Cool Things I Just Might Want For Christmas

Christmas list ideas

What??!!?? Christmas? “Um, Pam,” you say, “do you know it is only September?”

Yes, yes I do. Every year December 22nd or 23rd rolls around and my husband will ask that question that stops me dead in my tracks and makes my mind secretly shudder. “What do you want for Christmas?” Jeff will ask.  And every year I will look at him and say with a smile on my face, “Seriously, you haven’t gotten me anything yet?”

Then I close my eyes and take a big deep breath, and after my mind makes a quick recovery, it takes me back to the year when he gave me 6 different calendars all with multiple pictures of dogs that he thought looked like our own beloved pets. I mean, how many calendars does one person need? And really, I think I kind of already know what our pets look like. I am a fairly organized person who is always on time and never misses appointments so I didn’t quite get the message he was trying to deliver that year.

Then there was the year that I received no less than twenty different Green Bay Packer items. Hey, I love the Packers but do I really need a Packer shot glass, considering I don’t drink?  Or a Packer winter scarf, gloves, and stocking cap considering I live in sunny Southern California?

Of course every Christmas is not complete until I am gifted that electronic item such as a Garmin, Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, stereo speakers, TVs or whatever the latest electronics devices are that Jeff’s my heart desires. Jeff is the most excited about those gifts. He helps me unwrap them and he takes them into the family room and sets them up and tries them out with great delight. Somehow they just never seem to make it back into my everyday life. The year Jeff I received the Garmin was the funniest. I opened it, looked at it and looked at him. Before I could say anything, he said “I thought you could use it for work.” I said, “Yes, I sure can. I wouldn’t want to get lost during that 5 min drive.”

In fairness to Jeff, he has actually purchased some really cool things for me in the past. One year I received a cruise to Alaska for two. I decided I better take Jeff along. Another year I had one of those “commercial” moments when I walked outside to a brand new Dodge Durango with the big red ribbon on it.

Jeff really is a pretty good guy and like most of you, I really don’t care what I get for Christmas. I just love being with my family and appreciate the gifts I do receive. However, this year I decided I would prepare ahead just a little bit and share with you (and hopefully Jeff will be reading and paying attention) a few cool things I just might want for Christmas this year.  A stitch in time might just save Pam from getting nine of something this year. ;)

Pam’s Wish List For Christmas 2013

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? Diamond necklace

I found a beautiful diamond necklace that I think would look lovely whether wearing it to a casual or elegant affair. Believe it or not I have never had the desire before to have a piece of jewelry quite this nice but I think I am in that place in my life where I would wear and appreciate this gem.  Bonus point…I don’t think Jeff will go near it!


The simple things that help us with our day.

I saw these in a magazine and fell in love with them. I think they would be a big plus in the kitchen and since I started out with a bang regarding my first wish list item, I need to reign it in a little with the rest of my items.

Chef’n Sleekstor Pinch And Pour Prep Bowls

  • Set of four innovative prep bowls
  • Pinch bowls to create pour spouts
  • Clearly marked measurements for cooking or baking; great for snacks and portion control
  • Nesting design for minimal storage
  • Rubber anti-slip base; bowls are top-rack dishwasher safe

Available on Amazon for around $14

The need to feel organized.

GetaGrip Initials Inc I am a firm believer that a woman can never have too many bags, so I was thrilled when my friend introduced me to a unique up-and-coming company called Initials, Inc.  Their products are really fabulous and they personalize almost everything. The personalization is always free!

There are quite a few products that I would consider ordering from this company, but I think top on my list is a bag that will help me feel organized in my day to day life. It is called Get a Grip and retails for $30. The bag appears to have a large area of storage space on the inside and 9 pockets on the outside. An organized woman’s dream! Right now they have six pretty fall colors available!

Well there you have it. Three things that would excite me if I found them under my Christmas tree this December. How about you? Do you have anything on your list yet?

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