Top Entertainment Moments For 2013


As we busied about our lives, what caught our eye and held our attention in 2013? What did you do for fun and entertainment? Many turned their spare time over to crushing candy. Candy Crush Saga was the number one iPhone app and has turned Facebook's Farmville into a fad of the past. According to Time, the number one movie of the year is Gravity, starring Sandra Bullock and … [Read more...]

Jon Gosselin, Cabin Dweller & Train Wreck

Jon Gosselin

We feel like we are rubber-necking past a train wreck somewhere in Berks County, PA. When we see an article titled, Jon Gosselin in the Wilderness we cringe, but we can't tear ourselves away. Jon Gosselin, Ordinary Guy, is giving yet ANOTHER interview to assure us that he values privacy above everything else. He just wants a normal life! A normal life giving interviews! Will we … [Read more...]

Gosselin Vs. Gosselin (Plus Hoffman Plus 20!)

Kate Gosselin sues Jon Gosselin

Kate Gosselin filed a lawsuit today against her former husband Jon Gosselin and Robert Hoffman, the author of a book that was pulled from two days after it was released a year ago this month. Announced on, the filing names Jon, Hoffman, and 20 unnamed “John and Jane Does” alleging they accessed confidential info from Kate's cell phone, emails, … [Read more...]

Celebrity News – Celebrity Life Is Muy Loco!

celebrity news,rainn wilson

By Jennie Hola! Happy Cinco de Mayo aftermath, party people! The celebrity life is muy loco! (And with that, we have just about exhausted my meager Spanish vocabulary, unless you want me to start reciting days of the week or numbers up to eleven. My go to response after about twenty words of Espanol is pretty much to cock my head and inquire "Que?" until the person talking … [Read more...]

Reese Witherspoon Goes Rogue

reese witherspoon arrested

By Jennie Reese Goes Rogue Hello party people! It's a special edition of celebrity news, memorializing poor Reese Witherspoon's ignominious fall from grace and subsequent unfortunate incarceration. In case you didn't hear, Reese Witherspoon, beloved star of many movies in which she plays a blandly likable and wholesome romantic lead* and a few movies where she does … [Read more...]

Celebrity News: Teen Stars, Teen Moms, and Big Babies

celebrity news

By Jennie Hello, party people! The glamorous life waits for no one: For a brief few shining hours, it was believed that noted name-changing-guy Sean Combs (aka Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Puff the Magic Dragon, H.R. Pufenstuf, et al.) was romancing she-of-little-clothing model Kate Upton (who is now considered a supermodel? In my day you had to be more than a half-naked blonde … [Read more...]

Bullyville Shows Text Messages Prove Jon Gosselin Gave Kate’s Hard Drive To Author For Profit And Revenge


A new tweet from @Bullyville shows that Jon Gosselin conspired to give his author pal access to Kate Gosselin's (then his wife) computer for revenge and profit as early as 2009. Just this morning, anti-bully crusader @Bullyville provided what they say is verified proof that Jon Gosselin conspired with “author” Robert Hoffman. “I will put the nail in her coffin some day” reads … [Read more...]

Celebrity News Round-Up: Oscar Day And Other Buzz


By Jennie Hello Celebrity Watchers! It's the greatest day of the year for Hollywood fans - Oscar Day! Do you have your Academy Award outfit picked out yet? I'm trying to decide between my gray-and-white striped pajamas and my orange-and-pink striped pajamas. Anyone know what color is currently the new black? I hope y'all didn't pick out a present in blue for the Kimye … [Read more...]

Celebrity News Round-Up: Reed Calls McCarthy “Tractor-Sized”


By Jennie Humanitarian/floor-waxer Chris Brown took a break from ruining the lives of himself and others and totaled his car Saturday. But wait! It wasn’t Chris’ fault! (It never is.) Rihanna the paparazzi made him do it. Thank goodness, Brown was pronounced “okay” by one of his lackeys, and went on to attend a charity event. Because if it’s one thing you think of when … [Read more...]

Super Bowl 2013 Commercials – What Was Your Favorite?

Budweiser commercial

A day has passed since the Super Bowl aired Sunday night and you have had time to watch the replays of the big game a zillion times and figure out how and why things turned out the way they did, right? is all about the commercials and that seems to be what everyone is talking about and watching a zillion times. From what I can tell by reading around the internet … [Read more...]