Five Days to Add To Your Holiday Lineup Next Year

HolidaysYou don’t need to wait for a major holiday to put together a celebration! Here are five quirky holidays to add to your list of reasons to celebrate this year.

National Dress Up Your Pet Day: January 14th

Ever wanted an excuse to dress up your furry friend after Halloween? If so, then this is the day for you! Put those crafty skills to use and make a simple get-up for your dog, cat, iguana, ferret, or other fabric-friendly creature. Here are a few ideas and tutorials for dog costumes (the chia pet costume is particularly clever!).

National Thank Your Mailman Day: February 4th

It’s always nice to remember to thank the ones that work so hard for us on a daily basis. If you’ve ever watched a mail carrier struggle through rain or snow to make sure the mail arrives on time, you’ll know they work really hard to keep the postal service system running like a well-oiled machine. Be sure to thank them on this day (especially if you don’t normally get a chance to), and maybe leave them a batch of fresh cookies in the mailbox as a special treat.

Cinco de Mayo: May 5th

Broaden your cultural horizons by celebrating a favorite Mexican-American holiday. Host a dinner for your friends and family and serve Hispanic favorites such as refried beans, enchiladas, and guacamole. Don’t forget the tequila! And for those who can’t make it, send free eCards in honor of the occasion!

Go Fishing Day: June 18th

Every day is a good day to be out on the water! Enjoy some sunshine and fresh air with a few friends and try your hand at catching dinner. With a little bait and a little luck, you might find yourself a new hobby. Remember to check your local permit laws beforehand, and be sure to pack a cooler full of food and beverages in case you get hungry and are without any trout.

National Comic Book Day: September 25th

Celebrate your favorite comics by trading with friends or supporting your local comic book shop and buying a few new ones to enjoy. You could even throw your own cosplay party and dress up as your favorite comic book hero or antihero! Go all out and bust out that Batman costume—you know you want to!

Stephanie is the Director of Marketing at Punchbowl, Inc. She blogs about celebrations, party planning, and free digital greeting cards.

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