Give the Gift of Hope to Families in Need this Holiday Season


The holiday season is a great time not just for exchanging gifts with friends and family, but also for giving support to worthwhile causes and charities and in doing so remember those who are in need. Giving back at the end of the year is a wonderful way to acknowledge our blessings and to try to pass them on in some small way. We recently had the opportunity to speak to Cindy … [Read more...]

“The Breakup” – Don’t Let Fashion Go To Waste!

H&M Garment Collecting Initiative

This is a sponsored post. Spring is most definitely here and with that this season brings longer days, rising temperatures, and the rebirth and rejuvenation of life in the Northern Hemisphere. For many of us, the wonderful spring weather motivates us to clean out the stale energy from our lives that has built up over the winter months. That may quite literally mean cleaning … [Read more...]

Five Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day 2014

International Women’s Day 2014

By Anya On March 8th, International Women’s Day will be celebrated across the world. The origin of this day is quite interesting. The idea actually took root at a women’s conference held in Copenhagen in 1910 and sponsored by (gasp!) -- Socialists. Now, I realize in 2014, there might be a mixed reaction to the idea that Socialists were behind the founding of this … [Read more...]

Tips for Surviving Without Power

ice storm

By Ann As the Northeast prepares for the snow and ice that have devastated the South this week, we thought we'd share our tips for surviving those few days without power. Feel free to add your tips for staying warm in sub-zero temperatures. We know our readers in the Midwest are experts at facing weeks of wind chills below zero. Get cash and split it up among family … [Read more...]

Victoria Woodhull: Super-Woman of the 19th Century

Victoria Woodhull

By Elisa Korenne When Hillary Clinton ran for president in 2008, I was under the mistaken impression that she was the first female contender for America's highest office.  Little did I know that the first woman to run for president--Victoria Woodhull--had actually preceded Hillary by 136 years. Victoria Woodhull was ahead of her time in many, many ways. I often wonder who … [Read more...]

Honoring Our Veterans

Veterans Day

Today, we show respect and gratitude to those who have sacrificed for our freedoms. We honor those who have given of themselves to our Armed Service. Our debt to their call of duty is large. Parades have been taking place and many businesses are offering special deals to our deserving vets. Here in my hometown, our library held an event that assisted families in writing letters … [Read more...]

USO: Every Moment Counts

EMC slider 2

Veteran's Day weekend is upon us and this is a good opportunity to tell you about USO’s new campaign - Every Moment Counts. This weekend the USO is inviting Americans to visit to learn how they can take a moment to say thanks to our troops and give a moment to support them and their families. There are many moments that we take for granted that are moments … [Read more...]

She’s Back. Rielle Hunter Says She’s Sorry.


By Jennie Everyone's favorite clueless narcissist is back! Yes, like that orangish-pink mold in the bathroom that you just can't quite get rid of, Rielle Hunter has returned. She made news last week with her Huffington Post piece, in which she admitted what everyone figured out years ago: she’s a trifling ho, she was wrong to have an affair with a married man whose wife was … [Read more...]

New Hampshire School Bans Fun (Well, Practically)

slider image school bans tag

New Hampshire School Bans Fun (Well, Practically) By Jennie I'm not usually one to get outraged over stories of public school officials' silliness - suspending kids over plastic knives or banning hugs; that sort of thing. I understand that these officials are sometimes guilty of an excess of caution out of fear that something will go wrong and they'll get blamed (an all … [Read more...]

Poison Pen Letter Sent to Autistic Boy’s Grandmother

letter 2

By Jennie An anonymous letter slipped under the door of the grandmother of a 13-year-old autistic boy in Ontario, Canada has ignited an internet firestorm. The letter, breathtaking in its cruelty and inhumanity, reads: “To the lady living at this address: I also live in this neighborhood and have a problem!!! You have a kid that is mentally handicapped and you … [Read more...]