Jennifer’s Very Public Revenge


There is a digital billboard that has turned quite a few heads in Greensboro, N.C. the last two days and grabbed national media attention. The jury is still out though on whether this billboard is truly due to a woman scorned or just a clever marketing ploy. The message on the billboard reads: “Michael, GPS Tracker – $250, Nikon Camera with zoom lens – $1600, Catching my … [Read more...]

Interesting Stuff I Found on the Internet – Volume 5


Can you believe it? It's almost time for that Jolly Ol' Elf to make his appearance! In between wrapping presents, baking cookies and cleaning house we had a little down time to look around the internet and find some really cool stuff! Ho ho ho! Have you wrapped your gifts yet? Here's a great little printable gift tag that caught my eye. Cute and simple and your gifts will … [Read more...]

Interesting Stuff We Found on the Internet, Volume 4


Hold on to your hats ladies, it's time once again for "Interesting Stuff We Found on the Internet!" Y'all have gotta love Youtube! Just a few minutes surfing around and you will see some of the funniest, most creative, and talented people you will ever see. Take a wrong click and you'll also see some of the strangest, weirdest, most untalented people ever, but we'll save … [Read more...]

Interesting Stuff We Found on the Internet, Volume 3


Whoa! Here we go again! It's time for Imperfect Women's whirlwind trip around the Internet! It's our weekly column where we share cool stuff we've found on the World Wide Web! Hold on to your hats and be prepare to be amazed with this 4 year old's piano playing abilities! It's amazing to me how some children just seem to be born with extraordinary gifts. Unless you … [Read more...]

Interesting Stuff We Found on the Internet, Volume 2


  Here we go again!  It's time  for a  journey around the internet!  It's the weekly  column where we here at Imperfect Women show you the interesting stuff we have found while looking around on the World Wide Web!  From Youtube videos to fun stuff on Facebook, we got it all! Let's get started!  This one is from the “Oh That's Gotta Hurt” and “Don't Quit Your Day … [Read more...]

Interesting Stuff We Found On The Internet


The internet is full of wild and wonderful stuff!  Here at Imperfect Women, we can't count the number of times we've said, "What did we do before the Internet?"  In that spirit, we've decided to start a weekly column to share, with you, our faithful readers, the interesting stuff we've found!   We'll feature everything from educational videos to items from the "it can't be … [Read more...]

10 of the Strangest Things Found in Storage Spaces

storage spaces

Self storage units are used by people from all walks of life, from average families to the neighborhood eccentric to some of the world's most famous celebrities. Have you ever wondered what treasures may lie behind the metal doors? Here are some of the strangest things ever found in self storage spaces: 1. Grandma's body. While most of us would never dream of stashing a … [Read more...]

Crazy Japanese Trends – Hard to Resist?


The Japanese seem to have everything on trend. Whilst some fads take a strong hold on society, others fail to become incorporated into mainstream culture. Whether it is fashion, technology or crazy fads, the Asians are the first to try anything, and I mean….anything! So it is no surprise that the Japanese are the ones to start the act of ‘door knob licking’. Yes, you read it … [Read more...]

99 Year Old Man Files For Divorce Over A 70 Year Old Affair

Celebrity Divorces of 2011

By Pam Just before Christmas an Italian man known only as Antonio C found out his wife of 77 years had an affair back in the 1940's.  Antonio is 99 years young and upon learning of this affair immediately confronted his 96 year old wife, Rosa, and then filed for a divorce, the London’s Daily Telegraph reported. According to court documents, Rosa had exchanged love letters … [Read more...]

Try “Droppin’ of the Carp” to Bring in the New Year


By Pam I recently read an article about the 10 best cities to celebrate New Year's Eve in. Of course there were the usual suspects- New York, Las Vegas, Paris, Tokyo and so on.  I have just one word to say to all of that. BORING! If you're looking for a non-traditional way to ring in the New Year, I am going to share a well-kept secret of where a great time can be had. … [Read more...]