15 Halloween/Fall Wreath Tutorials


Fall is such a great time of year! There are so many things to love...the changing leaves, the cool weather, Halloween, and most of all the wonderful fall decor. I absolutely love decorating my home for fall. Even more than for the Christmas holidays. One of the first things I think of when it comes to decorating for this lovely season is hanging our wreath. Did you know … [Read more...]

So God Made A Mother

Mother's Day

  Dedicated to our Mothers and their Mothers before them.      Full Text Version And on the 6th day, God looked down on Adam in his planned paradise and said, "I need a nurturer." So God made a mother. God said, “I need someone who feels deeply and loves fiercely, whose tears flow just as abundantly as their laughter, whose heart is as … [Read more...]

Ways that Housekeeping Can Be a Form of Meditation


By Ashley Hardway For many of us, it can be quite strenuous to care for a child while trying to keep the career in check without someone to lean on. The days can seem to last forever as one problem after another comes across your path. While some have other ideas of relieving the levels of stress throughout any given day, housekeeping can be greatly rewarding as a form of … [Read more...]

Cottonelle More is Better This Holiday Season ~ Plus Giveaway!


This is a sponsored post written by Jennie on behalf of Cottonelle. By Jennie When we were asked by Cottonelle to answer the question "what would you like 25% more of this holiday season?", so many answers came to mind that I felt overwhelmed. Time. Money. Sleep. Eggnog. Fruitcake (shut up, fruitcake is delicious). Motivation. Kittens. (Hey, I love kittens!) Wait, did I … [Read more...]

Deck the Halls with Style!

christmas decorating ideas

By Julie Choquette As a child of the 60’s growing up in the Midwest, I remember taking my pillow and lying underneath our lit Christmas tree to read my book. The smell of balsam, the reflection of the colored Christmas lights on our Shiny Brite ornaments, and the silvery tones of Andy Williams on the record player are some of the dearest memories of my childhood. My passion … [Read more...]

Master Suite Make-over

Middle-Aged House Love

By Julie C. My home is my favorite hobby - or if I’m honest, maybe even obsession. In May 2009 my brand-new husband and I moved into our forever home a month after getting married. He thought the house was nearly perfect ‘as-is’. Silly man. Ask any HGTV-watching, blog-reading woman if their house is perfect “as-is” and they would all agree with me – our spaces are never, ever … [Read more...]

Tips For Creating A Backyard Oasis

Middle-Aged House Love

By Julie C. Four years ago my new husband and I moved into our ‘forever’ house. To this day we still can’t believe we live here, nor can HE believe that we’re still working on projects. He should know by now that we’ll never be done – it’s not just home improvement to me, it’s an obsession. Call us “Middle-Aged House Love” Most of our projects thus far have been inside, … [Read more...]

Everyone Needs A Cotton Candy Machine!

Cotton Candy

By Lily I believe every home should have a cotton candy maker. Yes indeed, a chicken in every pot and also cotton candy on a stick. My 10 year old daughter received hers as the one present she could open on Christmas Eve. This is not the first cotton candy maker for our family. Before shopping on the internet was invented, I spotted one in a mail-order catalogue. Ah, the … [Read more...]

Move Your Way… With Unpakt


  This is a sponsored post for Unpakt.com, a service that you might find yourself in need of one day. Moving can be oh soooo very stressful. Whether you are moving two blocks or thousands of miles away, the steps involved in the adventure are the same. These steps usually include finding a place to live, organizing and packing, the actual move itself, unpacking and … [Read more...]

A Day of Snow Cream & Family Memories

3 gathering the snow - Copy2

By Lily As soon as my brother, sister and I saw the first snowflakes of Winter, we would begin asking; “Can we make snow cream?” My dad always answered the same, “No, not from the first snowfall, you have to wait.” So, on the third or fourth good snowfall, we would get our snow cream. We loved it, gobbled it up and went back for more. My mother would make a big batch for us. … [Read more...]