Kate Gosselin Says The Kids Are Doing Great

kate gosselin

Kate Gosselin took to her blog last night to respond to her former husband's allegations that the kids are developmentally delayed and have issues with morals and manners. She said she did so not only to set the record straight, but so if her children ever see Jon's interview she can also direct them to her words and show that she defended them. Sunday Night Jon Gosselin … [Read more...]

Where in the World is Jon Gosselin?

jon gosselin appears on "Where Are They Now" OWN

If you are a watcher of these things (and like me you'd never admit it), you might just know that Jon Gosselin continued his “I'm living in a cabin in the woods” tour on Oprah's Where Are They Now. Now don't get all excited. This wasn't a nice sit down with the queen of talk herself. The format of the show runs like this: Oprah does a little intro to the segment (or a stand-up … [Read more...]

How Overcoming Body Image Issues Has Helped My Career

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Naomi Mercer, singer, rapper and performer shares her thoughts about her self image issues and how overcoming judgments regarding her body has helped her career. By Naomi Mercer I moved to Los Angeles from Seattle ten years ago with a so-so body image. If I was exercising and eating right, I felt better and like my body looked the way it wanted, so I should rock it. I’d … [Read more...]

Sandra Bullock – Rapper?

sandra bullock raps

You've got to watch this clip. Sandra Bullock, American's Sweetheart and award winning actress, stole the show when she appeared on Britain’s “The Jonathon Ross Show” this past Sunday. Seems back in her high school days Sandra wanted to impress a boy, so she taught herself the words to the 1979 hip hop classic "Rapper's Delight," by the Sugarhill Gang. Turns out it worked, and … [Read more...]

Sinead O’Connor Pens Open Letter to Miley Cyrus


Unless you've been living off the grid in a cabin in the woods, no doubt you've been aware of the naughty shenanigans of former "Hannah Montana" star Miley Cyrus. I swear I will never look at a foam finger or a teddy bear the same way after seeing her bump-and-grind “twerking” at the VMAs. I should probably confess I didn't watch the VMAs, but I did go look the video up after … [Read more...]

Celebrity News Week in Review: Demi Keeps It All In The Family & More


By Jennie Hello, party people! It's been awhile. I've been spending the summer sunning on a yacht in St. Tropez working at a soul-sucking job for too little money, trading bon mots with Leo and Clive complaining about the weather and attending the shows at Fashion Week in NY watching bad reality TV. But enough about *my* glamorous life! On to celebrity news: Some random … [Read more...]

Gosselin Vs. Gosselin (Plus Hoffman Plus 20!)

Kate Gosselin sues Jon Gosselin

Kate Gosselin filed a lawsuit today against her former husband Jon Gosselin and Robert Hoffman, the author of a book that was pulled from Amazon.com two days after it was released a year ago this month. Announced on bullyville.com, the filing names Jon, Hoffman, and 20 unnamed “John and Jane Does” alleging they accessed confidential info from Kate's cell phone, emails, … [Read more...]

Jon & Kate Plus 8 – Back to “Normal”


There is no doubt about it, when it comes to Reality TV, Jon and Kate Gosselin and their family, were pioneers charting unknown waters. Their TV series, Jon & Kate Plus 8 and then Kate Plus 8 (minus Jon, post-divorce), gave America insight into what it was like to parent 6 toddlers and preschool twins. Along with the chaos and joys we expected to see with so many babies … [Read more...]

Don Jeanes ~ Catching Up With The Crushworthy Budweiser Cowboy

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We have been doing a lot of crushin' here lately at Imperfect Women and Don Jeanes is certainly worthy of our attention! You know him as the "Budweiser Cowboy" that starred in the mega hit Super Bowl commercial, "Brotherhood." Don has had a very busy year so far but he took a few minutes to answer a few questions and discuss his latest projects. Imperfect Women: What were … [Read more...]