Dance Moms: These girls can dance!

By Deborah

Lifetime’s Dance Moms has caught my attention and it holds my Tuesday nights captive.  I just recently started watching and now I’m almost at the end of season 3. I’ll have to admit it took me a while to check it out.

For some reason, I thought it was a Toddlers & Tiaras-type show but man, oh man, was I ever wrong. Lifetime’s giving us some real talent! It’s based in Pittsburgh, PA at the Abby Lee Miller Dance Studio. For the most part it’s based around the Dance Moms’ drama but it’s the Dance Girls who steal the show. During the last 15 minutes or so, we see the girls perform their numbers at that week’s competition.

Dance Moms:
Melissa Ziegler-Gisoni, Maddie & Mackenzie’s mother
Kelly Hyland – Brook & Paige’s mother
Christi Lukasiak – Chloe’s mother
Holly Frazier – Nia’s mother

Abby Lee is a fantastic choreographer/instructor who is passionate about her work. I really like her, but when she loses her temper her behavior can be shocking.

I really like all the Dance Moms but sometimes they act silly and sometimes even crude. (Except for Nia’s mom Holly, I’ve never seen her be crude.) Like all good reality shows there is conflict with the Dance Moms.  The biggest gripe is that Abby favors Dance Girl Maddie and gives her the best choreographed pieces. She also gives Maddie more private lessons. Moms Kelly and Christi want Melissa (Maddie’s mom) to tell Abby that it’s not fair to the other girls.  But let’s face it moms, how many of us would tell our child’s teacher,who we are paying,  to stop giving our child the attention that’s helping her reach her full potential? I do understand how the moms feel, though, and in the last few episodes Addy has stepped up and put more energy into Nia and Chloe and the payoff  is  very apparent to everyone, Abby included.

Now for the Dance Girls. All the adults could learn a thing or two from these girls. I’ve never seen a group of girls more supportive of each other. If one hurts, they all comfort her. For instance, in an earlier episode, Mom Kelly took it upon herself to make changes to the dance number Abby Lee choreographed for her daughter Paige’s solo. Paige ended up placing in the competition and Abby didn’t come down too hard on Kelly & Paige at the time, but in the next week’s episode Abby came unglued. Abby told mom Kelly she was teaching her daughter (Paige) to be a sneak. Paige ran out of the room crying. All the girls ran after Paige and wrapped their arms around her. They cheer each other on even when they’re competing against each other.

Did I fail to mention the most important part?  THESE GIRLS CAN DANCE!

What are your thoughts? Have you watched the show?


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