Couples Therapy Season Four: Halfway to Nowhere

couples therapy (2)

Have you been watching VH1’s “Couples Therapy” this season? Come on, fess up! It’s not as embarrassing as watching TLC’s “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.” Well, that is actually up for debate. While Boo Boo and family are a little fixated on discussing bodily functions in front of millions of people, Jon Gosselin and his latest girlfriend, Liz Jannetta regale viewers with frank talk … [Read more...]

VH1’s Couples Therapy 2014 – Let’s Get Wasted!

couples therapy (2)

Couples Therapy, Episode Two: Let’s Get Wasted Hello to all reality TV show watching aficionados. It’s time to recap another show that is so bad, it’s (sorta) good – VH1’s “Couples Therapy.” I missed the first episode, so I spent most of episode two (when I wasn’t staring at Kelsey’s hair or muting Farrah) looking up cast bios to get acquainted with the BIG stars who have … [Read more...]

Sister Wives – Are We Having Fun Yet?

sister wives the Kody Brown Family

TV's favorite polygamists are back for another season! The season opener of Sister Wives started with “Mother-In-Law Invasion”. A more accurate title could have been “Are We Having Fun Yet?” It's hard to believe it's been three years since we first had a glimpse into the Brown household. I must admit, I like this family. I like the various wives - even the bitchy ones. I … [Read more...]

Jon Gosselin, Cabin Dweller & Train Wreck

Jon Gosselin

We feel like we are rubber-necking past a train wreck somewhere in Berks County, PA. When we see an article titled, Jon Gosselin in the Wilderness we cringe, but we can't tear ourselves away. Jon Gosselin, Ordinary Guy, is giving yet ANOTHER interview to assure us that he values privacy above everything else. He just wants a normal life! A normal life giving interviews! Will we … [Read more...]

Kate Gosselin Says The Kids Are Doing Great

kate gosselin

Kate Gosselin took to her blog last night to respond to her former husband's allegations that the kids are developmentally delayed and have issues with morals and manners. She said she did so not only to set the record straight, but so if her children ever see Jon's interview she can also direct them to her words and show that she defended them. Sunday Night Jon Gosselin … [Read more...]

Where in the World is Jon Gosselin?

jon gosselin appears on "Where Are They Now" OWN

If you are a watcher of these things (and like me you'd never admit it), you might just know that Jon Gosselin continued his “I'm living in a cabin in the woods” tour on Oprah's Where Are They Now. Now don't get all excited. This wasn't a nice sit down with the queen of talk herself. The format of the show runs like this: Oprah does a little intro to the segment (or a stand-up … [Read more...]

Gosselin Vs. Gosselin (Plus Hoffman Plus 20!)

Kate Gosselin sues Jon Gosselin

Kate Gosselin filed a lawsuit today against her former husband Jon Gosselin and Robert Hoffman, the author of a book that was pulled from two days after it was released a year ago this month. Announced on, the filing names Jon, Hoffman, and 20 unnamed “John and Jane Does” alleging they accessed confidential info from Kate's cell phone, emails, … [Read more...]

Jon & Kate Plus 8 – Back to “Normal”


There is no doubt about it, when it comes to Reality TV, Jon and Kate Gosselin and their family, were pioneers charting unknown waters. Their TV series, Jon & Kate Plus 8 and then Kate Plus 8 (minus Jon, post-divorce), gave America insight into what it was like to parent 6 toddlers and preschool twins. Along with the chaos and joys we expected to see with so many babies … [Read more...]

HBO Wraps Up Summer Documentary Series With “Americans In Bed”


  Americans in Bed, the last of HBO's summer documentary film series, is basically pillow talk from 10 very diverse couples. From the privacy of their own bedrooms, ten couples offer frank, funny and often surprising insights into love, sex and marriage. The couples represent a rich cross-section of ages, ethnicities, religions and sexual orientations. The United … [Read more...]

Big Brother and Other Reality TV Musings

Big Brother 15

By Jennie One of the main things I like about reality television, a much maligned genre, is that you get to see real people in real situations. Yes, yes, I know - scenes are staged and people act up to/for the cameras, and don't even get me started on the manipulative editing, etc. I know it's not "really real." Real reality would undoubtedly be too boring for anyone to want … [Read more...]