Just Like Walking Barefoot ~Vivobarefoot Shoes

Vivobarefoot review 1

Disclaimer: The reviewer received this product for free to review. The opinions in the review are honest and her own. I was recently invited to try out the “pure barefoot technology” of a pair of VIVOBAREFOOT running shoes. The idea behind barefoot technology is that it mimics the most natural way to walk or run. The human foot is already well-designed to absorb shock. The … [Read more...]

Pre-Wedding Skin Indulging

Pre-Wedding Skin Indulging

  Wedding preparations are stressful, period. When you are the future bride, you’re supposed to look all radiant and glowy, share smiles with everyone around you and keep it all together like a classy lady. Yeah, right! You have a ton of things to do, your mother-in-law doesn’t agree with your choice of wedding colors, and you have the worst skin breakout in … [Read more...]

ProMaker X-Pro Tights Review


This Australian company has created a phenomenal product that will be your absolute go to for workout pants. Kari received this product for free to review. The opinions in this review are honest and her own. Why Didn’t I Think of This?? Ever had a moment where you were discouraged with something or thought “there has to be something better?” Lo and behold, the … [Read more...]

Orange You Glad It Is Summer!

orange party wear

  It is officially the first day of summer and we couldn't be happier after a long, cold winter.  The sunscreen and shorts have been in good use for several weeks now and it is time to entertain and party. Orange might be the new Black but it is also one of our favorite colors to use when we are entertaining  for summer. It is known as a power color and also is noted … [Read more...]

Put On Your Little Black Dress

Audrey Hepburn’s LBD

By Avery Flynn Throw open the doors to your closet and what do you find? Jewel tones? Pastels? Neutrals in every shade of taupe and gray? Patterns that are bright enough to give Betsey Johnson an epileptic seizure? What ever your style...there is one piece every closet needs: A little black dress. Picture your ideal LBD, what’s it like? If you’re like me it looks like … [Read more...]

My Beauty Secret To Healthy Hair, Skin, and Nails

My Beauty Secret To Healthy Hair, Skin, and Nails

  While showering is an important and relaxing daily ritual to help remove dirt and sweat, there is a small and dangerous secret lurking within the walls of your shower. Depending on where you live in the United States, you could be exposed to chlorine. While some water municipalities and districts use small amounts of chlorine to kill harmful bacteria, daily exposure … [Read more...]

“The Breakup” – Don’t Let Fashion Go To Waste!

H&M Garment Collecting Initiative

This is a sponsored post. Spring is most definitely here and with that this season brings longer days, rising temperatures, and the rebirth and rejuvenation of life in the Northern Hemisphere. For many of us, the wonderful spring weather motivates us to clean out the stale energy from our lives that has built up over the winter months. That may quite literally mean cleaning … [Read more...]

Easy Wardrobes for Working Women

Woman getting dressed

I have been working for over thirty years and I have noticed that many women do not know how to have a working wardrobe. There are three types of women in the work world. One group of women wears the same outfits every week over and over again that they bought as a set from the department store. The second set of women look like they are wearing the first thing that they … [Read more...]

How to Communicate with Your Stylist to Get the Look You Want

Brown Hair. The Hairdresser doing Hairstyle in Hair Salon.

By Beth Yarnall They say the difference between a bad haircut and a good one is six weeks (that’s how long it takes for hair to grow out). But six weeks is a loooong time to deal with hair that just won’t do what you want it to or that looks flat out awful. Hair is an accessory you wear everyday. It has to look good. I’ve known clients to forego paying their rent to get … [Read more...]

Bold Spring Dress Trends You Need In Your Closet


Spring is almost here! With spring comes the promise of warm weather, fresh flowers, and our favorite…a new spring wardrobe! We are most looking forward to trying some new spring dress styles out. From interesting materials to exciting new colors, the trends this year are bright, beautiful, and bold! Here are the best, bold spring dress trends you need in your closet. 1. … [Read more...]