Addiction To Sound: Best Albums of 2012

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By Adam Hook With so much good music out there, it’s hard to condense the overflowing talent into small categories, but 2012 has been a remarkable year, so I had to make a ‘best of 2012’ list in order to capture some of those bands that would normally be under most audience’s radar. We all have musicians that we follow and wait with baited breath for them to release new … [Read more...]

Streaming Music Services Reviewed

streaming music

By Adam Hook Streaming services are getting more popular and it’s not hard to understand why. Having millions of tracks at your fingertips, for a low monthly fee, appeals to those of us that would have empty bank accounts (and upset spouses) otherwise. But the amount of services available to consumers can be daunting. So, I’ve decided to write a review on which service I … [Read more...]

Addiction To Sound Presents: Desert Island Collection


Adam shares his top five album picks that he would want with him if he was stranded on a desert island. Care to share yours? As a music lover, I’m often asked: “If you were stranded on a desert island, what five records would you want with you?”  My top five album list is a living thing that changes frequently because there is so much amazing music out there. Certain records … [Read more...]

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The Death of a Pioneer: Adam Yauch 1964 - 2012   A pioneer died this month.  A man that changed the way people listen to music.  That man was Adam Yauch.  Better known as MCA from the hip-hop group, Beastie Boys.  This amazing person was a musician, activist, and philanthropist; he forever changed the face of music and what it means to be a human being. Adam … [Read more...]

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Imperfect Women is excited to announce that Adam Hook will be joining our writing staff and sharing his passion for "all things" music with our community. Here is a little bit about Adam: I was born and raised in Colorado and from the earliest images in my mind, I remember being a fan of music. My mother and father made sure that music was a large part of my life and this … [Read more...]