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interview Don Jeanes

We have been doing a lot of crushin’ here lately at Imperfect Women and Don Jeanes is certainly worthy of our attention! You know him as the “Budweiser Cowboy” that starred in the mega hit Super Bowl commercial, “Brotherhood.” Don has had a very busy year so far but he took a few minutes to answer a few questions and discuss his latest projects.

Imperfect Women: What were you doing when the Budweiser commercial you starred in, “Brotherhood”, first aired during the 2013 Super Bowl? Did you ever expect it get as big as a reaction as it did that day and continues to do so?

Don Jeanes: I was watching the Super Bowl with some friends of course, ha ha. I did have an inkling that it would be well received because it was released on YouTube prior to the Super Bowl but had no idea it would be rated the number one commercial. The craziest thing was my phone, it looked like it was alive with all the congrats I received via text and social media. Seeing the commercial during the Super Bowl was a really great moment.

Imperfect Women: Has your life changed since the commercial was first aired and if so, how? Do people recognize you when you are out and about in your daily life now?

Don Jeanes: I really don’t know if my life has changed, to be honest. I’m still auditioning and working on my craft. People do recognize me but they can’t place me. They think they’ve met me before or I’m their friend’s cousin. A lot of people will look at me, then look away, then back, and then look away again with a puzzled face. I like to give them a wink.

Imperfect Women: I have read where you were raised on a ranch in Texas. You must have felt at home filming this commercial. How do the Clydesdales compare to the horses you grew up working with?

Don Jeanes: I was raised on a ranch and you are very correct, it was just another day working with big animals in that respect. Though, I will say that those Clydesdales are some of the prettiest horses I’ve seen up close- majestic. We just have quarter horses on our ranch. Their job is to work cows and that’s it. They are great horses but they don’t do any tricks. The difference is that the Clydesdales we used belong to Budweiser, and all they do are shows and tricks. It was amazing at how fast they learned the different commands.

Imperfect Women: How did you get started in acting? Any regrets?

Don Jeanes: That’s a funny story. We had a school play when I was in the first grade and one of the teachers asked who wanted to play the lead. Naturally, being an attention-seeking youngster, I raised my hand and, as they say, the rest is history. In regards to your second question, I will answer it with one of my favorite sayings that is modified from a quote from Mother Teresa, “Yesterday is gone, tomorrow doesn’t exist, all we have is right now.”

Imperfect Women: Can you tell us a little bit about being selected for this particular commercial…what was the process?

Don Jeanes: It was very interesting, actually. The first audition was a normal audition, playing the emotion and acting out the moments. But in the callback, we actually had to interact with an Irish Draft Horse at a stable in Thousand Oaks, CA in front of the director Jake Scott. I thought we would be interacting with horses since the callback was at a stable, but he actually had us act out most of the sequences with the horses. I might add that Jake grew up around horses as well, so he knows his stuff, not to mention he is also a really friendly great guy.

Imperfect Women: I know that the Clydesdales in the commercial were shown a lot of love on the different social media sites by women across the United States. How about you? I saw an interview that you are a bachelor, has this opened up doors for you in your love life?

Don Jeanes: Ha, ha, ha, oh you girls! You are correct. I’ve had a huge outpouring of, let’s say, “support” from female equine enthusiasts which is very appreciated, and I am open to finding a special lady, but at this point I am still a bachelor.

Imperfect Women: Do you think there will be a sequel to this commercial or perhaps a movie for television?

Don Jeanes: I haven’t heard anything about in the works but who knows….

Imperfect Women: Fill us in on what is going on in your professional life since the commercial first aired…what is next for you?

Don Jeanes: Well, directly after Budweiser, I filmed two more commercials. The first was for KIA which has yet to air and the second is a Baccardi Cuba Libre commercial that is currently running. I must have done something right on the set of Budweiser because the exact same director and crew cast me for Baccardi, and before I knew it I was on a plane to Uruguay, off to film again. I can’t say enough nice things about Jake Scott and RSA (the production company). They are one of the most proficient, nicest crews I’ve ever worked with. I got to work with horses again, as well, and it was a dream.

I also have a short film Acaso in post production, geared mainly for film festivals, as well as a feature-length horror film, Dark Amazon, to be released in the fall at the Brazillian LA Film Festival, after which you might be able to catch it on Netflix, Redbox, or the Sci fi channel. Dark Amazon is a supernatural horror film that was filmed in the heart of the Amazon.

Pam Buttikofer is a co-founder of Imperfect Women.

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