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Recent hand luggage restrictions have made it even more difficult to ensure comfort and cleanliness during your flight. As many cosmetics are now banned from being taken on-board the benefits of being able to freshen up and maintain a healthy beauty regime for ladies on the go is a lot harder to achieve. Here we take a look at useful products on the market which are permitted on board and are sure to have you stepping off the plane feeling ultimately re-vitalized and fresh for your business meeting!

As only small amounts of liquid are allowed to be taken on your flight inside a clear re-sealable bag measuring only 20cm by 20cm, you need to prioritize your belongings and decide which will prove most useful. Containers must hold no more than 100ml of liquid so purchasing small plastic bottles of this size which you can transfer and transport your liquids in will prove ideal.

Being Hygienic

Hand sanitizers are undoubtedly a key product to ensure cleanliness and the ideal way to get rid of daily dirt. They’re also handy to use after a trip to the on-board toilets and before eating your in-flight meal.

Keeping Dry

Face wipes are also a great way to freshen up your face, cool down or prepare your skin for a touch of new makeup. Handheld fans are another great way to keep cool on stuffy flights, if you’re a nervous flier you may feel it helps you to relax as it makes you feel like there’s more air.

Smelling Sweet

Small roll-on deodorants can be brought on board and applied at the beginning of your journey to reduce your chance of getting hot and sweaty. A selection of tester fragrances are perfect to pop in your bag as not only will they leave you smelling sweet but they are also free and often given out in the duty-free section of the airport after customs, to tempt you into buying their perfumes.

Maintaining Hydration

Moisturizers are important to use during a flight as your skin can get very dehydrated due to the pressurized, dry air on-board a plane. Non-perfumed, gentle moisturizers can be used on the body as well as the face to prevent your skin from feeling dehydrated. Organic cooling sprays and hydrating serums can also be bought in pocket sized proportions designed specifically for re vitalizing you on your travels.

Your skin is not the only thing to suffer from dehydration. Some hair types are prone to a lack of moisture even without the addition of air conditioning. Controlling frizz is a worry for many travelers but the benefit of just a small amount of smoothing serum can instantly resolve this problem and leave you with soft shiny hair.

If you wear contact lenses then it may be wise to wear your glasses as your eyes can become irritated due to the dry air. Alternatively, some eye drops can help to keep your eyes feeling fresh if you’re not keen on wearing your glasses.

Despite the many restrictions on items you may have in your hand luggage, a pair of fluffy slippers does not come under this category and is an easy way to ensure you feel cozy and relaxed! A small blanket or shrug is also a great idea to keep off the chill but not take up a lot of room in your bag. Women love their home comforts so as many of these tips are taken on board, the more likely we are to be able to sit back and enjoy our glass of wine to the fullest!

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