Ways to Save Money on Back to School Supplies

Back to school supplies

Does the thought of back to school season have you seeing dollar signs? If so, you might be wondering how you can cut some corners and save some cash. Take a look below at 7 ways to save money on back to school supplies and get all of the back to school goodies you need for less! With just a little planning and creativity, you can stock up for the entire year for a fraction of … [Read more...]

Back-To-School Quotes For Inspiration

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Back-to-school is definitely here! You have either already started back or like many, will be returning the day after Labor Day. This time of year can be a hard transition; going from all the freedom and excitement that summer offers you to a structured day of sometimes very mundane activities. However, we all know that school/education sets the foundation for the rest of … [Read more...]

Memories Of A One-Room School

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  "Memory of a One-Room School" was written by Emil Schmit in 1994 and was featured in the University of Wisconsin Extension's Yarns of Yesteryear Contest.  With schools reopening across the country for this school year, we thought this post would fit right in. The door was open and I cautiously looked in - a small 6 year-old farm boy taking his first look at a schoolroom. … [Read more...]

The Top Ten Reasons To Invest In A Higher Education

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If you are at the crossroads of High School and your future, you have probably heard a lot about continuing on to higher education. Maybe you are wondering whether or not it is for you. Perhaps you don’t know if you will be able to afford it. Is it worth the investment? Will it really pay off in the end to spend so much money on college? As you ask yourself these questions, … [Read more...]

What You Need to Know About Special Accommodations On The SAT


When I was in graduate school, I learned exactly how eligibility for accommodations on the SAT is obtained. My advisor not only had taught assessment classes for the past decade, but she also personally reviewed accommodation requests and psychological reports for high school students preparing to take the SAT. She told me what psychologists who are trained in cognitive … [Read more...]

Can Tablets Take the Place of Teachers?

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If children can learn to read, they can read to learn. That's the philosophy behind an experiment to find out if illiterate children can learn to read on their own with the help of a tablet. Please have a look at how tablets may replace teachers (in some instances). Thank you to BachelorsDegreeOnline for providing this infographic. What are your thoughts? … [Read more...]

Save Money By Renting College Books

Book rental

This is a Sponsored Post By Ann It’s no secret that the cost of financing a university education has skyrocketed in the past decade. After figuring out a way to finance tuition, room, and board, students (and their parents) face sticker shock in the college bookstore. My son started college in 2010. We were excited to help him pick up the texts he needed for his first … [Read more...]

Opportunities In Online Education

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This is a Sponsored Post By Jennie Online education has had a somewhat rocky history since its inception shortly after the dawn of the internet. There are those in the education community who’ve said, and still say, that a degree earned online does not have the same worth as one earned in a traditional classroom. Still, the draw of online classes can be powerful: they are … [Read more...]

College Dating: Five Things Every Female Student Should Know

College dating

Dating is an exciting rite of passage that many young females eagerly anticipate. In fact, I'll never forget how ridiculously excited I was in high school when I finally became old enough to start dating. One thing that surprised me after I became a college student, however, was how different dating in high school was from dating in college. It was an entirely new experience … [Read more...]

Chicago Teachers On Strike – Education On Hold


Chicago teachers went on strike Monday for the first time in 25 years. They are in an intense dispute with Rahm Emanuel, the mayor of Chicago. The issues this dispute are centered around are teacher evaluations tied to student test scores, a longer school day, and other education policy changes. Over 29,000 teachers and support staff joined the picket line after union … [Read more...]