Signs Your Child Is Being Bullied Online

online bullying

Image courtesy of: saadandalib via Flickr Playground monitors used to be the ones to break up fights caused by bullies, but that was before the bullies got off the monkey bars and went online. Look for these five signs that might indicate a child is being bullied online. Social withdrawal According to the anti-bullying site, 43 percent of children have … [Read more...]

Chris Christie – The Weighty Subject He Can’t Escape

Governor Christie and Lt. Governor Guadagno Attend NJ Conference

By Anya New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is one very popular politician. In fact, he may well be one of the few politicians these days that is generally well-liked by a majority of the populace: liberal, conservative and independents alike. His approval numbers in his home state of New Jersey are amazing - 90% of Republicans approve of the job he is doing and (shocker!) … [Read more...]

Does Calorie Labeling Change Your Food Choices In Restaurants?


Across the country it's becoming the norm. Calorie labeling at restaurants and fast food joints. Between the federal and state laws, it's becoming impossible to deny that your favorite fast food burger has 1000 calories and probably isn't the best food choice.  And that's what those laws are designed to do - help the masses make better food choices. But didn't we already know … [Read more...]

Can Tablets Take the Place of Teachers?

education,tablets,children reading

If children can learn to read, they can read to learn. That's the philosophy behind an experiment to find out if illiterate children can learn to read on their own with the help of a tablet. Please have a look at how tablets may replace teachers (in some instances). Thank you to BachelorsDegreeOnline for providing this infographic. What are your thoughts? … [Read more...]

Too Skinny Minnie


By Anya Minnie Mouse, beloved Disney cartoon character and perennial girlfriend of Mickey (going on 80 plus years!) has been put on a severe diet. If you are like me, you probably haven't given much thought to Minnie's size before. She has always appeared to be perfectly proportioned for a cartoon mouse, in my humble opinion. Apparently, she wasn't proportioned in quite … [Read more...]

Kate Middleton to Sue Over Topless Photos


Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, aka Kate Middleton, is mad as hell, and she is not going to take it any more. Well, to be honest, I have no idea if she is mad as hell; I can only imagine she is, but it's clear she is not going to take it anymore! In news more shocking than the actual topless photos that a French magazine published of Catherine today, St James Palace has … [Read more...]

Protestors Rally Against Obama’s Birth Control Mandate

birth control

Protestors collected on Capitol Hill, and all over the country, earlier this week to unite against one thing: President Obama's proposed mandate that private health insurance policies must provide coverage for birth control. The protestors, apparently completely unaware of the many uses of birth control aside from contraception, believe the policy violates religious … [Read more...]

Mittens Takes a Mate: Handicapping Romney’s VP Field

NJ-Gov.-Chris-Christie -

By Jennie I know we’re all sad that I didn’t get my act together in time to include the late, great Rick Santorum in my rundown of Republican presidential candidates; it truly was a missed opportunity. Sure, we all knew about Santorum’s weird focuses on gay sex and bestiality and all that, but did you know that while in the Senate, Santorum managed to squeeze $72,000 out of … [Read more...]

It’s Time to Take The Mom Pledge

Take the Pledge

By Ann Almost three years ago we launched Imperfect Women to provide other women with a safe place to discuss motherhood, politics, and life experiences in an atmosphere of mutual respect. We wanted to build a community of women who, despite a diversity of opinion and backgrounds, would build up other women, rather than tearing them down. Our motto, Imperfections Welcome, … [Read more...]

Wake up Conservatives, Rush Limbaugh is Hurting Your Cause


By Anya "Slut." It's just one of those words that make women flinch when they hear it. It sits aside "fat", "ugly", "bad mother" and a few other vicious words and phrases that are routinely hurled at woman in an attempt to shut them up and shut them down. Sadly, it often does. Rush Limbaugh, the 61-year-old immensely popular conservative radio talk show host had this to … [Read more...]