Beyond the Vegas Cliché: How to Have a Unique Las Vegas Wedding

wedding car decorations in Las Vegas

Wedding Over the years, it’s become a cliché that people go to Las Vegas for a quickie wedding. When people think of a Vegas wedding, they think of a wedding chapel with an Elvis impersonator officiating the ceremony, or the even quicker version of a drive-thru wedding. Las Vegas weddings have always been unique compared to weddings in any other location, but now you can … [Read more...]

My Mother’s Hands

Holding Hands with Elderly Patient

By Anya   “It is true we can seldom help those closest to us. Either we don’t know what part of ourselves to give or more often than not, the part we have to give is not wanted. And so it is those we live with and should know who elude us, but we can still love them. We can love completely, without complete understanding.” Rev. Maclean – “River Runs Through It” One of … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Activities On a Budget

Breakfast in bed3

Mother’s Day is a time when we reflect on what our mothers mean to us. For those of us whose mothers are still with us on this earthly plain, we celebrate the day with fun activities for the whole family. It is also a time when people whose mothers have left us, reflect and remember the times that they were here with us. Here is a list of some Mother’s Day activities that will … [Read more...]

Falling for the Person You Least Expect

Opposites attract

By Susan Meier My husband and I are opposites. When we got together, no one was more surprised than we were. My father used to say that it took opposites to make a good marriage. People who could counteract each other…or balance each other. My husband and I certainly fit the bill! But though Finn and Ellie from Her Summer With The Marine believe they should be the last … [Read more...]

Saying No

saying no

By Rebecca Yarros “Sure, I have time to take that on,” I say.  Oh, I’m such a liar.  How often as women do we say that?  There’s always something that needs to be done: a committee needs chairing, a new project at work, cupcakes made for school.  One little thing may not matter, but little things add up.  That’s how I ended up co-leading the wives group of our army unit, … [Read more...]

Ever Changing Life

Changing Life

As women today we find ourselves in a lot of different roles. Some of us may remember when women were only expected to play certain roles in life such as mother and housewife. Most though do not even have a recollection of those days. I lived on the fringes of these times and I have experienced both in my lifetime. I watched my own mother in those roles and I was convinced that … [Read more...]

Avoiding the Comparison Trap

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By Katie Bulmer So there's this thing...this ugly, strangling, ever-present annoyance that just won't leave me alone, it's called comparison. I've read the books, shared the quotes, heck even written the blogs about how to stop comparing myself to others. But no matter what I do I just can't become immune to comparing myself to other women. I don't think I'm alone in … [Read more...]

Do You Still Believe In Marriage?

Do you still believe in marriage Slider

This post is part of the Happy Wives Club Blog Tour which we are delighted to be a part of along with hundreds of inspiring bloggers. To learn more and join us, CLICK HERE! By Ann Do I "still" believe in marriage? Of course! I had no idea this was even a question until I found an article online called "New Year's resolutions: The Pope Francis list". Midway through the … [Read more...]

The Power of First Loves

The Power of First Loves

Hands up who has a bad first love story..... Oh, I see there are a few of us. {:o) First loves have a bum rap really, don’t they? We all know that absolutely insane feeling of falling in love for the first time, the racing heart, the weak knees.... and the gut wrenching pain when it’s all over. You think it’s going to last forever doesn’t. I fell for my first … [Read more...]

5 Things Your Boyfriend Could Buy You For Christmas

Christmas boyfriend

1.    A little black dress. A little black dress is one of the most perfect gifts a woman could ask her boyfriend to give her for Christmas. What makes this so perfect is that they are easy to find, can be worn pretty much anywhere, and fall into a wide range of styles and prices. This is a safe gift to ask for no matter what stage you are in in your relationship. If your … [Read more...]