Google Is My Friend

By Ann


Just a note to let readers who are viewing this post for the first time know that the Live Birth Video site has completely changed since this post was written. The graphic videos on the home page have been removed as well as the Teen category. We have screen shots of the home page as it originally appeared but we will not publish them due to the graphic nature. There was also mention on the Home page that the membership was $19.99 for 6 months and that there were over 200 members. The YouTube channel has changed as well and it now requires you to acknowledge that you are over 18 to view the videos.

In addition, there is no doubt who the owner is of the Live Birth Video site. Prior to this post, you could put the URL into Go Daddy’s domain search and the name of the owner of this site came up who we know to be the owner of 15 Minutes, Gosselin Stylye/RealityTVkids. We will not publish her name. She has since paid for the service that makes this information private. We have screen shots of this information but will not post them because it reveals her real name. Her name has been known by many for over a year and we have never revealed that information.


Last night I came across a website that gave me pause. I’d love to know your thoughts. Here’s what happened:

At our friendly neighboring blog, The Sageway Express, there has been some discussion about the lawyer who runs 15 Minutes, Gosselin Style. Sage posted an excerpt from another blog she owned at one time which was called A commenter asked Sage for a link to the blog.

I did a Google search to see if I could find the debt blog again. Not surprisingly, it has been removed. I searched to find if it existed at one time and was connected to the lawyer. Several useful links appeared, but one caught my attention. It was a link to a scholarly abstract about homebirth advocacy on the Internet. The site is Rupkatha Journal on Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities.   In the abstract the author mentions an online community for posting birth videos. She argues for the concept of putting videos of home births online, but she notes some drawbacks. The site she examined is covered in third-party ads and there is an offer to sell the website.

Additionally, the political relevance of the website is potentially undermined by the inclusion of particular links on’s homepage that are seemingly unconnected to birth – as “original” texts of the website (rather than additional advertisements that are externally-generated), alliances include blogs like Divorce, Gosselin Style that tediously follows and comments on the break up of celebrity couple Kate and Jon Gosselin (stars of The Learning Channel’s reality television show Jon & Kate Plus Eight that features the couple and their eight children) and 165K in Debt (apparently authored by the same attorney as the Gosselin blog).

Are you thinking what I am thinking? Why would a homebirth video website have links to this young lawyer’s blogs on its homepage?

I searched the URL for and found a Hello! We’ve moved!” page. I clicked on the new URL and found the website, but not the links to the lawyer’s blogs. I noticed the videos had been updated this week by “Administrator.” I did one more search then, to find out who owned the website.

Guess who owns the site? The same lawyer, Administrator.

The site’s URL is *

*Warning: Link contains nudity, graphic images, exploitation of teen mothers, and a video of a victim of female genital mutilation.

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