How to Host a Plant Swap

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Are you ready to get your garden in gear? If so, you might be wondering about how you can score some plants for less. A plant swap is the perfect way to thin out some extra plants you have, while scoring some new ones to enjoy at the same time. If you want to have a plant swap with your friends, here are some tips on how to host a plant swap that you can try! 1. Gather up … [Read more...]

Shakespeare’s Literary Garden

Shakespeare’s Literary Garden

The poems and plays of English author William Shakespeare are some of the most widely read and best loved pieces of literature ever created. They have been enjoyed for hundreds of years and live in on countless new forms; movies, paintings, sculpture, and other artistic works have been created to celebrate the Bard’s literary works. One of the most interesting interpretations … [Read more...]

7 Ways Gardening is Good for Your Health

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Do you enjoy working in the garden? Many people do, as it provides solace from the hustle and bustle of daily life. But did you know that gardening can be great for your health as well? It’s true! Take a look below at 7 ways gardening is good for your health and can help you lead a happier, healthier life! You may never look at gardening the same way again. 1. It tones … [Read more...]

DIY Ladybug Planter Yard Art


Every gardener knows the superstition that seeing a ladybug will bring good luck. It is hardly surprising that these beautiful creatures are so welcome in the landscape: one ladybug will eat thousands of bugs that harm vegetables and flowers. Their stylish coats- bright red wings with distinctive black dots- charm both young and old alike. You don’t have to rely on Mother … [Read more...]

Making The Garden Last All Winter Long

Tomatoes in a jar

By Snickers The summer bounty of vegetables in my garden has started to slow down. In these last weeks the tomatoes have been ripening at a steady rate. So this busy gardener has been canning, freezing, eating, then canning, freezing and eating some more, until I feel like a tomato! I use a variety of ways to preserve the harvest. I generally can or freeze tomatoes. There … [Read more...]

Herbs to Grow for Making Your Own Spice Mixes


Being able to grow the herbs that you can use to create spice mixes is the best way to control the flavor of your dishes. Creating custom spices is the preferred choice for so many cooks, especially when you know what flavors and rubs your family likes that most. Herbs are a huge part of traditional spice mixes, and they can be combined to create customized mixes too. Add … [Read more...]

Freezing the Bounty Of The Sweet Corn Harvest

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"O that fresh sweet corn that the Lord sent down so we know how heaven will be. No grief, no tears, just the young golden ears. Plenty for you and for me." By Snickers If you grew up in the Midwest, you know about the days of putting corn up for the winter months. It's always the dog days of summer when the sweet corn is ready. The temperature outside is usually hot, the … [Read more...]

Growing Clematis in Containers


Growing clematis in containers is possible when you choose the right plant, pot and space to grow it in. When you don’t have the garden space to add these beautiful vines directly in the soil, pots are the next best thing. Several different clematis varieties have now been introduced that were bred specifically for growing in pots, making the job even easier. If you love the … [Read more...]

A Craft Project to Dress Up Your Flower Pots


By Lily Doe If you are looking for a fun and frugal way to dress up your yard, look no further than these bouncy ball mushrooms. With just a few supplies from your dollar store, you can make these whimsical mushrooms perfect for tucking into your flower pots and flower beds. They only take minutes to make, and children will love this craft as will adults. Take a … [Read more...]

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Flowers to Plant

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When it comes to gardening, many people are not born with green thumbs. It takes knowledge and perseverance to have a great looking garden. With some patience and know how you can have a garden that will make your neighbors envious. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when you are buying flowers for your garden. Choosing Flowers in Full Bloom- People often make the … [Read more...]