWhiz says

    You’re right Pam. Even if we posted the google cache link she would find some lame excuse to say it doesn’t prove anything.

  257. HB says

    ‘Etiquette’? Lindsey, I don’t think Emily Post is a known quantity! BUT I do believe those 99% who visit IW do have a clue that even a blog can be decent…w. a sprinkle of understandable frustration!
    Hope that husband/father/son in your life is doing well! I know being proud does not fill the gap! I spent the better part of today w. our local fund raising for Fisher House. The ‘war’ may be winding down…but the NEED to support our wounded & their families is FAR FROM OVER!

  258. TCparra says

    Plus the BL DID NOT confirm she owned the site and I did NOT say she did. So stop lying Patty and putting words in my mouth.

  259. TCparra says

    OK, how do I search this google cache for her site? I would like to see it so I can be educated on this site and why it is considered bad.

  260. TCparra says

    Lyndsey, I meant that as a “hater” I was honest about my feelings. If it sounded like I was saying everyone else was dis-honest, I am sorry you took it like that. I am sure the fans here are VERY honest about how they feel.

  261. MarieS says

    I would just like to say that allegedly it is snowing here. If that is true then I apologize to my neighbors since I will not go outside to see if the alleged snow is there. Therefore I will not shovel my walk based on the word of some person on tv that I do not know. Please understand that this it is not my fault that the walks are not shoveled. The snow is at this point only alleged and I would have to look for myself. I am above that.

  262. Deborah says

    No more ‘Teen Waterbirth’ or ‘Birth on Toilet’ in Top Content.
    The graphic pictures that were her biggest draw and poof, Gone.
    Plus on the new and improved site she has ‘About Us’ since when do Doulas and midwifes who run a birthing website .. hide their ideneties.
    Is Bl now claiming to be a Midwife/Doula ?

  263. TCparra says

    Pam, wow, just wow! and Ick! Now I know I won’t go any further and view these video’s. You would think there would be at LEAST 1 more “door” to enter before seeing those images! It appears that is the Home page? Just wow. Like I said before, I have no interest in viewing this subject matter. That being said, there ARE plenty of people, groups, researchers, doctors, etc. who do have an interest in this subject. While there may be a portion of them that are “pervs”, that doesn’t mean everybody is in the gutter or hitting bottom and getting hooked on preg video’s. Just watch the news, you will be reminded there are “pervs” in all walks of life and not exclusive to porn.

  264. pattypie says

    The issue is the BL says on one site she is a child advocate and children should not be filmed – that their should be laws in place to protect them being filmed. Yet she sells videos of CHILDREN being born, without any laws to protect them.

    The bloggin’ lawyer went on for days preaching how Kate put her kids out there for pedophiles and how Bill Blanketship could have video of those babies on the potty. And it was all Kate’s fault for allowing them to be filmed. Yet the Bloggin lawyer runs another website that shows extremely graphic videos and she dam well knows that she is catering to people with fetishes. Look at the people she allows to follow her on youtube – people like “rapethenurse” and the rest – she runs that site dam well knowing pervs get off on the videos. But she doesn’t care…she just wants to make a buck.

    BL is a hypocrite plain and simple. Yet some still want to believe she is some sort of child advocate because she runs a Kate Gosselin hate site.

    WHy is it not BL’s fault if pervs get off on her birth video site- and it is Kate’s fault if some 3rd rate on line editor MAY have had access to a wide shot of a kid on a potty?

    BL put those very graphic photos -) which she grabbed still frames of from the body of her videos) to cater to the pervs. She gave them a taste of the graphic stuff so they would buy MORE…exactly how the porn websites market themselves.

  265. TCparra says

    Patty, you know full well that despite all that you typed most of it is just speculation on your part. How many people work on that site? Because she is listed as the owner means she is in control of all content and editing? There is a WIDE difference between filming kids like the Gosselins and newborns. Come on now, there is no similarity in the two. She makes a “buck” off bizarre and nasty video’s. Your opinion is that she is a hypocrite and you are entitled to that. I am not defending her or the site or the images. However, again it is her site and she is free to do what she wants and make as many “bucks” as she can. I am only debating or challenging the notion a lot of fans feel, that she is a hypocrite for talking about filming young kids and newborns. That is apples and oranges and in no way the same, IMO.

  266. Lindsey says

    re:#’s 328 & 335 ….Awwww tc I think we were all waiting for your deflection and revision of “you didn’t understand” or “what I meant was”. No apology necessary because all knew what you meant when first written. Hey! The proof is in the pudding or as my Mom would say, the secret’s in the sauce. The BL’s secret is out and her sauce stinks.

  267. lorian says

    Didn’t she also write/complain about the Duggars showing the birth of one of the babies? I’m not sure if I remember the whole thing.

  268. Deborah says

    #348-lorian, If I remember right when Anna’s toilet birth was mentioned on Bl’s blog she just asked if it could be found anywhere online.

  269. Deborah says

    Thanks Tc, That’s the best and only laugh I’ve gotten on this thread. Apples & Oranges is right. The filming of the Gosselin kids is /was a cute little family cable show while what Bl is involved making ‘bucks’ off is bizarre and set up to draw in the pervs.

  270. Deborah says

    The big difference for me is even though I didn’t care for the way Kate let herself be filmed in the Jon & Kate plus 8 days I never saw it as being exploiting. They were offered a way to make money and opportunities they wouldn’t have had otherwise.
    What Bl is doing is EXPOLITING and purposely set up to draw in pervs with sick fetishes.
    Yes, there are pervs in all walks of life that is true.
    If the previews of the Gosselin show was of the kids naked and on the toilet, set up in a matter to attract pervs I would take a different stance, but that’s not how it is/was.

  271. Marnie says

    December 2nd, 2011 at 12:28 pm
    I wish, just once snickers you would stop telling me to use google or to do my own research——-maybe if you quit asking for proof people would stop telling you to use google. Find your own proof.

    Speaking of proof, you said BL didn’t confirm being the owner of both blogs, but she didn’t deny it either. That’s proof enough for you?

    You defend BLs right to make a buck however she likes, can’t fathom why anyone has issue with making a buck off exploiting kids and out the other side of her mouth claim Kate Gosselin exploits her own kids.

    What I don’t understand is why is BL so worthy of the almighty ‘she should be able to do what she pleases to make $, it’s not illegal’ defense but Kate Gosselin isn’t? That in itself is the biggest hypocritical stance in all of this.

  272. BlogHawg says

    Well said. It can’t be said any clearer . TC’s reply to you makes absolutely no sense. She really needs to take snickers advise. The info is out there, facts are facts so talking in circles around them thinking you can change the truth is pointless.

  273. Unbelievable says

    Patty, you know full well that despite all that you typed most of it is just speculation on your part. How many people work on that site? Because she is listed as the owner means she is in control of all content and editing? There is a WIDE difference between filming kids like the Gosselins and newborns. Come on now, there is no similarity in the two. She makes a “buck” off bizarre and nasty video’s. Your opinion is that she is a hypocrite and you are entitled to that.

    Her hypocrisy is not a matter of opinion, it is a matter of fact. I refer you to my post #26. Read HER OWN WORDS about what she thinks about showing the birth of babies to the world. You’ll find the words “gross” and “exploitation of both the woman and the baby.” She is making money off something SHE HERSELF has described as gross and exploitive. That is, by definition, hypocrisy.

    Oh, and yes, as the owner of the site she is in control of all content. Buck stops at the top. (Not to mention that I highly doubt she has a “staff” and think the sad attempt to look like an educational site rather than a creepy fetish site with talk about doulas and midwives is a complete load of crap. And before you say it, yes, that is my opinion. I know the difference between fact and opinion.)

  274. TCparra says

    Enjoy talking to your selves about this, cause it’s clear your heads will never come out of the sand.

    #354, where did you find that comment by the way? I looked through a lot of her postings and couldn’t find it. Not saying she didn’t say it, just trying to find it on her blog.

  275. TCparra says

    IF she made the comment (#26), then yes she is being hypocritical. That being said, the only thing that is happening here is the “fan” code of ethics is being violated. There is no law that says she can’t do one thing and say another. The only invalidation that is occurring here is how the fans feel. Since most haters are not quick to jump on something just because a fan is disgusted by it, I would say that the fans at the 3 pro sites and 1 drama site are the only ones really spinning over the “hypocrisy”.

    I ask again, what thread or posting did she actually say that comment? I have looked through quite a few and can’t locate it. Since a lot of the rage and disgust is based on that comment, could someone tell me where I can find it?

  276. Deborah says

    Without that comment Tc, Do you really think she has any right to hold anyone’s ‘feet to the fire’ or to comment on how anyone else chooses to earn a living?
    I see she hasn’t broken any “haters” code of ethics.

  277. TCparra says

    I think the “earn a living” would hold more water if the kids weren’t the ones actually “earning the living”. Kate wasn’t the star of the show, she was the “villain” and TLC exploited that very well. Without the kids (and Jon) the show died a slow death. When it became more about Kate and her drama, people turned the show off or moved onto something else. Kate has earned all the hate she has gotten from the things she does and her ability to show nothing but her sense of entitlement and how to be a dictator to her kids.

    People stopped watching when the Road trip from hell really showed Kates personality. To blame the road trip and the breakdowns for Kate’s attitude is lame. Look how she started the trip by freaking out on the camera men and saying “can we stop pretending to filming and load the bus?” (not her words verbatim, but close enough). The crew isn’t her family or wasn’t responsible for packing the vehicles, yet she tried to control the crew. Just imagine the footage that TLC left on the cutting room floor.

    I know this all happened awhile ago, but there is no reason it can’t be discussed since Kate is still trying to stay relevant.

  278. CoCoPuff says

    Wow ~ you your self TC said you were disgusted by her fetish/porn site ~LOOK @ your comments.

    (The TRUTH shall set you Free)

    BTW you are a joke to be calling any blog a drama blog ~ coming from you the Attention starved Drama Queen. ~LMAO!

  279. TCparra says

    Wow, coco, why do you feel the need to defend the “drama blog”? Did I offend you or your home blog? How do you even know what blog I am referring to?

    Attention starved? HA HA HA. I could care less if you or anyone commented on my thoughts, I’m sure you will find other blogs to cry about what I say here. Drama queen? Why because I have opinions that differ from yours?

    Not sure what you are trying to say “look at my comments”? I see that fans like to put words in non fans mouths. I didn’t say I was disgusted, I said “wow, just wow and Ick” I didn’t call it a fetish or porn site either. Uber Fans are the prudes who call it that. I agree the images are graphic and there are pervs who will enjoy them but that doesn’t make it a porn site or fetish site.

  280. Deborah says

    Does something so fundamental occur in the mind and soul of a hater that blinds them to the thorn in their own eye & those of their peers ?
    Its my opinion the ones first and loudest in line to throw stones don’t have any ‘codes of ethics’, no morale compass.
    Is it any surprise Bl just wants to move on and pretend she didn’t get caught with her own poo in her hands . Cache is just not fair is it.
    Tc, I really don’t understand the vicious need to hate Kate but I do feel a strong disire to expose the truth of a hypocrite.

  281. CoCoPuff says

    So WOW and ICK are words used by you when you like something? ~LOL

    You can get your attention from someone else now ~ but you are good for a Laugh ! : )

  282. CoCoPuff says

    Deb, you can feed whom ever you like : )

    But Deb isn’t it weird that non haters are being called prudes because we are sickened over BL’s fetish site but the haters had hissy fits over seeing Kate’s legs ~??

  283. snickers says

    LOL, Tc is still here defending the almightly. I guess the prude here is me, but TC needs to know that the BL should be able to pay her bills without having a fetesh site for a few bucks. What reputable lawyer would do this, one that is not employed at a real job, who spends hours a day bashing on the G family.

    I will be meeting with a team of Doctors tomorrow, at a Major University Hospital, and I can’t wait to ask them about this. Since the BL has no medical degree, my question would be why would she even be interested in this at all. It’s a dark side many people try to hide, but in the public, they want to be so above others. She has put a black mark on the medical field.

    By the way TC, I am snickers only. I would apreciate you not mentioning by name on other sites. Thank you.

  284. CoCoPuff says

    Great point snickers,
    A reputable GOOD Lawyer wouldn’t want or need a fetish site for extra money.
    I am no medical doctor but I have a very strong feeling they will tell you the owner of the site ( BL ) is a sick twisted perverted individual.

  285. Unbelievable says

    December 4, 2011 at 10:46 am
    IF she made the comment (#26), then yes she is being hypocritical. That being said, the only thing that is happening here is the “fan” code of ethics is being violated. There is no law that says she can’t do one thing and say another. The only invalidation that is occurring here is how the fans feel. Since most haters are not quick to jump on something just because a fan is disgusted by it, I would say that the fans at the 3 pro sites and 1 drama site are the only ones really spinning over the “hypocrisy”.
    I ask again, what thread or posting did she actually say that comment? I have looked through quite a few and can’t locate it. Since a lot of the rage and disgust is based on that comment, could someone tell me where I can find it?


    Before you imply that I made it up with your capitalized “IF she made the comment…”, try reading the whole thread. Post #33 provides the date that the comment was made AND includes a link. Lucky you won’t be forced to do any of the research for yourself, since that’s for losers.

  286. Lindsey says

    TCPARRA …. Did you read #347? The secret’s in the sauce and your sauce is beginning to stink as bad as the BL. Your defense of your heroine has been duly noted and documented. Time to move on?

  287. TCparra says

    I can understand now why she said she didn’t want to go round and round with you. There is no middle ground. This debate is going no where. Have a great day!

  288. TCparra says

    coco, see the fans are able to put words in mouth and/or assume as well as non fans. I never said disgusted, yet because I said wow and ick, you just say what YOU think I meant.

    Just because you and your other buddies don’t like the site, DOESN’T make it a fetish site. Are you so blinded with being a prude (and snickers) that you don’t get the concept that it may have some legit reasons for existing? Done trying to understand your lack of logical thinking. I’m sure a medical doctor wouldn’t even wasted his/her time explaining to a few fanatics why that site may be of some value to people and they don’t all have to be pervs.

    Lindsey, take your stinky sauce story and tell it to someone who cares, cause I don’t.

  289. snickers says

    We are back from our meeting with the Doctor’s today and let me tell you it was very interesting. Doctor’s do many things for research, but most is not there for the public to see. Doing a surgery may be taped for new interns to look at, but most ethical Doctors never put this on the internet for a pay for view site. So, I guess the BL is a perv site, sold to someone willing to pay $19.95 for the privalage to look at someone giving birth, graphics and all. So TC, I suggest you contact a team of Doctors and listen very carefully to what they have to say.

    On a pleasant note, our head head Doctor from this team was running the Marathon in Vegas. Who would have thought. I asked his office to call me with his results. LOL.

  290. TCparra says

    Oh snickers, clutch your pearls. Black mark on Medicine? Please. Who cares what they said. I’m sure you approached the question with unbiased mature conversation, right? Yea right. Just because this alleged group of doctors answered some silly question you poised to them, doesn’t mean it is the final word on it or that it is a “perv” site. Again, you call it fetish and some call it free enterprise. Jealous that maybe you can’t create a website to make a “few bucks” off of?

  291. Pam@IW says

    Ok, if we are going to continue this thread, let’s just not get into the personal jabs at each other and the back and forth that takes it to a whole other level.

  292. snickers says


    It’s the end for me, although I do have a huge respect for the medical field. I don’t need to run a fetish site to make a few bucks, but whatever, she’s been outed. All is good!! The END!!!!!!!!

  293. Unbelievable says

    Again, you call it fetish and some call it free enterprise.

    Those are not mutually exclusive concepts.

    If the site were so innocent and “educational” to begin with, why did the BL go to such lengths to change it? I’ll answer my own question. Because she knew damn well that she was attracting those with a birth fetish and that it it was obvious marketing on her part. If the site is so upstanding, why didn’t she come out and say “Yes, it’s my site and I’m proud of it” rather than dancing around the issue and rushing to cover her tracks?

    A pregnant woman seeking educational information on childbirth is not looking for extreme close-ups of vaginas to lure her in. Those stills from the videos were selected for one reason and one reason only. You know it. I know it. The BL knows it.

  294. Judy says

    It boggles the mind that BL is being given a free pass for running an unsavory fetish site, but no matter what Kate Gosselin does, including running a marathon, she is not worthy or she is exploiting her children or she is the devil incarnate. The twisted logic and hypocricy of this boggles the mind. Despite what the haters have twisted themselves into thinking, Kate is supporting her family. The fact that she was eight children is a fact of her life that is not going to change. Sorry, haters… It’s time to give this fallacy up.

  295. Donkey says

    I like this article. Legally obtained info that shows the other online life of a “child advocate”. I did notice the birth site is now gone. I bet this article had something to do with it. Good job.

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