Is Your Password Obsolete?

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2012 was the year the password broke. With leaks and dumps becoming all too common, a string of characters can't protect you anymore. Please enjoy this infographic that put together. A few points from this inforgraphic: How do hackers get your data? The common weakness is the Password. Password and cookies are no longer enough to keep us safe on … [Read more...]

4G LTE – The New Era of Mobile Technology


There has been a lot of talk with regards to the known successor to 3G technology. 4G LTE is a wireless communication technology that is mobile and is the natural successor to 3G mobile networks. This kind of technology allows people to access the Internet using their mobile phones through speeds that are almost the same as the home broadband connections. Many people also dub … [Read more...]

Google’s Broadband Service Released in Kansas City


Google, the most recognizable search engine, has just released Google Fiber, and Kansas City residents are the first to experience the advantage of its lightning speed Internet and TV service. The product has been under construction for almost 2 years and claims to provide connection speeds at 1,000Mb per second, more than doubling that of its competitor, Verizon. Google hopes … [Read more...]

Facebook’s Second Quarter Results Disappoint Investors

Facebook's Second Quarter Results Disappoint Investors

On Thursday, Facebook shared its most recent financial report with investors, the first such information since the company went public. And the response wasn't good. CEO Mark Zuckerberg continued to speak of the company's growth potential, but based on the market reaction, investors aren't buying. Just before 11AM this morning, Facebook stock was down a full 14%, to a new low … [Read more...]

Social Media for Business Starts to Evolve

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It wasn't that long ago (not that long ago at all) that serious-minded business people would hear the word "social media" and associate it with "the things that the young people do to pass the time". However, studies are starting to reflect the fact that it's also a highly-viable way for people to make money too. So, more businesses are accepting the fact that Facebook is not … [Read more...]

Twitter Tries to Curb Hate Speech


By Jennie Twitter's CEO has announced plans to implement measures to curb hateful speech on the popular social-networking site. In an interview with the Financial Times, CEO Dick Costolo talked about how to eliminate trolls while allowing as much free expression as possible. Hiding replies from users whose profiles do not contain a bio or picture and who do not have any … [Read more...]

Facebook Buys Facial Recognition Software Firm


Facebook has become increasingly aggressive in their acquisition of technology companies that expand their offerings. They recently spent $1 billion to acquire Instagram, joining that industry-leading photography application with their massive social network. Photos are clearly a huge part of Facebook, and their ability to analyze those photographs is about to expand massively … [Read more...]

New Discount Program for Apple Employees


It seems like a no-brainer that Apple would want its employees to be able to purchase the products that they sell to customers every day. In January, they made it even easier for their loyal employees to do just that by launching a new program to help their employees save even more on computers and iPads. Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, announced the new program which offers employees … [Read more...]

Microsoft to Release Tablet to Compete With iPad


Microsoft is one of the largest, most successful computing companies in the world. However, they've been slowly but surely losing their market share to Apple, and its industry-leading product line. Millions of people use Microsoft releases each and every day, but with every iPhone, MacBook and iPad purchase, more and more consumers pledge their allegiance to Apple hardware and … [Read more...]

Apple Siri “Eyes Free” System Coming to a Car Near You

apple eyes free

Forget about hands-free driving. It appears the wave of the future includes using your navigation, making calls, and even doing online searches and checking your Facebook status without ever having to take your eyes off the road. And it seems that the latest and greatest tech in the car world comes courtesy of Apple's Siri software. iPhone 4S users will already be familiar with … [Read more...]