Our World Before Birth


The evolution of our understanding the development of the baby prior to birth is a fascinating and ongoing story in obstetrics. It is fair to say that during the first half of the 20th century, the general consensus was that the pregnant uterus was protective and inviolable. What we knew about the fetus was minimal and much of it was wrong. The advent of the amniocentesis in … [Read more...]

The Adoption Option


Most people know someone who was adopted--someone who has enjoyed a great life filled with opportunities. And, someone who is grateful to their biological parents for choosing what they believed was best for their baby. Still, it is not an easy choice. If you have recently discovered that you are pregnant and are not sure if you are ready for motherhood, there are a few … [Read more...]

Virginia’s Score

Apgar score

By Silvio Aladjem MD Prenatal Care was nonexistent at the dawn of the 20th century. The first clinics for prenatal care were opened in Boston in 1900. A few nurses and doctors thought it would be a good idea to see pregnant patients throughout pregnancy. The hope was to be able to detect a rise in blood pressure and make an early diagnosis of toxemia, now known as … [Read more...]

7 Outdoor Activities Your Nanny Can Encourage

kid Kite flying

Wishing your nanny would spend more time doing outdoor activities with the kids? Encourage your nanny to try some of these favorites next time she’s in charge: 1. Go for a Picnic – Ask her to pack a picnic lunch and find a special outdoor location to enjoy a meal together with the kids. She can bring along a Frisbee or ball and enjoy playing around a bit too. Encourage them … [Read more...]

Dr. Silvio Aladjem Answers Your Questions ~ June/2014

Dr. Silvio Aladjem answers your questions

The doctor is in! Every month Imperfect Women is partnering with Dr. Silvio Aladjem to bring you a column featuring Dr. Aladjem answering your questions of medical interest related to pregnancy. We are excited to bring you this feature and hope that you are able to benefit from it. Question from S. Y:  I have a chocolate cyst. It is 3 cm. and I want to know if it will … [Read more...]

The Importance of Social Interaction for Your Toddler

The Importance of Social Interaction for Your Toddler

Are you a parent of a young toddler? If the answer is yes, I do hope that you are providing your child with the opportunity of interacting with other toddlers. You may be a parent with more than one child, and that is all great and good, but we are not talking about sibling interaction here. Social interaction is a little different. Social interaction starts from the moment … [Read more...]

Miracle in Australia

Kangaroo care

By Silvio Aladjem MD Not too long ago there was an episode on “Good Morning America” about a woman in Australia who had twins. She delivered at 27 weeks. One of the twins did well from the beginning. The other one was declared dead by her doctor. You may have seen this program. If you did, please bear with me. Immediately after delivery and having been told that one of … [Read more...]

Traveling and Potty Training

Travel and Potty training

During the summer months many families like to go on a vacation. However, for some parents the thought of going on vacation while potty training seems scary. Actually scary enough for them to put it off until potty training is complete. Here are several tips that will help you to cope with traveling and potty training at the same time. Do a Test Run- Practice having your … [Read more...]

So God Made A Mother

Mother's Day

  Dedicated to our Mothers and their Mothers before them.      Full Text Version And on the 6th day, God looked down on Adam in his planned paradise and said, "I need a nurturer." So God made a mother. God said, “I need someone who feels deeply and loves fiercely, whose tears flow just as abundantly as their laughter, whose heart is as … [Read more...]

How’s My Baby?


By Silvio Aladjem MD Every obstetrician, at one time or another, was asked this question. In most circumstances he/she would answer without hesitation: “Looks fine”. At other times, unfortunately, that quick answer was not there. When the answer is not clear cut, one has to ponder which would be the best answer. There are many shades of gray and in those cases where … [Read more...]