Fun and Easy Easter Crafts

By CraftyMomof3

Usually this time of year the kids and I have loads planned for what we are going to do for Easter. The cold and crazy weather has seemed to put a damper on most of the stuff we planned so I found a few quick ones we could do and I thought I’d share.

A great site I use a lot for good ideas and quick crafts is It’s another go to site that I found that has lots of tips and tricks, not just crafts.

This craft I thought would be a great place setting that could be made for an Easter table even if you don’t have kids. My favorite part is that this project uses recyclables!

It is called the Adorable Egg Carton Carrot Patch by Amanda Formaro and it is rated very easy for age 5 and up.

Another favorite thing our family usually does for Easter is a fun food craft. The sillier the better! The best sites I have found is Kraft Foods or AllRecipes. They are usually good for a few silly recipes! However, this year in my blog travels I came across the coolest Easter food craft to date. It’s on a blog called the decorated cookie. She has a great tutorial that I think you will find easy. Want to see what it is? Click here to find out.

I also wanted to share another great tutorial I found in my blog travels. This can be applied to any holiday and is super easy to use. It’s one of the best I have found, very simple, very easy to understand and follow. The site is Check out her tutorials, you won’t be sorry!

Happy Easter!


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  1. Anya@IW says

    Great ideas, CraftyMom. I do like the fun food crafts. I like your approach – the sillier the better!

    I want to check out the place setting craft.

    I will put my toe in the crafting world one way or another! :-)

    Thanks again for all the great suggestions.

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